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Are you searching for the perfect Toto Eco Drake toilet? Or do you need a detailed Toto Eco Drake toilet review that benefits you to make the right choice? Then, hang on for a couple of moments. You are in the right place. Here, you will get all the professionals analyses on the Toto Eco Drake toilet series.

Toto Eco Drake is a top-rated series in the world of the toilet. Every advanced and modern technology you will find in this series. In this Toto Eco Drake review, we tried our best to give you a precise scenario about Toto Eco Drake. So, please stay with us.

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Why Toto Eco Drake?

In this Toto Eco Drake reviewyou will have the most significant analysis of the Toto toilet. And this analysis will help you to why Toto is the best toilet brand. 

First of all, the best E-max flushing system with the jet spray. Cleaning is easy. After the flush, you rarely have to clean the toilet. Maintenance is very effortless. The powerful flushing system does all the work.

You can save your money to save wasting water. And as maintenance is effortless, that’s why you do not need to spend money on it.

If you want a healthy and hygienic sanitation system, then you should buy a Toto toilet. Furthermore, the price is reasonable. With the best technology and modern functionalities, the Toto toilet is top of the list.

Overall, Toto is a superior brand in the toilet world. So, if you want to choose the Toto series, follow our Eco Drake Toto toilet review.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Toto Eco Drake Toilets?

Any Toto Eco Drake review will not give you the buying guide of the toilet. We are giving our professionals a decision on the buying guide of Toto toilet.

Power Flushing

The most important part of the toilet is the flushing system. A powerful flushing system will give you a 100% clear toilet every time. Among all the systems you can rely on the E-max and Gravity flushing system. They are very powerful with jet spray.

Water-Saving Feature

Though the water cost depends on the flushing system, you can choose the feature. Tho least water cost by the flushing system is 1.28 GPF. It saves a huge amount of water. But on the other hand, it effectively cleans the dirt.

Bowl Size

Round bowls and elongated bowl sizes are very popular among people. They are the best in their way. Choose the right one as your demand and priority.

Size & Shape

According to your bathroom or where you want to install the toilet, choose the right size and shape for the toilet. Though all the Toto’s toilets are pretty much the same sized and perfect for the family bathroom.


Price is important to buy any kind of product. Don’t go for the cheap toilet. It will make you suffer. To fix the price according to your desirable toilet feature.

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Top 4 Toto Eco Drake Review

TOTO Eco Drake CST744EL#01 Elongated Toilet

TOTO Eco Drake CST744EL#01 Elongated Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions:28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches
  • Weight: 91 pounds.
  • Materials:Vitreous China.
  • Color:Cotton White.
  • Flushing System:E-max Flushing System.
  • Water Usage:1.28 GPF.
  • Toilet Seat:No.
  • Certification:WaterSense, CEC Compliant, CALGreen, ADA.

Are you searching for an E-max flushing system water-saving toilet for your bathroom? Then, you are in the right place. TOTO Eco Drake CST744EL#01 Elongated Toilet is the right choice for the E-max flush lover.

You will find the toilet is beautiful and well performed. No one can have any complaint against this masterpiece. With the traditional style, the toilet has a smooth surface. On this surface, nothing can stick to.

For any kind of stylish bathroom, the Toto Drake can fit for. For luxury and cleanliness, you will find a Washlet bidet seat. Very easy to clean the surface. The design of the toilet is ergonomic and attractive.


Strong Flushing System

With the flushing system of E-max, you don’t need to worry about the clean toilet. For every flush, you will get more and more clean toilets. But the exciting part is you do not need more than one flush generally for any kind of stubborn dirt.

Moreover, the flushing system uses only 1.28 GPF water. So, it saves lots of water to save you from extra money and as well as the environment. The increased flow of the flushing system is maintained by the siphon jet.

Siphon jet creates enormous power of water but silently. This water power forcefully cleans all the dirt quietly. So, no embarrassing moment or noise for the flush.

