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Have you ever heard about the Toto brand?

If you are one of those persons who are super conscious about your flushing toilet, then you must have an idea about the Toto brand.

Many toilet buyers prefer to buy their toilets from Toto because of its credibility and reliability. After selecting the brand, the next step is to choose the right product. Many people get confused between choosing G400 and G500.

Are you one of those persons that cannot decide between G400 and G500? If so, then you shouldn’t worry about it! In this Toto G400 vs. G500 comparison article, we will share everything you need to know about both models.

Let me clear to you first that the Toto washlet G400 toilet is an upgraded version of Toto G500, so you should expect many similarities among these two products. In this article, we will go through the similarities and differences among them.

The future of toilets is nothing without washlets. The upcoming world doesn’t need more tissue paper as they are not environmental-friendly. Washlets in the toilet are the best way to substitute tissues and indeed are a great way to maintain your toilet.

In case you don’t know, washlets are basically bidet seats that operate electronically.

So, let’s compare toto washlets!

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Quick Comparison Table

Toto G400
Toto G500
Style Of Toilets
One piece
One piece
Type Of Bowl
Flush Rating
1.28 Gallons per Flush
1.28 Gallons per Flush
System For Flushing
Tornado Flush technology
Dual-Max flushing system
Dimension Of Toilet
28.62 x 15.37 x 26.93 inches
28.5 x 11.75 x 25.25 inches
Installation System
Floor Mounted
Floor Mounted
Cotton White
Material Of Toilet
Item Weight
102 pounds
‎24.5 pounds

Toto G400 vs. G500

We will start our G400 vs. G500 toto comparison by discussing their individual specifications.

1. Toto MS920CEMFG#01 G400 Toilet

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400

We are here to introduce you to one of the latest models of washlets in the market, the Toto G400. Thanks to its additional features, this washlet promises to bring a wholly new and joyful experience to the users.

No matter what is the size and style of your bathroom, this toilet flush will meet ideally with all types. Its sleek and compact design is thoughtfully manufactured to fit in all modern bathrooms.

One of its fantastic and upgraded features is Premist. The Premist helps in blowing a little mist on all the bidet seats; this mist makes the surface slippery and a bit wet that in return ensures to eliminate the waste completely. This premist design works much better than a dry bowl, and it is proven to remove 80% better debris than a dry bowl.

The washlet of G400 is wholly integrated with the dual flush toilet and ensures proper cleaning through Tornado flushing. Its 3D tornado flushing technology helps to clean it within moments.

Furthermore, the flushing is integrated with CeFiONtect glaze that decreases the cleaning interval. It also gives lubricious quality and doesn’t allow waste to stick with the surface.

It also offers you five different settings that allow you to set your temperature and pressure as per your choice. With a highly adjustable setting, you can enjoy the customization of this toilet.

As you approach this toilet, it will automatically open the seat for you and close itself once you are free. It also comes with an air deodorizer that helps in adding comfort to all the users.  

Indeed, you name an advanced feature, and you will find that in G400. Toto G400 has a heated seat, luxury seating, universal height, WaterSense certified, warm air dryer, and ADA compliant. All its great features make it a better option to install. You can install this in your home, office, or public area.  


  • Prevents slamming
  • Comfortable elongated bowl
  • No need for toilet paper
  • Compact design
  • No more bad smell
  • No sticking of waste


  • A bit expensive
  • It can only operate with electricity

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2. Toto MS970CEMFG#01 G500 Toilet

Toto MS970CEMFG#01 Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500

If you want to give your bathroom a completely new and unique experience, then the Toto G500 toilet is the right product. Once you have the Toto washlet G500, there is no go-back. Why? You will find the answer in its incredible features!

The elongated bowl of this toilet is comfortable enough to support people of all ages. Even if you have some disabled persons at your home, this toilet is ideal for them; also, it is because of its universal height. Adults and older people find it very difficult to stand from the seat with tall height.

Whatever you want to control, just use the remote for this; you don’t even have to press the button. You can operate everything just by moving your fingers. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Furthermore, this toilet’s dual max flushing mechanism helps in conserving water and delivers the best quality results. You can either choose 0.9 gallons or 1.28 gallons per flush as per the type of waste.

Along with the flushing, a glaze is integrated, which keeps the toilet clean for more duration. The flushing of the toilet uses gravity for passing the waste. For long-term bowl sanitation, it has SanaGloss glaze.

With the front and rear warm water option, you no longer have to wash yourself with cold water in the winter season. By using a remote, you can easily adjust the pressure and temperature of the water according to your need.

Similar to G400, it also has an automatic opening and closing seat. Its sleek, low-profile compact design toilet can adjust in even less space. Another great feature of this toilet is that it has a memory function, so you don’t have to change the settings every time before using it.

Along with the product, you will also receive all mounting hardware, so you don’t have to purchase anything separately. However, the only drawback is that installation isn’t straightforward, as instructions in the manual are not very clear.


