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Toilets are the part of the home that should be clean, robust, and should have a quick flushing system. That’s why you should be well aware of the best toilets to set in your bathrooms. I am coming up with a comparison of the two best toilets Toto Drake vs Drake 2, to ease your selection.

When it comes to comparing Toto Drake vs Drake 2 then, it becomes difficult for the buyers to select the best one. Both of the toilets have the best performance and sturdy construction. But in this article, I will tell you which one is better to set in your homes with convenient use.

Let’s check out the challenging features of Toto Drake vs Drake 2 to choose the most advanced and easy-to-use toilet.

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Quick Comparison Table

Toto Drake
Toto Drake 2
Style Of Toilets
Bowl Shape
Cotton White
Cotton White
Vitreous China
Vitreous China
33.9 Pounds
94 Pounds
Flush Rating
1.6 Gallons per Flush
1.28 Gallons per Flush
Flush Type
Power Flush
Gravity Flush
28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches
28.75 x 16.5 x 29.44 inches

Comparison of Toto Drake vs Drake 2

It is not easy to say which one is best compared to Toto drake 2 vs Toto drake. That’s why I have made a list to compare the premium features of both the toilets. This comparison will compare the construction, performance, flushing system, water usage, tank seat, and ease of use.

So, without any delay, let’s start with it.

Durable Construction

Are you searching for a toilet that has long-term use? Of course, it would be a Yes! Here, both the toilets have robust construction to be used for a long time. Its surface will not damage over time to provide you with a clean toilet. Both toilets have a Sanagloss finish to ensure the shine of the whole toilet.

Due to this shiny finish, the color of the toilet will not fade. There would be no marks r stains on the surface of the toilet due to its Sanagloss finish. The size of the Toto Drake is 28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches on the flip side, the Drake 2 has a size of 28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4 Inches.

It indicates that the size of the Drake 2 is bigger in comparison to Toto Drake.

Moreover, both the toilets have indestructible material used in their construction. But Drake 2 has the most durable construction of the other toilet. In the case of durable construction, Drake 2 will win to give you long-term use.

Flushing System

Furthermore, I am tending towards its flushing system to ensure the complete cleanliness of the toilet. Flushing the toilet must be quick and not noisy; otherwise, it will put you under stress with the stains remaining flush. Therefore, you should pick up the toilet with the best flushing system.

Here, I am talking about the flushing system of Toto drake 1 vs 2 to figure out the one that has an accurate flushing system. Toto Drake 1 has a G-max flushing system with a 1000 MaP flush score to prevent clogging. This system flushes the water forcefully and quickly into the bowl without creating any noise.

On the flip side, the Drake 2 has a Double Cyclone Tornado technology flush system to flush the excretions with a cyclone effect and flush score of 800MaP. There would be no delay in getting rid of the bad smell. When the flush is quick, then the risk of clogging will be the least.

The flush system of both the toilets is best, but of course, there would be something hidden to select the one.

That is the advanced double cyclone flush system of the Drake 2 toilet. Hence, Drake 2 is best for its flushing system when comparing Toto drake vs drake 2.

Water Usage

The next thing that you have to check is the usage of the water. The toilet that uses less quantity of water is best for home use. It will forcefully flush but use less water to save the water in your home tanks.

Here, the water usage of Toto drake 1 vs drake 2 one uses water without any care and that is Drake 1. This toilet uses a 1.6 GPF water quantity to flush and is not good to save water. But the Drake 2 toilet saves 20% of water using 1.28 GPF to clean the toilet within a short time.

The Drake 2 will be the best choice to use less water to reduce your water bills but provides accurate cleaning. Here, the Drake 2 toilet is again entitled as the best toilet to save water to 20% in Toto drake vs drake 2.

Easy to Clean

It is always an irritating thing to clean the toilets. When the toilets are clogging, it becomes most horrible, like jumping into strange debris. But when you have one of these toilets, it would be easy to keep them clean due to their Sanagloss finish because this finishing resists the clogging to provide you with a clean toilet to be used for the next time.

You don’t have to use any steel wool or abrasive chemicals to clean them to damage their finishing layer. With robust construction and firm finishing, the Drake 1 is easy to clean in contrast with the Drake 2. Drake 2 doesn’t have any rim that’s why it is not easy to clean this toilet.

TOTO Drake Two-Piece Elongated 1.6 GPF Toilet

TOTO Drake CST744S#01 Toilet

To inculcate the difference between the drake 2 vs drake Toto premium features, I am mentioning their features individually. This toilet has several benefits that are exceptional than other toilets. So, let’s have a look at them.

