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Well, we all need a break from this germ-full world. Nothing in this world is as important as ensuring your good health. I personally think the awareness in this century is good enough to make us concerned about our body physical health.

We all surely want to maintain a neat and tidy body, at least as much as possible. When we talk about hygiene, the first and foremost area to discuss is a toilet, maybe because of the high intensity of germs. Only a suitable flushing toilet will be helpful for you in maintaining proper hygiene.

After doing our complete research, we are here to introduce one of the fantastic brands of flushing toilets. Before we start the Toto g500 review, let me introduce this brand to you.

Toto washlet is a fantastic series that comes with all the advanced technologies, and people love to use them because of their convenience and best results. By using the minimum water, it ensures a completely contamination-free journey of your toilet.

This company has an excellent reputation for durability and longevity. Just sit on the bowl, clean yourself, and Toto will clean itself automatically. You don’t have to take the headache of cleaning this toilet flush. The Toto g500 is one of the comfortable, powerful, and efficient toilets from the Toto series.

Once you get to know about its features, I am sure you can’t help buying this product. So, let’s begin the Toto washlet G500 review!

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Toto G500 Review

Let’s begin the Toto G500 review with a discussion of its significant features!

Technical Specifications

Toto Washlet G500 Toilet
24.5 pounds
28.5 x 11.75 x 25.25 inches
Bowl Shape
Seat Height
Universal height
Installation Method
Floor mounted
Water consumption
1.28 or 0.9 GPF
Flush Type
Dual-Max flushing system

Major Features

Toto MS970CEMFG#01 Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500

Toto G500 is an exceptional toilet, so you should not expect something ordinary from it. It comes with a multitude of unique built-in features that you can’t help loving!

Some of its essential features and specifications are:

Pre-Heated Seats

What’s more important than comfort? Obviously, nothing!

You might have experienced sitting on a cold seat in the winter season. How does it feel? It indeed feels so bad and problematic. This Toto washlet has entirely resolved this issue.

To your surprise, you can set the seat temperature as per your need. You can set the temperature between 82 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, in the winter season, sitting in the pre-heated seat would be an absolute pleasure for you.  

Air Purifying System

Smelly bathrooms are hell annoying for all of us. We all want to go to a smell-free and fresh bathroom. Fortunately, this toilet flush comes with an automatic deodorizer that purifies the air and makes it odor-free.

Most importantly, this flush enables you to use the toilet immediately as the first one leaves, which means no more smell. The air purifier system works after every use. So, if you want a toilet flush for your office bathroom or your home common bathroom, then there won’t be a better choice than this.

Compact and Sleek Look

When you install this toilet flush in your bathroom, it will change the complete look. The best thing about this is its sleek and compact style that fits perfectly on any size of the bathroom.

It also looks beautiful because of its white finishing that complements every modern and traditional bathroom. For adding a more stylish look, it has a skirted design that makes it stand out from others.

Automatic Flushing

Someone used your bathroom and forget to flush it, quite annoying? This Toto g500 comes with an automatic flushing feature that takes away flushing stress after every use.

After using the toilet, it instantly flushes itself and makes sure to keep itself as clean as possible. You even don’t have to press or touch any button; the hands-free operation will work itself. Isn’t it cool?

Cleaning Of The Bowl

As you know, the cleaning of the toilet flush is done automatically; you might be thinking that it cleans only with water? The answer to your question is absolutely No! The Toto G500 uses the best chemicals for cleaning that ensures cleanliness for a long time.

Firstly, it uses water for cleaning, and then a dual-max cyclone is used to cleans the bowl thoroughly. After this, SanaGloss glaze is used that helps in preventing germs or dirt from sticking on the toilet surface as there won’t be any particles sticking with the surface so that hygiene will be maintained for a longer time.

Water Temperature

While using this toilet flush, everything is in your hands. Whether you talk about pressure control, water temperature, or seat temperature, you can control everything yourself,

You can set the temperature of water between 86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Get the water as per your weather; this makes flushing super easy. It offers you warm washing on both front and rear. You can also get the water according to your desired pressure.  


If your bathroom has dim light or a blackout, you can still see where exactly the Toto G500 is. It illuminates a bit, making it easy to see by the user. When you enter the dark bathroom, you will see it flush with illumination, so no chances of distraction.

Easy To Use

You just have to clean yourself; everything else will be done by the toilet flush itself. Luckily, you can operate all the functions through the remote control. By using a remote, set the seat temperature or whatever changes you want.

Finding such an easy-to-use flush is quite challenging!

Auto Lid Open/Close

As you get into the bathroom and approach near the toilet flush, it will automatically open the lid for you, and when you are free, it will instantly close itself. This automatic lid opening/closing system is one of the incredible features of the Toto G500.

