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Are you planning to revamp your old washroom into a stylish modern one? Or are you wanting to use space-saving washroom fittings?

Whether this or you want to have a trustable and long-lasting toilet, Toto is the brand you can blindly rely on.

Toto is a Japanese company that stands among the top three toilet manufacturers in the world.

The company is well renowned for its modern yet luxurious toilets, and legato is its prime toilet series. This article consists of a Toto legato toilet review for you.

These toilets are made from china featuring Washlet seats and a super powerful tornado flushing system.

One-piece space-effective design and appealing look are what makes these toilets most demanded by customers. 

Unique functionality with electronic bidet, innovative flush technology, and self-opening lid are some of its highlights. Apart from that, there is no compromise on comfort.

Now you must have made up your mind to buy one but wait!

Which one?

Don’t you worry!

We have brought the two most popular and classic toilets from the legato series reviewed for you. Have a look at their unique features to pick the best toilet for your washroom.

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Benefits of Using a One-piece Toilet

Toto Legato One-Piece Toilet Benefits

One-piece toilets have a tank and toilet built combined rather than attached separately. This one-unit design has a similar mechanism and efficiency as the two-piece toilet.

One-piece toilets are more efficient and convenient. Some of the main benefits that single unit toilets have over two-piece toilets are:

Easy to install

What’s better than fitting two pieces together? ONE!

Installation on one unit toilets is easier than the two-piece one where the bowl and tank have to be fitted separately.

One-piece toilets need to be properly positioned and connected to the water supply, and you are done.


Made out of a single piece of porcelain, single-unit toilets have no joints holding two parts together. Thus, no chances of wearing off or leaking are present.

So the one-piece toilets are more durable and long-lasting than the two-piece toilets.

Easier maintenance and cleaning

Single-piece units have no joints that may break or leak with time so maintaining a single unit is easier and more convenient.

Similarly, cleaning a single unit is quicker as there are no grime or molds in the hidden space like in two-piece models.

 As in joints between tank and bowl, it is difficult to clean, giving a favorable environment for molds and bacteria.So people prefer one-piece units to avoid such issues.


Without a doubt, one can say that one-piece toilets are more compact and space-saving than two-piece designs.

When fitted separately, tank and bowl take more space, while with the single unit, you get a tank attached, or in some cases, you can have a model without a tank.

Toto Legato Toilet Review- Top Two Best One-piece Toilets

Following are the two top-rated toilet models from the Toto legato series. Read these Toto legato reviews to decide on which fits your needs.

Comparison Table

Toto Legato
Double Cyclone Flush and SanaGloss
TOTO Legato
Washlet Plus Bidet Seat
Material used
Flush type
Water usage
1.28 GPF
1.28 GPF
85 lbs.
130 lbs.
Bowl shape
Elongated bowl
Cotton white
ADA compliance
Certified by WaterSense
28.5×17.2×28 inches.
28.4×17.3×27.9 inches.
Installation type
Floor mounted
Floor mounted

Toto Legato MS624214CEFG#01 Double Cyclone Flush and SanaGloss

Toto Legato MS624214CEFG#01

Key Features

  • Compact and stylish design
  • Mold and bacteria resistant Sana Gloss finish
  • Powerful tornado flushing
  • Metal polished lever

For those of you looking for a modern, sleek in design toilet that compliments your washroom, here it is.


Featuring a white cotton color and compact body, it is great to place anywhere in your bathroom. It included no open trap ways, plus the finished metal lever will add a modernistic touch to the toilet.

Overall the design is unique and compact that is great for small spaces 


This toilet has an elongated bowl that offers a more comfortable sitting and leg place than the regular round bowls. The bowl’s height is universal, so no problem in sitting or standing up for taller or older people.

Sana Gloss finish

The toilet’s body is finished with a Sana gloss finish, which repels any bacteria or mold buildup. Plus it is more convenient to keep it clean.

Low flow flushing

Using two powerful nozzles to create a cyclonic centrifugal force, the bulk waste is effectively flushed without using more water. So this low-flow powerful flushing system is water efficient and excellent in handling waste.

ADA compliant

The seat of this toilet is ADA compliant, i.e., it meets the standard height and is fit for use in the home without any discomforts size issues.


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Space and water-efficient model
  • Certified by WaterSense and CEC
  • Durable construction to last for years
  • Sana Gloss finish repelling grime and molds
  • Skirted design giving a modernistic look
  • Effective waste removal by tornado flushing


  • No extra added features

Why do we recommend it?

This Toto legato toilet has a compact and stylish design with reliable built and eco-friendly flushing. The seat is comfortable with a soft closing seat.

Trap way is fully concealed so no mold or bacteria buildup, and with a comfortable bowl size and height, it is a decent choice for your home.

