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What factors contribute to the best toilet? If you don’t perceive the reason, then follow our Toto Vespin II toilet review. You will find the feature and functionalities discussion about a good quality toilet.

Many people think that finding the best toilet is easy. However, it is not a simple operation. And a good amount of money can be spoiled if you don’t survey the market before buy. You must understand how to locate the ideal toilet.

Don’t worry. We have researched abbot the best quality toilet features. And we made this Toto Vespin II review for you guys. So, if you want to get the actual scenario of the best toilet, then stay with us.

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What Is Toto Vespin II Toilet?

In the Toto world, you will find various toilets that are desirable. Toto is a reliable company with an excellent reputation. 

Vespin II is a toilet series of the Toto. You will love the features of Vespin II.

Vespin II toilets are high-efficiency toilets with a two-piece design. You will love the universal height of the toilet. All the comfortable factors are there. 

Many modern features differ from the series from another toilet.

That’s why you should go for the Toto Vespin toilet. After reading the Toto Vespin II review article, you cannot resist buying the Vespin II toilet.

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Why Toto Vespin II Toilet?

The Toto Vespin II toilet has all the best functionalities like all the other world-class toilets. With the smartest abilities and technologies, the toilet can quickly fulfil the demands of the users.

You will be surprised to hear that the toilet has a swift water flow that cleans all the waste immediately. In addition, you will get the siphon jets that also create a more robust flushing system. However, the material of the toilet ensures the durability of the Vespin II toilet.

All these special functions should have in the best quality toilets. In this Toto Vespin II review article, we tried to give you a clear picture of purchasing guide for a good quality toilet.

So stay with us until the toilets review ends.

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Buying Guide: What To Look For In A Toto Vespin II Toilet?

Toilet’s Design

In general, you will find two kinds of designs, one-piece and two-piece design toilets. This is because Toto produces both types of toilets. And, the different toilets have different toilet designs.

Toilets are classified into two types based on the form of the bowl. One is elongated, and another is round in shape. Both shapes are famous according to their unique functionalities. 

An elongated bowl shape is better for the more extensive area. The dimension of the elongated design toilet is more significant than any other toilet. In addition, the elongated toilet is the best for your family and commercial purpose.

On the other side, the round shape toilet takes a small surface to mount. Therefore, for individual vehicle use or in the RV, the round shape toilet is the best.

According to people’s demands, they should choose the design of the toilet.

Flushing Factor


The enormous functionality of the modern toilet is the best quality flushing factor. Being apathetic about the flushing system is not the ideal job. Understanding the value of different flushing systems is very important.

A suitable flushing method should have a robust water flow system. The flushing system should have less water using the module. The technology should be advanced for that.

Budget Fixing

Fix your budget to get the best quality toilet. The expensive toilet cannot be the best always. You should be conscious about the toilet price. On the other hand, a cheap toilet can make you suffer a lot.

That’s why you have to fix the budget according to the toilet’s functionalities and features. That’s why you should know about the toilet features depth.

Dimensions Of A Home Toilet

According to the home, you should select the correct dimension for the toilet. You need just a little bit bigger bathroom for the home. And, the comfort of the users is another part of thinking.  

With different sizes and shapes, the Toto has different dimensions toilet. The main series of this brand have different looks and designs. If you want a giant toilet, then you will find it in Toto. Again, small-sized toilets for RV or vehicle, you will find in Toto creations.

However, the Toto fulfils the different customers’ demands. They know how customers face the problems and issues to buy the toilet.

Universal Height

Universal height for the toilet is a prime factor. Do you know what the universal height for the toilet is? It is the most comfortable sitting height for anyone. The height from the ground is between Seventeen and Nineteen inches.

For the knee and back, the universal height is the best. ADA allows the universal measurement for physically challenged persons because it is comfortable for them.


Who doesn’t want the glazy and clean toilet surface? Of course, everyone wants their toilets to remain clean every time. But for some bathrooms, it is not possible because of the materials and making technology.

Lubricious surfaces are elementary to clean, and nothing can be stick on them. And for that, the Cefiontect technology is needed. This technology makes the toilet smooth and sleek.

Toto Vespin II toilet review is for understanding the essential factors to buy a perfect and practical toilet. Then, with the buying guide from the professionals, you can buy an effective toilet.

TOTO Vespin II CST474CEFG#01 Two-Piece Toilet

TOTO Vespin II CST474CEFG#01 Two-Piece Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Toilet’s Dimensions: ‎29 x 17 x 30 inches
  • Weight: ‎‎75pounds.
  • Materials: Ceramic.
  • Color Of Toilet: Cotton White.
  • Certifications: ‎ASME,CSA, & IAPMO.
  • Method Of Installation: ‎Floor Mounted.

Do you curious to understand a high-quality toilet? If not then, the TOTO Vespin II CST474CEFG#01 toilet will give you the most precise picture of the best toilet.

With the elongated bowl, you can have the extended size of the Vespin II toilet. It ensures the comfort and happy moment for the users. With the minor water consumption, the toilet is made of ceramics. 

Furthermore, you will find the cover of the tank and different accessories for the toilet.

However, the toilet has the trip liver of chrome plated. Like an ideal toilet, the surface of the toilet is very smooth. That’s the reason nothing can stick on the surface. The ceramics and Cefiontect design make the toilet smooth.

It is an ergonomically designed toilet. And you will love to buy the toilet. For any toilet, the universal height is comfortable. And this height is comfortable for all.

With a powerful Gravity flushing system, the toilet has a quiet environment prove feature. The toilet uses the 3 inches valve for a peaceful environment.

You will get the toilet with various certifications like CSA, IAPMO, and ASME. So, you can understand that the toilet is safe and hygienic. But, on the other hand, the Vespin II Toto toilet is a handsome toilet for any bathroom.

In this Toto Vespin 2 review, you will get all the detailed discussion about the best feature of the toilet. Now we think you can recognize the excellent bathroom.


  • With a Cefiontect surface.
  • Powerful and quiet Gravity flush.
  • With the universal height.
  • Elongated design.
  • Ceramics made.
  • Cosy and comfortable.
  • Ample space for the bowl.


  • It is a giant toilet.
  • Strictly follow the user manuals to install the toilet.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Vespin II CST474CEFG#01 Toilet for the best quality toilet at a ta reasonable price. In addition, the lightweight feature gives the toilet a straightforward floor-mounted installation.

With the two-piece design, the toilet is the best support for the bathroom. So, don’t be late to purchase this great toilet.

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Q: What does universal height mean?

Answer: The universal height is the standard height for all. It is suitable for the health like knee and back. Moreover, you feel the proper abdominal pressure for the pooping.

Q: Are Toto toilet seats universal?

Answer: Yes, most of the Toto series use the universal height seat. For sure, you will get the universal seat height for the Toto Vespin II toilets.

Q: Does Toto make a comfortable height toilet?

Answer: Yes, they create the toilet with the universal seat height. And it is the most comfortable height for all people. So even the handy capped person can use the universal size.

Q: Are Toto toilets made in Japan?

Answer: Yes, Toto was founded in Japan. And, the production facilities of the toilet own by nine countries.

Q: What is a Washlet bidet?

Answer: A Washlet bidet is a washing method after doing the toilet. Many people say that it is a cross between the bathroom and the shower.

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Final Verdict

In the end, this Toto Vespin II review is for you to choose the toilet for your bathroom. Besides that, you should recognize the toilet features that help you find the top one.

Buy the Toto Vespin II toilet and enjoy the best time on the toilet.

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