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Are you searching for a compact toilet model that can bring a classy view to your bathroom?

Or do you need a universal size toilet for all the members of your family? Then, don’t worry. We are here to bring the solution.

After huge research on the best toilet in the market, our researchers have found some fantastic toilets for you. All these toilets they have discovered from the Toto brand.

This Toto Ultramax Toilet review article is for you to find your desire toilet.

In the Toto Ultramax review, you are getting a thorough discussion about the Toto toilet. Moreover, you can now choose the proper toilet for any space. Without any doubt, the article is the right source to find a suitable toilet.

So, stay in tune with us.

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What Is Toto Ultramax Toilet?

If you know closely about the toilet, the toilets have different series and models with additional features and priorities. In general, Ultramax is a model of the Toto brand.

Ultramax version is the most modern and appealing toilet in Toto world. The toilets have a compact one-piece design that anyone will love. With the robust flushing system, easy cleaning, and installation, bring the toilet on the top.

In this Toto Ultramax review, you will find a thorough discussion on it.

Why Toto Ultramax Toilet?

The Toto Ultramax toilet has the best functionality in the toilet world. With the modern technology and ability to fulfil the users’ demands, the Toto Ulratmax one piece is the top best toilet.

You will be amazed to know that the toilet has 3 inches valves to create extra swift water pressure that cleans all the dirt in a second. The siphon jets also create the flushing system stronger.

All these functions should have for a good quality toilet. In this article, on the Toto Ultramax review, we tried to give you a transparent scenario of purchasing a good toilet.

Buying Guide: What To Look For In A Toto Ultramax Toilet?

One-piece or Two-piece Design

However, you will find both one-piece and two-piece design toilets for the Toto. And, the different toilets have individual bowl sizes.

According to the bowl shape of the toilet, the designs are elongated and round shapes. Both are famous for their speciality. 

Elongated is better for the ample space because it needs bigger space to set up. Moreover, you can use the elongated toilet for your family and commercial purpose.

On the other hand, the round shape toilet needs small space to install. Therefore, for individual use or in the RV, round shape toilet is the best. You should choose the design of the toilet according to your demand.

Flushing Method

Close Up Flushing Water In Toilet Bowl

One of the most prominent features of the modern toilet is the flushing system. Don’t be apathetic about the flushing feature. It would help if you recognized the value of different flushing systems.

Any good flushing system has a vital water flow factor that can clear all the dirt from the toilet surface. Besides that, the flushing system should have water-saving functionalities. That can save you lots of money.

Budget Of A Good Toilet

Fix the budget of your toilet according to its importance and usefulness. For different toilets, manufacturers define different prices. And it is a puzzling situation. But at a budget price, getting the perfect toilet is a tough job.

But in this Toto Ultramax toilet review, we showed 3 toilets that were reasonably priced. So, this is the time to relax and buy a new modern toilet.

Size & Shape Of A Home Toilet

According to the space at your home, you should select a suitable toilet. 

Our researchers have found that the Toto Ultramax has a perfect size and shape for the home toilet. An elongated bowl is ideal for all family members. However, you can select another thing according to your demand.

However, the Toto toilet has different customers’ demands for full-filling shapes and sizes.

Height For People

For all people, the best height of the toilet is the universal height. This is because you will get all the sitting support from the toilet that has universal height.

You will be amazed that ADA suggests the universal height for physically challenged people because the height is comfortable and dependable.


Who doesn’t want the lubricious toilet surface? Cefiontect technology must be maintained in the toilet. So it would help if you went for the Cefiontect and lubricious surface.

Toto Ultramax reviews are for understanding the factors that are important to buy a perfect and effective toilet. Then, with the buying guide from the professionals, you can buy a good toilet.

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Our Top 3 Picks

Product Name
Best Overall
Best Round Bowl
Best Traditional

Top 3 Best Toto Ultramax Toilets Review

TOTO Ultramax MS854114S#01 Toilet

TOTO Ultramax MS854114S#01 Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Size of Toilet: Elongated.
  • Weight‎‎: 89 pounds.
  • Material: Vitreous China.
  • Color Of Toilet: Cotton White.
  • Finish: ‎‎White.
  • Shape Of Toilet: Oblong.
  • Method of Installation: ‎Floor Mounted.

Do you want to purchase the floor-mounted oblong toilet?

Then, TOTO Ultramax MS854114S#01 Toilet is for you, buddy. The G-max flushing system is with the toilet for effective cleaning.

With the elongated bowl of the toilet, you can have the extended size of the toilet. Therefore, it can increase the comfort of the users. The water consumption of the toilet is 1.6 GPF with 6 LPF. 

You will be amazed that the flushing is controlled by the siphon jet. Furthermore, with the toilet, you will get the tank cover and different essential fittings.

However, the toilet has the trip liver of chrome plated. The surface of the toilet is sleek and smooth. That’s why nothing can stick with it. One flush is enough for any dirt.

If you want to buy an ergonomic toilet design, then you buy this toilet. The most comfortable toilet has a universal height. And this height is comfortable for all.

With a powerful flushing system, you need a quiet flushing method. For a calm environment, the toilet uses the 3 inches valve. 

This valve makes the flush stronger and quieter. In addition, the larger 2-1/8 inches Trapway, which is glazy, creates the extra flow of water.

The latest technology for the seat from the SoftClose you will get with the toilet. For protection from the cleaning element and resistant chemicals, the toilet has glossy polypropylene.

