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One of the most well-known bidet toilet seat companies in the world makes Toto S550e bidet toilet seats. This is one of Toto’s premier wash lets, which reflect the conclusion of over forty years of industry expertise.

The Toto s550e review bidet seat is equipped with the most innovative, modern and mind-boggling bidet seat options, adding modern aesthetics and practicality to your toilet.

Is it worthwhile to invest a significant amount of money in a toilet?

That is precisely what my Toto Washlet S550e review attempts to address. Will you be able to recover your investment in the S550e because it is among the most costly premium bidet toilets in the business?

Does it need all of the added extras? I am certain you will have the replies to each of these queries by the end of the review. So let’s start:

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Features of Toto Washlet S550E



Once you have seen the TOTO S550e, the very first noticeable thing is just how nice it appears.

The cover was split more toward the back on older generation units (e.g., the S350e and S300e), leaving the LED light and sensors mostly on seats visible even though the cover was down.

With the S550e, TOTO took a new tactic, designing a lid that covers a wide seat area from rear to upfront. The curves of the top, and how it glides smoothly from rear to front, are quite appealing.

The design language is the main highlight of S550e.

The top, which can now be bought in two designs – classical and modern – is yet another latest design feature of the TOTO S550e model. The modern lid design is a trendier, sleek style that appears to be incredibly clean.

As the quote goes, smaller is better, and this is certainly true here. The classic lid design has curved edges, tapering off as you go nearer to the sides. The clean lines of modern architecture give it a more modern/current appearance. With its curved top, the traditional design gives it a more classy/fancy appearance.

In this toto bidet review, we remind you that the coverlid seems to be the ONLY distinction between both the modern and vintage models. It is the same washlet behind the cover, irrespective of which type you pick – it is just a matter of personal style and bath decoration. The modern and classic designs have the same selected features.

The Toto S550e is super-thin, at only 5” high at its highest point in the back. Because so much of the equipment (e.g., freshwater pump, heating system, spray gun, drying blower) are placed also at the back of the seat, the back of a toilet seat has always been the highest point. The incredibly narrow design contributes to the bidet’s premium look.

When you open the lid, you will notice some led lights at the rear of the seat. Toto has fixed 4 lights that indicate the energy, radiant heater, energy-saving, and Water purification function of the bidet.

Wireless Remote Control

This Toto S550e bidet seat has a cordless remote controller that is useable on both sides to operate its various functions. The remote has a build of strong plastic, unlike most mediocre remote controls, yet it seems to be polished steel in photographs and movies.

Toto S550E Wireless Remote Control

The first thing you will notice in the remote is that it has control on both sides, as well as on the top of the remote.

The Toto s550e review tells you all about the wireless remote and how to use it.

There are extra symbols beside the back rinse and women rinse symbols that glow up when the broadening spraying option for those functions is engaged. The regular wash works by clicking backwash once, while the wide/soft spray starts by hitting the rear wash twice.

Touching it again returns it to the regular rinse setting, and so forth… As you continue spraying, it functions like a “switch” that switches between both the normal spraying and the broad spraying.

Modification settings for water flow and sprayer angle are found at the base of the remote. These changes are made with a “slide,” thus sliding left lowers pressure and sliding right raises it.

Sliding left on the sprayer angle modification brings the sprayer back while swiping right brings it at the front. The symbols represent multiple user preferences at the base of the controller.

The screen on the rear of the remote pops up after flipping it over. A few controls are located beneath the Led screen, these are physical buttons that you have to press not like the other touch screen controls.

You can easily notice the usual buttons, as well as an “Enter” key in the center, all of which come in handy to browse the interface. The backside of the remote contains all temperature settings, including the temperature of the water, seating temperature, and air-drying temperature.

You may also modify environmentally friendly choices and program user preferences here, as well as enable automated features (e.g., auto-open/close seat/lid, automatic light switch, auto water-flow settings).

