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Are you a lover of Toto toilets but don’t you know which model will be the best one? Or do you need a clear picture between Toto Ultramax and Ultramax? Then, please stick to the article that is created by our market analysis team. 

In the Toto Ultramax Vs. Ultramax II comparison will find all the legit causes that bring one another top of the list. As you know the evacuating time, you need a fresh and relaxing moment. So, Toto offers the best quality toilet models for you.

Our professionals have found unique quality features in Ultramax and Ultramax II. But which is the best? Relax, you will find the answer here. You need to just read through the article. Then, you will find the right one.

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Why Are Toto Toilets Beneficial Than Other Toilet Brands?

Being profitable always is not the main motto for Toto. If you have a little bit of knowledge about the toilet, you will find some needed features for good quality. And sometimes you won’t find these multi-functioning toilet quality by spending lots of money.

So, you have to be conscious to buy the proper toilet. Toto is a brand hat that gives you the best characteristic features like a powerful flushing system. The next ability will be durability.

That ensures you about 4-5 years of assurance about durability.

Besides that, the jet spray, flushing pedals or trap way, toilet cover seats, water savings, and many more features of the Toto are better than any other brand. So, easily you can rely on them.

Quick Comparison Table

Toto Ultramax
Toto Ultramax II
Style Of Toilets
Chrome Finishing.
Type Of Bowl
Straight down to the bowl rinse.
2 outlets on the top and 2 streams around the bowl.
Cyclone Bowl Of Double
System For Flushing
G-max flushing system.
‎Gravity Flush Toilets.
Water Consumption
1.6 GPF.
1.28 GPF.
Water Savings
Dimension Of Toilet
28 x 17 x 28 inches.
29 x 18 x 29 inches.
‎89 pounds.
‎99 pounds.
Seat Feature
Can be an option.
Standard style.
Installation System
‎Floor Mounted.
‎Floor Mounted.
Effective Cleaning
Cotton White.
Cotton White.
Material Of Toilet
‎Vitreous China.
‎Vitreous China.
ADA(Americans With Disabilities Act) Compliant

TOTO Ultramax MS854114S#01 Oblong Toilet

TOTO Ultramax MS854114S#01 Oblong Toilet

Key Specification

  • Dimensions: 28 x 17 x 28 inches.
  • Weight:‎89 pounds.
  • Flushing system:G-max flushing system
  • Water consumption: 1.6 GPF.
  • Shape:Oblong.
  • Style: Traditional.
  • Color: Cotton White.

Are you searching for the best quality one-piece oblong toilet for your bathroom? Then, TOTO Ultramax MS854114S#01 Oblong Toilet is the best collection for you. The toilet plays a vital role in your happy toilet time with the aesthetic look and valuable features.

They use a G-max flushing system for enormous power. Any dirt on the toilet can not consider at all. Toto Ultramax is a very well-designed toilet.

For the elegant looking the toilet uses the best quality materials ‎Vitreous China. The materials are also durable. The oblong shape gives the bathroom a different look. In the G-max flushing system, they use 3 inches valve for water circulation.

It is a little bit high consumption of water. But water needs for effective cleaning. The excellent Toto Ultramax toilet has a left-handed trip lever which is chrome finishing.

With the computer-designed technology, the Ultramax has the seat feature. They are providing a Soft Close center with it. So, isn’t it cool!

You will be happy to know that the toilet is straightforward to mount and install. With the floor mounting feature, the bathroom has the easiest way to install. A large Trapway and a Siphon Jet, you will get with the Toto Ultramax toilet.

The maintenance is effortless. You don’t need to do struggle with the installation and maintenance. The height is pretty much comfortable. Though it is not certified by the ADA, a disabled person may not feel unpleasant.

Who does not want to feel comfortable on the toilet? But every bathroom does give you 100% comfort. The Ultramax toilet uses the technology of brilliant and ergonomy.

You will be grateful to have this kind of toilet. Anyone can use it easily. No hassle at all. You will get the 12 inches rough in the bathroom.


  • Modern and ergonomic.
  • Simple and hasselfree.
  • With a strong flushing system.
  • With SoftClose seat.
  • With chrome trip lever.
  • Easy surface mounting system.
  • Computer-designed.