Indestructible Build

The toilet build is notable on the prime note because there are different weights of the users who use your toilets. That’s why it must be indestructible to endure the weight and ensure durability. In this regard, the Toto Drake toilet will assist you with comfort.

This toilet has sturdy construction with a bright color to enhance the clean look of your toilet. With a high-profile design, this toilet has a Sanagloss finish to provide you shiny toilet. This robust construction will not let your toilet clog easily. It would be easy to clean the toilet also to resist any bad environment in the bathroom.

Water Consumption

Moreover, the water consumption of the toilet is also important to note. If the toilet is using too much water, then it would be heavy on your water bills. But this toilet uses only 1.6 GPF water to flush the excreta quickly.

With enough use of water, this toilet will be easy to use with forceful pressure to clean the whole tank seat of the toilet. Also, it would not be a load on your water bills to break your budget.

G Max Flushing System

The flushing system of this toilet is a G Max flushing system to flush in the toilets quickly. With a flush score of 1000 MaP, this toilet will be easy to clean without any wastage of water. There are 3 inches bidet valves to enhance the water pressure in the toilet for quick flushing.

This toilet is best for both home and office use with this comfortable flushing system, the toilet Toto drake vs drake 2. The reason is its powerful flushing and 3 inches bidet valve to prevent clogging in the edges and sides of the toilet.

Siphon Jet

Moreover, a siphon jet is present in the G Max flushing system of this toilet to pour the water in the bowl with the pressure. This jet increases the flow of water in the bowl and exerts pressure on the walls of the toilet.

This forceful flushing will be beneficial for proper cleaning of the toilet after every use.

This flushing system with this appropriate siphon jet will not let anything clog the toilets. Also, you don’t need to use any detergents and wools of different materials to clean this toilet.

Efficient Performance

This toilet has a comfortable area to sit with robust construction and an accurate size of 28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches. Also, the design of this Drake toilet is luxurious and high profile with a comfortable sitting area.

Moreover, it has a powerful flushing system to let the water flush the trash quickly down to the bowl. The water pressure will be enhanced with its siphon jet and bidet valves to prevent clogging.

With its two durable pieces, this toilet is easy to use, robust, easy to clean and has a forceful flushing system. It will not produce any noise or any hindrance while flushing out with forceful pressure.


Another reason to pick up this toilet is its affordable price. Without spending a lot of hard money, you can procure this toilet at a reasonable price to complete the construction of your bathrooms.

At a budget-friendly price, this toilet is bolting with so many benefits that I have mentioned in the above description.


  • Robust construction to ensure its long term use
  • A Sanagloss finish for the elegant shiny look
  • Exclusive design with an accurate size
  • Powerful flushing system
  • Budget-friendly product


  • No seat available above the bowl

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TOTO Drake 2 Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet


On the flip side, this Drake 2 toilet is no less than in comparison with the other toilets. Especially when you are confused between the selection of Toto drake 1 or 2. Instead of waiting for any other product, let’s check out the features of this toilet with what features it is entertaining its customers?

Below, I am going to specify its significant attributes.

Robust Construction

At the very first, this product has more sturdy construction when it becomes a challenging feature of Toto drake or drake II. This toilet ensures durability with its quality construction to ensure the prolonged maneuver of this sturdy toilet.

With an accurate size of 28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4 Inches, this Drake 1 toilet is entertaining the users with a comfortable sitting posture due to its enough area. Moreover, it has some advanced materials used in its manufacturing along with a shiny outlook. With a Sanagloss high-profile look, this toilet looks amazing to fit in your home.

Double Cyclone Technology

Besides, this toilet has advanced technology to flush the water in the bowl of the toilet. Yes, it sounds funny that there is a bowl in the toilets.

This toilet has advanced double cyclone technology to flush the excreta to the toilet to clean this bowl area. With a flush score of 800 MaP, this advanced toilet is preferable to the Toto Drake toilet with its cyclone flushing system.

This is easy for the users to use and clean the toilet with forceful water pressure.

This toilet has a wonderful feature that’s why it has certification by the Water Sense ADA.  This powerful flushing is the unique attribute of this toilet that is heavy on all the other powerful toilets.

Water-Saving Capacity

Apart from the structuring and design, the toilet’s water consumption must be appropriate to ease you while paying your water bills. Along with a powerful and advanced flushing system, this toilet has amazing features to save water consumption to 20%.

