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Do you know choosing the best quality toilet can be a tough job? First, you have to do complete research on the different types of toilets. Though as a user, the choice depends on you. But you should know which kind of toilet serve which type of facility.

However, knowing about the brand and model can be helpful to choose according to your demand. That’s why comparison and knowing about the types are significant.

Here, we are going to discuss the different types of toilets according to our professional’s research. The analysis of all brand’s toilets and categorized the functionalities and features. So, stay with us and know about the toilet in detail.

How Does The Toilet Work?

First, you have to understand all the parts of the toilet. Then, according to the knowing all details, you can learn the different types of toilets.

So, let’s discuss all parts of the toilets.

  • Toilet seat and bowl. It is the central part of the toilet. You can say it is the body.
  • S-bend is an essential part of the toilet. You may notice that some of the water always remains in the pipe of the toilet. Because there the pipe is like S-bend. That’s why you do not get any odor and bacteria from the dark water tank. Even after flushing the toilet, the bacteria and fragrances cannot come back from the tank.
  • Flush mechanism – many kinds of flush systems you will find in different toilets. It depends on the individual flushing requirement and style.
  • Water tank.
  • Waste pipe.

Besides all the parts and functionality, the toilet types are dependent on the size, shape, cleaning process, chemical resistance, toilet materials, and many more things. Therefore, we are now entering the actual classification of the toilet according to the popularity and demands.

Types Of Toilet

Toilets for Dual Flushing

In this toilet, you will find two kinds of buttons for the flush. Each controller works for two functionality. This kind of toilet has two types of chambers in the tank. One is primary, and another one is secondary.

When you press a button that opens the primary chamber and flushes it with a little bit of water, that is called a half flush. Again when the other button is pressed and the second section is opened with a large amount of water is called a full flush.

It is the system to reduce water usage. When you need less water, you need a small water press, just a half flush switch. For a large amount of flow, you need to press the second button.

Double Cyclone Flushing System

The double Cyclone flushing system is the very newest collection in the market. In this system, water is used lesser for every flush, and it makes a more robust flow that can impact like the natural stronger flush.

The inventor wants to reduce the water usage cost and wants to make an eco-friendly toilet. However, the double flush system is more effective than this system.

Composting Toilet

You will be amazed to know about the composting toilet. The toilet is the most eco-friendly toilet in the market. It is the toilet where the human waste composts with the natural way. So you won’t feel any odor or bad feelings after composting the human waste.

Besides that, this composted waste can be used in commercial plants or as a fertilizer. Isn’t it fantastic for the environment!

The process is very organic and hygienic. If you can maintain the process correctly, then it is very profitable. You can get the best version of the modern toilet if you purchase this kind of toilet.

Pressure Assisted

The pressure-assisted flush toilet is for the powerful flushing system that uses air pressure. For getting the enormous power from the air, the toilet’s flush system gets the extra power. The concept is you don’t need to flush further for cleaning.

This kind of system is needed for the highly used bathroom. So, for example, if we say about a large number of family or any sort of public place’s toilet the toilet is very acceptable.

Toilet Of Gravity Flushing System

Gravity flushing system toilet is a modern toilet in the market. When you press the flush button for a little bit longer, the water flow pushes all the waste through the trap way.

In the family, gravity flush is very popular. Because it needs fewer parts to set up, and gravity flush toilet is cheaper than any other toilet. It is the silent toilet. The functionality of the toilet has a 3 inches valve system.


Upflush toilet is a highly complex flushing system, especially when you are going to install it. Though you don’t need to drill any hole, you need to follow a complex installation system.

You will be surprised to know that the toilet has a mobility feature, and you can set it anywhere in your home. Saniflo is the known name for this quality toilet. You will need a professional Saniflo plumber to install the toilet.

However, you can also install the toilet in the kitchen. Moreover, as it has a mobility feature, the toilet does not have any uninstall and replacement issues. And this is the most significant advantage of the Upflush toilet.

The mechanism of the Upflush toilet has the unit of the macerator system unit and a small pipe. Solid waste like tissue papers and human waste mixes with the water and is the process for the upward sewage pipe.

This small upward pipe is only 3-4 inches across for solving all structural problems. The pump moves all this flurry waste. And at the end, the waste goes to the sewage tank.

Waterless Toilet System

The waterless toilet is trendy in a place where water is precious and has deficiency problems. Here, the composting system is applied for waste management. Without any water, you can easily compost the human waste in this process.