Elegant Look

Though the Toto Eco Drake is a traditional-looking toilet, the toilet prefers elegant customers. The concealed design of the toilet makes the easier cleaning for the user. With the sleek look, the ergonomic toilet improves the dirt cleaning process. The cotton white color makes the toilet beautiful and peaceful.

Universal Design

You know that the toilet can be a real problem for specific people. For the old and handicapped person, every height and size of the toilet can not be comfortable. But the Toto Eco Drake maintains the Universal height and shape. The toilet is certified by the ADA that means the Americans with Disabilities Act.


  • Universal height and shape.
  • Smooth and sleek surface.
  • With a powerful E-max flushing system.
  • Ergonomic and elegant looking.
  • Certified from various organizations.
  • Water-saving feature.
  • With the Washlet bidet seat.


  • Not for a small space.
  • Not for RV or vehicle.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Eco Drake CST744EL#01 Elongated Toilet for the best quality flushing system of E-max and jet spray. With the elongate shape, the toilet is universally acceptable.

With the various standard and certifications from the organizations, you will get the best quality SoftClose toilet seat. Moreover, the toilet is easy to clean and install.

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TOTO Drake CST744E#01 12 Inch Toilet

TOTO Drake CST744E#01 12 Inch Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches.
  • Weight: 19 pounds.
  • Materials: Vitreous China.
  • Color: Cotton White.
  • Flushing System: E-max Flushing System.
  • Water Usage: 1.28 GPF.
  • Toilet Seat: No.
  • Certification: WaterSense, CEC Compliant, CALGreen.

Do you want to buy a hassle-free best performance, Toto, toilet? Then it would help if you went for the TOTO Drake CST744E#01, 12 Inch Toilet. The toilet is the best performance toilet in the market. Who does not love the Toto Eco Drake series!

Like every Toto Eco Drake toilet, you will get the best quality flushing system: E-max flush. With the powerful jet spray, the flushing system gets lots of power to clean all the dirt. So no obstacle to having a happy pooping time.

So, why don’t you buy the best quality toilet for your bathroom? Go for the TOTO Drake CST744E#01, 12 Inch Toilet.


Elongated Universal Shape

The elongated shape Shapegives the toilet acceptance for everyone. You will be very comfortable sitting on it. And you know when you are pooping it is the best moment to feel the coziness.


You can blindly trust the Toto brand. They are famous on their line. People love their toilets because they produce various kinds of toilets for different demands and designs. If you are not liking any models or series, don’t worry you will get hundreds of different models.

Besides that the materials of the Toto are top-notch. You can use the toilet for a long time. So, feel free to buy.

Water Savings & Other Features

With the powerful E-max flushing system, you need only 1.28 GPF water. So, you can save money to prevent water waste. For elegant experiences, Toto builds ergonomic toilets.


  • Beautiful and ergonomic design.
  • With high-quality construction.
  • Simple and elegant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Saves water and money.
  • With universal height.
  • 12 in. rough-in and elongated bowl.


  • Strictly follow the user manuals.
  • Not ADA certified.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Drake CST744E#01, 12 Inch Toilet for the best quality cleaning system and E-max flush. Moreover, it is elegant looking and effective to water save.

And ata reasonable price, you will get the latest and coolest technology and smartness.

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TOTO Eco Drake CST743ER#01 Round Bowl Toilet

TOTO Eco Drake CST743ER#01 Round Bowl Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 26.38 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches.
  • Weight: 19 pounds.
  • Materials: Cotton.
  • Color: White.
  • Flushing System: E-max Flushing System.
  • Water Usage: 1.28 GPF.
  • Toilet Seat: Yes.
  • Certification: WaterSense.

Are you searching for the most innovative Toto Eco Drake toilet? Then, TOTO Eco Drake CST743ER#01 Round Bowl Toilet will fulfil your desire without any doubt. The white cotton toilet is a simple solution for a happy and hygienic toilet system.

