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Finding a better toilet is a crucial task, and sometimes it may turn into a challenging job in your life. Which toilet can be the best on every side for you? Don’t you know the answer?

Don’t worry. Our unique market analysis team has found the most effective Toto brand’s toilet for you. Below you will find the Toto Entrada review about the five most valuable Toto Entrada toilets.

You will fall in love with all these five toilets after reading this Toto Entrada Toilet review.

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What Is Toto Entrada Toilet?

Toto Entrada is a toilet series that has different functionalities and features than the others. It is the series of the famous toilet company Toto. The Toto toilet is trendy in the toilet world.

Toto Entrada is a reliable series of Toto toilets. The series has all the modern and effective technology with its toilet. Therefore, people have believed in the toilet of Entrada version.

With the robust flushing functionalities, comfortable size and shape, good quality tank and bowl, and many more features, you will find them at a reasonable price.

In this Toto Entrada review, we discussed all these features thoroughly.

Why Should You Buy Toto Entrada Toilet?

With the essential and comfortable function, you will feel peace on the Toto Entrada toilet. It is suitable for everybody to get a comfortable toilet for them. According to everyone’s priority getting the best quality toilet is a hard job.


But, Toto Entrada makes this hard job easy. For home or commercial usage, the Toto Entrada will be at the top of the list. The design of the Entrada fulfils all kinds of people’s demands.

So, why don’t you buy the Toto Entrada toilet for extensive usage?

In this Toto Entrada toilet review, we discussed below 5 Toto Entrada toilets’ features in detail.

Buying Guide: What To Look For In A Toto Entrada Toilet?

Toilet’s Design

You must pick a particular design of the toilet. But sometimes people cannot understand which would be the best design for them.

According to the bathroom interiors and your choice, you can select a toilet. Generally, the toilet’s design depends on two different models. One-piece and Two-piece types are available for the toilet.

The one-piece toilet has attached functions of a tank and bowl. Therefore, they are not separately designed. 

The installation factor is a little bit easier than a two-piece.

Again, two-piece toilets have different tanks and bowls. That’s why people claim the installation process little bit complex and needs more prominent space.

Shape of The Bowl

According to the shape of the toilet bowl, the toilets are divided into two. One is elongated, and another is round. Both are pretty famous for their features.

The elongated shape maintains the extended bowl shape. That’s why the users get more space to sit. So for all kinds of people, it’s a good bowl shape.

Therefore, it needs small space, and the toilet is comparatively tiny. Thus, for RV and other vehicles, the bowl shape toilet is the best one.

Height Of The Toilet

The height of the toilet is an important feature. It maintains the comfort zone of the toilet.

However, the universal height of the toilet is very comfortable for all. You can use the height for everybody. That’s why universal height is popular. It is claimed that 15 inches are the average height of the sit is suitable for comfortable sitting.

Budget Toilet

You know that budget fixing is essential for everybody to buy anything. Besides, everyone has the limit and expectation too. So always fix the price according to the feature of the toilet.

In the Toto Entrada review, we discussed five toilets at a reasonable price.

Flush of The Toilet

Flushing functionality of the toilet is the vital thing. Therefore, you should be very conscious of choosing the toilet with a robust flushing system. Besides that, a lousy flushing system can make you suffer a lot.

Robust flushing systems like G-max, E-max, Tornado, Gravity, or others. You should also know the water consumption level of the toilet.


However, the toilet surface depends on the materials. Finding a smooth and sleek exterior with durable materials is a hard job. A smooth surface keeps the toile clean and hygiene.

A lubricious and glazy surface is required for the toilet. In addition, you can buy the Cefiontect toilet for a smooth surface.

Suppose you buy like these toilet then you can have an excellent quality toilet for you. Also, the durability, installation system are the main parts to choose from. You can select those parts according to your demands.

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Our Top 5 Picks Table

Product Name
Best Overall
Best Round Bowl
Best Two-piece Toilet
Best Universal Height
Best Cotton White

Top 5 Best Toto Entrada Toilets Review

TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Toilet

TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Toilet Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 15 inches.
  • Weight‎‎: 0.01 ounces.
  • Shape Of Toilet: Elongated.
  • Materials: Cotton.
  • Color Of Toilet: Cotton White.
  • Certification: ADA.
  • Method Of Installation: ‎Floor Mounted.