The installation method of the toilet is floor-mounted and very easy for anyone. Also, it needs a short time to install.

Toto Ultramax has the industrial benchmarks for the best toilet. In this Toto Ultramax toilet review, you can see why this is the best for all.


  • With a glossy surface.
  • Very quiet and G-max solid flush.
  • Universal height.
  • Traditional and oblong design.
  • Elongated design.
  • Floor mounted installation.
  • With a SoftClose seat.


  • Use lots of water.
  • It is a big toilet.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Ultramax MS854114S#01 Toilet for its best features and advantages. First, the flush system is top-notch with the quiet feature. Second, the toilet does not need more than one flush to clean effectively.

Secondly, this Toto Ultramax elongated masterpiece is comfortable. With the traditional oblong shape, the toilet is a popular series for the Toto.

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TOTO Ultramax MS853113S#01 Round Bowl Toilet

TOTO Ultramax MS853113S#01 Round Bowl Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Size of Toilet: Round.
  • Weight‎‎: 89 pounds.
  • Material: Vitreous China, Plastic.
  • The tone of Toilet: Cotton White.
  • Water Uses For Flush: ‎‎1.6 GPF.
  • Style of Toilet: Traditional.
  • Method of Installation: ‎Floor Mounted.

If you want to buy the one-piece round bowl toilet, then TOTO Ultramax MS853113S#01 Toilet is the one for you. What features will you get from this? Yes, make a list of its fabulous features.

First, you will get the G-max reliable flushing method. It cleans all the bacteria and dirt. The toilet uses only 1.6 GPF for one flush. 

The Toto Ultramax toilet is beautiful for any surface. Moreover, the toilet beautifies the environment where you install it. The one-piece design is the central part of the design. For getting the cleaning surface one-piece design is the best one.

With 3 inches valve of flush, the toilet gets more power to flow the water. That’s why you don’t need extra water for cleaning. For the smooth surface, cleaning is effortless.

You will get around bowl shape for the toilet. Now asking can be raised that is round bowl toilet good? In general, if the toilet maintains the round shape for the bowl, the dimensions get small.

Though the round shape does not hurt your butt at all. It has enough space for your comfortable sitting.


  • With the G-max flushing method.
  • Simple and traditional looking.
  • Durable and smart.
  • With round bowl.
  • With a one-piece design.
  • With 12 inches rough-in.
  • It has a SoftClose seat.


  • It doesn’t save water.
  • Strictly follow the user manuals to install.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Ultramax MS853113S#01 Toilet for the best traditional style toilet. With the SoftClose seat, it maintains comfortable sitting.

Besides that, tremendous energy is used for the G-max flushing system. A single flush is enough for effective cleaning. And, You will get the high glossy surface in the toilet as well.

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TOTO MS854114SG#01 Ultramax Toilet

TOTO MS854114SG#01 Ultramax Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Finishing: Chrome.
  • Weight‎‎: 93 pounds.
  • Material: Vitreous China, Plastic.
  • Color of Toilet: Cotton White.
  • The shape of Toilet: Elongated.
  • Style of Toilet: Traditional.
  • Method of Installation: ‎Floor Mounted.

Do you want to buy a super smooth and ion-glazed toilet for yourself? Then, TOTO MS854114SG#01 Ultramax Toilet will be the best one.

The manufacturer used G-max flushing to get an effective quiet flush. With the strong performance, the flushing system has commercial flushing effects. In addition, you will get a computer toilet design with a 2-1/8 inches wider ratio.

Also, you will get a glazed trap way. The perfect seat height of the toilet is 15 inches. The tank size is 27-1/2 Inches, and the width is 16-1/2 inches.

You will find 3 inches valve in the toilet that increases the water flow of the toilet. The water consumption of the Toto Ultramax MS854114SG#01 is 1.6GPF or 6 LPF.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Robust and long-lasting.
  • It offers a traditional design.
  • Easy installation method.


  • Strictly follow the user manuals.
  • The water consumption rate is high.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO MS854114SG#01 Ultramax Toilet for the powerful G-max flushing system with 3 inches valve. And you will get a standard height seat of 15 inches with the toilet.

Moreover, for glazed smooth toilets, cleaning is easy. The installation of the toilet is floor-mounted. And you will get a chrome finish attractive toilet in your home.

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TOTO UltraMax Toilet

Q: Are Toto toilets insulated?

Answer: Yes, for preventing fixation, the Toto toilet manages an insulated tank.

Q: Are Toto toilet seats universal?

Answer: Yes, most of the Toto series use the universal height seat.

So for sure, you will get the universal seat height for the Toto Ultramax toilets.

Q: Does Toto make a comfortable height toilet?

Answer: Yes, they create the toilet with the universal seat height. And it is the most comfortable height for all people. So even the handy capped person can use the universal size.

Q: What is the best flushing toilet?

Answer: According to our market researcher, all the Toto toilets are best for the flushing system. If you want to buy a good flushing system, then go for the Ultramax series.

Q: What is an ADA-compliant toilet?

Answer: American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant toilets are best for physically challenged people.

Final Verdict

In the end, now you can find the toilet for your bathroom. In this Toto Ultramax toilet review, we discussed all the features of the three best Toto toilets. Still, if you cannot choose for yourself, then don’t worry.

According to the professionals in this Toto toilet review, TOTO Ultramax MS854114S#01 Toilet is the best overall. So, if you still cannot find the right one, then buy it and stay hygiene.

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