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Are you planning to make some good changes to your bathroom? Are you craving for the modern and traditional look at the same time?

One thing that changes the view of the whole bathroom is a flushing toilet. If you have a modern bathroom but old-fashioned toilets, then the look will disappoint you.

There are hundreds and thousands of flushing toilet models that help boost the longevity and luxury of your bathroom, but the question is which one to choose?

With a lot of competition, it isn’t easy to decide on one product. But worry not, we are here with the review of the latest models.

Toto Promenade II toilet is one of the fantastic choices for conventional toilets. Its sleek and lovely design with a comfortable seat makes it a better option to use by the users. You can install it in your home, office, or even public restrooms.

By getting this toilet, you will not only enhance the beauty of the bathroom, but also you will get efficient performance.

The credibility and durability of the Toto brand make it a favorite of the users. This Toto Promenade II review will give you all information that you need to have.

In this article, we’ll share with you two of the top models of the Toto Promenade series. Let’s dive into the details of these models!

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Toto Promenade II Toilet Review

Toto Promenade is famous for producing high-quality, superior toilets. The flushing toilets of this brand will stay with you for a lifetime, thanks to their durability

After doing our thorough research, the Toto toilets that we have shortlisted are:

  1. Toto Promenade II CST404CEFG#03 Two-Piece 1.28 GPF Toilet
  2. Toto Promenade II MS814224CUFG#01 One-Piece 1GPF Toilet

Let’s get into the details!

1. Toto Promenade II CST404CEFG#03 Two-Piece 1.28 GPF Toilet

Toto Promenade II CST404CEFG#03 Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Style Of Toilets: Two piece
  • Type Of Bowl: Elongated
  • Flush Rating: 1.28 Gallons per Flush
  • System For Flushing: Tornado
  • Dimension: 28.5 x 17.75 x 31.25 inches
  • Installation System: Floor Mounted
  • Color: Bone
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Weight: 91.5 pounds
  • Certification: ADA, WaterSense

This Toto Promenade II two-piece toilet is an incredible option that anyone can opt for. Its significant features are:

Stylish Design

This two-piece toilet can easily blend with every style of bathroom. Its traditional and stylish looks make it stand out from ordinary toilets. You will love to have this modern toilet in your bathroom as it will change its overall look.

Regardless of the user’s size and height, they can have an easy time sitting on the toilet. In addition, the toilet tank is flat and allows you to put your items on it.

Comfort and Durability

Toto’s elongated bowl makes it extra comfortable as it provides extra space to the user. Moreover, this toilet is made with superior quality durable vitreous china that makes it lasts for several years.

All credit of durability goes to its robust construction.

Chrome Trip Lever

The trip lever chrome of this unit is present on the left-hand side. This lever on the left side makes it easy to use and effortless to install.

Tornado Flushing System

The tornado flushing system is another exceptional feature that this model has. Its three water jets help in delivering a complete whirlpool-like impact.

This impact provides water with enough centrifugal force that removes all the wastes and debris thoroughly. This powerful flushing system leaves a completely clean toilet.


Toto Promenade 1.28 GPF comes with different certifications like EPA, WaterSense, CEC, and ADA complaints. These certifications will not only save water but also provides many other advantages.

Rated as ADA complaint, this toilet can be used by children, young, old, and even disabled persons.

Cefiontect Glaze

After every use, the cofiontect glaze helps in cleaning the bowl thoroughly. It takes the bowl to a lubricious level, leaving no particles or germs to adhere to the surface. This glaze also helps in reducing the number of harsh chemicals that are used for cleaning.

This glaze, combined with the tornado flush, helps minimize the usage of water, reduces the frequency of cleaning, and saves your time and money.


This two-piece toilet, bowl, and tank come separately, which makes installation super easy and straightforward. You can even do it yourself by following instructions from the manual, or you can hire professional help for doing this.

Installation of a two-piece toilet is much easier than a one-piece toilet.

You might need to purchase additional items required for installation, including water supply lines, wax rings, and toilet mounting bolts.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • More sitting space.
  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent flushing.
  • Saves water.
  • Stylish and practical.


  • Needs to buy toilet seat separately.

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2. Toto Promenade II MS814224CUFG#01 One-Piece 1GPF Toilet

Toto Promenade II MS814224CUFG# Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Style Of Toilets: One piece
  • Type Of Bowl: Elongated
  • Flush Rating: 1.28 Gallons per Flush
  • System For Flushing: Tornado
  • Dimension: 28.5 x 16.25 x 29.25 inches
  • Installation System: Floor Mounted
  • Color: Cotton
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Weight: 103 Pounds
  • Certification: Watersense, ADA

The next section of our Toto Promenade II review is the toto promenade ii one-piece review. What this one-piece toilet holds for us? Let’s go through these significant features!

Highly Durable

Toto users claim this toilet to be highly durable. Once you have this one-piece toilet, you don’t need any other for at least 15 to 20 years.

Its long durability is because of the superior quality material used in its construction. Made with vitreous china, this product would be your partner for years.

Better design

The design of this Toto Promenade has a better design than the two-piece Toto. Unlike a two-piece toilet, this model comes with a bowl and tank together as one piece.