The toilet is the premium version of a healthy environment with the round front bowl and the tank set. The robust flushing system keeps the toilet always clean. And you know good health depends on the sanitation system of the home.


Healthy & Hygienic

The Toto Eco Drake series has a strong jet spray flushing system. That produces the E-max flushing system. E-max flushing system ensures the hygienic cleaning of the toilet. So, your bathroom is free from the bad smell and bacteria.

Best Performance

For the customers’ satisfaction, Toto does not consider any kind of shortage. You will get 100% performance from the toilet. You will find innovative and smart technology in every part of the toilet. You don’t need to be worry to clean and maintenance of it.


The Toto Eco Drake is an ergonomic toilet for your home. With its stylish and advanced design, the toilet is very cost-effective. As with the Toto Drake toilet, you will not find another brand.


  • Ergonomic and stylish.
  • Cost-effective and water-saving.
  • With a comfortable seat.
  • With WaterSense certification.
  • Universal height.


  • Not ADA certified.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the TOTO Eco Drake CST743ER#01 Round Bowl Toilet for the ergonomic style. Moreover, the toilet is water savings and cost-effective. The powerful flushing system cleans all the dirt and keeps the toilet bacteria-free.

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Toto Eco Drake CST743E#01 Two-Piece Toilet

Toto Eco Drake CST743E#01 Two-Piece Toilet

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: ‎26.38 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches.
  • Weight: 19 pounds.
  • Materials: Vitreous China.
  • Color: White.
  • Flushing System: E-max Flushing System.
  • Water Usage: 1.28 GPF.
  • Toilet Seat: Yes.
  • Certification: Water Sense.

Toto Eco Drake CST743E#01 Two-Piece Toilet is a marvelous collection of smart toilets. Do you know, why do you buy this? Because you will get all the smart technology with it at a reasonable price.

The Toto toilet is the name of reliability and durability. You will get the pure material for the toilet. So, for the decades you can stay safe in your bathroom. You need a hygienic sanitation system in your bathroom. And Toto Eco Drake is that kind of toilet.


Amazing Flushing Functionalities

With the toilet, you will find the E-max flushing system. It is a strong flushing system with a water-saving factor. Only 1.28 GPF water is needed for the flush. With the siphonjet spray the toilet can create enormous power for a flush.

Advanced Feature

The advanced quality maintains the technology that helps 125% wider flush valve. A standard design is a key to attract customers. You will find the toilet is ergonomic and elegant.

Safe & Hygienic

The Toto Eco Drake series has a strong jet spray flushing system. That produces the E-max flushing system. E-max flushing system ensures the hygienic cleaning of the toilet. So, your bathroom is free from the bad smell and bacteria.


  • 125% wider flush valve.
  • Elegant and peaceful design.
  • Comfortable with a universal shape.
  • With a cozy seat.
  • E-max water-saving flushing system.
  • Need 1.28 GPF for every flush.


  • Not for the disabled person.
  • Strictly follow the user manuals to install.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the Toto Eco Drake CST743E#01 Two-Piece Toilet for the best and advanced features like ergonomic design. It is very effective and reliable for any kind of bathroom. Moreover the best collection for healthy sanitation.

Check the Best Price on Amazon


Q: Is Toto Drake a good toilet?

Answer: Yes, Toto is one of the best toilet brands in the world. They maintain their quality with high performance and high technological smartness.

Q: Who does make Drake toilets?

Answer: Toto makes the Drake version of the toilet. Toto Eco Drake is one of the best series in Toto creation.

Q: Is Toto toilet worth the money?

Answer: For the less maintenance and powerful flushing system you will get the best output from the Toto toilet. That’s why Toto is effective than any other toilet.

Q: Why is Toto the best toilet?

Answer: Toto is the best because of its flushing system and ergonomic design. Besides that ata reasonable price, you will get all the modern technology in it.

Q: How long should a Toto toilet last?

Answer: The Toto toilets last for 4-5 years. But if you do maintenance regularly it can survive for a decade.

