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One of the toilet’s hardest things is choosing toilets and deciding between toilets from Toto and Kohler. Both these manufacturers make good quality toilets, which are long-lasting and effective. So what should you do?

Read this context on Toto Ultramax II vs Kohler Santa Rosa to clear your concept. To learn more about these two brands, see Toto vs Kohler toilet Comparison.

Ultramax II and Kohler Rosa are renowned and provide a wide selection of toilet types. Consequently, it’s never easy to decide which toilet to pick from. 

However, we shall now evaluate these two brands and tell you which toilet in whatever category is the finest.

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Quick Comparison

Top Features 
Flushing System
Most Powerful
Refilling Noise
Super Quiet
Flush Sound
Loose flush
Leak Issues
Company Focus
Mainly bathroom & kitchen appliances
Only Toilets
Less than Kohler
Plumber Recommendation

Toto Ultramax II One-Piece Elongated Toilet

Toto UltraMax II MS604114CEFG#01 Elongated Toilet

Before starting the detailed comparison of Toto Ultramax II vs Kohler Santa Rosa, let’s look closely at the Toto Ultramax II toilet review.

Low water supply and unsurpassable output bundled in one toilet is Ultramax II for you in brief. The stylish one-piece construction makes it very easy to wash this model.

A single-piece toilet saves a large amount of space if you have a tiny bathroom. Ultramax II is one of the best models on the market for high-efficiency toilets (HET).

The seamless shape of the bowl helps to decrease and hinder the growth of mold and fungus because of the absence of holes.

The Dual Cyclone Flushing system generates enormous water pressure in the bowl, and just 1.28 gallons of water are used. Unlike cheaper toilets, which create groaning noises when sprinkling, the process is done discreetly.

The Toto Ultramax II has a Soft Close seat and deck, as opposed to lesser toilet versions. This one-piece toilet-cistern combo is more substantial than a two-piece John base, making installation difficult. For its structure, it utilizes 12-inch rough storage.

If you reside in a geographically attractive region, the Ultramax II can offer a WaterSense discount to lower its cost. 

This discount might turn this toilet into one of the most excellent toilets that you can get at the most reasonable price. This Toto model has a somewhat wider footprint than some earlier versions.

The Toto Ultramax II’s silent and fast refill function avoids any inconvenience if friends come over. The bowl rim has no lecher on its sides or inverted channel, making cleaning easy. 

There is no danger of water leaks as this is one-piece construction. The surface of the chair is filled with Sana Gloss glazing. It offers the seat a mirror shining and prevents odorous germs and bacteria from building up around the lavatory. Ultramax II is therefore excellent for a clean bathroom.

While it can’t be easily found, the Toto Ultramax II substitution parts are a well-known brand for their high-quality items. The Height of the model fulfills the ADA rules to ensure nobody has difficulty sitting on the seat. 

They comply with ADA requirements guarantees that everybody, especially older folks, has a comfortable site experience. In the next section of this Toto Ultramax II vs Kohler Santa Rosa comparison, we will show you the Kohler one.


  • 1.28 gallons per flush.
  • Tornado Flush.
  • CEFIONTECT glaze avoids the buildup of particles.
  • Comfortable Height for every user.
  •  Soft Close Seat.
  • Compliant with ADA, WaterSense, CALGreen, CEC.


  • Limited warranty.
  • Available in one color only.

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Kohler Santa Rosa One-Piece Elongated Toilet

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Toilet

This is another vital section of the Toto Ultramax II vs Kohler Santa Rosa comparison. Here we will elaborate the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet review in depth.

Kohler Santa Rosa vs Toto Ultramax 2 can be a massive asset for premium toilet lovers.

Many adore the toilets of Kohler because they all roll into a flushing system because of their visually attractive design, logical features, and the newest flush technology. So, what is more than eye-candy about Santa Rosa?

In Kohler Santa Rosa toilets, the canister design has 90% lower exposure than those with 3-inch flappers. This indicates that the Customer may anticipate this washing machine is exceptionally long-lasting and leak-free.

Manufacturers think that the Santa Rosa toilet utilizes seventeen and a half miles of gallons of water per year to assist you in calculating its annual water consumption. In contrast to other versions, this most acceptable toilet comes with a seat and a deck, saving you the extra cost of buying a single seat.

For forceful flushing, a 3-1/4 inch canister flush valve employs a Class Five Flushing Technology. In large volumes, the water jumps into the tank to provide a high-speed symphonic effect. This motion quickly drives vast amounts of trash into the trap and leaves zero stains in the bowl.

The tank is replenished rapidly after each flush to be ready for further usage. The 2-1/8-inch glazed inner trap is mainly intended to handle high waste volumes and reduces the danger of obstruction, which is a shared toilet problem.

The Santa Rosa toilet must be installed in rough-in 12-inch plumbing. It’s a one-piece type and straightforward to install, and anybody with DIY abilities may use the handbook to install this toilet.

It’s a Comfort Height feature in this high-efficiency model. This function allows the usual height of the seat to increase everybody’s comfort comfortably.


  • Comfy seat design.
  • Sleek exterior.
  • 1.28 GPF.
  • WaterSense Certified.
  • Quiet-Close seat.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Some of the toilets were obstructed when they were still fresh!