Lastly, a control at the left side of the remote is used to lift the seat.  The TOTO S550e has an auto-opening lid that rises as you reach the seat. This switch of the remote is also used to elevate or lower the seat.

Bidet Features

The washlet in this TOTO S550e toilet comes out around single-extending nozzles with three spraying openings at the tip of the nozzle. The normal backwash comes out through the first spray hole.

The wide/softback rinse comes out through the center sprayer outlet. Both regular and broad female washes come out through the final spray port nearest to the nozzle’s tip.

There are several distinct options for water flow and tip angle. The water temperature is changeable in six different ways, extending from 87 to 105 F. If you would like, you can pick normal temperatures of water with no heating.

The Toto s550e review explains all the bidet features in detail.

The rotating shower function extends the washing region by moving the nozzle backward and forwards. You may also choose the vibrating rinsing function, which massages the skin by pulsing the flow of water.

If you choose, you may utilize both the vibrating and pulsing water settings at the same time.

The Toto S550e has an automated lifting and shutting seating and cover, as told in the above section, So  Whenever you reach the bathroom, the wash lets’ body senses your presence and raises the cover for you.

Men wanting to elevate the seat can do this by pressing a key on the remote control’s upper part. When you walk away from the seat, it will sense your absence and automatically bring down the lid after 90 seconds.

Now we are about to discuss the main highlights of the Toto s550e review or why you should buy it, and why not. There are different people with different toilet preferences so you can check out if this one fits your needs or not.

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Pros and Cons of Toto Washlet S550E


  • For the most part, installation is simple
  • Every buck is well worth the money
  • Toto’s service quality is generally polite
  • The heated seat performs nicely in winter
  • Any home would benefit from this improvement
  • Operation is silent and smooth
  • Awesome broad feminine spray feature


  • The indicator lights can glitch sometimes
  • Bidet lifter is weak
  • The remote is a bit slow
  • The lid stays open for less time

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What to Look for in a Bidet



Bidets directly come into contact with your skin so cleanliness is a very considerable factor.

Luckily, the Toto washlet s550e is equipped with many features that help to keep it clean.


I guess you are hearing this term for the first time, it is a special Toto s550e feature that will spray the bowl with water, every time you are going to use the toilet. Every time you are going to use the toilet, this will spray the bowl with water.

This keeps feces from clinging to the bowl and having to be cleaned afterward. We believe it is a fantastic feature that cuts a substantial amount of time.


EWATER+ is a special feature, which washes the entire bowl and hoses each time you use the toilet. It has a unique yet fully safe cleanser that disinfects everything else in the commode, cleaning it up and reducing your effort.

You will hardly ever have to wipe your toilet if your bidet has EWATER+ and PREMIST features! Toto washlet s550e comes with both of these features and a lot more to ease your life.

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Almost all of the Toto bidets contain self-cleaning nozzles. After each usage, these nozzles wash so you would not have to worry about unpleasant stains forming.

Air Deodorizer

TOTO s550e bidet has air deodorizers integrated. These purify and freshen the atmosphere in your toilet, ensuring that everything remains fresh and odor-free.

Automatic Lid

This is one of the greatest TOTO s550e features in my opinion. The automatic lids have a detector that identifies you as you come and automatically opens the top. When you complete your job, the system will sense your departure and close the lid immediately.

This gives you hands-free pleasure, especially because you will not have to clean your hands! However, you should clean your hands.

Memory Settings

To obtain deep cleaning with a bidet brush, it must be precisely positioned. It might be annoying and time-wasting to try to get a great fit every time. That is your destiny on certain bidets.

On the Toto washlet s550e, user preferences can be saved in the memory.

With the touch of a button, you may remember your perfect settings and come to the same spot each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get an electric shock on the Toto s550e seat?

Toto S550e bidet seat side view

No, Toto s550e smart toilet mechanisms have, multiple circuits reducing the probability of any electric shock.

The material of the toilet seat is an insulator so it is next to impossible to get an electric shock on a toilet seat.