Wrapping Up

Finally, after going through the Toto Eco Drake review, you should be able to choose a suitable toilet for your bathroom. If you still can not, then, according to the brief discussion on the Toto Toilet review, you can select the TOTO Eco Drake CST744EL#01 Elongated Toilet. It is the overall best toilet among the four.

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Toto Eco Drake Two-Piece Toilet, 1.28GPF | Assembly, Install and Review by Plumbing Explained

Video Transcript

what’s up guys it’s kurtz what’s up guys it’s chris you’re watching plumbing explained and today we’re going to be installing and reviewing one of my favorite actually scratch that my favorite two-piece toilet on the market the toto eco drake the 1.28 gallons per flush eco drake ada height is the one we’re going to be installing today but the eco drake is the eco drake it doesn’t matter the height it’s just the best toilet on the market for the price like almost all two-piece toilets on the market today toto eco drakes require a tank to bull gasket tankable bolts and gaskets and these are supplied by toto in the kit that comes inside of your tank so this is pretty much my uh standard operating procedure for installing all two two-piece toilets i will remove the bowl first set it on top of a piece of cardboard cut another piece of cardboard set it on top of the bowl then i will unbox the tank and set the tank on top of the cardboard that’s sitting on top of the bowl now one thing i highly recommend doing before you bolt the tank to the bowl is check to make sure that your flush valve is tight and you can also while you have it up sitting like this make sure that your fill valve is tight while you’re at it although the fill valve can be tightened afterwards the flush valve is much harder to get to once the tank has been tightened to the bowl you’ll actually have to remove the tank to tighten that flush valve if it is in fact a little loose and does leak and that will only be exposed once you flush the toilet so you’re better off just taking this extra step here and making sure that your flush valve is is tight you can do that with a large pair of channel locks or like i’m gonna do here with the oil filter wrench that i keep on my tool bag this oil filter wrench comes in crazy handy for so many different things if you’re a plumber or handyman out there you should definitely consider putting one of these oil filter wrenches on your tool bag or on your truck and while we’re waiting for me to return with that oil filter wrench if you could do me a huge favor make sure that you go down and subscribe to the channel it’s completely free definitely do not try and tighten it this direction that would be loosening it you want to go ahead and make sure that the flush valve is completely tight that direction you should get no turns out of it and it should stay real solid it typically has a marking when it comes from the factory there will be like a two lines that line up this one didn’t have it maybe they don’t do it anymore but uh that’s typical of toto they normally have a marking that lines up and that’s how you know it’s tight you’re gonna take your tank to bowl gasket that comes in the little kit and you’re gonna slide that around the flush valve base there it should line up there’s like maybe a little mini gap between that and the porcelain that will seal up once the tank is bolted down to the bowl so here’s the rest of the tank to bowl kit you’ve got two bolts two rubber washers four metal washers and four bolt nuts so you’ll take your rubber or nylon washer you will slide it up underneath the bolt and then you will take that bolt and slide it through the hole in the tank you don’t want to put so you should have bolt rubber washer that’s it when it comes through here you’ll put a metal washer on and a nut you will tighten the nut down the nut and middle washer down to the tank you can use a flat head screwdriver to make sure that the bolt doesn’t move i normally just stick my finger there and stop it from moving and then after you get a little bite on it it you get it tight enough where uh you don’t need it you shouldn’t really need a flat head um you should be able to get it tight enough without really needing a flat head just putting your hand down in there and holding it but i mean if you want to use a flathead and use a flathead might be easier for some of you i don’t know i have plumber’s hands so you know i’ve got callus and little strengths in my fingers if you don’t you might want to just use a flathead screwdriver that’s totally fine here’s an example of how toto is just better than other manufacturers they just do things right like the double bolting of the tank to bull bolts having being able to bolt the bolts to the tank before mounting the tank to the bowl it’s just an example of how they care about the longevity of their toilets and want to make sure that they’re installed properly and they’re going to last you know with toto you do pay a little bit more than some of the other manufacturers but you really do just get a higher quality product the entire inside of the bowl is santa glossed so that means all the way in