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Are you looking for the best flushing toilet for your bathroom and couldn’t make a choice? Well, you don’t need to worry as this American Standard Champion 4 VS Cadet 3 will compare two of the best flushing toilets to help you make the right choice.

American Standard Cadet 3 and the Champion 4 are two of the best-selling toilets. So it might appear they are similar because of their superior performance. Still, with an in-depth American Standard Toilet review, we found out their differences.

But when choosing an American Standard product, there is no getting wrong as to either way you will end up with the best toilet.

The Cadet 3 and Champion 4 toilets are constructed of durable materials, have a surface that stays clean for an extended period, and possesses robust flushing systems. However, they are also different from each other in specific ways, such as design, size, water consumption, and price.

To know more of the similarities and differences, make sure to continue till the end for this American Standard Champion 4 VS Cadet 3 in-depth comparison.

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Key Features Comparison

Before heading on with the American Standard Toilet Comparison following table shows the critical feature comparison of American Standard Cadet 3 VS Champion 4

American Standard Cadet 3
American Standard Champion 4
Two Piece
Single Piece
28.25 x 15.75 x 30.75 inches
29.75x 17.75 x 28.5 inches
Rough in Size
12 inches
12 inches
Water Consumption
1.28 GPF
1.6 GPF
Flush Valve
3 inches
4 inches
Flush Type
Gravity Flush
Gravity Flush
2-⅛ inches
2-⅜ inches
ADA, WaterSense
5 years
10 Years

American Standard Champion 4 Elongated One-Piece Toilet

American Standard 2034.314.020 Champion 4

This American Standard Champion 4 review will discuss the features in detail to better compare American Standard Champion 4 VS Cadet 3.

The American Standard Champion 4 is a single-piece toilet with an exquisite design for modern bathrooms. This single-piece unit is easy to clean due to fewer hidden areas.

And can be installed in new bathrooms or over existing plumbing. It has a standard rough-in size of 12 inches, and overall dimensions are 29.75x 17.75 x 28.5 inches. Make sure to have all your measurements before installation.

This American Standard Champion 4 has an elongated bowl preferred by adults as it provides some extra sitting space. It also has a standard sitting height measuring 16.5 inches which is ADA compliant. Which is comfortable and easy to get on and off for people of all ages and those with disabilities.

The Champion 4 toilet has a durable vitreous china construction that can last up to 10 years. This enamel coating is applied to ceramic or porcelain to add toughness. In addition, this toilet comes equipped with a soft close seat which protects itself and the toilet from shattering.

Just like the other America Standard toilets, their Champion 4 features an EverClean surface. With an EverClean surface, the circulation pipes are lined with a permanent glaze along with the bowl. This keeps the toilet clean for days by preventing nasty bacteria and mold from forming.

In addition, this double-glazed surface is slick, and excrement cannot stick to it, which makes cleaning easier.

Now we turn our attention to the water usage of American Standard Champion 4. This toilet is not WaterSense certified, but that doesn’t mean it is not water efficient. It is a low-consumption toilet and utilizes only 1.6 GPF.

Due to its oversized 4-inch piston accelerator flush valve and robust flushing system, the Champion 4 requires a single flush to eliminate any sized mass. These properties make it water efficient and save on water bills.

The American Standard Champion 4 is a champion in flushing. The oversized trap way measuring at 2-⅜ inches is more significant than most of its competitors. However, in conjunction with a siphon action jetted bowl, it produces a powerful flushing mechanism.

This makes it one of the best clog-free toilets and flushes 70% more mass than its competitors.

The price of Champion 4 might be higher than the American Standard family toilets of its category but is still lower than other brands such as TOTO or Kohler. Along with its 10-year warranty makes it a safe purchase.

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What we like

  • It comes as a single piece that is easy to clean.
  • Its elongated bowl provides comfortable seating for adults.
  • Comes with a soft closed seat and ADA compliant seat height.
  • The EverClean surface stays cleaner for longer.
  • Oversized 4-inch flush valve and 2-⅜ inches trap way clear 70% more mass.
  • The siphon action jetted bowl cleans the toilet in a single flush.
  • It has a 10 years manufacturer warranty.

What we don’t like

  • This toilet is not EPA certified. 