The toilet seat of Toto G500 closes without making any noise. It won’t make an irritating sound like ordinary toilet flushes.

Furthermore, when opening or closing the lid manually, hands come in contact with the lid, and the chances of germs transfer are very high. So, apart from being super convenient for you, this feature also ensures to maintain your safety and promotes hygiene.

Less Water Consumption

When compared to other toilet flushes, this flush consumes far less water. Apart from being eco-friendly, this washlet will also save your money as you will surely have a reduced water bill.

When flushing wastewater, it will almost consume 0.9 gallons while using 1.28 gallons when flushing solid waste. This amount of water is much less than other toilet brands. The flush is WaterSense certified; this means that you can save up a lot of water- the minimum water you can save per year is 16900 gallons.


When someone the flush, Toto cleans itself automatically, but that cleaning is wet. To solve this problem. Toto comes with an air dryer system that helps in quickly drying the flush after cleaning.

This warm air dryer works as the best alternative to toilet paper; it means no need to buy toilet paper frequently. Just get this G500, and it will do all tasks themselves.

Bowl Design

The Toto washlet comes with an elongated and wide design bowl that allows you to sit on it comfortably. You will surely enjoy sitting in the extra space. The height of the flush is universal and is comfortable for all height users.

It means that this wide bowl can be used by everyone in your home, from children to old and sick people.

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Unique Technologies

We have shared some significant features of this washlet, but the story doesn’t end here. Our Toto G500 review is much more than this! In this section, you will get to know about some intelligent and unique features of the Toto G500.

After going through this, I’m sure you can’t resist having this in your home bathroom.  

Air-in Water Technology

The water droplets used in the cleaning of this toilet flush are air-rich. These air-water combinations help in delivering better cleaning and promote a good environment in the bathroom.

Moreover, the use of air along with water helps in reducing the usage of water. I am sure you won’t have to find this advanced technology in any other toilet flush brand.

EWater+ Technology

Another advanced technology used in this flush is EWater+ that helps in cleaning the bowl in less time. The bowl will spend less interval with the harsh chemicals, and the flush will indeed thank you for this favor.

Pre-Mist Technology

After every use, this pre-mist technology will spray water on the bowl. This spraying of water makes it easy to clean for the next time. Cleaning the solid waste otherwise is an issue that will be resolved with this fantastic technology.

Smart Seat

The intelligent seat of the washlet means that your life is going to be easy. Toto G500 comes with an incredibly smart seat that uses WiFi and other sensors to work with. You can operate everything with a remote; just make sure it has proper signals.


This is a toilet glaze that offers you many advantages. The primary purpose of this glaze is to prevent the accumulation of molds or bacteria inside the flush. This helps in maintaining a more hygienic environment in your bathroom. Moreover, the glaze keeps the toilet clean for a longer time as compared to other chemicals.

Seamless Design

From top to bottom, this toiler flush has a skirted design; this means no curves on it. The seamless shape of the washlet makes it super easy to clean from the outside. Its design is not only minimalist but also looks super elegant in any bathroom.

ADA Compliant

The Toto washlet integrated toilet G500 is ADA (American Disabilities Act) approved. This means that this toilet flush can be easily used by people with disabilities. Usually, such models have more space and are typically taller so as to provide convenience to the users.  

Dual-Action Spray

You surely don’t want to spend a lot of time in the maintenance of your toilet flush. With the dual-action spray, your responsibility is now much reduced, as it increases the flexibility of the washlet and reduces the problem of maintenance.

The dual-action spray comes with a self-cleaning wand and performs oscillation action perfectly. However, you might have to adjust the want every time, as this seat does not have any memory function.


  • Elegant and sturdy toilet
  • Saves lots of water
  • Highly comfortable
  • Automatic deodorizer
  • Powerful flushing system
  • Ensures hygiene
  • Convenient to use
  • Touch-less operation


  • Quite expensive
  • Installation is a bit difficult

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What About Bidets Of Toto G500?

While discussing about Toto washlet G500 review, how can we forget to mention the bidets of this toilet flush?

  • One of the most common myths about bidets is that they are not hygienic and safe. However, the truth is entirely opposite to this approach.
  • Using bidets is even more appropriate than toilet paper. Not only because toilet papers are expensive but also because it doesn’t clean you perfectly. In addition, toilet paper is not environmental-friendly, so none of the votes goes to it.
  • The bidets of Toto G500 works amazingly. It remains hidden when not in use and just came out for performing its function, then again goes out of sight. Before and after doing its duty, it automatically cleans itself, thus ensuring no germs.

Things To Consider Before Buying Toto G500 Review

Apart from its incredible features, you still need to consider some of the factors before buying this product. What are they? Let’s have a look!