through the p-trap is all completely santa claus so it’s all that glossy material all through it’s not like that rough uh concrete-ish finish that you see there on the bottom of the tank that’s how most toilets are all the way through and they’ve got like weird like stalagmites sometimes you know things that happen in manufacturing that just are unseen toto has really good quality control i mean i’ve just always been crazy impressed with toto my entire time plumbing even before i became out went out on my own and uh you know was selling the product to the customer i i was always just felt so comfortable um installing toto and you know putting those in for our customers when i was an apprentice they’ve i’ve just been working with toto forever and i just the product and the brand is so far above anything else you will get uh for anything similar in price to me if you can afford it it doesn’t make any sense to go any other direction than toto especially with their one-piece models but the drake is without a doubt the most superior two-piece toilet uh in its class i mean i just don’t see anything that really competes with it i know they show totos i mean uh american standards and stuff like that that’ll flush golf balls but my question is yeah the toilet will flush golf balls and whatnot but it doesn’t put enough water out to move those golf balls down the sewer system so i mean in reality you’re kind of doing yourself an injustice by putting a toilet in that’ll flush stuff that’s just going to get clogged in your sewer system and cause your sewer system problem so here we are we’re going to be bolting the tank to the bowl which this is a really crucial process a lot of guys kind of get sketched out about this part i mean i’ve replaced a lot of crack tanks from guys that over tighten the biggest thing that i the biggest piece of advice i guess i could give you especially when working with totos but really any two-piece toilet is look on the bowl where the tank mounts you’ll always see there’s like these these bumps okay now you want to kind of pressure the tank forward a little bit not too much but a little bit and then tighten each side little by little tighten each side little by little by while keeping a little bit of pressure forward like towards you on the tank and once it seats down on the back or once it seats down on the front you release that pressure because there will be two little lumps on the front of the tank where the tank is meant to sit too i’m going to show you that in a second here but once the the front mounts and seat once the front seats up the back will seat up real easy so you let off the tension that you have on the front and uh just let it go and tighten it down a little bit more and as you will see the gap will close and this is just normal on the drake there’s always a slight little more gap on the back side on the side with the flush valve than there is on the opposite side i’m not sure the real reasoning behind that uh something about manufacturing causes this it doesn’t show up front but there’s always a slight gap on the side with the fill valve a little more gap than there is on the other side it’s showing a little much here because of the angle of the camera but uh yeah there will always be a slight more gap on the side with the flush valve i mean field valve i’m sorry excuse me so you always want to make sure that you don’t over tighten the tank uh to the bowl it’s definitely very important um but you always want to make sure that the tank is very solid you don’t want really any play on your tank so after i’m done tightening it always kind of give it a little wiggle you know don’t put any real muscle into it but you should not be able to get any real movement out of your tank now if you’re putting muscle into it you’ll probably get movement out of it no matter how tight it is but um if you’re just checking to make sure your tank is tight you want to make sure it’s sitting on those two lumps up front the lump and back and um you want to give it a little wiggle make sure that it’s nice and tight there’s no you’re not hearing the porcelain kind of tap on each other it should be seated down onto itself so when i got to this call i noticed that the angle stop would not shut down it was a quarter turn angle stop and with quarter turn angle stops if it won’t shut off real easily do not try and force it to shut off it’s very likely the handle will break off or you will cause some sort of problem i mean that’s fairly common with any angle stop that won’t shut off easily don’t try and force it but specifically with quarter turn angle stops so anytime you are encountering an angle stop that won’t shut off i highly recommend you go and shut the water off to the home or building if you have to let your neighbors know you had to shut the water down for an emergency and change that angle stop as quick as possible i’ve got a few videos on how to change angle stops so you can check out my videos they’re great videos on how to change angle stops they make it really easy for you and i explain every step of the way [Music] now if you follow my channel you know i highly recommend always replacing the closet