Though it is not popular in a home, it is popular in construction places and other places where you don’t find water easily. In addition, the toilet is trendy in outdoor event sites.

Portable Toilets

A portable toilet is tiny in size. You can carry the bathroom anywhere you want. You don’t need anything to take for it. If you love hiking and camping, then the portable toilet is for you. 

And the best part is the toilet is very environment friendly. So, keep a clean and safe environment and enjoy the outing with the portable toilet.

Some Other Common Toilet Types

Now we are talking about the toilet style. That helps you to understand the styling of the toilet from different perspectives. You can have detailed information about the type of toilet. 

You can choose a one-piece or two-piece design or high-level or low-level toilet, or another style. Let’s dig into the discussion.

One-Piece Toilet

A one-piece toilet has only one part of the central bowl part and the tank part. That’s why the one-piece toilet needs a small place. Besides that, the toilet is straightforward to clean and install. Those who have little knowledge about DIY can install the toilet.

Rugged the toilet system is a little expensive, but the toilet is worth it according to all the features.

Two-Piece Toilet

The two-Piece toilet is like the two-part toilet of the bowl part and the water tank part. However, the toilet needs more space to install. 

You also have to connect both the central part of the sewage and the hole of the clean water connection. Also, the toilet is trendy for the relevant budget price and durability.

Toilet Of Back-To-Wall

Toilet of Back-to-wall is a unique style to set the toilet in the bathroom. The toilet doesn’t need much space. You will see just the toilet bowl is out of the wall. The professionals say the toilet is straightforward to clean and install.

The style is like the toilet is attached to the wall. The tank is fixed in the wall, which is hidden in the wall.

Low-Level Toilet

The low-level toilet gives a vintage look for sure. For the toilet, the flush pipe is shorter. And it is cause for the cistern. You will be amazed that the flush system of the pedal is hand pedal like old days.

High-Level Toilet

A high-level toilet has the old traditional design. The cistern remains high for the high-level toilet. A flush pipe of long chrome is with a long pull chain for the flush is the feature of the high-level toilet.

Wall-Hung Toilet

If you want to buy a modern and smart toilet, you should go for the Wall-hung toilet. It is modern innovation with a unique style. You will find the toilet has a water tank on the wall and makes the toilet stylish. Moreover, it saves lots of space in the bathroom.

Types Of Flushing System

Single Flushing System Toilet

In this type of toilet, you will find a kind of flushing system. You will find that the water and solid waste all depend on the single flushing mechanism. In a traditional toilet, you will see this kind of toilet.

The worst part of this kind of toilet is wasting the water. However, it is not eco-friendly. Besides that, the flush button breaks easily.

Dual Flushing System Toilet

Here you will find two kinds of flushing systems in one toilet. In the water tank, two chambers are for the two flush mechanisms. One flush is half-flush that uses the primary chamber, and another flush is a full flush that uses the secondary chamber.

When people need a little bit of water, they can use a half-flush that supplies little water. On the other hand, for much water, people can use the full flush. Of course, all these mechanisms depend on water-saving functionality. Moreover, you can save lots of money to save water.

Touchless Flushing Toilet

Are you fed up with flushing pedal and button? Then you can go for the touchless flushing toilet. In this toilet, a motion sensor is used for the toilet flush. 

For the smart user, it is a modern solution. And the process is hygienic and convenient.

Flushometer Valve Toilet

If you are a person who needs toilets for any institution? Then the Flushometer valve toilet can be a great solution. This is because the Flushometer valve mechanism doesn’t depend on the water tank. 

Two things are essential for the Flushometer mechanism: the flushometer valve and the toilet bowl.

You don’t need any water tank for the flush. In this toilet system, the water flow flush is very powerful than any other toilet. 

For residential purposes, you should not use the Flushometer valve toilet. However, it is the best toilet system for commercial and industrial purposes or institutional purposes.

These are the most common and popular toilet types in the world. Of course, you may find more styles in any other place. But they are not widespread, or for usage, they are exceptional.

By the shape and size or any other functionality, you will find different toilets around the world. But you should choose and buy the proper toilet that you are needed.

Bottom Line

Finally, after reading the article, you can have a clear vision of the types of toilets.

If you know about the toilet types exactly then, you can know which matches your requirements.

To create the article, we have the motto to help the toilet buying customer. This is because most of them cannot find the right one or don’t know what kinds of toilet is needed. 

That’s the reason the customers are not satisfied to buy the toilet. So, after reading this article, all toilet customers will know about the toilets and their classifications.

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