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TOTO Legato MW6243056CEFG#01 Washlet Plus Bidet Seat

TOTO Legato MW6243056CEFG#01

Key Features

  • Washlet and bidet seat included
  • Tornado flushing
  • Warm water and night light
  • Self-cleaning wand
  • Automatic closing and opening lid

If you search for an advanced, luxurious toilet that has a washlet and bidet seat included, then Toto MW6243056CEF is one of the best options for you. Electronic control with auto-operated lid and night light for dark this toilet is a masterpiece by Toto.

Luxury toilet

With a glossy white finish and skirted design, this toilet gives your bathroom an exquisite luxurious feel. The body of the toilet has a bright, attractive outer with a surface resistant to grime and bacteria.

Bowl shape is elongated with a universal height and comfortable sitting area, along with being compact and sleek.

Flushing technology

EPA, CEC, and WaterSense compliant, this Toto toilet has a tornado flushing system combined with CEFIONTECT technology to reduce bowl friction.

So the waste is handled much effectively; plus, with E-water, the wand and bowl are cleaned, keeping the pot bacteria and germs free.

Advanced features

This Toto legato toilet features many advanced features with a washlet and bidet seat that makes your experience more comfortable.

Some of the fantastic features are a warm seat, automatic lid, and auto-deodorizer, t-40 washer with remote control, and dryer.

Let’s come to the washer of the toilet that works with the latest technology. It includes an automatic lid, and the water is controlled via an electronic remote. Water flows in three modes that you can select.

The washlet and bidet seat also features a heated seat and wand to dry after using the toilet. Plus, you can get warm water too for winters or the cold season.

The wand has a self-cleaning function, so the bowl and wand remain germ-free and clean.

It also includes a nightlight which is another excellent feature to use in a dark room.


  • High strength tornado flushing
  • Warm water and heated seat for cold seasons
  • Air dryer and self-cleaning wand
  • Automatic lid and deodorizer
  • CEFIONTECT technology for less friction and proper cleaning
  • Comfortable bides seat with elongated bowl
  • Durable


  • Complex and difficult to install

Why do we recommend it?

For its ingenious features and convenience, this toilet is for sure a brilliant choice to install in your home. This not only adds to your comfort but also makes your toilet modern and advanced too.

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What to Consider While Buying a One-piece Toilet

When the toilet malfunctions, we can feel the irritation, right?

So when you buy, make sure to pay attention to some small details to avoid regretting them later. Although it seems an unimportant task, it’s not.

From water expenditure to comfortable sitting, any of these factors can make your toilet the wrong one.

Following are some considerations to keep in mind when you pick a toilet for your home.

Water consumption

With global warming and depleting water sources, minimizing water wastage is a priority. So a toilet model which has a powerful flush that cleans properly with using less water.

Most of the toilets have 1.28 GPF, which is water efficient and cleans quickly and powerfully. Look for models approved by WaterSense as they are certified for water efficiency.


Installation of the toilet is another main factor for deciding on a model. According to the plan of your washroom that you want a wall-mounted toilet or mounted on the floor, pick the design that suits.

Also, a design that is easier to install is always a wise choice.


The size and weight of the toilet are essential features to consider. Choose a size according to the space you have in a washroom.

The height and size of the seat also hold prime importance considering the person in use. As elongated seats are suitable for older adults or disabled ones, go for ADA-certified ones.

Flush type

Flush technology and strength are pretty significant features and must be paid attention to. Picking up a flush system that clogs easily or wastes water won’t be a good choice.

Toilets with dual flush are more powerful and water-saving, plus you can opt for self-flushing ones too, so no need to use hands.

Less noisy

You won’t be willing to have extra noise in your home from flush tank filling or flushing.

Pick a flush that features noise-free or less noisy flushing so that you have quite a toilet operation.

Added features

Everybody loves something extra, so why not have a toilet with extra added features too!

Investing in the latest technology like a washlet, automatic flush, or a self-cleaning toilet that keeps the bowl and rim clean all the time is a choice you won’t regret.

This will add more comfort and convenience to your home.

Toto Legato for Modern Bathroom


Q: Is the Toto legato toilet comfortable to sit on for large size adults?

Yes, the Toto legato toilet is quite comfortable, and you can find models with the required dimensions. These toilets can easily accommodate a large adult without any problem.

Q: Cost-wise, which toilet type is better, one-piece or two-piece?

One-piece units are more expensive due to their efficiency and durability. Although performance wise both types deliver the same, so we can say two-piece units are cheaper.

Q: Is the Toto legato toilet compatible with other toilet seats?

Yes, any toilet seat with a 5.5-inch spread is good to go with Toto legato toilets.

Q: How long does the Toto legato one-piece toilet last on average?

With yearly or bi-yearly maintenance, Toto legato toilets can last over 12 to 15 years easily or more.


Picking the suitable toilet is quite tricky. With the above two products from Toto legato, we have made the decision a lot easier for you. Both of the models are best in their functionality.

Whether you want a simple toilet or an advanced one, Toto legato has all in store for you. Hopefully, this Toto Legato toilet review has helped you make the right choice for your home in the budget.

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