With an E-max flushing system, the TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Toilet is the best collection of the Entrada series. Are you a water-saving person? Then, you will love the model.

Only 1.28 GPF water is needed per flush. On the other hand, it is a powerful flushing system.

However, the design of the toilet is two-piece, and the elongated bowl gives the toilet extra space. Therefore, you will be happy that any person can use the toilet.

With the universal toilet height, Entrada is a good quality series. You will be amazed that the Toto is the brand of reliability. For comfortable sitting, you should buy the toilet.

Toto Entrada elongated toilet holds ample sitting space. But you will not have a seat in the toilet. The toilet has a chrome trip lever. For the robust flushing system, it has 3 inches valve.


  • With a glazy surface.
  • Powerful and quiet E-max flush.
  • With universal height.
  • 3 inches valve.
  • Elongated design.
  • It Increases 20% water saving.
  • Certification from various standards.


  • You don’t get a seat in the toilet.
  • Needs ample space for installation.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Toilet for its best universal sitting height and various compliant certifications.

In the Toto Entrada review, we discussed the advantages of the Toto brand. With 3 inches valve and lever of chrome trip, the toilet is the right one.

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TOTO Entrada CST243EF#01 Round Bowl Toilet

TOTO Entrada CST243EF#01 Round Bowl Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Toilet Dimensions: 26.4 x 14.3 x 30 inches.
  • Weight‎‎‎: 24.4 pounds.
  • Shape Of Toilet: Round.
  • Materials: Vitreous China.
  • Color Of Toilet: White.
  • Certification: ADA.
  • Method Of Installation: ‎Floor Mounted.

Do you want to easy cleaning a two-pieces home toilet? Then, TOTO Entrada CST243EF#01 Toilet is for you. With the round bowl and set of the tank, who won’t love it!

The style of the flush valve is 3 inches flapper style. You will get 12 inches rough-in with the toilet.

Here the toilet uses the E-max top-notch flushing system. It is powerful, and you will be amazed that the flush uses 1.28 GPF water. In addition, three inches valve makes the flush quiet and robust.

The toilet is ADA certified with other certifications for safety and hygiene. Besides that, the toilet has a universal height, which is why ADA approved the toilet.

ADA certifies the toilet for a handy capped person. No problem with the height and shape for any people.


  • With a sleek and smooth surface.
  • E-max flushing system.
  • With universal height.
  • 1.28 GPF water consumption.
  • Elongated design.
  • Floor mounted installation.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • With the certification from various organizations.
  • No seat is available for you.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Entrada CST243EF#01 Toiletfor certification from various organizations and societies. The top-notch toilet has a powerful and quiet flushing system for you.

With the floor-mounted installation method, the toilet is straightforward to install. 

One of the best Toto Entrada round toilets in the market. Moreover, the toilet is the best collection for physically challenged people.

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TOTO Entrada CST243EF#12 Two-Piece Toilet

TOTO Entrada CST243EF#12 Two-Piece Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Toilet Dimensions: 26.4 x 14.3 x 30 inches.
  • Weight‎‎: 0.01 ounces.
  • Certification: ADA.
  • Color Of Toilet: Sedona Beige.
  • Shape Of Toilet: Round.
  • Method Of Installation: ‎Floor Mounted.

TOTO Entrada CST243EF#12 Two-Piece Toilet is an excellent collection for the Toto Entrada. Internationally this toilet has a well-known recognition.

People love the universal height of the toilet. With ADA certification, the toilet has excellent comfort for the especial physical problem people.

You will find the full tank set with your toilet. The flapper style 3 inches flush valve helps you to get the vital flow of the flush. Though the flush is powerful, you will find a quiet environment in the toilet.

Perfect fitted rim size you will get find with the toilet. The rough-in size of the toilet is 12″. You don’t need to clean the toilet forcefully. It is an easy task for anybody.

Other Toto Toilet reviews do have not the detailed product discussion like us. So, you can rely on our discussion blindly.


  • With 12″ rough-in.
  • Powerful E-max flush.
  • Universal height.
  • 3″ flapper style flush valve.
  • With a two-piece round design.
  • Floor mounted installation.


  • No seat available with the toilet.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Entrada CST243EF#12 Two-Piece Toilet for the 3″ flush valve to get silent, strong water flow. The toilet has a 12″ rough-in for comfort pooping.

With its comfortable height, the toilet is the best collection for everybody. So, you can rely on this toilet for your home bathroom.

