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Are you confused to purchase the toilet seat between wooden and plastic? Then you are at the right place. We are have made this article about the comparison between the wooden toilet seat and plastic toilet seat.

It is very stressful when you don’t find the right source to get the real information. When you are confused, then the problems get harder. It would help if you had accurate information and a clear scenario about the products when you pick only one type.

Our article is the perfect one to get the right information about the two different types of toilet seats. Wooden and plastic toilet seats both have some pros and cons. You have to understand these things that are needed for you and choose the right one. So, stay with us.

Comparison Between Wooden VS Plastic Toilet Seat

First of the thing about choosing the toilet seat will come the comfortable feature. After that, the security thing. You know that if the toilet is not comfortable, your selection will be all wrong.

Again if your toilet seat is comfortable but not secured, then all are wrong again. Because if it breaks with you, you have to pay more money to fix your bones and joints. So, you have to be careful to choose the seat for your toilet.

Wooden and plastic made both have benefits and problems for different reasons. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Comfort Feature

We mentioned that comfort is one of the factors that you should have in your toilet seat. Whatever toilet seat you will buy should be comfortable.

We are discussing two kinds of toilet seats, plastic and wood. Wood-made toilet seat is very attractive and traditionally acceptable.

The big part of the wooden seat is the temperature of the seat is never low. That’s meant it never turns cold at all. You know that the wood is not heat-conductive. So, it never turns hot also. You will always get the natural state of the toilet seat.

On the other hand, the plastic toilet seat can be cold. So, it is very irritating to get the cold from the toilet seat in the cold area. If you want a warm plastic seat, you can set a special electric warming facility for this.

Durability Feature

The wooden seat is quite durable. You will be amazed to know that the wooden seat never breaks at all. With excessive pressure and usage, the wood doesn’t break at all.

Moreover, the wooden seat is thicker than the plastic one. You cannot break the wooden seat with heavy pressure. Though the parts of the wooden seat are made with plastic or metal, the bolts are attached.

So, it will be risky if the plastic or metal side gets damaged. This is the whole scenario about the wooden seat scenario.

On the side, the plastic seat is less durable than the wooden seat. But if you use it gently, the toilet will last forever. The plastic seat is thinner than the wooden seat. And you know plastic, if the plastic is not good then you cannot hope on it.

But here is the bad part of the wooden seat. You know, at the moisture area of the toilet, the wood gets warp and wet. That’s why it gets algae easily. it is a big problem for the wooden seat. But for the plastic toilet, it is not going to happen.

Easy To Clean Or Not

Easy to clean or not depends on the material of the seat. As the wood is porous, you can worry that the wooden seat is harder than the plastic toilet. But you will be happy to know that the wood is covered with laminate or sealant. So you don’t need to be worry to get the perfect cleaning seat.

But in the plastic seat, you cannot get any porous. And the surface of the plastic is very smooth. That’s why cleaning is very easy for the plastic seat. For this reason, you can say that the plastic toilet seat is the better one for the cleanliness.

For the wood, the laminate and sealant can be gone after ages. Then keeping the toilet clean is very difficult. So, for this reason, our professionals keep the plastic seat ahead of the wooden seat.


What kind of design or appearance you will want for your toilet is very different from each other. Both plastic and wooden seat can fulfill the demand for luxury and the best appearance.

Moreover, the outlook also depends on the other furniture and device of the bathroom. Also, the appearance of the toilet should match with the décor of the toilet. So, it would help if you went for the design you prefer.

The wooden toilet is made with a classy look. If you want to look your toilet classy and traditional, then buy the wooden toilet seat. With the well-coloured and polished wooden seat, you can also customize the design of the toilet seat.

On the other side for the plastic, it is very costly to get the customized style on it. And you can get some colors for the toilet seat. If you weren’t to get the modern look for the toilet, you should go with the plastic toilet.


You will be surprised that a good quality toilet seat will be priced from 20$ to 100$. It is not overprized range. If you want a good quality toilet seat, you should not go for a cheap product.

You will find many kinds of brands are available for toilet seats. You can choose one of them which is preferred for you. The main thing is the wooden seat is a little bit expensive than the plastic seat. Because of the classic look and customization, the wooden seat is more expensive.

But the plastic seat is a little bit cheap than the wooden one. Moreover, you will get many types of plastic seats in the budget range. You will also have cheaper seats available in the market. Who doesn’t want to buy the exotic style seat for their toilet?

Everyone loves to have that. But you need to spend some extra money. Furthermore, if the seat is durable, well maintained, and finishing, then you should spend some extra money to have that.

Soft-Close Seat

The most famous seat of the market is the soft close seat. Do you know what soft close is? Soft-close is a great functionality that is improved for noise-free and damage-free seat usage.

When you close the seat, it may drop on the toilet bowl, damaging the toilet seat. Also, it makes noise to fall. So, the soft-close process is for gently automatic fall of the seat on the toilet bowl. Isn’t it cool!

For the wooden toilet seat, you will rarely find the soft-close system. Most of the company provides the loud one. Again the wooden seat is heavier than the plastic one. So, using the wooden seat, in this case, is a risky task.

It is very much possible that you will make awake all your family members to use the toilet seat.

On the other hand, most plastic seats have the functionality of soft close. So, for this reason, you can go for the plastic toilet seat without any doubt.


Nowadays, you will find lots of extra features and versatility in the toilet industry. They are adding new inventions with the toilet seats. And some of them are very important and attractive. For example, we can mention extra padding, raised buttons, backrests, straps and, splash guards.

You will find that when you select the expensive toilet seat, you will find all the new features and versatility. Some of them are needed, and some are not.

Both of the toilet seats are wooden and plastic. You can get versatility. But we observed that in plastic toilet seats, the versatility is more than the wooden one.

The fact is wooden seat industry is based on the classic style of the toilet seat. They don’t care about the other invention on it. But some brands are making the things that help toilets to give extra facility to users. But for the wooden toilet seat, versatility is rare.

The plastic toilet seat is the best thing for versatility. Spending some extra on the toilet seat will get the best quality toilet seat with all new inventions. But you have to be aware of the scam.

Many companies use attractive features that are not very usable. Just avoid them. Buy those seats that have important extra features, and you love them.

Bottom Line

Choosing the toilet seat between wooden or plastic is an individual preference. It’s true. But you have to understand the difference.

Why is it the best over another one? And this thing we tried in this comparison. So, according to our information, you can now choose the right toilet seat for your toilet.

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