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Have you ever thought about why Toto is one of the best companies in the world for toilets? Because they made not only smart designed toilets but also ensure proper hygiene with dynamic technologies.

When people choose toilets manufactured by Toto, they become confused about choosing toilets because all toilets have dynamic features and fabulous looks.

Toto Vespin II and Drake II is the two most popular toilets from Toto. People become most confused when they try to choose one of them.

Today, we will show you an exclusive Toto Vespin II and Drake II comparison, which will help you, choose one of them because it’s not possible to set two toilets in your washroom.

So, enjoy the comparison given below to select the best one for you.

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A Short History of Toto Toilet

It’s well known that Toto is the best brand for Toilets but have you ever thought, why? Toto always respect your demands. Try to give the best one to satisfy you.

The toilet and its parts are made with premium quality materials that ensure hygiene and last for a long time.

In 1917 Toto started their journey; at that time, the company’s name was TOYO TOKI CO, and from 1970 they are known as TOTO. They start production of western-style toilets with a flushing system in 1914, which means three years before TOTO was established.

The company was established in Kitakyushu, Japan. Now they have production facilities in nine countries.

Now you may be thinking about the most significant reason behind the popularity of TOTO toilets. The best Flushing system, which saves lots of water, less maintenance, and the noise-free system, is the top reason for TOTO’s popularity. Let’s learn more about Toto Vespin II Vs Drake II.

Quick Comparison Table

Toto Vespin II
Toto Drake II
Style Of Toilets
Style of a Two-piece
Style of Two-piece
Type Of Bowl
Front bowl, elongated.
Flush Rating
1.28 GPF(Gallons Per Flush)
1.28 GPF(Gallons Per Flush)
System For Flushing
Gravity Flush
Gravity Flush
Dimension Of Toilet
In-depth 28.5″
In width 16.5″
In height 30″
Bowl height 16.125″
Rough-in 12″
In-depth 28.5″
In width 16.5″
In height 30″
Bowl height 16.125″
Rough-in 12″
Higher than Toto Drake II
Lower than Toto Vespin II
Bowl Skirt
Skirted Bowl
Non- Skirted Bowl
Good Looking than Toto Drake II.
Not so good looking as Toto Vespin II
Installation Method
Floor Mounted
Floor Mounted
Cotton White.
Cotton White.
Material Of Toilet
Vitreous China
Rough-In Size

Toto Vespin II CST474CEFG#01

Toto Vespin II CST474CEFG#01

Key Specification

  • Flushing Technology: ‎Gravity Flush.
  • Material: ‎Ceramic.
  • Water Consumption: ‎1.28 Gallons per Flush.
  • Dimension: ‎28.5 x 16.5 x 30 inches.
  • Item Weight: ‎75 pounds.
  • Installation Method: ‎Floor Mounted.
  • Shape: Elongated.
  • Color: ‎Cotton.
  • Certification: WaterSense.

Are you looking for a robust flushing system in your toilet? Toto Vespin II CST474CEFG#01 is an exclusive toilet from Toto, the most powerful flushing system.

Here, you will get a complete Toto Vespin ii review, which will help you gather better knowledge about the Toto Vespin toilet.

A gravity flushing system is another name for proper cleaning. Who has this flushing system in his toilet has no tension about cleaning and maintaining hygiene. Toto invented this flushing system, and still today, it’s working perfectly than any other toilet flush.

Have you ever thought about how gravity flushes works so perfectly? When you click on the flush button, the flapper helps the water tank and the valve seat rise with gravity, and the water forcefully goes through the toilet.

This system can generate lots of power using gravity. And this force helps to clean the toilet perfectly.

Toto toilets also told eco-friendly toilet, do you know why? Because it uses less water while flushing. It only uses 1.28 Gallons of water Per Flush which is very good. In your house, you can save about 9-10 gallons of water in a day which is suitable for nature because water is a natural resource and very important for our existence.

Moreover, using less water also reduces your monthly water bill, which is good for your wallet.