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American Standard Cadet 3 Two-Piece Round Front Toilet

American Standard Cadet 3 Right Height Round Front Toilet

The American Standard Cadet 3 is a compact-sized toilet and ideal for bathroom renovations with confined spaces. The affordable price tag of this toilet, along with its features, makes it one of the best compact toilets.

This American Standard Cadet 3 review will discuss all the elements for the Cadet 3 VS Champion 4 toilet review.

The American Standard Cadet 3 is a compact toilet with size dimensions 28.25 x 15.75 x 30.75 inches. It has a standard rough-in size of 12 inches and can fit existing plumbing without any alterations.

With an ADA-compliant seat height of 16.5 inches, it is the best choice for people with disabilities. Anyone can sit comfortably on this toilet. It also has a right-handed flush lever for easy access.

This Cadet 3 toilet comes as a two-piece toilet with a water tank and a side skirted bowl. The side skirting makes it seamless and easy to clean and gives a nice modern look to the bathroom. It also comes equipped with a plastic soft close seat and a plastic lid.

This Cadet 3 model has a round bowl shape which is comfortable for children; however, most adults find it uncomfortable. It should be noted that some Cadet 3 models have an elongated bowl shape.

We all want our toilet to last for its lifetime; therefore, Cadet 3 is constructed of durable Vitreous China materials and can last for over 10 years. In addition, this toilet has another great feature in the shape of the EverClean surface, which keeps the toilet clean for many days due to its slick surface.

EverClean is a double glazed surface of the bowl and lining of the trap way. Which prevents stains, bacterial. And mold buildup by keeping it clean. If the toilet shows signs of grime, it can be cleaned with a scrub or mild cleaners.

This American Standard toilet is WaterSense certified and utilizes 20% less water than a standard toilet. It takes only 1.28 GPF and makes it one of the best water-saving toilets as you can save thousands of gallons of water annually. The water tank of this toilet has a 3-inch flush valve that provides a powerful flush each time.

A good toilet needs to be efficient in flushing any sized mass. Cadet 3 is one of the best flushing toilets because of its powerful flushing system with a PowerWash rim. Due to this system, the rimless channel guides the water flow and creates a double vortex that scrubs the bowl to clean any mass.

After that, the siphon jetted action creates a vacuum to clear the mass through a 2-⅛ inch glazed trap way with a single flush. Due to its flushing performance, it scored 1000g at MaP with a single flush.

The Cadet 3 toilet from American Standard is reasonably priced. It has a lower price range than Champion 4 but other competitors like TOTO Ultramax and Signature Bradenton. You will also get a safe purchase as the manufacturer provides:

  • A lifetime warranty on Chinaware.
  • A 5-year warranty on mechanical parts.
  • 1-year warranty on the seat.

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What we like

  • Compact size suitable for small bathrooms.
  • WaterSense certified 1.28GPF water consumption.
  • Standard 12 inch rough in size.
  • Two-piece side skirted design.
  • Durable Vitreous china construction.
  • EverClean surface.
  • Powerful flush with PowerWash rim.
  • MaP score of 1000g.

What we don’t like

  • The toilet seat might get loose quickly.

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American Standard Champion 4 VS Cadet 3 Comparison

With the American Standard Champion 4 VS Cadet 3 toilet in-depth comparison, we found many similar features. These features make them high-efficiency toilets, such as Vitreous China construction, EverClean surface, comfortable sitting height, and standard rough-in size.

But as these toilets share similarities, they have some differences as well. We will discuss the features and specifications below that are different between Champion 4 and Cadet 3 toilets.

Toilet Design

Both the American Standard Champion 4 and Cadet 3 toilets have sleek and modern looks. The Cadet 3 has a two-piece design and has a skirted bowl that hides the trap way, not only giving it contemporary looks but makes it easy to clean from the outside.

The Champion 4, on the other hand, has a single-piece design that is easy to install as it doesn’t have any parts that need to be assembled. In addition, being a single-piece toilet, it is also easy to clean as there are no seams or gaps that are hard to reach when cleaning.

Bowls Shape

There is a stark difference between the bowl shapes of Cadet 3 and Champion 4. The Champion 4 has an elongated bowl shape which is slightly larger in dimension than Cadet 3 and any other compact round-shaped toilet bowl. The oval shape provides some extra inches for comfortable seating that prevents numbness.

While the Cadet 3 has a round-shaped bowl that is perfect for small bathrooms. The round shape might be uncomfortable for those who need extra seating space, but it is ideal for children. Although some Cadet 3 models are available with an elongated shaped bowl.


