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We all want to have the best products in our homes. Whether we talk about our personal use items or home accessories, everything should be up to the mark. In this world of perfection, why should we ignore the quality of our toilet flush?

The toilet flush is something that we use every day, and we deserve to have the best one. If you are looking for an exceptionally high-end toilet brand for your luxury toilet, then we would recommend you to consider Toto Washlet.

Toto washlet toilets are widespread these days, and modern homeowners love this flush as it helps upgrade their homes with intelligent toilets. Many people around the globe are embracing this brand because of its unlimited benefits to the users and its fantastic quality.

Among the Toto series, one of the entry-level Integrated Toilets is Toto Washlet G400. After seeing this toilet flush, every other toilet will look ancient to you. Well, this is an upgraded version of G500, and you will indeed find many unique features in it. This high-efficiency toilet has a sleek and compact design that is very user-friendly.

Today, we’ll discuss a complete Toto G400 review with you, including its features, specifications, pros, and cons. Everything that you need to know about this toilet is added to this guide. Let’s start!

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Technical Specifications

Toto G400
102.01 Pounds
28.62 x 15.37 x 26.93 inches
Cotton White
Bowl Shape
Seat Height
Universal height
Installation Method
‎Floor Mounted
Water consumption
‎1.28 Gallons per Flush
Flush Type
3D Tornado Flush

Major Features

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400

When we talk about the Toto G400 review, one of the most essential and critical aspects to discuss is the features of this product.

Toto is our most favorite brand, and its love for users is because of its incredible features. You won’t help to buy this fantastic product once you get to know about its features.

Sleek Design

Whenever you see a washlet, the first thing you notice about it is its design. Functionality and effectiveness matter, but style and looks come first. The futuristic design of this toilet flush looks very impressive. No matter what aesthetics you have in your bathroom, its modern design suits with every bathroom.

Its defined edges allow you to clean it easily. Moreover, the cleanliness also becomes easy because of its skirted design; this means no curves in the design.

Efficient Water Consumption

This integrated toilet comes with a bidet that makes its usage super easy and ensures efficient water usage. With the dual flush option in this toilet, you can save a lot of water, making this toilet very environmentally friendly.

Fortunately, the toilet is designed in such a way that you need extra water for flushing. You will get an automatic smooth riddance process. You can either do a partial or complete flush. Each time you flush, you can either use 0.9 gallons or 1.28 gallons, depending on the requirement.


The flushing mechanism of this Toto G400 washlet is good enough to satisfy its users. It works with a dual flush system that allows you to choose the water volume you want for flushing.

Thanks to its circular water movement, it is pretty fine to take away all the wastes and don’t allow any particles or germs to stick on the surface.

Automatic Lid Opening

As you approach near the flush, its sensors will detect you, automatically opening the lid. You will have luxurious feelings as the PreMist sprays the bowl leaving a good effect on the bowl. After you are done with your job, it will again clean itself, and the lid will close without any noise.

Self Cleaning

Cleaning the toilet flush regularly is a tedious and cumbersome task. You would be happy to have this flush, as it will do self-cleaning by using the wand. You have to set the settings of everything by using the remote control. The first thing you have to do is choose the type of cleaning you want for your flush.

Select whether you want the front to cleanse, rear cleanses, soft rear cleanse, oscillating cleanse, or a pulsating cleanse. Front cleanse especially for ladies, and this method uses soft yet large droplets for ensuring proper cleaning.

A rear cleanses is common for everyone who has been using a bidet for a long time. This cleansing is powerful and effective enough to ensure complete washing. While the soft rear cleanses is a cleansing method in which low pressure is used to cover the wider area. These all cleaning types can be combined together with pulsating or oscillating spray types.

After choosing this, now next step is to adjust the intensity and warmth of the spray; for this, you need to adjust pressure and temperature. Unlike the G500 washlet, this toilet flush has a memory function, so you can easily save the settings. Just set your preference and let the wand do its function itself.

Dual Max Flush

The warm air dryer function in the toilet helps reduce the moisture from the toilet, thus reducing the growth of germs. From the five temperature settings, you can choose the one that you want.

The dual-max flush will automatically determine the required flush volume according to the waste when you are done with the toilet. It will then do powerful flushing with the help of a 3D tornado flush.


Usually, the installation of toilets is something quite tricky, and doing it on your own self is almost impossible. Compared to G500, this flushing toilet is a bit easy to install. If you have some idea about technicalities, you can do it yourself; otherwise, you need to hire a professional person.

Installation is a one-time task, so hiring a plumber is a better option as you surely don’t want to do some wrong steps.


Obviously not the cheapest, but yes, it’s worth its price. Toto G400 is not expensive as the other models of this series, but it is neither less in price. But don’t worry, every buck you pay will surely pay you back in the form of incredible features and reduced water bills.