Q: How much electricity does the Toto S550e Smart Toilet consume?

The total quantity of electricity consumed is relative to the quantity of use. They only consume 4.1 watts in complete Economy Mode and almost 9.6 Watts when it is not in Eco-Mode.

Q: Is it possible to use the Smart Toilet if there is a complete power outage?

Yes! However, only the Primary Flush and the Tap will function.

Q: What happens if I forcefully close or open the Lid against its automatic movement?

Nothing bad is going to happen. There will be no damages to the toilet’s mechanics. It has some specific functions for these kinds of scenarios.

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Final Verdict

Toto Washlet S550E Full View

 Toto S550e review tells that is a good investment. If you can afford it, then the conclusion is a hearty “yes.” You cannot get any better option than this on the market.

It is the most lavish bidet seat available, supplied by the world’s premier bidet producer.

Finally, yet importantly, the Toto S550e is among the few bidet options that entirely remove the need for toilet paper for most persons.

One of the fundamental issues with all bidet seats is that they only lower the demand for toilet paper by a significant amount.

Although these kinds of equipment are the most effective at entirely removing the need for toilet paper, they aren’t nearly as handy or enjoyable as a Toto Washlet.

I can assure you that the Toto S550e review provides you with the best opportunity of totally removing Paper waste from your toilet. So never hesitate to try that.

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Video Transcript

the tono s550 E&S 500e come from one of the world’s best-known bidet toilet seat manufacturers having released its first wash lit back in the 1980s Toto has decades of manufacturing and experience the todo s550 E and s 500 e are todos flagship wash lights both models are exactly the same with the only difference being that the s550 II has an added nightlight an automatic open and closed seat and lid both models come in your choice of two lid styles contemporary and classic the contemporary version features a modern minimalistic lid which fully covers the seat underneath providing a seamless look as it blends with the rest of your toilet the classic version has beveled edges around the corners of the lid and leaves the seat slightly exposed below for a more standard look both the contemporary and classic lid styles provide a high-quality appearance to the bidet seat but whichever lid you choose you’ll still get the same great Washlet underneath towards the rear of the unit there are a few indicator lights for power seat temperature and the energy saver mode you can also see the convenient nightlight down below here on the left side of the bidet there is a quick release button that unlatches the unit from its mounting bracket on the right side you can see that both the electric cord and water supply hose connect to this side of the unit at E connection comes included with your wallet which easily fastens to the bottom of your toilet tank so you can connect the hose here’s the electrolyzed a water system which mists the sides of the bowl before and after each use this todo s550 e review features a remote control that’s easy to hold in one hand on the front you’ll find buttons for the most commonly used features such as rear wash feminine wash and the air dryer towards the bottom of the remote you’ll find control so you can adjust the water pressure and the position of the spray nozzle on the back of the remote there’s an LCD display so you can adjust temperature controls and for programming user presets other settings wash functions for the todo s550 II are powered by a telescoping nozzle with multiple Spray ports first we demonstrate the rear wash initiate a softer wider spray if you like which utilizes the middle spray port you can alternate between wide and narrow spray settings while washing water temperature and water pressure can be adjusted nozzle position can also be adjusted more forward or more backward now we’ll demonstrate the feminine wash the feminine wash spray can also be changed to a wider softer spray pattern if you prefer these adjustments can easily be made on the remote control next we’ll show the wash loads oscillating feature which extends the cleaning area the bidet also includes a warm air dryer which helps with residual moisture after washing the s550 e has an automatic opening seat and lid approach the toilet and the lid automatically opens raise the seat to by tapping the top of the remote control both the seat and lid will automatically close 90 seconds after walking away the todo s550 e is a high-end bidet toilet seat your whole family will enjoy with its customizable wash settings EU water functionality and automatic opening and closing seat and lid it has plenty of advanced features and with your choice of two lid styles contemporary and classic you can choose a model that looks great in your bathroom for more information on the todo s550 e you can read our full write-up on this model in the bidet review section at bidets + calm you

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