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Using a toilet every day is the basic necessity of every human being. So why not upgrade the existing toilet with a Toto washlet S500E for some extra comfort?

Electric bidet toilets are on the rise in modern households. This is not surprising because an adjustable water jet cleans more thoroughly and gently than toilet paper, resulting in environmental protection. 

As we know, electric bidet toilets are expensive and require a whole lot of installation and plumbing headaches. But what if we told you that the S500E Toto washlet seat is an affordable alternative to the electric bidet toilet.

The S500E Toto washlet can be installed over the existing toilet in your home without any significant installations.

Once installed, it has so many functions that you would love to use it, and who knew using a toilet can be so much fun with the Toto washlet.

Our Toto S500E review gives you valuable background information that should make your purchase decision easier.

We will also introduce you to this variant of electric bidet seat and explain for what purpose they are best suited.

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What Is a Bidet Toilet Attachment, and What Benefits Toto S500E Has?

Before we start our Toto S500E review, let’s take a quick look at what a bidet toilet attachment really is and what benefits can you get from it.

Bidet toilet attachment seats are much more convenient than modular electric toilets. They are attached to your existing ceramic toilet and become a part of it. In addition, they are mostly powered by electricity. 

The shower stick is integrated into the toilet seat as a unit. In addition, you will find a shower toilet attachment with special additional functions.

There are convenient features such as seat heating, odor extraction, a warm air dryer, and many more.

Benefits of Toto S500E

Electric bidet toilet seats such as Toto S500E washlet are becoming increasingly popular with all age groups. Seniors and families with small children benefit in particular. 

TOTO SW3046#01 S500E Electronic Bidet

This toilet attachment is also a great relief in day-care centers, hospitals, retirement homes and dormitories and ensures a high level of comfort.

If you have haemorrhoids, Toto S500E attachment can help reduce discomfort; it helps prevent new haemorrhoids from developing. 

Regardless of whether your movement is restricted, you suffer from haemorrhoids, have small children in the house, look after family members or attach great importance to hygiene Toto S500E offers you many advantages.

We have put together five essential advantages for you:

  • You have a clean, refreshed body feeling after using the toilet.
  • Your anal and genital area is optimally and gently cared for.
  • This attachment saves a lot of space because it is combined with an existing toilet.
  • The massage function of the water jet relaxes your muscles and helps with constipation and haemorrhoids.
  • Toto S500E is environmentally friendly because you hardly need any toilet paper and cleaning products, if at all.

Toto S500E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

This Toto S500E review will discuss the features that make it one of the best electronic bidet toilet seats.

Toto is the pioneer of electric bidet seats. With their S500E washlet, they have surprised us once again with a top-quality product that combines comfort and luxury at a reasonable price as compared to its competitors. 

s500e toto washlet with toilet into bathroom

The contemporary lid design of the Toto S500E has sleek and modern looks with a boatload of features.

Installing this bidet toilet seat is as simple as possible, and if you love DIY, you don’t require an extra set of hands.

The PREMIST and EWATER+ functions work as a self-cleaner and keep everything inside the toilet sanitary.

Once the Toto S500E detects you, it sprays the toilet with electrolyzed water that not only disinfects the toilet but moistens it to prevent any material from sticking to it. 

The self-cleaning feature of this electric bidet toilet seat cleans the wand before and after use and every 8 hours of non-use. Thus, it helps reduce the use of manual cleaning with chemicals.

Everybody knows what a challenge it is to sit on a cold seat when nature calls but not anymore. The Soft Close heated bidet seat provides constant warmth over the entire seat, and now you can sit comfortably and do what you got to do.

The Toto S500E features a unique washing system using its wand. In addition, its tankless water heating system provides continuous warm water with a temperature adjustment facility. 

The adjustable water nozzle provides an all-around cleansing of your private parts with oscillating and pulsating water spray that doesn’t splash back.

The pulsating spray provides a strobe-like spray effect for a massage effect. While the oscillating function is used to clean a larger area.

After water cleansing, the air dryer with adjustable temperatures helps you dry promptly. In addition, its built-in air deodorizer suppresses foul odors through a carbon filtration system that keeps the bathroom environment fresh.

To use all of the above features, the Toto S500E comes with a remote control.

It is thinner as compared to the previous model, therefore, easier to handle. The remote controller is dual-sided with the primary function on the front while adjustment settings are on the backside.

In addition, you have the option to save 2 user memory settings for quick one-touch access.

After the Toto washlet S500E review, here are some features at a quick glance.