  • Not ADA certified.
  • Not easy to clean.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the Toto UltramaxMS854114S#01 for the best quality ergonomic toilet. You do not need to purchase the seat separately. With a powerful G-max flushing system, the toilet has a chrome trip lever and a glazed trap way.

Moreover, at a reasonable price, you will find all the necessary functionalities in this toile. In this Toto Ultramax toilet review, we covered all the features that Tot Ultramax offered. So, buy the toilet and feel happy.

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Toto UltraMax II MS604114CEFG#01 Elongated Toilet

Toto UltraMax II MS604114CEFG#01 Elongated Toilet

Key Specification

  • Dimensions: 29 x 18 x 29 inches.
  • Weight: ‎99 pounds.
  • Flushing system: Gravity flushing system
  • Water consumption: 1.28 GPF.
  • Shape: Elongated.
  • Style: Chrome Finishing.
  • Color: Cotton White.

In this Toto Ultramax II review, you will find the answer to why it is the best one. Are you searching for the best Toto toilet model for you? Then, stay with us. Toto toilet Ultramax II can be your choice.

The height of the toilet is universal. That means for anyone, and it has the correct size. Furthermore, the Ultramax II has the ADA certification. That certification proves that disabled persons can comfortably sit on the toilet.

With the powerful water whirlpool, no dirt can stand over the flush. And the most significant part of this flushing system is you can save water. 

Accepting the water-saving factor the advanced technology has been used. This technology needs just 1.28Gallon water per flush. And the tiny amount of water is enough for its cleaning process.

Now, are you worry about cleaning the toilet and maintaining them? 

Then, don’t worry. Toto toilet Ultramax 2 has a smooth surface. That’s the reason the stubborn dirt can not stick to the toilet. Only one flush is enough for the cleaning. 

So, the cleaning and maintenance of the toilet is a rare process. If you want, after two weeks you can clean or cannot. It’s up to you. Sana Gloss finish makes the toilet always clean.

As we discussed, The Ultramax II has a smooth surface to a comfortable sitting environment. So, you can enjoy the happy pooping moment.

At relevant cost, you will get a modern Ultramax II toilet. The hygiene of the bathroom is top-notch. 

They are WaterSense certified. So, they don’t consider any malfunctioning and inadequate remarks at all.

With an elegant look, the toilet bowl maintains an elongated shape. That makes the toilet effective for flushing and cleaning. The outline also helps to set the universal dimensions.

So, in this Toto Ultramax II toilet review, you have found the reasons that make you fall in love with Ultamax II. Doesn’t it?


  • Best in design.
  • Simple and elegant looking.
  • Water-saving feature.
  • Easy cleaning factor.
  • Ata reasonable price.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • With a toilet seat.


  • A little bit bigger than the Ultramax.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the Toto UltraMax II MS604114CEFG#01 for the best quality materials and comfortable seating feature. Besides that, you will find a strong flush that saves water. No hazard for maintenance and installation.

Moreover, the toilet has an elegant ergonomic design.

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Features Comparision Toto Ultramax Vs. Ultramax II

In the Toto Ultramax Vs. Ultramax II comparison, you will find all the necessary features differences that can involve you to buy. 

When you are thinking of the best quality, then you should compare each other. Besides that, for different purposes, you need different functionalities. So, a comparison is required.

Here, you will find the two Toto toilets comparison, Ultramax, and Ultramax II, by their features.

Flushing System

The best quality flushing system makes the toilet desirable. Toto Ultramax uses the G-max flushing technology. 

This technology uses 1.6 Gallon of water per flush. Though the mount is vast, the flush can clean the dirt instantly.

On the other hand, Toto Ultramax II uses the Gravity flushing system. 

The system is very effective and smart. For a better environment, the Gravity flushing system is the best. It needs only 1.28 GPF. This tiny amount of water is enough for cleaning the toilet.

Water Consumption

The Ultramax II has the Gravity flushing system, and the flushing system spends the least amount of water. Only 1.28 GPF. Isn’t it cool! 

That’s why water-saving is very much possible. And also money-saving is possible. For the environment, this water consumption affects very positively. Effective flushing technology saves clean water.

On the other side, the Ultramax uses the G-max flushing system that needs 1.6 GPF. It is a tremendous amount of water. Though the flush effectively cleans the toilet, they use a considerable amount of clean water. This can affect the environment negatively.


