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Toto’s Washlet series is among the best flush toilets in the market, due to its cool features and top technology. Toto’s high-end toilet designs often include skirts. Many of Toto’s toilets are outstanding, including Toto Legato and Toto Aimes.

There is almost no difference when we talking about Toto Aimes vs Legato. You may be run out of money if you buy an expensive toilet like the Neorest AH Dual Flush.

The toilets made by Toto are of proven quality at competitive prices. These toilets have some excellent characteristics, are made from high-quality materials, and are made to last. Over the last few years, bathrooms have become increasingly popular.

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Quick Comparison Table

Toto Aimes
Toto Legato
Toilet Type
28.44 x 17.31 x 27.94 inches
28.5 x 17.25 x 28 inches
119 pounds
85 pounds
1 Year
1 Year

TOTO MS626124CEFG#01 Aimes Elongated One-Piece Toilet

TOTO MS626124CEFG#01 Aimes Elongated One-Piece Toilet

In addition to an attractive appearance and reliable flushing, this toilet offers a very comfortable seat. With a functionally modern design, Toto Aimes transforms how you think about the most popular home appliance.

The top item in the toilet’s long list of features is the Tornado Flushing System.

The Toto Aimes one-piece toilet is in the medium-priced line and looks like a high-end toilet. The beautiful looks of the Aimes include many advanced features, which are presently not available in bathrooms at similar prices.

Design of Toilet

The design stands out over other toilets from Toto Aimes. Aimes begins with a skirted design in high-end bathrooms. The Aimes is very thin and has a precise geometrical form that gives an appealing, smooth appearance. This technique disguises the trap while doing cleaning and maintaining the Aimes easier.

No Scratch Marks Need

The barrier prevents solid waste from clinging to the sides of the bowl. Under-sticking means that Aimes stays cleaner between frequent washing and harsh chemical cleaners are less needed.

The Aimes contains a Soft Close seat and a steadily reduced deck without slamming with stainless steel hinges.

The left side trip height in brushed or polished nickel or chrome finish complements the toilet’s lovely design.

The Shape of the Bowl

The elongated shape of the bowl is one of the most popular elements of any toilet. An extended form offers optimal comfort for the user.

Long bowl forms are on the American Disability Act compliance list (ADA). Doctors and healthcare professionals propose an extended bowl-style for disabled persons, back difficulties, and older people.

Design of the Flushing System

With its Tornado Flushing System, the Toto Aimes toilet provides a forceful flush. Tornado Flushing provides a centrifugal power with strong nozzles, which use cyclonic flush rinsing.

The cyclonic flushing lowers solid waste accumulation between scrubbings in the bowl for cleaning toilets.

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  • With its completely concealed trap way, the design is modern and elegant.
  • A variety of colors are available.
  • Flushing Tornado System.
  • There is no design rim hole.
  • Single-lift flushing.
  • Water saved by 1.28 GPF
  • A quiet operation.
  • Conforms to EPO and federal standards.
  • Dressed-up bowl.


  • More expensive than other alternatives.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • It cannot be used in small children’s rooms.

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Toto MS624214CEFG#01 Legato One-Piece Elongated Toilet

Toto MS624214CEFG#01 Legato One-Piece Elongated Toilet

These stainless-steel Toto Legato toilets come in a modular design. Additionally, the bowl has been lengthened and is adjustable for various heights to improve user comfort.

As well as the tornado flush, Legato has a robust and effective waste clearing system.

Therefore, legato is a worthwhile alternative for money. Bathrooms with this product have an outstanding appearance.

Its single-piece construction, free of mold, germs, and other contaminants, provides one of its most significant advantages. The dual-cyclone flushing mechanism, which efficiently removes waste, is incredibly efficient as well. A chrome ADA-compliant lever is provided on the reachable side of the toilet, which is distinctive and easy to use.

Toto Legato also offers a toilet seat that is universally sized and height-adjustable.


This trap has a striking design thanks to its joint construction. It has a modern touch. Here, users can choose from cotton, colonial, beige, and bone bathroom designs. If you want something with a higher bowl, it may be just what you’re looking for.

The manufacturer explains that it’s a universal height, so it’s a little taller than typical.

Additionally, it comes with a giant bowl that allows the user to sit more comfortably. The company is also known as Water Sense.

For efficient treatment of bulk garbage, 1, 28 gallons of water are sent into the glossy bowl when the driving lever is pulled.


The bowl has been enlarged to accommodate the function. And with this bowl, you receive a comfortable seat cover. The customary 12″ rough in height also stems from this toto legato. In addition, this toto legato was finished in ceramic Sana gloss.

As a result, the toilet surface will be free of germs, bacteria, and derbies. Furthermore, very few chemicals and water are needed to clean the toilet. An illuminated chrome finishing lever is present.

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  • Two powerful flushing mechanisms are included.
  • Finished with CeFiONtect, this white cotton looks modern.
  • Accessible toilets allow diverse users to utilize them comfortably.
  • EPA’s Water Sense certification reduces water consumption.
  • It features a chrome-plated trip lever on the side of the toilet approach.
  • Flushing system that is silent.
  • An extended bowl with a seat is more comfortable for the user.


  • The skirted toilet requires you to replace the river water supply line because it is avoided.

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Final Thoughts

Above Shot Of Toilet Bowl

Designed to enhance your bathroom, the Toto Legato is a superbly built one-piece toilet. Clean toilets last longer when this is done. Furthermore, it can be used by people of varying ages and sizes.

Using it is also possible. The elongated Toto Legato bowl toilet could be your best choice if you want an exquisite, powerful, robust, and charming toilet design.

On the other hand, the Toto Aimes toilet provides excellent performance and has a solid consumer reputation. ADA conformity standards are mathematically met by Aimes’ one-piece design, which meets all appearance requirements. A skirted base entirely conceals it.

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