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The variety of the flush toilet has two buttons that flush different amounts of water. A low amount of water can flush the liquid waste, and a large amount can be used for solid waste.

This system was first introduced by the Japanese sanitary manufacturer named TOTO in 1960. It was not so much well known in and outside Japan because it has just two levers and a washer.

It can use the water again in the washer. In 1976 this system was redesigned by an American industrialist named victor panel in his book [design for the real world]. But it was practically designed in 1980 in an Australian company Caroma.

The design of a dual flush system varies from time to time. The dual flush toilet system has been almost adopted completely in most countries of the world. It is used mostly in new and costly buildings. This type of flush system is more expensive than other types of common toilets.  

Mechanism of the Dual Flush Toilet

Three main parts play an important role in its working mechanism, which are given below in details

  • Push Button
  • Lever
  • Tipping Bucket

1. Push Button

Push-button differentiates the dual flush toilet from other common-type toilets. The dual flush system works on gravity to remove waste from the toilet. Dual flush also used less amount of water is compared with another flush.

The lack of the divert and pipe also means that the toilet needs less amount of water. It has two buttons, while other flushes have only one button.

The number one button can transfer less water, which becomes three liters, while the number two can deliver the six-liter amount of water. The number one button is designed to remove liquid waste, and another button is designed to remove solid waste from the toilet.

It has a 10 cm long tube which allows the water to come out quickly and clean the bowl.

2. Lever

Some dual-flush toilets use levers instead of buttons; you can click them to control full flush, half flush, and after flushing.

3. Tipping Bucket

You can use a tipping bucket when the system of the dual flush system is operated halfway.

Advantages of the Dual Flush Toilet

The dual flush system uses less water, has a very low price, and is friendly to the environment. It was encouraged by the Australian government. The first dual toilet used 4 liters and 9 liters, but the company brought less.

Dual Flush Toilet Button

The government has used concession to promote the dual flush toilets to replace the old type of toilets.

The price of dual flush toilets is different in different countries. The dual flush-mounted toilets can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other places. Their new version has come with new touch-sensitive technology.

It is very easy to use or install. You can clean them easily. Its seat is comfortable. The dual flush toilet can use with all kinds of toilets. Through its replacement feature, you can easily change the part you like.   

Disadvantages of Toilet Flush Toilets

Although the price of the dual system is low, its first price is very high. Its replacement is very high Because you have to change the toilet for new design or repairing. The changeable price of the dual flush toilet is a maximum of 3o dollars.

In the industry, every brand claims that our product saves more than others, but they give not as many results as we expect from them because some toilets flush of 1.6 to 4.7 gallons. Which has not so much capacity to save water; hence they do not fit under the definition of a good toilet.

The main disadvantage of the dual flush system is that it leaks water from its sides as common and low-quality toilet does. That’s why they waste more water than save because a dual flush toilet leaks water when you press the button.   

Some Unique Features of the Dual Flush Toilet

There are many varieties of dual flush toilets which you can buy according to your budget and choice. The dual flush toilet can be used from precious metals such as silver and gold, but you have to order them especially for the company.

These toilets are also good for the outing and also for traveling.

You can select your favorite items for the toilet and purchase them from the market and online stores. Always flush with water; never use your hands because it can make you dirty. Also, avoid touching the ground. You can use a single handle switch and button.

The dual flush toilet is best for bathrooms, offices, kitchens, hotels, and hospital use. This toilet seat is made of pure stainless steel material, is very easy and comfortable to use, is made from highly purified material, and has a long life.

The dual flush toilet can be easily adjusted and changed when you want. By flowing water, you can easily remove the dirty of dual flush toilets.

 Its main feature is that it is corrosion-proof and easily fits on the wall and other places. Its unique style attracts you towards itself. Always select those products for you which is affordable for you. You can also buy this product at a very low price on different summer and winter sales. By doing this, you can save your money easily.

Buying Guide About Dual Flush Toilets

Before buying anything, you should have to know about it completely. We will explain to you some important buying information to purchase the best toilet at a very low price.

1. Toto

The best style of this toilet is simply designed in a timeless style, and this design is simply adjustable for any toilet or bathroom. It has a small size, and you can put it easily in the bathroom you want.

It also has a dual flush button on it. It can put water in the toilet by pushing it halfway. You can push it all-time for a regular flush. It is corrosion-proof and leaks a very small amount of water. It is repairable easily. It is very easy to install. Its beautiful design attracts you so much.

But this has one disadvantage: some toilets are very weak and do not bear much weight, so customers did not like them.

2. Toto Ultra Maxx Porcelien Dual Flush Toilet

This type of dual flush toilet is almost computer-designed and very easy to use. This type of dual flush has come into 5 different kinds include ceramic glaze. This flush needs to clean the tank and flush the bowl.

This model works perfectly. During the flush time, it produces very low noise. And it is very easy to clean.

 It is available in different varieties and was made in the USA. But it also has some disadvantages that it handle can break easily. And it is very small in size. Its bowl has insufficient space for water.

3. H2 Option Dual Flush Toilet

We think this is the best toilet in dual flush. Many peoples in the world like it. Its color is white, and it has four corners on its sides. Sometimes it looks like white and pure cotton when it is in its pure brightness form.

This thing makes it more beautiful than other types of dual flush toilets. Its non-sticky surface makes it easy to clean. The dual flush toilet is best for all ages people. It has a strong dual flush in it. But it is very expensive and has very limited availability in the market.

4. H2 Option Round Front Dual Flush Toilet

It is the best type of dual flush toilet. It has various colors you can choose your favorite color which you like. It has a round bowl and weights a maximum of 312-kilo grams. It is easy to use and comfortable.

They are not much high, not much low they are in medium size and hence liked by most peoples of the world.

Its large surface in its bowl makes it easy to clean and free of bacteria and germs. It has a siphon bowl that has strong wash power. American standards provide the best varieties but have a limited warranty, but china provides the guarantee of a lifetime for all its product.  


In the above description, we have described some dual flush toilets’ features and described their types. At first, the dual flush toilet was invented as a water saver, but later, it was observed that this uses more water than a normal toilet flush.

It was not good for the countries facing water shortages. But many improvements have been adjusted in the dual flush toilets to improve this issue.

But in short, if we look at its properties and features, we realize that this is the best one for many peoples. Always use the dual flush toilet with care.

Before buying a search about the related product, you can purchase a better product from the market at a low price.

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