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The rough size means to mention the measurement proportions from the end wall to the center of the climber up on the floor spout. Different companies offer toilets, but the most common sizes are 10 inches, 12 inches, and 14 inches.

But 12 inches toilet number is more common in the united states of America, simply US. a question that arises in mind is the difference between 12 inches and 10 inches toilet size.

There is a distance of 3 inches between 10 and 12 inches from the wall and center of the closet nozzle. Infield, these two number of toilets are widely used but 10 inches.

A rough tank is mostly used because it decreases the distance and occupies less space than 12 inches in the toilet. And it is more gracefully than 12 inches. in simple words, you can change 12 inches rough in the toilet with the 14 inches rough in the toilet.

Toilets rough are measured from the wall to the bolt cap. The distance between the wall or behind the wall and the center of the outer pipe, used to remove waste from the toilet, is called rough in the toilet.

You can use the toilet with 10 inches and 14 inches available in the market to solve this.

Best Size for Rough in Toilets

Most of the toilets have roughly 12 inches. This unique size is not suitable for old-type homes. In old homes, the rough-in toilets often used are 10 inches and 14 inches, different in shape and structure.

Distance of the Wall From the Toilet

The thickness of the wall of the toilet is often 1 or 2 inches. So the fitter means the plumber must put the toilet in the center of the floor equal distance from the wall. The back wall distance should increase by half inches.

For example, if the distance is 12 inches, then the plumber should keep 12-1\2 inches. And must take this step in mind that this distance must be measured from the wall framing.      

Measurement for a Toilet

For the measurement of the toilet, you should have first removed the toilet tank’s lid. And to reach the underside of the toilet, you should put it on one side.

Starts measurement of the toilet from the backside to its center or drain hole. Now you can easily measure the toilet and note this measurement on paper or tape.

Comfortable Height and Toilet Dimensions

At first, the height of the toilets was a maximum of 15 inches, but this was not good for older adults and patients, but now the height of the toilets has been increased from 15 inches to 17 to 19 inches.

This higher height of the bowl is very beneficial for people suffering from a knee problem, and it provides you with a comfortable sitting. This feature of the toilet is very useful for older people suffering from mobility problems. But this is not suitable for small children’s

Width for the Toilet

A normal toilet needs a maximum space of 29 to 30 inches. Fifteen inches from center to outside, and the sink needs 20 inches to sit in it. If you have a shower, you need 30 inches in which your diameter circle could be drawn easily.

Charges for the Plumber to Replace the Toilet

A professional plumber can charge a maximum of 122 to 230 dollars for replacing the toilet, but this can change according to the variety of toilets or plumbers. Sometimes you have to pay the per hour rate.

The toilet change may take three to four hours, and you have to pay 65 to 70 dollars per hour. In changing an old toilet, you must pay a maximum of 30 to 50 dollars, but This price may vary.

Elongation of the Toilet Bowl

These elongated toilets are more comfortable and easy to use, especially for adults. Because they give you some extra space and do not occupy much space, this type of toilet is best for small-size washrooms.

How Can You Secure Your Floor From the Toilet?

All the toilets should be put on the ground firmly. Take care of leakage from the bottom of the toilet because this may damage or rotten your beautiful toilet floor.

Put dyers and apply caulk on the sides of the toilet. By doing this, you can easily save your floor from rotting.

Various Sizes of Toilet

There are many companies which made the dimension and structure of the toilets. These all structure may not be the same but varies in color and size. some names are given below

  • Round toilets.
  • Elongated toilets.
  • Pedestal type toilets.
  • Some others may be in the form of squares or rounds.

Measurement for the Replacement of the Toilet

Suppose your old and useless toilets have four main bolts or rear bolts. Always starts measurement from the back of this center bolt.

This measure should be in 11 to 13 inches. Write this measurement so that you may not have to face any difficulty later in the toilet shop.

Tips for Purchasing the Best Toilet

These days purchasing a better thing has become a difficult task for any person. You must keep these instructions in your mind when you are going to buy a toilet.

Toilet Bowls

Toilet bowls are available in the market in different sizes, i.e., round and oval shapes. You can choose which you like. The elongated type bowls are more comfortable and larger than other bowls. They are a maximum of 2 inches larger than round bowls.

But round bowls are famous for their low price and less occupying space. They are best for small places. The toilet bowl is usually high 14 to 16 inches from floor level.

Remember, this measurement is without a seat. Keep the sanitary condition when purchasing a bowl that takes the debris trap away.


Some other features of rough toilets are the toilet back and flushing system, water usage, toilet seats, urinal bidets, and bidet attachment for the toilet seat. If the toilet’s rough size is correct, your toilet will provide ease and comfort access to you.

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