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Features Comparison

It was necessary to compare the Kohler Santa Rosa to the relevant competition. I searched for a major brand toilet with similar characteristics and performance. TOTO Ultramax II is the toilet I discovered. 

We compare the Toto Ultramax II vs Kohler Santa Rosa with several features:


They are of the same price and have both a toilet seat and deck. Ultramax II was a bit more expensive at the time of writing. It seems, though, that Kohler customers didn’t meet the toilet seat supplied.

It was an elementary sitting area, and many wanted a slow closing deck to replace it. The Ultramax II had a great seat. However, the seat was quieter and better in quality.


If we want to compare Kohler vs Toto toilet, we have to understand the design.

My initial opinion when it comes to aesthetics is that the two are identical in design. Stylish and clean, with smooth lines. There is nothing remarkable, essential, but contemporary. 

Kohler has a slight lead over Toto in terms of great toilet designs. But it depends again on your taste and the concept of your bathroom. Toto offers a broader selection of toilet models. 

Kohler offers the best long bowl toilets. In addition, Kohler is going to take the day if you’re seeking a conventional toilet.

In all, these brands are equipped with attractive and sophisticated restrooms. They also provide various colors, so you may choose a toilet that suits your style of bathroom. You’ll have to decide, be it an extended bowl, a circular bowl, a rock design, a unit, or a two-pack toilet.

Flushing Execution

Toilets are equipped with unique flushing systems on the market. From G-max flushes to cyclone flush technology, you can never go wrong with Toto toilets. They also include an E-max flushing system that is environmentally beneficial.

Kohler claims an adequate but not efficient, Aqua Piston flushing technology like the G-Max flushing system. The flushing system Toto G-Max is also somewhat silent as the flushing system Aqua Piston.

In general, toilets may be splashed extremely efficiently and consume less water. Therefore, if you want a bathroom that can help you reduce water costs and efficiently remove solid waste, Toto Ultramax II is the ideal choice.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Most toilets come with the glaze from CeFIONtect, which was officially called glaze from Sana Gloss. This finish prevents the toilets from becoming attached to the substances. Nevertheless, toilets are typically flush efficient, which means, after every use, less cleaning is needed.

This is not the same for toilets in Kohler. Even if they don’t stick trash to their bowls, most toilets in Kohler may require more than one flush to remove bowel waste.

When it comes to upkeep, there is no discussion. Ultramax II toilets are by far the most fabulous toilets and have been without difficulties for many years. It’s not the same thing for Kohler.

Specific toilets in Kohler require more than one spray. In addition, many Kohler users experience leakage and obstruction problems.

toilet installation

Facility to install

Installing both toilet brands is easy. It depends though on the toilet you have chosen. But you may require aid or services from a plumber if it’s a one-piece toilet or a tank less type.


Kohler offers several comfy and elegant versions, and so is Toto. Toto. However, Kohler has more comfortable units than Toto when you compare ordinary toilet types. But Toto is the superior choice for toilets that save space and are efficient.

Overall Pros & Cons

Both producers offer strong and lasting goods. They are, however, aimed at various client areas. Toto offers different designs, and so you have a wide range of toilets. High-tech features are provided for convenient use.

Toto is very lightweight, so it is easy to carry them if necessary. Their flushing system guards against blockages and cleans the bowl. The technique also saves money and water.

Kohler also has a robust flushing mechanism, although not as powerful as Toto. The firm provides regular models for most individuals and the elderly. It’s enough, and it has peaceful chairs.

Kohler also utilizes high-quality material which doesn’t take much time and effort to clean. There is no large selection of items available to the company, but they provide affordable and powerful variants.

Overall, the high-level companies of Toto and Kohler are both. Their items have been developed for another audience. So because of your tastes, you have to pick the brand. But if you buy a toilet from Toto or Kohler, you will probably not be disappointed.

Which One Is Better & Why?

Both are ADA Compliant and feature a robust and highly effective flush. WaterSense Certified. 

They are equally expensive toilets for one piece. It isn’t easy to select one; however, I will choose the Ultramax II for many reasons.

One reason is that TOTO Ultramax II offers a slow seat and lid of superior quality. Although its higher price probably counters it, you won’t want to substitute for the toilet seat at least the day after you buy the toilet. 


Q: Are Toto toilets superior to Kohler’s toilets?


The Toto features are more robust than Kohler’s toilets. But Kohler items feature long-lasting materials and high-level technology. They are cheaper than Toto goods, and so they may be used for the specific consumer range.

Q: Where are toilets produced for Toto and Kohler?

The headquarters of Toto is in Japan, and most toilet items are produced there. However, Toto also has an extensive US production base. Kohler toilets are made in the USA as a premium brand.

Q: Are Toto and Kohler toilets ADA compliant?

The ADA certification is present in most toilets but not in all of Kohler’s models. However, the toilets I described comply with WaterSense, demonstrating that they have long been assumed to be used.

Bottom Line

All in all, from our point of view and overall discussion on Toto Ultramax II vs Kohler Santa Rosa, we suggest that the Toto Ultramax II is the best choice.

Fortunately, manufacturers like Toto and Kohler are offering high-quality versions with different styles. You have to select who you like most and then enjoy your toilet performance.

What is the most suited model for your toilet? When you buy a toilet, what are your main features? Let us know!!

TOTO Ultramax II Flush

Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet 1.6 GPF – Quiet Flush Test

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