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The toilet is a basic necessity of every home, and on average, every person uses it 5 times a day. So let’s take a look at “what is an elongated toilet bowl?”.

When choosing a toilet for your bathroom, there are many requirements for selecting a suitable model. That includes the size of your bathroom, your needs, or maybe the aesthetics. The shape of the toilet bowl is one of these requirements.

Usually, toilets are available in two shapes, either round or elongated. Both shapes function the same way, and the difference between them is the size due to which they may or may not fit your bathroom. There is also a long-standing debate on whether elongated toilets are more comfortable than round ones.

So let’s find out “what is an elongated toilet bowl?” and what are the critical differences between round and elongated toilet bowls.

Elongated Toilet Bowl

The elongated toilet bowl is shaped almost like an oval and usually measures 18 inches in length. It should be noted that the measurements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The best way to measure the bowl length is by taking measurements from where the seat is fitted to the very edge of the bowl.

Elongated toilets are ideal for bathrooms with more space due to additional surface area. This makes it more popular among adults and is thus considered more comfortable. The elongated toilet bowls are more modern and attractive, which is another reason for their popularity.

Although aesthetically pleasing, there are certain drawbacks to it. The elongated toilets can’t fit small bathrooms and are on the pricier side. It may be comfortable for adults but not for small children who can’t sit all the way back on these toilets, and a “potty seat” is required for them.

Round Toilet Bowl

The round-shaped toilets are more compact and are truly round in shape. These toilets have been around for many years and are still manufactured as a solution for smaller bathrooms. They typically measure approximately 16 inches long.

The round-shaped toilets are considered comfortable for children, but adults disagree. It lacks additional surface area at the front of the bowl, making it less comfortable for them. And for some, the round toilets are not aesthetically pleasing enough in their bathrooms.

Differences Between Round And Elongated Toilet Bowl

While bit the round and elongated shaped toilets function the same way, specific differences are down below.

1. Appearance

The significant difference between elongated and round toilet bowls is their appearance. The elongated bowl is oval and a few inches longer at the front than the round shape. Despite this difference, the elongated toilet is modern, and round toilets are old-fashioned, associated with smaller bathrooms.

2. Ease of Use

Both elongated and round toilets are used for the same purpose, but there may be a difference in their ease of use. The round toilets are smaller and thus uncomfortable for adults, whether men or females.

On the other hand, the elongated toilets have more surface area for adults to sit comfortably. It is also comfortable for those with mobility issues to easily sit on and get off without wiggling around.

3. Size

Toilet sizes typically depend on the manufacturers, but an elongated toilet is always longer by two inches or more than a round one. So the round toilet is considered an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms to save space. Generally, a round toilet measures 16 inches or more.

The elongated toilets are more extended than round ones, so they can’t fit smaller bathrooms. These types of toilets measure 18 inches or more.

4. Water Consumption

The water consumption of elongated and round toilets depends on their models. You can find both of these toilet shapes in a configuration of 1.28 GPF and 1.6 GPF or more.

5. Cleaning

The elongated bowl toilets may be more accessible to clean than the round toilet. It’s because elongated toilets have more surface area. The toilet brush can glide under the subtle curve without leaving dirty spots.

On the other hand, the round toilet has a tighter curved rim, which can be challenging to negotiate a toilet brush through it. Thus it makes cleaning round toilets cumbersome.

6. Flushing Efficiency

There are different types of flushing systems integrated with toilets. So generally speaking, a toilet’s flushing efficiency depends on its type of flushing system. But the elongated bowl might have a slight advantage in pressure flushing.

7. Toilet Cost

Let’s look into the buying and installation costs of both round and elongated toilets. We will see a slight difference. Round-shaped toilets are usually less expensive than elongated toilets, but the difference is meager.

A typical round-shaped toilet will cost around 180-250$ or more, with additional installation costs standing at 40-150$. While the elongated toilets have a starting range of 250-350$ and more. It should be noted that the installation costs are the same for every toilet.

8. Options

The elongated toilet is a modern design, has a wide range of options available such as toilet height, flushing system, soft closing seats, and more. While the round-shaped toilets are almost “ancient as dinosaurs,” so you might not be able to find more options.

Best Elongated Toilets


While buying a new toilet, it is essential to select the right height, best flushing system, and flushing volume. The selection of the correct toilet shape also matters because you need a toilet that fits your bathroom, provides you with a comfortable bathroom experience and is aesthetically pleasing.

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