With a 1.28 GPF water use, this toilet is easy to use with less use of water. You don’t need to bother to flush extra water to eliminate the bad smell and prevent clogging. There would be less water use while cleaning the toilet but enough cyclone pressure to expel water to clean the toilet.

Advanced Toilet

Moreover, this toilet has a wonderful performance along with an indestructible construction. It has exceptional construction when compared with Toto drake 1 vs drake 2. It is not easy to clog the toilet due to its classic finish.

The performance of this toilet is astonishing with its incredible flushing system. Without leaving any marks or stains in the bowl, this pressure will clean the bowl properly. Also, it saves water consumption of the homes.

Due to forceful pressure, the consumption of the water is low. And due to less consumption of the water, this toilet is best for home use. Due to its advanced use, it is good for home use but not best for commercial use.


  • Indestructible manufacturing with a sparkling finish
  • Wonderful flushing system with an accurate flush score
  • Consumes less water to drain the toilet
  • Easy to use with its advanced features
  • Available in different colors to decorate your bathroom


  • Not easy to clean due to the absence of the upper rim of the bowl
  • A bit out of budget

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Difference between Toto Drake and Drake 2

Both the toilets Toto drake 2 vs drake is best for their use and construction. But still, there are some technical differences in these toilets to note down. After figuring out these differences, you can select the best one.

So, let’s scroll down to check out their differences.

  • The construction of the Drake 2 is stronger than the manufacturing of the Toto Drake.
  • The Drake 1 uses more water than the Drake 2 with more flush score. The Drake 2 saves 20% water for your homes with its advanced features, but Drake 1 cannot save water content.
  • The flush system of Drake 1 G max with its powerful siphon jet to flush water forcefully. On the flip side, the Drake 2 has Double Cyclone Technology to flush with less water content.
  • There is only one option of color to choose from in the variety of the Drake 1, but Drake 2 is bolting in 4 different colors.
  • If I talk about budget, the Drake 1 is easy to afford, but Drake 2 is a little bit expensive.
  • Toto drake 2 vs Toto drake, Drake one is easy to clean because there is no rim before the bowl in the Drake 2.

Similarities between Toto Drake and Drake 2

There are several differences in both toilets, but there are some similarities in these incredible products. Let’s read out what is similar in Toto drake 1 vs drake 2.

  • Both the toilets have a Sanagloss finish to provide resistance to clogging.
  • You have to take care of using steel wool or toxic chemicals to clean the toilets. If you use this sort of thing to clean the toilet, the shiny finish will damage, and the risk of clogging will increase.
  • Both the toilets don’t have any seats in the bowl.



After providing you with a brief review of Toto drake vs drake 2, now it’s time to figure out the best one. With the entire possible attributes, Drake 2 toilet is better than the Toto Drake toilet.

The reason behind this conclusion is the robustness of the Drake 2 and its powerful advanced performance with the 20% saving of water.

I hope you have liked the article, so please drop your valuable feedback below. Thank you!

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Bathroom Basics: How To Pick The Best Toto Drake Toilet In 2020

