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As a result of advanced technology, toilet paper is no longer necessary. People are seeking a way to no longer depending on toilet paper due to many reasons. The Washlet bidet is the solution. Toto A100 review explains everything about this Washlet. Let’s Start!

It is environmentally friendly and hygienic, and your guests are sure to appreciate them. A bidet can replace your toilet seat. Toto is a world-renowned manufacturer of toilets, so it makes sense that they would make quality bidets.

With the Toto WASHLET A100 Elongated Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat, warm water is used to clean you, leaving you feeling extraordinarily clean.

In contrast to regular toilet paper, which can be scratchy and inefficient, a WASHLET provides instant, relaxing warm water cleansing at the push of a button. The A100 WASHLET model focuses on cleanliness and comfort. If you are a newbie then this Toto A100 review will be a perfect guide for you.

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Features of Toto A100 Washlet


toto a100 washlet design

The stylish and elegant Toto A100 toilet seat is designed to complement contemporary bathroom decors. With its advanced technology and world-leading design, it provides maximum comfort and better cleanliness. Make your bathroom more attractive and functional by upgrading it with the latest cutting-edge technology available today.

As a result, the lid and seat are no longer needed to slam shut. Activating the cleaning mode on the armrest is as simple as pressing a button. The A100 does not feature an air-drying facility, so you’ll have to dry yourself using toilet paper.


To be successful, a seat must meet all codes and standards, and it must be Proposition 65-compliant as well. Comparatively, the seat itself weighs about 15 pounds. For all Toto seats, the maximum weight limit is 320 pounds, which is the same for all of their seats.

According to my understanding, using the lid as a seat is not recommended. Your weight should be fine if you are less than 100 pounds. With a weight capacity of 178 pounds, the Brodell Swash SE600 is more robust. Some people use the lid as a seat.

Easy To Install:

All the pieces necessary for installation are included with the toilet seat. It includes a rapid-release method, which I appreciate. The rapid release is an excellent cleaning method. It can be turned off by simply pressing an on/off button.

Cleaning those small little spaces was a hassle on previous toilet seats. The controller requires two AA batteries that you will be responsible for providing yourself. The manufacturer recommends alkaline batteries.

Toto A100 Washlet: Why is it the greatest option for you?

Toto A100 review is incomplete without explaining its importance not only in US but throughout the globe. In every country around the world, there are hundreds of companies that manufacture toilets for houses and businesses. Many reasons contribute to the popularity of the Toto A100 Washlet. It’s a brainer to go with the Toto A100 Washlet when it comes to the environment.


In comparison to ordinary toilets, the A100 Washlet can save you up to 13,000 gallons of water annually. The long-term benefit of this is not just saving money on water bills but also conserving water. The Toto A100 Washlet uses only the amount of water it needs and not a drop more.

Second, the system of rinsing is excellent. Depending on how long it takes you in the end, you may have to flush more than once. Toto’s A100 Washlet, in contrast, flushes in one motion and removes all kinds of grime, bacteria, and dirt from your toilet.

The less water you use for flushing the toilet twice or three times after each use, the better off you are. It is virtually noiseless, which is another advantage. With A100 Washlet, flushing sounds are not as loud as they are with other washing machines. The toilet does not emit any sound, so individuals in the adjacent room or those in the next two rooms won’t hear it.

Toto A100 Washlet is an ideal solution for those who find the sound of toilet flushing uncomfortable or embarrassing. The final advantage is the simplicity of cleaning. Although A100 Washlet is more expensive, repairing or maintaining them isn’t a problem once they’re installed.

The A100 Washlet by Toto is very easy to fix if any problems arise.

In addition to being more durable than other toilet manufacturers, Toto toilets also look nicer.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Toto A100 Washlet

The perfect option can be hard to choose if you have so many options that’s in buying guide we have explained some key features that must be consider while buying A100 Washlet. If you would like to simplify your decision-making, you can start by reading this advice.

The Air Freshener:

TOTO’s bidets are commonly equipped with built-in air deodorizers. Make your bathroom air fresher by filtering it.

Hands-free Lid:

To our way of thinking, this is one of the most interesting TOTO features. Upon approach, a sensor senses your presence and opens the lid automatically. Sensors will automatically close the lid when you leave. The hands are free, particularly since you do not have to wipe them! Still, making sure your hands are clean is a good idea.


Adaptability is, therefore, such an important characteristic. Not everyone would find the Toto A100 Washlet comfortable if it only had one temperature and one pressure option. Bidets can be adjusted for water pressure, temperature, and spray pattern, which is a great feature!

Heated Seats:

It’s impossible to live without heated seats once you’ve experienced them. The feeling of cold mornings is lessened when the toilet seat is warm.


A special TOTO feature mists the bowl of the toilet with water as you prepare to use it. Unlike a bowl that would require you to scrub the waste off, the bowl will not stick to waste. By taking advantage of this option, a great deal of time can be saved.

Pros and Cons of Toto A100 Washlet


  • Heated seats are essential in the winter months!
  • With a soft-closer, little fingers are protected, and accidents are prevented.
  • When heated water is sprayed initially, there is no shock.
  • An easy-to-operate side panel makes operation more convenient.
  • It’s a good deal during a sale.


  • Using toilet paper will be necessary to completely dry; no air-dryer provided.
  • To complete the clean-up, you will need toilet paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it easy to Install A100 Washlet?


You can install it yourself in a matter of minutes. Your plumber will likely connect a new toilet when it is built. By replacing a standard toilet seat, they are connected to the water supply of the toilet via a T-connector. It will be necessary for you to have GFCI outlets nearby.

Q: Was the project expensive?

