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Do you know discomfort toilet height can be harmful to your health? You will find different heights toilets in the market. For different causes and purposes, you should know which height of the toilet will be helpful.

In the UK, the comfort height toilet begins very popularly. Because people started to understand the benefits of the comfort height toilet, it is made for the right height and right position for sitting.

Comfort height toilets are the best toilet for tall people and senior citizens. Also, you will be surprised to know that the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) complaint that toilet height is best for physically challenged people. So, let’s learn more about the comfort height toilet in this article.

The Height Of A Comfort Height Toilet

The size of the comfort height toilet differs sometimes. From the seat to the floor, you will find the length is 43cm to 48cm (17 to 19 inches). On the other hand, a standard traditional toilet’s height is 38cm (15ninches).

That means the comfort height toilet is taller than the standard height toilet. That is because of the comfortable sitting position and less pressure on the body joint. Also, on the lower back, you will feel less pressure.

So, now you can have the basic thought on the comfortable height toilet. It is taller and more comfortable than the standard one.

Comparison: Standard Height Toilets VS Comfort Height Toilets

Do you love the standard height toilet? After reading the above, are you feeling that comfort height toilet is the best for you now? Then, let’s compare standard height and comfort height toilets to understand two kinds of toilets. Now you can understand the benefits and nasty side of these types of toilets.

Comfort Height Toilets


  • Best for your lower body joints.
  • For taller persons, it is the best toilet.
  • For infirm and older persons the toilet is the best one.
  • ADA-certified toilet height.


  • Your feet may dangle from the seat.
  • May affect the circulation on the toilet.
  • For children and short people, the height might be uncomfortable.
  • Interrupt to sit like squatting position.
  • May cause constipation.

Standard Height Toilets


  • No interruption for the natural squatting position.
  • Best for the children and short person.
  • No tension about constipation.


  • Very difficult for the infirm and senior person.
  • Bad for the lower body joint and lower back.

Is Comfort Height Toilet Harmful For You?

You have to understand the perspective of different heights and sizes of the toilet. Not every height of the toilet is suitable for everyone. Above, we discussed the pros of the comfort height toilet. You know now the comfort height toilet is the best for the special person like the physically challenged person and older person.

Moreover, the comfort height is the best height for those who have the problem of lower body joints and lower back. Because of the extra height, the taller person can feel more comfortable.

Those who have injuries or pain cannot sit in the shorter toilet. Also, a comfortable height is the best choice. Now analyzing all of these factors, do you have any problems? If the answer is no, then you should not have the comfort height toilet as well.

Now let’s discuss the cons of the comfort height toilet. If you are a regular person or don’t have any problems like above, you should use the standard height toilet. All the cons can happen for the regular persons if they use the comfort height toilet.

The first problem you can face is the constipation problem. For the extra height of the comfort toilet, you cannot get the squatting position. That’s why for a long time, you can have constipation.

For the extra height, if you are a short person, then your leg may dangle. That can also be harmful to your body. So, buy a comfortable height toilet if you need it for any special situation. If you are a regular guy, then you should not.

Should You Buy A Comfort Height Toilet?

Above we have already discussed the importance of the comfort height toilet. Now you can have the toilet that standard height toilet, but you have a physically challenged person and an older person in your family. That’s why you need a comfortable height toilet. The call is very tough when you are living in a family.

If you have children, then they cannot poop on the comfort height toilet. Now imagine that any of your family members of getting injured. Now for that person, you may need a comfortable height toilet. So, that’s the moment. What do you want to do? 

Are you going to buy a whole toilet for several days? Because you family members can be well after couple days or a month. What do you do then?

The answer may be hard, but you have to get the solution. If you are alone in your home, then it is very easy to choose. You can buy any of the toilets whatever is your condition.

Let’s now discuss the solution. Don’t worry. We are here for you to make things easy. If you have any of the people who cannot sit on the standard height toilet or having a problem adjusting the height of the toilet, and it is permanent, then go for the comfort height. 

If you guys use the common bathroom, then for squatting position, use a stool. For the extra height, it is very hard to get pressure for poop. 

This stool under the leg can help to get the squatting position.

Now it is the best thing if you have extra bathrooms for the different height toilets. 

Then you guys have the different height toilets, and who likes their own choicely height use that. Now you should get the point.

Bottom Line

Finally, you are here to understand the whole scenario about the comfort height toilet. Now you can choose the comfort height toilet according to your demands. You can also compare it with other toilets. So, enjoy the pooping moment with the right height toilet for you.

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