Dimension is also a significant factor to consider. The dimension of the Ultramax is 28 x 17 x 28 inches. That is pretty much a suitable dimension for any bathroom. The compact design and dimension can help to install the toilet without any hazards.

On the other hand, the Ultramax II needs space of about 29 x 18 x 29 inches. A little bit bigger than the Ultramax. That’s why the Ultramax II needs more space than the Ultramax. It requires an extra about 46 cubic meters.


With Ultramax, the ADA certification and WaterSense will be provided. ADA ensures that disabled people can use the toilet. The height and size are friendly for disabled people.

But for Ultramax, you will not get the certification at all. Though the manufacturer claims that the technology to make the toilet is disabled-friendly.

Seat Feature

You will be needed a seat with the cover of the toilet. It is essential for anybody. When you need relaxation in the bathroom or any sitting job, you need a comfortable and cozy seat to sit. The Ultramax has a comfortable seat that you don’t need to buy separately.

So, in this area, both toilets remain the same.

Toto Ultramax And Ultramax II Vs Other Toilet Models

In the Toto Ultramax Vs. Ultramax II comparison, we discussed the differences between the two unique Toto models. But why do we choose these two toilets over the other brand’s bathrooms? Because the Toto is the best toilets brand.

Moreover, our professionals have done distinct research on the toilet markets. And they found two unique models of the Toto brand. So, a comparison between the Toto Ultramax Vs. Ultramax II is needed. And also a necessary comparison with other toilets.

As discussed in the flushing system, you will find all the advanced quality features in the Ultramax and Ultramax II. You will get the Gravity flushing, Tornado flushing, or G-max flushing with the Toto toilets.

All the flushing has distinct functionalities and advantages. They are solid and efficient. 

The material of the Toto toilets is top class. They are durable, and with excellent finishing, you will get a smooth texture outlook. The design of the bathrooms is elegant and straightforward. 

These features combinedly you will not find in any other brands.

At a reasonable price, you will get all kinds of features that you need in everyday life. In the bathroom, the Toto toilet brings absolute happiness and comfort. When you are pooping, it is a must to feel comfortable and cozy.

Besides that, you will find the seat that you rarely find with any other brand’s toilets. For other brands cases, either you have to buy separately, or they will give a low-quality seat.

All these reasons declare that you should go for the Toto’s toilet, especially for Ultramax or Ultramax II. These models are on the top of the list.

Which One Is The Best– Toto Ultramax Or Ultramax II?

In the Toto toilet review, you will get all the details discussing the Ultramax and very Ultramax II toilets. Both the toilets are best and toilets. In some different factors, they are different. But both are best in their way.

You have to choose the toilet among them by your priority. Check your priority list. Which one fills all the boxes of your priority list? Choose that one. It is the simplest way to buy a toilet.

You should consider the size, installation system, flushing system, dimensions, materials, price, and all the other factors. After wise consideration, you can select one of them.

But if you want our decision, then we are relying on our professional’s thought. We think that among the two Toto, Ultramax II is the best one. With the easy cleaning and water-saving features, the Ultramax II has the ADA and WaterSense certification.

Furthermore, the elongated bowl size is very effective for a healthy toilet system. That’s why our professionals choose the Toto Ultramax II toilet at any chance.


Q: What is the best type of flushing system?

Answer: According to our professionals, the Gravity flushing system is the best one with solid and water-saving technology.

Q: What’s so special about a Toto toilet?

Answer: The Toto toilets have all the features you need for your happy pooping time. 

Q: How long do Toto toilets last?

Answer: If you do not do any repair or maintenance, it can last for 4 to 5 years. But if you do care, then the Toto toilets can last for 10 to 12 years.

Q: Do Toto toilets need electricity?

Answer: some models may need electricity to run some features. But most of them don’t use electricity.

Q: How many gallons of water per flush is the best?

Answer: In this case, gallons per flush are not the only leading cause to prove the effective flushing system. An effective flushing system should also have a robust cleaning system and an easy starting process.

Wrapping Up

This is all about our Toto Ultramax Vs. Ultramax II. It should help you to find a suitable toilet for your family. 

By your need, you should go for any of them. But if you can not select the right one, then you can trust our professional’s decision. And the Toto Ultramax II is the choice of our wise professionals.

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