It has an elongated design which ensures comfort. Toto Vespin II comes in a white cotton color which looks gorgeous and makes your washroom more beautiful. It has a stylish look with lots of features that will make you satisfied at any cost. 

Do you want the most durable toilet from the market? If yes, then go for Toto Vespin II because it is one of Toto’s most demandable and durable toilets. There is no tension about cleaning, spreading odor, and maintaining hygiene if you use this toilet. 


  • No flushing noise.
  • Proper height ensures proper comfort.
  • Flush consume less water to clean.
  • Effective cleaning with gravity flushes.
  • Premium quality material.
  • Lasts for long.


  • The price is a little bit higher than other toilets.
  • Too much heavy.

Why do we recommend it?

Money is valuable, and you already know that this Toto Vespin II is a little bit expensive, but we can ensure that you will get the best one for your washroom. 

It will help you maintain proper hygiene. You already know that it uses less water but can clean effectively, which is a big positive point of this toilet. Just set it once in your bathroom and use it for a lifetime without any tension. 

Toto Vespin II Vs Drake II article will provide Drake’s review next!

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Toto Drake II CST454CEFG#01

Toto Drake II CST454CEFG#01

Key Specification

  • Flushing Method: Gravity
  • Trap Way: 2-1/8-Inch 
  • Rough-In: 12 inches
  • Dimension: ‎28.75 x 16.5 x 29.44 inches
  • Weight: 94 pounds
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 Gallons per Flush
  • Shape: Elongated.
  • Color: ‎Cotton White.
  • Certification: ADA.

Toto Drake II is another best toilet from Toto. Are you searching for a toilet that looks gorgeous and lasts for long with a proper cleaning system? You are in the right place, and now we will introduce you to the Toto Drake II CST454CEFG#01.

Cleaning is the most important thing to keep your hygiene. There are lots of toilets that cannot clean the toilet after flushing two or three-time flushing, but here you are going to get a dynamic quality cleaning facility.

You will get an immaculate and precise toilet after using a flush only for one time. Do you know how it is possible? It’s only possible for the Gravity flushing system included in this toilet.

The gravity flushing system is the best flushing system for toilets. It’s incredibly workable with a bit of amount of water. Sometimes people think 1.28 gallon of water per flush, is it enough to clean the toilet properly. For them, it’s possible by a gravity flushing system.

Let’s have a look through the design pattern. Toto Drake II is the upgraded version of the Toto Drake toilet. It is a two-piece toilet. Two-part mean the bowl and water tank are not attached.

A piece of more information about the two-piece toilet is when you will buy it the time it will deliver to your home in two different boxes. Sometimes it can provide in additional days.

Do you know why people feel comfortable sitting on it? The only reason is the elongated bowl. It has an elongated bowl that is about 18.5 inches long which provides more space to sit.

Unfortunately, you will not get any toilet set included with it. You have to buy it separately. We can consider it as an advantage because you can buy a seat of your choice. There are various kinds of seats from low to high budget, choose any of them you want.


  • Fast and effective cleaning.
  • Gravity flushing system.
  • High flushing power with less water.
  • Elongated design.
  • Simple but looks awesome.


  • There is no seat included, you have to buy it.
  • Installation takes time.

Why do we recommend it?

Toto is the king of toilets with various kinds of unique designs and systems. Do you know Toto washlet? Washlets can provide you warm water to wash your back; it also provides warm air, which is fantastic.

The fantastic thing is that Toto Drake II also sells Washlets to provide you extra hygiene and comfort. This is the main reason behind our recommendation.

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Features Comparison

You are reading Toto Vespin II Vs Drake II and already have a proper idea about both of them. Both are the most prevalent toilet from Toto, which has all the features that a toilet should have. 

We have made a feature comparison below, which will help you to choose one of them.

Flushing Power

Two things measure flushing power. One is how much water it uses, and another is how the water flows to the toilet. We can see that both of the toilets used a Gravity flushing system which consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush. 

Both toilets have the exact mechanism inside the flush. So, in this case, both have the same flushing power, and we also know that a Gravity flushing system is most effective to clean a toilet.


