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Do you need a helpful Toto review for finding the proper Toilet? Then, you will find the solution in our Toto Nexus toilet review. First, we have researched the toilet market, and then we have found 3 Toto Nexus toilets.

These toilets are a fantastic collection for anyone. Though the Nexus series is widespread, the Toilet has another level of functionalities. In any Toto Nexus review, you will not find all the detailed discussion about the Toilet.

Toto Nexus toilet is an instrumental series in the world of the Toilet. You will get every modern and advanced technology in this series. In this Toto Nexus toilet review, we have found the best quality toilet of Toto Nexus.

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Why Toto Nexus Toilet?

In this Toto Nexus toilet review, you will get the most extensive discussion on the Toto toilet. Again, this analysis will help you to find why Toto is the best toilet company. 

Cleaning is easy for the Nexus series. After one flush, you don’t need another one to clean perfectly. On the other hand, maintenance is very convenient and effortless. 

All these things are making the Toilet the best in all other toilets.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Toto Nexus Toilets?

Strong Flushing

Nexus Toilet

A robust flush system can bring the toilet top of the stack to choose from. Moreover, a better jet sprayer makes the flush more effective. 

The latest technology of 3 inches valve setup can improve the flushing system. However, all these features of the flush should remain in the Toilet.

Water Consumption

Water consumption is another feature that helps you to reduce the cost. You should not waste the water. With using the least amount of water, effective flushing makes the Toilet a better and useful one.

Bowl Shape Of Toilet

Elongated bowl and Round bowl shapes are trendy shapes for the Toilet. As your demand and priority, choose your toilet shape.

Universal Height

According to ADA compliant, universal height is required for comfortable sitting. Again for the physically challenged people, the universal measurement is needed for coziness.


For any product, the price is essential for anybody. Select the Toilet that has a reasonable price with the features of the best toilets. Don’t buy the cheap product. It may make you suffer for many reasons.

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Our Top Picks

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Best Flushing System
Best Elongated

Top 3 Toto Nexus Toilets Review

TOTO Nexus MS442124CEFG-01 Two-Piece Toilet

TOTO Nexus MS442124CEFG-01 Two-Piece Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Weight‎‎: 100 pounds.
  • Shape Of Toilet: Elongated.
  • Materials: Ceramic.
  • Color Of Toilet: Cotton White.
  • Certification: ADA.
  • Flushing System: ‎Tornado.

Do you want an overall the best toilet for your bathroom? Then, the TOTO Nexus MS442124CEFG-01 Two-Piece Toilet is needed for you.

Tornado flush is used for the Toto Nexus. With the most minor water consumption (1.28 GPF), the Tornado flushing method is the best collection for users.

You will get theWashlet with the toilet. And, with the Cefiontectglazy surface, the toilet has a shiny and smooth surface. That’s why the toilet is straightforward to clean and maintain.

On this surface, dirt cannot stick with. The exterior is made of Ceramics. It makes the toilet durable and long-lasting.


  • Smooth and glazy surface.
  • With a robust tornado flushing method.
  • ADA approved elongated shape
  • Water-saving function.
  • Using the Washlet.


  • Not suitable for a tiny space.
  • Not for use with an RV or a vehicle.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Nexus MS442124CEFG-01 Two-Piece Toilet for the best toilet overall. With the least water-consuming Tornado flushing system, the toilet has durable factors.

This Toto Nexus review is the best one for the bathroom.

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TOTO Nexus MS642124CEFG#01 Toilet

TOTO Nexus MS642124CEFG#01 Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Toilet Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches.
  • Weight: ‎‎117 pounds.
  • Shape Of Toilet: Elongated.
  • Materials: Vitreous China.
  • Color Of Toilet: Cotton White.
  • Certification: WaterSense.
  • Method Of Installation: ‎Floor Mounted.

Do you want to purchase a hassle-free and best performance Toto toilet? Then, TOTO Nexus MS642124CEFG#01 Toilet is the name for you.

Why do you buy this toilet? or why do we call this toilet a hassle-free one? Because of the effortless cleaning process and the least amount using of flushing water.

Moreover, with the WaterSense certification, the toilet has an elongated bowl shape. Therefore, for comfortable sitting, it has universal height like other Toto Nexus toilets.


  • Beautiful and modern design.
  • With the best construction.
  • Stylish and simple.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Retains both water and money.
  • It has a universal height.
  • With a slender bowl.


  • When installing, strictly adhere to the user instructions.
  • It is not ADA compliant.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Nexus MS642124CEFG#01 Toiletfor the best quality toilet with all the modern technologies.

And at a reasonable price, the toilet gives you the perfect health and hygiene toilet system solution.

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Toto Nexus CST642CUFGAT40#01 Elongated Toilet

Toto Nexus CST642CUFGAT40#01 Elongated Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Weight‎‎: 110 pounds.
  • Shape Of Toilet: Oblong.
  • Materials: Cotton.
  • Color Of Toilet: Cotton White.
  • Height Of Toilet: Chair Height.
  • Method Of Installation: ‎Floor Mounted.

Do you feel that your present toilet has a sitting issue? Then, Toto Nexus CST642CUFGAT40#01 Elongated Toilet is for you.

With the elongated bowl, the toilet has chair height for comfortable sitting. Also, the toilet has a tremendously powerful Tornado Flushing System. The flushing system spends a small amount of water.

The installation of the toilet is effortless floor mounted. For comfortable sitting, Toto uses the most ingenious technology.


  • Sturdy and fashionable.
  • Low-cost and water-saving.
  • Comes with a comfy seat.
  • Certified by WaterSense.
  • Height is universal.


  • Expensive.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the Toto Nexus CST642CUFGAT40#01 Toiletfor the elongated bowl and Oblong style. Besides that, the toilet has a cost-effective factor.

The Tornado flushing system cleans all the bacteria in a small amount of water.

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hand closing the lid of a toilet

Q: Is Toto a good toilet brand?

Answer: Undoubtedly, Toto is among the top toilet brands in the world for utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Q: Who manufactures Nexus toilets?

Answer: Toto manufactures the Nexus toilet series. Toto Nexus is one of Toto’s finest inventions.

Q: Is it worth it to buy a Toto toilet?

Answer: Without mystery, Toto toilets are the most functional and long-lasting toilets available at a fair price.

Q: What is the best Toto Nexus toilet?

Answer: TOTO Nexus MS442124CEFG-01 Two-Piece Toilet is the best Nexus toilet overall.

Q: Are Toto toilet seats universal?

Answer: Most of the toilets of the Toto have the universal height. ADA supports the Universal size for comfortable sitting.

Wrapping Up

Finally, after reading the Toto Nexus toilet reviewyou can now choose a suitable toilet. We do this review for you to find the right one. 

If you still cannot find your favorite one then, purchase TOTO Nexus MS442124CEFG-01 Toilet. It is the most desirable toilet overall.

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