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After Toto, the very next brand that can stand in the line of Toto is ‘Kohler.’ Since the start, it has introduced stylish and best quality toilets in the market. Here in the Kohler archer toilet review, we have selected one product named Kohler archer toilet to thoroughly understand about all features, benefits, and other unique things.

You will feel glad after knowing all about it and will replace your old toilet with it.

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Why Kohler?

Kohler has changed the standard of living and thinking after installing unique technologies within its products. Since the start, no one had ever claimed its defects, broken parts, or color damage issues.

Its products are now selling hot cakes in the market and enabling buyers to have them at reasonable prices.

For the people who are new to the toilets range, Kohler archer’s toilet is like other products of Kohler that are known for its unique design, elegancy, beauty, efficiency, and water-saving abilities.

Its technological features keep you calm throughout the year—no need for maintenance, repair, and reinstallation for a minimum of five years.

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Key Specifications

KOHLER K-3551-0 Archer Comfort Height Toilet
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Colour: White
  • Brand: Kohler
  • Model no: ‎K-3551-0
  • Flushing type: Water-saving toilet
  • Certification: WaterSense
  • Water consumption: 1.28 gallons per Flush
  • Lever placement: Left
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Size: 12 inch
  • Weight: 96.5 pounds

Critical Features of Kohler Archer Toilet

Kohler is an American brand that has years of excellence and trust. With its innovative designs and multi-range toilets, this brand enables you to find the best toilet for you with all desired features.

The KOHLER K-3551-0 Archer Comfort Height Two-Piece toilet is one of the best available products from Kohler. Lets’ discover its functioning and qualities in detail.


Kohler archer’s two-piece toilet is designed with ceramic vitreous China in a stylish look to enhance the beauty of your bath. It has an elongated bowl that is very comfortable to sit and use. 

Its tank design is lovely and straightforward, but its base design can bring a winning award to Kohler. It is unique, stylish, and appealing. The shiny color adds to its beauty. It is a combo of beauty and quality that will be available to you within your pocket.

An Elongated and Taller Toilet

The elongated bowl is nearly 2 inches higher than standard toilets. It is comfortable for adults after creating more space for adults. The overweight adults will feel peace and calm after using this slightly longer toilet than ordinarily available in the market.

Kohler thinks for the comfort of all users, so its bowl is specially designed for more extended and overweight persons. However, this may not suit your small bathroom, so consider its length and size before buying it.

Easy Installation

The new thing always comes with new technology that might be difficult for you to use and install. But this is not the case with Kohler toilets, as they always put you at ease.

This archer Kohler toilet is straightforward to install. It is a two-piece toilet that comes in two separate parts; a base and a tank. You first have to install the base on the floor and then connect the upper tank with it.

You will not bother extra time (5-10 minutes) of installation when you look at its weight. It has two parts, so the weight gets half, and you can easily carry it. In comparison to this, a one-piece toilet carries 100lbs weight, so you will need your friend or family member while lifting it.

The Kohler archer toilet is straightforward, even allowing a newbie to install it quickly when it comes to expertise. The system is DryLock™ System that is very easy without having any leakage issues in the future. All you need is few essential tools and limited DIY experience, and you will install it in a maximum of two hours easily.

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How to Install Kohler Archer Toilet?

toilet installation

Its installation is a five-step process that is very simple and easy. If you are replacing an old one, remove it, clean the area and move further.

Floor Preparation

Cover the soil piper with a cloth to avoid lousy odor so you can work comfortably. It will prevent any falling of debris inside it. Then remove the soil pipe and attach the flange and the pipe to the floor.

You can also scarp the floor with a knife to remove the leftover of the previous toilet. The pipe color should stay flat on the floor.

Installation of Soil Pipe and Flange

Wipe primer on the inside of the closet curve and one end of the dirt pipe at this point. Then, in the same spots, add PVC cement and swiftly twist the pipe into the curve.

Add cement on the other side of the pipe and twist it fully. Tight the collar with screws and adequately secure it on the floor.

Valve Placement and Soldering It

Cut the water supply line and drain pipe completely. Remove the handle from the valve and heat the joints of the supply line. Once it is hot enough to touch, apply solder after removing flame.

Placement of Wax Ring and Tank

Insert the color bots into the flange carefully and press the wax ring. Mark a line on the floor and place the toilet on it to be correctly positioned. Then, place the rubber tank-to-bowl washer at the bottom of the tank and drop the tank onto the bowl.

The bolts must have a nylon washer on them. Tight the bolts fully with hands or any tool, but do not insert extra effort; otherwise, it may break the plastic.

