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Many people are wondering, what sort of advanced features are restored in an American Champion 4 Toilet?

Well. You will get to know a lot more when you give it a read and unravel a product’s quality and outstanding features. Let’s step on an informative, reliable, and detailed guide on the American standard champion 4 Review without a further delay.

Champion four toilet is a comfortable, easy-to-use, and handy set of a toilet. With a keen interest and making it up to the standards, manufacturers neatly and carefully designed the structure of the Champion toilet. It’s not what I am saying, but you will see its outstanding benefits in reality.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
American Standard Champion 4
118 Pounds
17.75 x 29.75 x 28.5 inches
One-piece toilet
Vitreous China
Bowl Shape
Seat Height
16.5 inches
Installation Method
‎Floor Mounted
Water consumption
‎1.6 Gallons per Flush
Rough in size
12″ rough-in

Common Questions

Do we come across outnumbered questions about which set should be chosen? Which brand is the best? What are the trusted and valuable sources? But the uncertainty still prevails, and all of the confusions are still where they were at the start.

People searched and asked after from different sources and pages, but they did not get satisfactory answers. But you don’t need to worry; we have got your back!

Selecting a quality toilet is a mandatory task for people out there.

Everybody prefers a well-designed set of toilets that are used feasibly, and we can achieve ease. However, we always don’t found such clean, net, and good-shaped toilets, especially in public places, offices, and amusement parks. The only toilet we can select on our own will is our home’s toilet, which is a significant concern to think about.

American Standard Champion 4 Review

All of us prefer quality and best pieces of the set that will eradicate all issues, including clogging water, the shape of the seat, and bowl size, although thousands of brands claim to be the finest and best ones, and we are aware that’s not true at all. We all know it.

Out of many products, we have a unique, comfortable, best, and reliable piece of a toilet and a fantastic one too. Many people are using American standard champion, and they just adored it. All of these traits make it be-all and end-all.

It is none other than the spiffing product is American champion 4 toilet. It is the practical, ultimate and only solution to this problem. Having resilient and splendid features that will transform your experience of another toilet set because it is just amazing!

This article will discuss a detailed guide and benefits of Champion 4 toilet review and its outclass features and workings.

We will also discuss the pros and cons because it is a viable way of analyzing why you need it and your requirements.

We then will cater to all of your FAQ’S which triggers decision-making and confuses you. Finally, we will give the final verdict on it. So, it will comprehensibly highlight overall views. Presenting you a fantastic guide that is quite informative and instructive for all the people out there, and in the end, you will be fully aware of its best and quality features.

Let’s crack on with the American standard champion 4 review and discover many crucial features about it.

American Standard Champion 4 Elongated One-Piece 1.6 GPF Toilet

American Standard 2004314.020 Champion 4

Champion 4 one-piece toilet is the best of all toilets. It restores some fantastic features that stand it out among others. The material, quality, and comfort level are just a few benefits of it. Additionally, it is an ultimate requirement of everybody. An affordable product under your reach is what we call it, as other toilets are of exorbitant prices.

To give the best of all is the goal of American champion 4 toilets. Products are benefiting millions of people for a long time from the American standard champion. Hence, people are widely using in their households, offices, restaurants, and halls. In this brief guide, we will focus on the specs and basic information of the champion toilet. We then talk about its features.

Finally, we will cater pros about a product, and in the last, we will talk about pros, although it does not have any, for your trust on us, that we will make you aware about everything, we will mention them as well. So that the reliability will prevail and we will up to your expectations.

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Product Information

American standards are the manufacturers of Champion 4 one-piece toilet. Makers don’t compromise on the quality of the product. It weighs around 118 pounds which is an ideal weight for toilet sets.

It has a part number of 2004314.020. Dimension of American standard champion product is 17.75 x 29.75 x 28.5 inches, and the model number of American standard champion is 2004314.020. An ideal height has been designed, might be normal and perfect height which is again appropriate for users.

It is available in white color, which is the most widely used color in the world. With an elongated size and sleek design, it has a finishing of white color again. Material is the primary concern for owners, and they want to sustain it. We can see this in the shape of vitreous China, considered to be the best material for toilets.

The reason behind using vitreous china material is that it is durable and will be helpful in the longer run. It adds beauty and will give ease to the users. A method that helps in placing the toilet in place is floor mounted. The American standard has a consumption of water of 1.6 gallons per flush. No batteries are required in this model.

One of the best things about its popularity is a warranty of 10-years which is just amazing. Not many toilets are such durable, and they deteriorate after some time and are of high prices. So, why waste your money buying those toilets which do not give such a high number of warranties.

In addition, two-bolt caps are used, and they matched the color of the toilet.

Last but not least, champion four toilets are certified frustration-free and water sense. Summarizing such a significant number of benefits, we can say that it is a most mandatory product among other toilets. Buy one today and remain tension-free.