This one-piece model is much easier to clean as it does not has any corners for mildews or molds.


Above mentioned two-piece toilet uses 1.28 GPF; however, this one-piece model uses only 1.0GPF. It means this model uses less water. In the entire series of Toto II, this is one of the most water-saving toilets.

This saving of water not only reduces your water bill but also makes this toilet eco-friendly.

It meets all the standards such as WaterSense, CALGreen, and EPA. These certifications ensure to makes it a tremendous water-efficient toilet.

Powerful Flushing System

The tornado flushing system of this one-piece toilet is quiet yet highly powerful. This toilet uses less water but rinses the toilet effectively without leaving any residue. You will not need to wash the flush several times as it will clean perfectly in one flow.

It has a hole-free rim design that comes with dual nozzles. These nozzles help in developing a centrifugal washing action that rinses the bowl more effectively and thoroughly. The powerful flushing helps in clearing the bowel waste completely.


This toilet is quite heavy and installing it is a bit difficult than others. You might can’t do it yourself; you will need a helping hand for installation. Unlike Toto’s two-piece toilet, you don’t have to buy a toilet seat separately, as it is a complete package.

This floor-mounted toilet won’t be an issue for you. The standard 12-inch rough-in makes the installation easy and quick.

Soft-closing Seat

Usually, a regular-style toilet flush makes an annoying noise while closing. Luckily, the elongated seat of this toilet offers more sitting areas to the user and closes quietly. Moreover, the toilet seat has universal height; it accommodates different people from young to old to disable.

Effortless Cleaning

You don’t have to clean the toilet frequently, not even after every visit. Thanks to the Cefiontect smooth glaze that helps in keeping the toilet neat and tidy for an extended period.

This glaze prevents any germs, dirt, or other particles from sticking to the toilet. Cleaning the inside of the toilet is no more an issue.

In addition, the exterior design of this toilet is also seamless that makes the cleaning even more easier. You don’t have to pay extra attention to the maintenance of your toilet.


Getting a model with a warranty has several benefits as it saves you for the future. Not all toilet flushes come with a warranty; fortunately, the Toto II comes with a one-year warranty.

The warranty of the product assures you about the reliability and quality of the product.


  • Robust and durable.
  • Luxurious look.
  • High efficiency.
  • No more slamming.
  • Ensures hygiene.
  • Saves water.
  • Keep germs away.


  • Heavy in weight than other toilets.

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Some Common Features Of Toto Promenade II

After going through the Toto Promenade II review, here are some essential features that are common in almost all Toto products.

Durability and Style

In all its products you will get amazingly beautiful and comfortable designs. The best thing about its designs is that they complement almost all types of bathrooms. These toilets are not limited to style; instead, they also have perfect durability.

They are comfortable, have standard height as per ADA criteria, and above all, their elongated bowl provides a very comfortable sitting experience to the user.

Soft-Closing Seat

All the Toto Promenade products have soft-closing seats. While closing the seat, it will not make any noise and also helps to reduce the chances of slamming. Moreover, if you have young children at home, this feature will prevent the pinching of fingers in it.

Flushing System

Toto Promenade II Flushing Handle

The toilet’s Flushing system is crucial and essential because all of its performance is based on it.

Toto products come with a tornado flushing mechanism that ensures proper cleaning of the bowl and passes wastes ideally without sticking on the surface.

With its whirlpool effect, it will have enough centrifugal force that it will clean the surface thoroughly.


We all should always look for a toilet that is beneficial for us and our environment. Toto Promenade II meets all the standards like CALGreen and WaterSense certification that ensures to make it water-conserving.

All of its series are environmental-friendly as they save a lot of water as compared to old toilets.  

Simple Installation

Usually, all Toto Promenade products are floor mounted, so installing this is not an issue. You just need a helping hand to install it successfully. The toilet flushes come with a seat, so you don’t have to invest separately.

ADA Complaint

Meeting ADA compliant means that the product is suitable for disabilities. In such products, disable persons can easily use that toilet without having any strain.

All Toto products meet this standard; they also have an elongated bowl that adds up in their comfort.  

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining this toilet is super easy. Other than its simple design, it also features CeFiONtect glaze that prevents the accumulation of bacteria, germs, and stains on the bowl.

You will have to spend less time cleaning this toilet. It will save your time and effort both.

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Q: What are important factors to consider while buying a toilet flush?

The first thing you should know is your budget and the features you want in your toilet.

After adequately understanding this, now look for the height of the toilet, bowl type, water utilization, installation method, rough-in size, flushing system, and design.

Q: What is meant by CALGreen certified?

CALGreen is a standard of California that has been initially introduced for toilets, faucets, showers, and flush valves to ensure their excellent performance.

If you plan to install your toilet in California, don’t forget to look for the model that meets its standards.

Final Verdict

We understand that Toto Promendae II is a bit new brand as there are many old brands available. But it doesn’t mean that it is unreliable.

All of the toto promenade II reviews ensure the reliability of this brand. Everyone who has used this product appreciates its performance and never regrets purchasing this.

After reading this review article, now you should have an idea about this brand. Among our top picks, choose the one that matches your needs and design your bathroom in your own way.

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