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Are you feeling recently that your toilet has gotten very smelly? Don’t worry; we are here to give you the solution to the toilet odor. Most of the toilet user has the question, why does my toilet smell? They try many things but don’t get any solution.

Even those who are very neat and clean regularly clean their home and toilet may face the same problem. Unfortunately, most people don’t find the right solution to reduce the odor. You will be amazed that we have the solution for your toilet odor.

Our professionals have researched the toilet odor, why the smell happens, and the solution to the toilet odor. So, stay with us. You are going to know the exact reason for toilet odor and its solution in this article.

Unused Toilet

Toilet odor can be a nightmare for your home. First, you have to think about what kind of toilet your is smelly. If it is a rarely used or unused toilet, then it is natural. But, unfortunately, this toilet odor can scatter the whole house. 

It causes evaporating water from the toilet that escapes the odor. However, the smell comes from the plumbing pipe.


To get rid of the problem, you should regularly flush the toilet. When you refill the toilet with the new water, then the odor will go away. After several flushes, you will see that the smell will go away after some time. 

Seeping Out The Bacteria

Even you use drinkable freshwater for the toilet, and the bacteria can grow. For example, in the toilet’s feeder pipe, you will notice that the bacteria grow in hot and humid environments. So you have always to be alert for the growth of this type of bacteria.

Cause this kind of bacteria creates a terrible odor like rotten eggs. Not only the bad smell but also it is very harmful to the health. The toilet is very hygienic with all these bacteria.


If you want to get rid of this kind of bacteria, you have to use bleach in the water tank. You will see that the water tank lid is very easy to open. Open it. 

Add a cup of bleach into the water. Let the bleach mix with the water for a few minutes. After that, flush the toilet, let the bleach water clean the whole bowl. And leave the toilet for a couple of hours.

Then, you will see all the bacteria die, and it shows as proof of fresh smell.


For mold building up, the toilet can be smelly. However, you may say you regularly clean the toilet and don’t see any mold in your bathroom. 

Regularly cleaning toilets is the best thing to prevent smelly toilets. But in the toilet, you will find many curvy places where your hand cannot go.

So in that places, mold can be built up. So you have to be conscious about those places. You have to clean these places.


When you are going to clean the mold, you should wear a mask. Then, you can use the brush to clean these places. You can also use bleach or vinegar. But don’t use it together. 

That can be toxic to your toilet environment. After a couple of hours of using the chemicals, you should flush the toilet several times.

Posted Drain

The posted toilet can be the reason for the bad smell. If anything is clogged into the pipe or just pasted with the solid waste, the sewage odor can go back to the toilet. 

The problem is in the drain system. For this reason, you should not over flush the toilet. It may overflow the toilet. And that will be a dangerous problem.


You can snake the drain if anything gets stuck. Moreover, you should call a plumber or professionals to fix the problem. But first of all, you have to understand that is nothing stuck in the drain.

Broking The Wax Seal

Inside the toilet base, you will find a ring-shaped wax seal. Sometimes it can be broken for many reasons. If the seal breaks the water and the odor can come through the leakage part. Moreover, the toilet can be shaky also.


You cannot repair the wax seal by yourself. You have to get professionals to help to replace it.

Broken Toilet

If your toilet is cracked, then you may get an odor from that. A cracked toilet is the cause of leaking surface water of the toilet.

That’s the reason you will get the bad odor. The odor will come from the sewage tank through the cracking part.


You can repair the crack if the broken part is on the water level. If it happens under the water level, then you should change the whole toilet. It would be best if you showed the toilet to a licensed professional guy.

Loose Bolts

It sometimes happens that the bolts of the toilet can be loosened up. For this reason, it can happen. So, you should be conscious about the bolts. 

If the bolts are loosened up, then the whole toilet will be shaky. And the odor will come up through the leakage.


After checking the bolts, you can tighten up the bolts.

Installed Incorrectly

Sometimes you install a new toilet couple of days ago, and your fine and stunning toilet is just making an odor. You are not finding any fault in the odor. So, what can be the problem in this case?

The problem is your toilet is not fully installed well. That’s why the odor is coming out and filling the whole bathroom.


Call the plumber again and ensure that the toilet is perfectly installed.

Damaged Vent Pipe

A damaged vent pipe can be the reason to get the odor. Check the pipe that goes from the toilet to the roof carefully. Is there any leakage you can find? 

Through this pipe, all sewage gases pass through. Therefore, leakage can be the cause of a foul odor.


You can repair the pipe with anything that doesn’t give any chance to come out the gases.

Bottom Line

In the end, you can get the answers to the reason for the badsmell in your toilet. All the reasons for the bad smell above we tried to give the solution to you. It can be helpful. 

All the solutions are coming from our experts. So, don’t be worry about applying these. So, stay happy and healthy.

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