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TOTO CST244EF#12 Entrada Toilet

TOTO CST244EF#12 Entrada Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Toilet Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 30 inches.
  • Weight‎‎: 88 pounds.
  • Materials: Vitreous China.
  • Color Of Toilet: Sedona Beige.
  • Shape Of Toilet: Elongated.
  • Method Of Installation: ‎Floor Mounted.

Do you want to purchase the Sedona beige color toilet? Then, TOTO CST244EF#12 Entrada Toilet is for you. The E-max flushing method is with this Entrada toilet for easy cleaning.

The bowl size of the toilet is the elongated toilet. You know that the elongated shape has extended space for the bowl. With the two-piece design, you will get a complete set of the tank.

The water consumption of the toilet is 1.28 GPF water. Isn’t it cool! You can save lots of water to use the toilet. One flush is enough for any dirt.

You will not get the toilet seat with this Entrada model. Instead, you have to buy the seat separately. 

Universal height is for the comfortable sitting position.


  • Easy to clean.
  • 1.28 GPF water consumption.
  • With a glossy and glazy surface.
  • Very quiet and E-max solid flush.
  • With universal height.
  • Elongated bowl design.
  • One flush is enough.


  • Strictly follow the user manuals to install.
  • No seat with the toilet.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO CST244EF#12 Entrada Toilet for E-max water-saving flushing system and powerful water flow.

Besides that, you will get a universal height toilet. Moreover, the toilet has a smooth surface that helps to keep the toilet clean always.

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TOTO Entrada CST243EFR#01 Cotton White Toilet

TOTO Entrada CST243EFR#01 Cotton White Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Toilet Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 30 inches
  • Weight: ‎‎52 pounds.
  • Materials: Cotton.
  • Color Of Toilet: Cotton White.
  • Country Origin:‎ Japan.
  • Shape Of Toilet: ‎Round.

Do you love E-max flushing functioning toilets? Then, TOTO Entrada CST243EFR#01 Toiletcan be the best choice.

Toto Entrada always maintains the best qualities feature for their toilet. Our professionals always depend on the E-max flushing system with the 1.28 GPF water consumption.

However, the Entrada toilet is straightforward to clean. The surface is smooth to clean easily. You don’t need to clean the toilet regularly. The flushing system takes responsibility for the toilet cleaning every time.

For comfortable sitting, the toilet uses the universal height. Of course, everyone loves the universal height toilet.

Compliant from the CALGreen, WaterSense, CEC and ADA are making the toilet safer. However, you cannot get a seat in the toilet. You have to buy the seat separately.

With an easy installation process, this round toilet has a beautiful, attractive design. Anyone loves the creation of the toilet. The ergonomic design merges with any interior of the bathroom.


  • Super smooth surface.
  • Super-fast and E-max solid flush.
  • Ergonomic two-piece design.
  • Round bowl design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Simple to clean


  • No seat for you.
  • For the round bowl, the bowl size is small.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Entrada CST243EFR#01 Toilet for the best quality flush and the universal height. And the design and color of the toilet are beautiful and well-fitting.

Also, you will get the right-handed trip lever with the toilet. The white cotton toilet would be the best collection for the toilet.

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Opening the toilet seat

Q: Are Toto toilets made in the USA?

Answer: All the toilets of Toto are made in Toto’s Morrow, Georgia.

Q: Are Toto toilet seats universal?

Answer: Yes, Toto always keeps the toilets usable for everybody. That’s why they use the universal height for most of the toilet series. 

Q: What is the best Toto Entrada toilet?

Answer: According to our professional’s decision, the best Entrada toilet is TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Toilet.

Q: Is Toto a luxury brand?

Answer: The Toto brand makes luxurious toilets for the customers. It has some toilets that are expensive and luxurious. But at a reasonable budget price, Toto has mane toilet series that are luxurious.

Q: What is a bidet washlet?

Answer: It is a cross between a toilet and a shower. A bidet washlet is used for cleaning the nether regions of your body after using the toilet.

Final Verdict

Finally, you should choose the toilet for your bathroom from the discussed toilets above. In the Toto Entrada toilet review, we showed a thorough discussion about the Entrada different toilets. If you still don’t find the desired one, then don’t worry.

In other Toto Entrada reviews, you cannot find the professionals’ suggestions.

TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Toilet is the best toilet overall, according to our professionals. So, you can buy it if you cannot find one and stay safe.

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