Installation of a Supply Line

Make sure that line is aligned correctly; otherwise, it will cause a problem in the water passage. Remove the plastic nut and cut the supply line half an inch below the outlet.

After that, install the connection nut and compression ring and a dab of paste on the threads. Make it utterly tight by using a hand or any other screw. Also, tight the compression nut carefully.  

Now your new toilet is completely installed.

Benefits of Kohler Archer Toilet

Water-efficient Toilet

Kohler considers all pinpoints in its technologies, but the water efficiency feature is placed at the top. Nearly all models come with water efficiency features. This Kohler archer toilet uses only 1.28 gallons of water for one flush.

It makes it consume nearly 20% less water than other top models with 1.28 gallons per flush consumption. This feature has brought WaterSense certification for its toilet, making you worry less about water billing.

The best thing about the efficiency mode of this toilet is its environmentally friendly working. One flush with minimum water carrying all waste will save extra water consumption and clogging issues from the environment.

Multiple Colors

No doubt, the elegance of the bathroom becomes more appealing with white toilets. But if you are using a whitish toilet already, you will love color change. Will it be more appealing if you change the whole interior of your bathroom?

I must say it will add cherries to the cake when you get multiple color ideas from a top-ranking toilet brand. Kohler archer’s two-piece toilet brings multiple color options for you. Think about arranging your toilet with white tiles, grey walls, and a black toilet.

It will give a new and shiny look with all quality features.

Best in Price

There are many other toilets available and making ways in the economic market. But the thing is to find a toilet that can suit your pocket and still provides the best of all available products.

Why are you getting worried about it when you have the best toilet of ‘Kohler’ within your hands. Yes, this toilet is available at an affordable price. We are not saying that this is the cheapest, but its quality features declare that this is the best product within this price range.

There is no installation cost, extra delivery charges, or other parts requirements. The whole unit is very comfortable to buy and place in a new bathroom.

One Heavy Flush

Like all other toilets of Kohler, AquaPiston Technology enables powerful, efficient, and noise-free flush. No one has observed clogging or sticking of waste at the sides of the bowl.

The Kohler archer toilet review also tells that its AquaPiston canister is well efficient to rotate water at 360°, so it is evenly distributed in the whole bowl.

The canister also makes it leakproof by less exposing seal material. When you install this toilet, you will observe a water consumption of 16,500 gallons per year.

No Need for Extra Cleaning

We know that two-piece toilets are slightly more complicated to clean than one-piece toilets. But it is not like burning candles at both ends. All you need is to clean it thoroughly after one month; otherwise, dirt may stick between the tank and bowl.

Water rotates so well in the bowl that it carries all waste away from it. One thing to advise is that you must flush it after every usage immediately; otherwise, the solid may get dry within the bowl and stick to it.


This model comes with one year warranty. The company takes responsibility for all defects and parts. However, this warranty is not liable to any defect occurring during transport and misuse.

The warranty claim is straightforward. Contact the contractor to reach Kohler and tell them about defects with all details of the toilet, including model No, color, year of purchase, etc. The company will do different processes by itself.

Pros and Cons of Kohler Archer Toilet


  • Easy installation
  • Best for adults
  • Multiple color options
  • Durable for decades
  • Water-efficient
  • Stylish base and tank design
  • Highly compatible with other products
  • Environmental friendly


  • Lack of standard height
  • Harder to clean
  • Requires more time for installation

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Why Do We Recommend It?

Our vote goes with the Kohler archer toilet, and we suggest you to install it in your powder and bathroom. Its flushing technology, sleek design, one-button flushing system, EPA certification, etc., makes it suitable for every place.

However, we must say that this is not comfortable for children because of its height and taller design, but for adults, it is the best solution for every problem. It will look like a lovely addition to the modern bathroom after installing this toilet.


Q: Is it is possible to adjust the height of the chair?

 No, the toilet does not come with a height-adjustable feature. You can use it for adults but not for children or short-height persons. Its height is slightly larger than the commonly available toilets.

Q: Is it available with a right-side lever?

No, the model includes only the left mounted lever.

Q: Is one flush is enough for complete cleaning?

Yes, Kohler archer toilet review indicates that its flush system is robust and powerful. The EPA-certified system uses 1.28 gallons of water and rotates it thoroughly in the whole bowl to clean it well.

Its one-button push system is unique and adaptive for cleaning it in one flush.

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Wrap Up

Finally, it’s time to generate final thoughts about the Kohler archer toilet. There will be no further query remaining unsolved after reading Kohler archer toilet review thoroughly.

We have tried to cover all major and minors of this product. We are confident that this elegant model is very suitable for your new bathroom with its colorful products. Its features have been discussed in detail to get an idea about everything from the above review.

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