bolts and always using two wax rings whenever setting a toilet it’s just gonna ensure that everything goes good for you it’s gonna make sure that you get a good seal it’s not gonna blow out when you plunge it and replacing the closet bolts is just a must even if you only use one wax ring you absolutely must replace the closet bolts every time you pull a toilet every single time and please bolt those closet bolts to the closet flange don’t just leave them dangling there or use that little plastic thing please do it right and bolt them to the flange think of the next guy so now we’re on to the next step which is gonna be bolting the toilet to the flange or the floor i mean it’s basically bolting it to the flange but it’s mounted on top of the floor so you’re gonna take these little plastic things these little round plastic things for the bowl caps they and you’re gonna flip it to the side that says this side up and you’re gonna set that side up i’m about to show you what those little plastic things look like right now they’re little clear plastic round things and one side says this side up and sometimes it’s good to maybe feel in there and make sure that’s the side that it’s actually printed on that’s the side that’s meant to be this side up because if it’s the wrong side the clock the ball cap will not snap onto it and if you’ve already had to cut your closet bolt possibly damaging the threads it can just be a headache so make sure that you get the ball cap covers on properly the side that says this side up needs to be facing up and i know that sounds super basic and simple can’t tell you how many times i’ve had to go out and correct this so you’ll put your ball cap cover down then you will put your metal washer and then your closet bolt nut and you will tighten the closet bolt nut down which will tighten the toilet down to the floor and the flange what i always like to do after i’ve got my closet bolts uh tighten um and you don’t have to tighten these like you know like you did the tank you can tighten one side and then the other it’s not it won’t really make a difference after i do this i’ll make sure that the bowl is nice and tight to the floor i’m not getting any rocking out of it i shouldn’t get really any movement at all i like to press up on the front of the bowl too after tightening up the supply line of course but uh then i like to tight i like to you know grab both sides the little wings there i grab them and i try and rock the toilet and then i will grab onto the front of the bowl and push down to make sure that you know kind of simulating like somebody sitting down on the front there to make sure that it’s good front to back and this one was a little loose so i had to apply a shim which you see right there and i highly recommend staying away from the plastic shims i know you probably think the plastic means more sturdy it’s really just going to be more of a pain in the butt when it comes to having to cut it down so what i like to do is i take my rubber shim and i i wedge it in the area that requires a shim and then i kind of lift up a little bit on the front of the toilet there or whatever side needs the shim typically it’s the front right there i lift up a little bit you know put a little little tiny bit of muscle into it and i wedge that shim in a little bit more and then i’ll take a razor blade and cut that shim back so you can’t see it and it will hide it with some silicone caulk did you just hear that flush though i mean that to me is one of the most attractive things about the toto toilets is their flushing power the fact that they don’t do the little swirl and drop a little trickle down the side and go or fill up like it’s clogged and drop the total toilets drop i mean it’s a nice satisfying sound the sound of that toto flush am i right and what provides us with that very satisfying sounding flush is the insides of the toto toilet the three inch ultra wide flush valve the corky quiet fill fill valve which feels ultra fast but is extremely quiet even the guys at fluid master will tell you the quirky quiet fill is quieter than any product they make i’ve actually had conversations with guys over there at fluid master about how they’re trying to catch up to the quirky quiet phil phil valves so like i said you just get a very high quality product with toto they make all kinds of different toilets from the entrada to the drake to the supremes to the ultra maxes to the top hats i mean they’ve got five thousand dollar toilets toto’s got everything and you won’t be disappointed with any of their product i i can guarantee you that um i put my name behind toto they don’t pay me anything i don’t know anybody at toto but i just have always recommended them i’ve always been very satisfied with their product and i stand behind them all right so that’s how you assemble and install the two-piece toto eco drake i also gave you guys my review on the eco drake and toto as a company i hope you guys liked the video if you did make sure that you’re subscribed if you want to see more content like this or just stay up to date with the channel ring the bell leave a comment

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