Video Transcript

Welcome back with ma delights to another exciting episode of remodel media in today’s episode we are going to be covering Drake’s no not Drake Mallard aka darkwing duck which is probably one of the most underrated cartoons of the 90s no not the singer either no we are going to be talking about the toto Drake toilet now the turtle Drake toilet comes in a lot of different varieties now and a lot of different options and it’s important for you to know the difference before you make your purchase so here we go [Music] so I’m going to be going through a lot of different features today and if you get confused about any of the features that I talked about then you should probably jump over to this episode right here where I talk a little bit more about the different features and benefits of different toilets it’s called how to pick the best toilet in 2019 it’s probably the most popular video on my channel with over 10,000 views so it’s worth a look to get yourself updated on terminology that I’m going to be using I’ll still try and keep it pretty simple though so the first one is the todo Drake the original this is the one that I have in my front bathroom that it works just fine it’s got rim Jets around the edge that push the waist down it’s got a siphon jet in the bottom that push that pulls the waste out and it’s got an oversized fully glazed trap all the way through now nothing too wrong with it there are some better more updated designs both cosmetically and feature centric that you’re going to want to pay attention to here the original Drake was available in round front elongated 10-inch rough which is means the drain is 10 inches from the edge of the wall to the center of the drain or 12 inch rough the next upgrade comes in the form of the Drake – which is available in 1.28 gallons per flush or 1.0 now the 1.0 uses a unique piston type design it’s been out now for probably over five years and if you want sir a testament to quality as far as holding up to water hardness most toilets with flappers at least in California the flapper needs to be replaced every year to two years that’s pretty typical the Tonno piston with that seal that they have on it I have yet to sell a replacement for that I reached out to my local rep recently to find out pricing on it just in case and he said honestly I have to look it up I don’t know I’ve never had anybody call for it so not to say that it’ll never need to be replaced eventually it will be but it seems to last a lot longer than your typical flapper type toilets so the toto Drake 21.0 is what I have I put in my parents house and it seems to be working just fine the toto Drake – 1.28 I have in my front bathroom because I bought it before one point out came out and it also seems to be working just fine the key difference here both models are available elongated round 12 inch and 10 inch rough and they come standard now at Universal height it’s not an upgrade any more Universal height means it’s 17 inches – the seat the biggest difference between the original Drake and the Drake – is the positioning of the jet which I covered in a previous video when I talked about the upgrade from Emax to tornado flush I love how clean that bowl gets and how easy it is to keep clean that’s the reason I put it in my master it’s the lowest maintenance toilet that at that point I had ever come across one of the more recent Drake’s to hit the market is a Toto Drake dual-flush now this one uses a dual max tornado flush now it has all the features of that bulk flush but you can actually go between 1.28 or point eight gallons per flush which is kind of an important detail now here are my straight thoughts on dual flush as a general rule I am NOT a fan of dual flush for a couple of reasons number one most dual flush toilets have the push button system and I don’t like that I don’t like the fact that it’s just something about sticking my fingers in a hole it’s not I’m sorry it’s not appealing to me when it comes to you know flushing my toilet that way that’s a personal preference you might not care and that’s okay there’s something for everybody out there the second reason I have a problem with dual flush is when it comes to guests my guests don’t know you know if you push one button push two buttons or if you push what happens most of the time is people just push both buttons and it doesn’t really save any water at that point even though it is fairly intuitive big button for big jobs a little button for little jobs so the Drake with the lever flush where you pull it forward for one flush you push it backwards for another is an interesting development but I suspect the same problem would occur you are the only one who’s going to know if you’re the only one of your friends that owns that toilet which way to push the lever and you really don’t want to give your friends potty training lessons when they come over and they want to use your bathroom so you know it’s a it’s a catch-22 now the toilet I I mentioned in a previous video that I would wait to give you my opinion on the actual toilet until I had seen it install installed on several projects and got some feedback from some customers I’ve gotten that feedback everything seems to be in order people love it it is a great toilet it works just as well as the drake 1.0 or the drake 1.28 2 tornado flush toilet and remember what i said being that it uses that piston flush the flapper piece or the the rubber seal is going to last a lot longer I want to give this subscribe to shout out to quirk market for actually asking that question so hope this answers your question on that toilet now we’re going to talk a little bit about some cosmetics the original Drake was available in one basic design with a few different variations elongated round etc 10 inch 12 inch but that was it in the new series of Drake’s that are coming out that came out in 2019 rolling into 2020 there’s two key features I want you to look for in the models that you’re selecting feature number one is the concealed trap way now if you’ll remember we did talk in a previous video about skirted toilets skirted toilets are finished on the side all the way to the wall and they you don’t see that trap a concealed trap way is not quite skirted but when that toilet goes in instead of seeing that trap it is actually flush all the way to the wall just more narrow so that can be a cleaner look easier to keep clean that kind of thing so that’s something I want you to pay attention to the other key feature is the new transitional design on the Drake so probably cosmetically the biggest problem in a remodel scenario with the toto Drake is the fact that let’s face it it’s plain its simple looking some might even say kind of contemporary so if you’re doing a ranch-style home or you want something with a little bit of a traditional Flair something just a little more interesting than just a a toilet because let’s face it if you’re doing a remodel you’re spending you know ten thousand twenty thousand whatever and at the end of it you want to be happy with everything you want it all to come together cohesively and to look right the new transitional design is available on the dual flush toilets as well as the traditional lever flush toilets so Clark bar kid if you’re looking for a toilet that does not have a flapper but has the most advanced flush then you I want you to look specifically at the Drake 21.0 models or the Drake dual flush models either one are going to meet all the criteria you left in that comment so guys and gals ladies and gentlemen I hope this has helped you if you have any other questions please keep them coming I love answering questions and I love helping people out so you can reach out to me on Facebook Twitter Instagram pretty much any social media I’m on there as remodel media make sure you click here for more videos you click here to subscribe so you never miss an episode and as always I will see you in the next one

Toto Drake II flush

Perfect! Toto Drake Elongated Toilet, CST744S#1

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