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You should choose one of these two if you’re seeking the most excellent intelligent toilets on the market. In appearance, these toilet sets are very similar.

In addition to automated opening and closing of the toilet cover and double flushing, both toilets are equipped with a range of elegant and luxury functions. Toto Neorest 700h vs 750h will help you a lot during selection among these two products.

But they are a little diverse on the inside. In this article, we’ll explain the differences between the two toilets so you can decide which one to purchase.

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Quick Comparison Table

Neorest 700H
Neorest 750H
106 pounds
5 pounds
32.5 x 15.5 x 21.5 inches
10 x 10 x 10 inches
Cotton White
Cotton White
Flush Type
Remote Control
ADA Compliant
Universal Height

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H

toto neorest 700h MS992CUMFG#01

There are two ways of washing for the inbuilt bidet sprayer on the automated toilet, as well as an air purifier and a temperature-controllable warmed toilet seat.

Because this toilet is manufactured from ceramics, the bathroom is indeed sturdy and resilient.

A tankless toilet is one that uses an electromotor to flush itself. Another attractive characteristic of this toilet is its bowl design. Together with perfectly arranged water channels, the structure enhances water consumption and ensures comprehensive waste collection.

With an ion-barrier surfaces toilet bowl, it has a particular advantage when it comes to washing.

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Toto MS993CUMFX#01 Neorest 750H

Toto MS993CUMFX#01 Neorest 750H

Unlike regular washing toilets, this one is meant to remain fresh and odor-free on its own.

After cleaning, this variant uses a proprietary electrolyzed water misting spray called EWATER+. Disturbing odors can be eliminated with the built-in air purifier.

The use of harmful substances to sterilize your toilet is no longer necessary. You’ll enjoy the best luxurious toilet experience ever with this version. The temperature-controlled bidet provides numerous wash settings in contrast to a heated seat.

Toilet tissue will never be needed again after cleaning, thanks to the drying process feature.

An additional benefit of automated double flushing is the reduction of water use. For organic waste, the tank needs one gallon per wash, and for waste material, it uses 0.8 gallons.

Energy efficiency options can be programmed so that you can reduce your electricity usage too.

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Key Difference between Toto Neorest 700H vs. 750H

toto smart toilet

As a result of a baked-in photochemical coating, 750H is more effective than 700H at cleaning the container. An inbuilt UV light is located so under seat cover activates it.

This function is not available on the 700H. Toilet cover down, UV light on. 750H is therefore safe and hygienic superior to the 700H, but it also costs significantly extra.

Let’s discuss some deep features for toto Neorest 700h vs 750h review.

1. Wireless remote control

Toto 750H and 700H come with a remote control that is relatively simple to be using. On the remote, each function is indicated correctly next to the key you should press.

As an alternative to mounting the control next to the toilet, you can also install it on the wall. With the holder, you may pick activities on the remote when looking straight ahead rather than moving to your sides.

The toilet tissue holder is likewise built into the stand. It’s not a bad idea to keep a supply of toilet rolls in the toilet.

2. Cefiontect glaze

They are both composed of ceramic. The porosity structure of ceramic makes it challenging to wash. To achieve a mirror-like finish, Toto toilets are coated with Contention Shine.

Because dirt and trash are less likely to stick to the bathroom, cleaning is a breeze. Because of its skirted form, dirt has nowhere to lurk. In conjunction with their Premise function, Toto 750H and 700H are easy to maintain.

3. Flushing system

An innovative tornado washing technique is used in Toto 750H and 700H toilets. Intended to utilize very little water as necessary, the tornado cleaning mechanism provides an effective wash.

There are two robust sprayers on either bottom of the plate rather than the standard rim openings.

This vortex/cyclone is created when water is flushed out of the toilet through such valves. Besides being highly successful in getting rid of waste, this also helps to scrape and clean the bowl. You can choose between using 0.8 gallons of freshwater per flush or merely 1 gallon.

4. Universal height

Toto 750H and 700H provide a similar experience of sitting down. Their toilet lids rise 17.25 inches from the ground.

As a result, these are bathrooms with a luxury elevation. ADA-compliant toilets have a seat height between 17 and 19 inches, making them ideal for those with impairments.

5. Heated seat and nightlight

On a frigid cool morning, you won’t need to fear shivering on the toilet. Day and night, the bidet toilet seats of the Toto 750H and 700H are warmed by Toto. They have five different thermostat settings, so you can get one that suits you best.

At night, a cool blue LED light is used to brighten up the toilet tank, making it easier to be used in the evening, mainly if you just got out of bed and wouldn’t want to disturb your night.

6. Installation

It is a bit more challenging to install Toto 700H and 750H than establish a conventional Toto toilet. The bowl must be installed initially, and the bidet seat can be added afterward. As a first step, you will have to construct a power inverter nearby where you plan to install the toilet.

You don’t want your power cord to be 3 feet from your toilet. Prevent stumbling risks by putting it as near as you can to the bathroom. As opposed to other toilets, Toto does not mount straight to the toilet pan.

An adapter is included that you attach to the flange, and then you can mount your toilet on top of it.

In 3 multiple languages, you will obtain an owner’s manual that is quite informative and comprehensive. It covers how to build the toilet and how to utilize and set up all of the functions.

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