  • Low-profile design
  • Saves water
  • Hands-free operation
  • Comes with an air deodorizer
  • Easy cleaning
  • Improves hygiene


  • Difficult installation
  • Requires electricity

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Similarities between Toto G400 vs. G500

As discussed earlier, Toto G400 is an upgraded version of the G500. G500 itself is famous for its construction and durability. Some features are common among these two models. Let’s put some light on them!

Modern Style

Both G400 and G500 comes with modern and stylish design. If you are looking for a toilet with luxurious construction for your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with either of these toilet models. They have a low-profile, sleek, and skirted design and will surely enhance the overall look of your bathroom. These both models come with a bidet seat, so you will love the experience that it delivers.

Bowl Design

Fortunately, both of these models come with an elongated bowl. This means that we cannot decide which one is more comfortable!

Whether you talk about G400 or G500, both deliver extra sitting area, ensure the user’s comfort, and fit well in compact spaces. The bowl design these models offer is also convenient to use by elderly persons.


Well, how wants a smelly bathroom? Definitely, none of us!

G400 and G500 are both luxurious toilets and promises to ensure smell-free air in your bathroom. After one person uses the toilet, the air deodorizer will work and leave the toilet fresh for the next person.

Powerful Flushing

Both Toto G400 and G500 come with dual-flush systems. What else do you want? These toilets give you the option to choose between partial flush or full flush. Partial flush is for liquid waste, and it uses 0.9 GPF, while full flush is for solid waste and uses 1.28 GPF.

Fortunately, both of them are EPA WaterSense certified, so you don’t have to worry about wastage of water.

Automatic Lid Function

Another intelligent feature of G400 and G500 is that both models have sensors that automatically opens and closes the lid. You don’t have to open or close the lid manually; the sensors installed in them will do it automatically. This feature keeps you away from germs and ensures to keep your bathroom environment very hygienic.

Heated Toilet Seat

Warm seats are a must, especially if you are living in a colder area. These both toilet models offer five adjustable temperature and pressure settings. You can customize the settings as per your choice and set the temperature according to your weather.

Automatic Flushing

Both of these models have advanced toilet flushing systems. As you get free, you don’t have to do anything; it will automatically flush all the waste and provide a smell-free, clean, and dry place to the next person.


The story doesn’t end at flushing; G400 and G500 also share the common feature of CeFiONtect glaze. Toto understands that maintaining cleanliness in busy bathrooms is how much tricky. Both models offer you glazing along with the flushing system; this glaze helps in keeping the toilet clean for a more extended period.

In addition, this glazing also prohibits dirt from sticking to the surface; thus, you don’t have to clean it frequently.

Wand Cleansing

To prevent your toilet from clogging and for cleaning the nether area, you need proper wand cleaning. Both G400 and G500 models have this unique feature of the cleansing wand. The wand produces warm water that cleans the nether, so you no longer have to use tissue paper. The best thing about this is that you can do both rear or front cleansing.

Comfortable Height

Best toilets are those that allow users to sit and stand easily. G400 and G500 models come with a universal height that makes them highly comfortable. People with different abilities and ages find this toilet very easy to use.

Differences Between the Toto G400 VS G500 toilets

After discussing all the similarities between G400 and G500 models, now it’s time to understand the differences between these two models. Our comparison cannot be completed without getting to know about the differences between these two,

Flushing System

As mentioned above, both of these toilets have dual flushing mechanisms. Then where did the difference lies? Although they have the exact mechanism but there’s a vast difference in them. Toto G400 comes with a 3D tornado flushing system, while on the other hand, a cyclone flushing system is used in G500.

Don’t get confused; you can choose any one of them as both are equally effective and helps you in getting rid of waste.

Choosing Volume of Water

Not all Toto toilets allow you to select the Volume of water you want in flushing the toilet. This feature helps in saving a lot of water, then automatic flushing. Toto G400 comes with this feature, while G500 lacks it.

Premist Function

Another significant difference between G400 and G500 is the premist function. Toto G400 comes with it while it is not present in G500. The premist function mists the bowl and keeps it away from germs and waste. With this feature, no dirt particles will stick with the surface.


All the advanced features are present in G400, and you might be expecting more price of G400, but the reverse is true in this case. To your surprise, G500 is more costly than G400, and it is because of the old production cost of this model.


When we compare the weight of G400 and G500, we find G400 slightly heavier, but this heavyweight will not cost you anything extra in installation. Installation of both these models is straightforward; you may not even need professional help.


So, Who Was the Winner? Toto G400 or G500?

Now, in the end, you must be thinking about who was the winner in this game of Toto G400 vs. G500.

Giving the winner’s title to any one of them is very difficult as both of them have their own specifications.  Both of them are comfortable, sturdy, and gives you a pleasing experience. After installing these smart toilets in your bathroom, you will notice a luxurious look.

In our opinion, G400 has some more advanced features than G500, that includes premist function, tornado flushing, and budget-friendly price. From their individual characteristics to similarities, and differences we have almost covered everything. Now it’s totally your decision to choose the one that you feel is more appropriate,

Let us know in the comments that which was your winner in the Toto g500 vs. g400 washlet competition!

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