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In this section, we will intricately discuss the American standard champion 4 reviews. This quality product is jam-packed with a diverse number of benefits. The reason for putting it on the number one product is the affordable, well-formed, and controlled water usage set of a toilet. Including these and along with other benefits, it is the most buying product worldwide.

Now the point comes to elucidate the features of the American champion toilet and discuss all of them in a more informative and knowledgeable way. Stay hooked. You will get to know many things that you were unaware of.

Low consumption of water

The first and vital thing that comes to your mind while purchasing a toilet set is how much water it will take to flush?

Well, it indeed is a significant concern. As we all know, a water shortage, and not all people have such high access to water in their homes. Using a toilet takes water, and if you don’t have enough water, you probably might face some severe issues.

In this American standard champion 4 review guide, we encounter this critical concern: it takes very little water. With its advance 1.6 GPF/ 6.0 LPE feature, this toilet set consumes less water. Hence, it is a low-consumption toilet set, one of the best features of this fantastic product.

The shape of the American standard champion

The shape matters a lot when it comes to buying a toilet. You need to select that one that has an elongated shape and is round as well. In short, it will be designed according to the overall structure.  The American standard has a long siphon action jetted bowl, which is ideal for the users.

Slow close toilet seat is also included!

Material used

American standard is made up of the high-quality material because they don’t compromise on it. Few toilet sets are made up of fine-quality material, which will become the reason for early damage.

Vitreous china is the best element for manufacturing toilets, and American standard is made up of this fantastic and spiffing element which adds beauty to the structure. The color is, of course, white which is the most commonly used color in this concern.

Ever clean surface

Having fine-quality of glaze on American champion makes it distinct from other toilets. It is a big inhibitor for micro-organisms, including bacteria, algae, and molds, making toilets bad in condition. With this clean surface feature, the surface of the toilet remains contamination-free and algae free-for a long time.

The material makes it much slippery and smoother. It eradicates waste material and helps wastage to pass through drainpipes much efficiently. It will sustain a state of high cleanliness, so you won’t need to worry about it.

For better results, use toilet cleansers of the high and best quality to secure that state of purity of toilets. They are toilet-friendly and won’t affect the durability of the American standard.

Four-inch piston flush valve

American standard champion has another fantastic feature that makes it the most selling product on the top lists: its four-inch flush valve, named 4” piston action accelerator™ flush valve.  

Very few products have such a feature. Another great feature helps evacuate the waste material, which gets stuck and causes various issues for the people. It provides enough space for the waste material to pass easily from the drainpipe.

It is just a fantastic thing for the toilet and won’t cause any problems in clogging systems, which means it helps the wastage pass easily. Of course, the best toilet set is that one, which reduces clogs and makes it handy to use. It also has a 12” (305mm) rough-in.

Height of the flush

 With its height of 16-1/2” rim, the American standard is quite comfortable and easy to use. It enhances your comfort level and gives you enough ease while sitting and using it. So you won’t feel tired, which means it is suitable for your legs as well.

With such features, it is very much comfortable for aged people as they face many issues.

Slow close toilet seat

After height and shape, the most important thing to consider is the toilet seat. It includes what shape and structure would be good for the seat.

With slow close toilet seat, American standard helps prevent the seat slamming for a peaceful and quieter household.

Affordable Prices

Last but not least another essential thing is the prices of this product. After searching about a toilet set, you come to know that the prices are much high and takes a hell of much money, even though the quality is not good.

You eventually change your decision to buy. But there is no such problem while purchasing American standard champion. You can get this excellent product at very good and affordable prices, and the best important thing is, it is up to the standards.

The prices are fully justifying with the material that has been used in it, even much good, in such quality that American standard is providing. So without giving a second thought, buy this product today and transform your experience of easiness and comfortableness.

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Pros & Cons


We are bringing American standard champion 4 Review into light and amplifying every minute detail so that our viewers will get the most of it. Now we are moving ahead with another best thing which is the pros of this product.

As we mentioned earlier, the American standard champion has multiple benefits, but now we will talk about the overall pros of this distinct and best product. Let’s get on with this.