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Unique And Smart Features

Toto is the name of smartness and reliability. Other than regular features, you should always expect something extraordinary from this toilet flushes brand. In this Toto G400 review, we have shortlisted some unique and exceptional features of this model. Have a look at them!

PreMist Technology

The PreMist technology is an advanced way to provide you with the most comfortable experience. The automatic PreMist sprays the bowl surface, making sure to keep it clean.


The ceramic glaze CeFiONtect works in combination with PreMist to reduce the cleaning issues of the toilet. It doesn’t allow waste to stick with the bowl surface and will resolve your issue of frequent cleaning the toilet flush.

Using this glaze and mist, you will need less harsh chemicals and water to clean the surface. Furthermore, the time required to clean is also reduced to much extent.


In the winter season, now you no longer have to sit on the cold toilet seat. Whenever you go to the toilet, you can immediately enjoy the warmth of a heated seat. From the remote, you can choose one of the temperatures out of five settings.

Going to the toilet in cold weather is no more a problem. Just set the temperature before and then enjoy your toilet session.

Automatic Air Deodorizer

Nothing is as annoying as the foul odor in the bathroom. Fortunately, this Toto G400 comes with an automatic deodorizer that hides the smell completely and leaves a fresh bathroom after every usage.

As you leave the bathroom, the deodorizer will automatically start working. It is basically an activated carbon filter that is hidden behind the air intake screen. You must clean the deodorizer on a monthly basis. Also, you might need to change the deodorizer after some time; its maximum life is six months.  

Automatic Dryer

A wet toilet welcomes bacteria and germs in it. Toto G400 washlet comes with an adjustable warm air-dryer that will dry your bathroom immediately after cleaning it.

Integrated Bidet

Another unique feature of Toto G400 is the integrated bidet that cleans you without even getting up. This product offers one of the fantastic bidet toilet combinations that deliver you excellent results. The bidet of this model is completely integrated with the model’s seat, so you should expect high effectiveness.

Pros and Cons of Toto G400


  • Beautiful and highly practical
  • Self-cleaning
  • Ensures hygiene
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Super convenient
  • Powerful flushing
  • Hands-free operation


  • Works with electricity
  • The outlet on the wall needed
  • Installing requires professional help

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Why We Particularly Picked Toto Washley G400 For Review?

g400 toto toilet with washlet

You must be thinking that we decided to give you Toto G400 washlet review, why not some other flushing toilet?

We picked this fantastic product after testing several factors. Here are some critical reasons for our selection:

Ease of cleanliness: Toto G400 is effortless to clean; most of its cleaning tasks are done automatically. You just need to be a bit conscious while selecting the desired cleaning type; the rest of all functions will be done by the Toto itself.

Efficient: It delivers the best performance in minimum time. Finding a more efficient toilet than this is challenging.

Comfortable: Style, performance, and functions come second to comfort. For some people, comfort is one of the most critical factors that they consider. We found this product highly comfortable, so we added this to our favorites.

Feature-Rich: You will get all the features in a single product. Even if you are going to use such an advanced toilet for the first time, it would still be super easy to use. Once you start using this toilet, there is no going back!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Toto Washlet G400 eco-friendly?

Yes, this washlet is entirely eco-friendly. As Toto G400 is WaterSense certified, so it uses less water. Its dual flush mechanism allows you to either utilize full or partial flush, as per your need. Moreover, the self-cleaning wand in it vanishes the need for toilet paper. These factors combine to make this toilet better for the environment, so you shouldn’t think twice before buying it.

Q: Do I need to buy something separately for installation?

Installation of this Toto G400 washlet requires some hardware, such as wax rings and floor bolts. This hardware doesn’t come along with the package. This is not something to worry about, as almost all the toilet flushes come without these bolts. You always have to buy them separately.

Q: How to Power Toto G400 Washlet Toilet?

The Toto G400 is powered by using an outlet. It comes with a power cord that you have to install fully first and then power your washlet.

Q: Do Toto G400 flushes automatically?

This toilet automatically flushes after every use. Before the lid closes, it will first flush and then will proceed next step. Even if you want to disable this automation feature, you can shift to manual flushing.

Q: Can I install a seat with a bidet of some other Toto model?

If your seat gets damaged, then you can ask for a replacement. However, you cannot install another model with a G400 bidet. Unlike regular toilets, you cannot do this random replacement.

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Final Verdict

The demand for the toilet is evergreen, you always need to go to the bathroom, so you should try to have as best products as possible. This Toto G400 review covers everything that will help you in making the right decision.

This washlet provides you hands-free operation, ensures excellent comfort, offers self-cleaning, and has a skirted design. All its exceptional features make it one of the most practical yet modern choices.

Invest once, and bring a completely new experience to your bathroom. Save on your water bill, give yourself a treat! Let us know about your thoughts regarding Toto G400 reviews!

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