Although both the Cadet 3 and Champion 4 have a similar rough-in size of 12 inches, they have different dimensions. The Cadet 3 measures 28.25 x 15.75 x 30.75 inches overall and has a trap way measuring 2-⅛ inches.

With these measurements, the Cadet 3 is a compact toilet ideal for small bathrooms or where space saving is required.

On the other hand, Champion 4 measures 29.75x 17.75 x 28.5 inches, slightly larger than Cadet 3. In addition, its trap way is also more significant, measuring at 2-⅜ inches. With its larger dimensions, it perfectly fits compact and bathrooms with larger sizes.

Flushing System

When it comes to flushing, both the American Standard Champion 4 and Cadet 3 are superb at it. However, as both feature a gravity-assisted flushing system, they differ slightly in utilizing it.

Woman Flushing Toilet In Bathroom

The Cadet 3 has a PowerWash rim that creates a double vortex to scrub the bowl, and the siphon jetted action removes mass as large as 1000 grams. The flush valve measures 3 inches, and it requires 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Its low consumption of water makes it environmentally friendly and has WaterSense certification. That’s why a Cadet 3 toilet utilizes 20% less water than a standard toilet.

Meanwhile, the Champion 4 is known for its robust flushing system. Although it might utilize 1.6 GPF, it is still lower than most toilets. Its 4-inch accelerator flush valve combined with a siphon action jetted bowl, and a sizeable 2-⅜ trap way can flush any sized mass with a single quiet flush.

Furthermore, due to its high-performance flushing, Champion 4 is known for clog-free functioning; in fact, it can remove clogs.


As the American Standard toilets are built to last but they also provide an extended warranty. For example, the Cadet 3 comes with a lifetime warranty on Chinaware, a 5-year warranty on mechanical parts, and a 1-year warranty for the plastic seat.

The Champion 4, on the other hand, has a 10-year warranty. 

Which Toilet Is the Best?

In this American Standard Champion 4 VS Cadet 3 comparison, we can safely conclude that both toilets are high efficiency and have out-of-the-way performance. There might be some minor problems with these toilets, but they are outweighed by the features anyone wants in their toilet.

The notable features such as a unique flushing system, durable construction, easy installation, and comfortable height are shared by both toilets. The only difference is their shape, size, water consumption, and price.

If you are searching for an economical and compact toilet, then Cadet 3 is the best option. It provides value for money, water efficiency, and high-performance flushing.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a high-performance clog-free flushing, water efficiency, and extra comfort, then you can opt for Champion 4.

Our Verdict

In this American Standard Champion 4 VS Cadet 3 comparison, the common features and differences are explained in detail. This detailed comparison will help you choose a toilet that fits your budget and needs.

It is recommended to select a suitable toilet for your bathroom that provides comfort to you and your family.


Q. Can I replace the seat of Cadet 3 with another toilet seat?

Ans. Yes, the seat on Cadet 3 can be replaced with another one with matching measurements. However, make sure to choose a round toilet seat, and it is recommended to replace the toilet seat before installation.

Q. Does the Cadet 3 toilet feature a quick-release seat?

Ans. Yes, the Cadet 3 toilet comes with a quick-release seat for easy cleaning. But make sure to figure out how to reattach the seat back again as it might get tricky.

Q. Does the Champion 4 toilet have water leaking issues from the tank?

Ans. Sometimes the flush valve rubber gasket or sealant caves in and is a common problem with toilets. As a result, some Champion 4 toilet users have faced leaking issues.

Fortunately, replacing the faulty rubber gasket is easy, and the replacement part is cheap and readily available.  

Q. Does the Champion 4 have the wax ring and floor bolts included?

Ans. No, the floor bolts and wax ring are not included with the Champion 4. However, since this toilet has universal measurements, these parts can be sourced easily from a local hardware store.

Q. Can Champion 4 toilets be installed in a small-sized bathroom?

Ans. Yes, the Champion 4 toilet can be installed in small bathrooms. Still, it is recommended to take measurements before installation to avoid inconvenience.

Q. Does it require assembling the water tank of these toilets?

Ans. No, you don’t need to assemble the water tank as it arrives pre-assembled. The water tank of Cadet 3 requires it to be fixed to the bowl, and the Champion 4 is a single-piece toilet that only requires installation.

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