  • Easy to clean: The durability is one of the best features, and it reveals the efficiency of the product that for how much time it will remain in the best condition. The surface is made of quality elements which enable it to make it as clean as a whistle.
  • Value for money: It is an affordable product which is much good from the quality that has been used in it. It is an ideal prize for such a toilet set.
  • Easy to install: The weight and height of the American standard are accurate, and that’s why you can easily install them in your bathrooms. They are very easy to install and hence ideal for all kinds of people.
  • Clog-free performance: Among its thousands of benefits, another one on the list is the clog-free performance which is so relieving that it forms a faster, quite a powerful flush that can move a 70% larger mass than a standard toilet. It is the first thing that you will notice while purchasing the toilet set.
  • Ever clean surface: American standard champion has a revolutionary ever clean surface that’s much feasible to clean and all in all. It stays clean for a long time so that the quality will not deteriorate and be used profoundly.
  • 4 Flush valves: Working on this highly recommend and quality set of toilets is just amazing. With its 4 flush valves, you can easily flush the waste material without remaining on the surface.
  • It becomes the reason for forming bacteria and micro-organisms that decomposed the waste and cause smell on the toilet.
  • Slow close toilet seat: The seat and the height of the toilet are critical to the customers, and that’s what American standard works efficiently on it.
  • It has a slow-close toilet seat which makes it comfortable for people to sit with ease. It is a good feature for all the people from different age groups.
  • No odor or smell issues: Entering a bathroom and see your toilet stinging and causing odor is quite disappointing and loathsome. Nobody wants to have a toilet seat that seems to be a repulsive one. American standard champion is there to save you.
  • It is a lifesaver and won’t cause any odor issues, enabling you to change the toilet set instantly. It can resist the growth of fungus and molds, which are the actual reason for causing the smell.
  • With the advanced feature of an easy-to-clean surface, it prevents every kind of smell-causing micro-organism.


After discussing a vast number of benefits of this best toilet product, let’s talk about few pros of it. So that it will remain as informative as it can be to the users.

  • Weight: The one-piece of American standard has both good and bad aspects. The good one is that it makes it easy for the users to clean it efficiently. No areas would be left while cleaning so that bacteria can’t hide into depths.
  • The fundamental aspect is that it is pretty heavy. You can’t frequently change the position of it as it weighs 118 pounds.  It would help if you had the right tools at your disposal, which often becomes a reason for not setting on time. In this regard, you have the call the fixer who can do it for you.
  • Too high for children:  It is ideal for all the people as we told you, but sometimes few children face some issues in the sitting place, although it is not a big issue at all our job is to let you fully know the essential information. So we are doing that trustfully!

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After clearing every detail about this fantastic product which is American standard champion 4 reviews, we are now moving ahead to deal with some of your questions that are vital to discuss.

champion 4 one piece toilet

After reading this whole article, we make sure that you would be fully aware of this product and get some authentic information and guidelines to help you ahead.

Now, let’s discuss them one by one and cater to all of your questions.

Q: Should We Use Bleach For Cleaning?

Avoid using bleaches and strong chemicals that are harmful to the toilet. They will damage the glazing and form patches on the surface.

Use such quality cleaning agents that are toilet-friendly and match with the glazing. It is used on the surface of the toilet.

Q: Can We Change The Seat From Slow Closing To A Decorative One?

Yes, there is an option of the seat changing in this toilet. You can change it whenever you want it. The majority of third-party seats can be used easily and can fit in this toilet.

Q: Does American Standard Have Wax Rings And Floor Bolts?

You have to buy these things separately. They don’t come with it.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Right Height And Normal Height?

The right height toilet seat is 16.5 inches above the ground. On the other hand, the height of a normal toilet seat is 15-inches from the ground.  

All those toilet seats, which have a height between 17 and 19- inches, are considered comfortable height.

Q: Can This Toilet Flush A Four-Pound Pot- Roast?

No, it cannot. There is no such need to flush down food down the toilet. It will affect the clogging system of your toilet, and that’s you would not like it.

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Final Verdict

Turning our attention to the results of American standard champion, we conclude this article on this note: this highly recommended, one-piece, and easy-to-clean toilet is a fantastic product to buy. If you prefer comfortability and easiness, then you should see this set of toilets today.

We critically searched on this product and tried our best to highlight all its benefits and qualities with some pros that are not that much. So you don’t need to worry.

So our readers would get the most out of it. This American standard champion is an affordable, high-performance, and traditional product widely used by thousands of people out there. We analyzed their views also and tried to cater to all the aspects.

We provided you a detailed and informative guide so that you get everything under one roof. Buy this product and make your life easier and comfortable with this fantastic toilet set. You will get a warranty of more than ten years which Is the best thing.

 As the buyers purchase it so fast, don’t wait for a bit and buy this American Standard Champion 4. Now, the ball is in your court.

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American Standard Champion 4 Toilet

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what is up everybody today we are going to take a look at the champion for toilet by American Standard check it out kind of go over some of the features that come with it and I’m just going to give you guys my opinion on the quality all in all so far looks like a pretty pretty good quality toilet so we’re going to take a look and check it out all right so one of the features I love about this toilet is it comes with the soft closed toilet seat take a look at the flush here it’s got a jet down at the bottom it does a really nice bulk lens as you flush it all in all the flush looks really good I’ve always been a todo guy but these champion pores are really nice for the price and take a look in the back so all new components comes with a fluid master filled out there and a 4 inch flush valve I haven’t been the biggest fan of the canister style flush valves but this one seems to to work really nice so we’ll take a look at this yeah guys for a couple hundred bucks I don’t think it’s a bad toilet at all nice you know mid grade toilet flushes really well we’ll catch you on the

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