  • The Ultra Slim design is just 5 inches tall.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Tankless instant water heating with water temperature control.
  • Aerated water stream.
  • Self-cleaning wash nozzle with adjustability.
  • E Water technology.
  • Self-cleaning properties.
  • Warm air drying.
  • Heated seat.
  • Air deodorizer.
  • Auto power-saving.
  • Self-diagnosis function.

As we went through the Toto washlet review, we liked the following features.

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Pros and Cons of Toto Washlet S500E


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to install.
  • Hygienic and gentle cleaning.
  • Environmentally friendly as there is little or no use of toilet paper.
  • Haemorrhoid Relief.
  • Ideal for people with restricted mobility.
  • Has memory settings.
  • Self-cleaning properties.
  • Tankless instant water heating.
  • Wireless remote control functions.
  • Power saving 120V functioning.


  • It’s a little on the pricier side.

Advantage of Toto S500E Over Other Toilets

It is essential in this washlet review to mention the advantages of Toto S500E over other conventional and electric bidet toilets.

Toto S500E
Requires less efforts while installation on existing toilet
Greater installation effort than with a conventional toilet
DIY Installation
A specialist is usually required for assembly
Has self-cleaning properties
Increased cleaning effort
Has tankless instant water heating
Some Models does not have water heating
Has a reasonable price as compared to competitors
High end electric models are very expensive

Buyers Guide

After going through the Toto S500E review, let’s take a detailed look at the buyer’s guide. Here we will discuss what to look for before making an essential purchase.

The Shape of the Bidet

toto s500e washlet bidet toilet seat

First things first, it is essential to know the shape of the bidet toilet you want to attach the Toto S500E washlet to.

As bidets come in two shapes that are either round or elongated. The most common shape these days is elongated, and if your toilet has an elongated shape, you are good to go. 

On the other hand, the S500E Toto washlet cannot be attached to a round-shaped bidet toilet because of its elongated make.

The reason for that is if fitted to a round shape, it would possibly not work, and the product might get damaged.

Power Outlet

The Toto S500E washlet is an electronic device and requires a power outlet with a 120V. So make sure that there is an appropriate power source located near the existing bidet toilet.

If you don’t have a power outlet near the existing toilet, make sure you install one professionally.


The Toto S500E washlet seat is designed to be attached to an existing bidet toilet. It requires removing the old seat, installing it in a few simple steps, and attaching the water hose and power.

It can be done by DIY, but if you are not sure, you can call for a professional to install it. Make sure the adjustments are correct according to the user manual for proper usage.

Warranty and Brand Reputation

Checking for a warranty is essential before purchasing any product, which applies to the Toto S500E. Although Toto has a brand reputation and their products are built to last, it’s safe to have a warranty anyway.

The manufacturer provides a 1-year limited warranty for this model and offers service for repair beyond the warranty date.


As a rule of thumb, comfort and luxury come at a price. For a quality product that offers all this with convenience in your life, then spending a few bucks is a brilliant idea.

Toto S500E might be a little pricier, but it is reasonably priced compared to its competitors. So make sure you spend that money at your convenience according to your budget. 

Final Verdict

After much research on electric bidet seats and giving a worthy Toto S500E review. We conclude that it is the best electric bidet seat attachment in terms of functionality and its value for money.

Its features such as PREMIST, EWATER+, Soft Close, water heating, different cleaning functions, air drying, and deodorizer are unmatched, and we liked them the most.

In addition, it is easy to install. It couldn’t be any simpler to use due to its one-touch setting via wireless remote control.

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Q. Can children use the S500E washlet?

Yes, after a short introduction, children aged 4 and over can use the Toto S500E washlet. However, you should first explain precisely how the toilet should be used with smaller children.

Q. Is using the S500E washlet seat uncomfortable?

No, most people find them comfortable. But start with the lowest water jet strength and increase gradually.

You can start with the temperature in the middle range. This is how you will find the optimal setting for you.

Q. Is the use of toilet paper completely eliminated?


Yes, the Toto S500E has an air-drying feature.

But even though it has a built-in air dryer, the drying process takes some time.

In addition, due to some medical conditions, toilet paper cannot be used, so it is welcoming to have an air-drying feature.

Q. Is the shower nozzle soiled when using the toilet?

No, because the shower rod is only moved out of the shower toilet for the showering process and is positioned so that no contamination occurs.

Before and after use, the water jet is cleaned by a self-cleaning feature.

Q. How is the shower function triggered?

The shower function is triggered by pressing a button on the remote control once you finish.

Q. How long does the cleaning process take?

The cleaning process usually takes 20 seconds. However, you can start and stop the process as you wish.

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