  • Make sure that the toilet is according to your bathroom space. The first thing you should do is measure the distance between two bolts and then check the dimensions of the bowl. Check whether the bowl will fit with your bathroom or not. If the difference in the dimensions is less than 0.25 inches, you are good to go; otherwise, you should drop the idea.
  • Check the water pressure of your bathroom. Usually, all average household units operate between 20 and 120 PSI, while toilet flushes also operate between this range. So, water pressure isn’t a big issue; however, considering this aspect is essential. For checking the pressure of your home, get the pressure gauge. You can get accurate readings within some time.
  • The last factor to notice is the aesthetics of your bathroom. Although the style and design of this toilet flush go perfectly with every bathroom, but it would be better if you match it with your aesthetics. Observing these factors beforehand is a much safe and good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to install the Toto G500 washlet?

toto washlet integrated toilet g500

Installing the washlet is not very tough, but neither super easy. If you are going to play with the bolts for the first time, it could be challenging for you. Along with the product, you will receive a user manual that will guide everything about the installation. It is better to ask for professional help than to do something wrong.

Q: Do Toto Washlet G500 Flush Automatically?

Yes, this flushing toilet performs flushing automatically. However, if you want to do this manually, you can disable the automation feature and operate it according to your need.

Q: What’s the height of the Toto G500 toilet?

The height of this toilet is super comfortable for all ages. It has 16-1/8 inches in height that is good enough for children, young, old, and even disabled persons. As it is ADA compliant, you should expect it to be taller than standard toilets.

Q: Is Toto Washlet G500 lasts for a long time?

Once you purchase this product, forget about buying a new toilet flush. This product will stay with you for a lifetime, and you would be happy to make such a significant investment.

Q: Is Toto G500 worth its price?

Well, you might know that quality always comes with the price. This washlet is a bit expensive than others, but you won’t regret having it. Its unique features and guaranteed durability will not disappoint you. You will get the quality with the price.

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Final Verdict

Whether you want a toilet flush in your home, office, or any public area, there won’t be a better option than Toto washlet G500. This fantastic product is easy to use by everyone, and the toilet flushes and dries on its own.

Just set it according to your choice, and you will love this journey. Invest now and save your money, time, and effort in the long term. Hopefully, this Toto G500 review was helpful for you in making the right decision. Let us know in the comments about your thoughts regarding this exceptional product.

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TOTO G500 Series Demonstration

Video Transcript

all right right here I’m going to show you the the G500 series Washlet by Toto open the open the lid you soon as you walk in the lid will open pretty clean frist of all it’s a fully full on one unit toilet the ball is separate from the actual flush valve that you see there on the top but it is awful one unit two lit no separate parts you know there you go seat will flush by itself that for a minute go back up to it open that you over here on the side is actually the control panel you can see that look from the left its power and it’s flush you press that button it’ll do a full flush and it says on and off it’s for your cleansing this is on and off again that’s front and also rear for your cleansing that is for your four-day now this right here in my hand this is the remote that comes with it you can see this is for your bday its front or rear front I also have your dryer and on the side you have your pulsating desire your desired pulsating and you also have the pressure and this is your oscillating you can change that as well whichever you desire now if you look on the top this is your full flush flush it by itself sorry I will try to keep that open let’s open that back up now I didn’t have to use my hands cuz also on the top you have opening flows for your lid as well for the for the gentleman and the family and you also have a light flush or a heavy flush it won’t flush until it’s fully fully filled up with the water let’s go back to the rim oh yeah there’s the full and light flush buttons on top of the opening flows now you have every different temperature settings know if you can see that there you go you can head it into there and go up and down do your dryer temperature you could set it you can also do the water temperature you could set that as well and then your seat temperature yes the seat is heated now when you actually use this this right here underneath this part of the seat there is a trigger which actually activates everything to work so you can actually you know so if you were to ever hit that the day it won’t spray out you have to actually be sitting on it now there are other ways we can set it to you know you go one and two user or or I like to call it a his-and-her you can also set different stuff in your menu you have your there cleaning you’re Energy Saver you also have your auto functions and other settings as well just really different different features you can actually do with this you have your honor of energy on or off your auto energy just save it to where you’re not you’re not constantly using it you’re using the electricity so it’s not going to be constantly heating up the seats it’s not going to be constantly on whenever you’re not using it you also have a timer saver and just turn it off you can turn it back on the time saver it will actually help you you know adjust the time as far as how long you sit on the tool say from six to thirty seconds if you were to stand up from that toilet it will automatically flush a number-one flush but anything over thirty seconds so automatically do a number to flush let’s go back to menu you have your different auto functions so you don’t have to always have that door open and closing you can also if it doesn’t have to automatically clean the bowl for you you can turn that off too and then you also have other settings such as it will beep you don’t have to have the beep on if I don’t know if you can hear it but it beeps every time you get something and then you can also turn your setting locks off but that’s pretty much it thanks

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