If you have 10 inches rough-in, you have to replace it with 10 toilets with 10 inches of rough-in. But larger rough-in can be replaced easily with smaller rough-in toilets. 

Both toilets have 12 inches of rough-in, but Toto Vespin II is adjustable to 10-14 inches using Toto’s Unfit Adapter.

So, in this case, we can say that Toto Vespin II is the right choice for you if you have any rough-in issues.


Both toilets are ‎28.75 x 16.5 x 29.44 inches in size, and both are comfortable for people of all ages. So, we can say that there is no difference in size between them, and if you are searching for this specific size, you can buy any of them.


Price is a fact, but if you get the proper value for your money, you should not hesitate to invest them. Comparing the total price, we have to inform you that Toto Vespin II is more expensive than Drake II.

On the other hand, you also have to spend money to buy an unfit adapter if you do not have a standard rough-in. If we look through the installation cost, we can see that Drake II requires less cost.

So, according to the price, we can say that Drake II is best for money.

Toto Vespin II VS Drake II VS Other Toilets

Now, we are going to know the difference between other toilets and these two famous toilets. Toto is people’s priority buy why? In a toilet, a Flushing system is the main thing because if your flush cannot clean the toilet, it becomes a disaster. 

Toto is always best for a cleaning system because it has a flushing system that no other toilets have. 

You may know about the gravity flushing system, which is the most effective flush in the world. Toto invented the system which uses a minimal amount of water but cleans well. If you look through another toilet in the market, you will not get this kind of flush.

Those flush can clean dirt but uses lots of water, or they need two or three times flush to clean appropriately.

There are some toilets comparable with Toto, but you will get all their features in one package here in Toto. So, we can say that Toto is the right choice to make a beautiful washroom in your home.

Toto Vespin II VS Drake II: Which One Is The Best?

Although the viewer frequently mentions beauty, in this situation, the Toto Vespin II is more appealing than the Toto Drake II

Both of them are widely appreciated. But we recommend the Vespin II over Drake II.

The Vespin II has no cracks in the Drake II but rather a smooth mirror-like circle reflecting the light and so lights.

I will also mention in the same light that cleaning the Toto Vespin II is also much more manageable than Drake. In Vespin II, which is unlike Drake II, less room is available for dirt to conceal and collect.

They come from a respected toilet manufacturer with a strong flush. While I’ve claimed that Vespin II is more beautiful than Drake II, Drake II is not a hideous toilet. It’s one of the most unusual toilets on the market, simply because I feel the Vespin II looks a bit better.

We recommend you to get a Toto bidet seat for extra luxury (also known as a washlet). In any case, you will get rid of your toilet paper and bidets in a method that is superior to toilet paper.


Q: Does Toto Vespin II have ADA certification?

Answer: Yes, obviously, Vespin has ADA certification, and also this model is certified by WaterSense. 

Q: Is the flushing system enough to clean solid waste in Toto’s toilets?

Answer: Toto has the most effective flushing systems in their toilets. So there is no chance of sticky solid waste in the toilet after a complete flush.

Q: Which seat is more comfortable between Toto Vespin II Vs. Drake II?

Answer: Toto Vespin II toilet seat is very much comfortable; there is no complaint about it. On the other hand, unfortunately, there is no seat included with Drake II Toilets, but you can buy a seat for the toilet which you feel comfortable.

Q: How much water Toto’s Toilets can save in a day?

Answer: You already know that this toilet uses a low amount of water than other toilets. It uses 1.28GPF water. According to this, we can say that you can save more than 20% of water monthly.

Q: How much time does it take to install toilets in my washroom?

Answer: It depends on the toilet style. If your toilet is one piece, then it takes a little time to install, but if the toilet is two-piece style, it will take some time, which is about one hour.


Toto Vespin II Vs Drake II, selecting one from them is confusing because they are the most prevalent toilet manufactured by Toto. 

In this Toto Vespin II Vs Drake II reviews; we describe every corner of both of them. Both are best in flushing system, design and also good for the eco-system.

Please choose one of them to have a gorgeous washroom in your home.

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