Depending on the accessories you want, the A100 Washlet has a wide range of prices. A simple, cold-water Washlet costs around $100, while a full seat with heat, blow-drying, and MP3 player costs around $1,000. People tend to purchase their Washlet for 350-500 dollars and assemble them themselves.

Q: What size should toilets be?

Your toilet seat is replaced with A100 Washlet, in addition to saving space. Therefore, they are an excellent alternative to a bidet in powder rooms and tiny bathrooms.

Q: Is it necessary to connect to the electrical grid?

It is necessary to plug WASHLET into an outlet for it to work, as it depends on electricity to operate. There may be a need to install one near the toilet if one does not exist.

Q: When is it necessary to repair a Toto toilet?

Every 2 to 3 years, TOTO toilets may need a few minor repairs and maintenance. Despite being more expensive, Toto toilets endure longer than other brands.

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Intelligent Toilet

Final Thoughts

At the end of the Toto A100 review, we can conclude that the Toto Washlet A100 bidet seat offers entry-level functionality at an excellent price. There is no air conditioner, which is a little disappointing.


The installation and use are simple, though the water T component has caused problems in the past. Either way, the simplest attachment will change your life, or you can choose the most expensive model.

Having a cleaner bathroom is safer for all of us in the house, as is fresher, cleaner air. When you use less paper, you are less likely to clog your toilet and drain pipes. We hope this Washlet review will assist you, if you looking to grab some information about Toto A100 Washlet. Good Luck!

Toto A100 Review: What Are Others Saying?

TOTO A100 Washlet Bidet Installation and Review

Video Transcript

this is the toto a100 elongated bidet toilet seat here’s what’s inside the box we can see we have the the bidet assembly right here and it’s got an attached hose and a cord we’ll look at that a little bit closer in a minute it’s got a a t valve for the plumbing it’s got a mounting bracket comes with a manual an installation guide and a safety manual this is what the bottom side looks like you can see where the electric cord comes out where the water valve comes out the water hose is quite long coming in at almost 23 inches here we’re looking at the electric cord and it’s uh nearly four feet long here’s a closer look at the t-valve we can see it has a hard rubber gasket in there you see some wrasse a coupling nut that turns in order to tighten up to the bottom side of the toilet the t comes up here coming up off the top and then the water supply would attach on the bottom take a closer look at the bracket if we look at the bottom of the bracket we can see it has a foam rubber gasket all the way around and then it has these uh rubber fittings that hook up the screws on the top we can see uh that it’s designed to have some forward and backwards uh setting also note on the bracket you can see where it says front right there and back right there and you notice there’s um some sort of a slide mount here you can kind of see it’s a kind of wide narrows down has a lip on there looking at the bottom of the bidet a little more closely we can see where the bracket would slide in here and there’s a little knob right here if you press it you can kind of see the these little hooks so it has some locking hooks okay i’m going to take the bottom bracket and just to see how this thing fits slide on and it snaps right on there very nice and then if we uh press this button and push back up no it comes right off no problem well now we’re ready to begin the installation here’s the instructions if we look at step one two one one and two it’ll say turn off the water cut off valve put a pan under underneath there to catch what little water is left in the hose unscrew the the hose from the bottom of the tank and insert our handy little uh t-valve now let me show you what can go wrong on this so here we are here’s the cut off valve and i got a little plastic pan underneath here and i just take the cut off valve turn it and it shuts off so if you notice this was a quarter turn valve now a lot of time and i replaced this and the house didn’t originally have this the house originally had what they called a multi-turn valve and these things are awful because uh when you go to turn them off they haven’t been turned for who knows maybe 10-15 years and then the seal’s not going to work and then things going to leak so you you turn this thing off and it’s leaking and water is coming out and you’re going to have to go down to the the main cut off for the house and turn off water for the whole house in order to keep it from leaking and is what i like to do is replace these things with quarter turn valves so if you can see this quarter turn valve they call it half inch now sometimes they they call them 5 8 od but it’s the same thing this is a compression fitting and basically i just reuse the the nut and the compression fitting and screw it on there and put a little bit of a caulking or plumber’s plug in in the back just make sure it doesn’t leak but typically i will replace all of all of these cut off valves and quarter turn valves because the multi-turn valves you’re just going to have problems so this is going to be your big major problem that you’re likely to encounter then the instructions say to unscrew this nut right here now i want to show you some of the problems that happen have happened to me before you see how there’s a big white plastic nut up here for the fill valve sometimes this will be pretty loose and when you unscrew this the whole fill valve assembly will start rotating around so i i would suggest before you do this make sure this is tight and then maybe hold the fill valve see the fill vault valve my my toilet comes down there and uh like i say i i’ve got tried to unscrew those things in the bottom and this whole thing would just start spinning around so make sure it doesn’t spin around make sure it’s tight and if you have to reach your hand in there [Applause] you have to reach your hand in there and grab that thing and keep it from spinning okay so i was able to tighten this white nut up a little bit and now we just unscrew the water you can see that a few little drops came out but nothing too exciting we’re at this step where we installed the water valve and if you notice the instructions say do not use a wrench which should make me they mean finger tight and do not use plumbers tape so let me show you this the seal see how it has a nice rubber seal there that’s at the top and then the hose hopefully have wonderful nice braided hoses uh if not buy some new braided hoses they’re you know steel braided hoses they’re really really nice she has a nice little rubber seal on the top so that those are the the ceiling elements so you don’t have to worry about the threads okay it’s all on and let me tell you what can go wrong here now be really careful when you’re screwing this thing on to make sure that it goes on nice and easy like it like this really went on smooth and easy but sometimes you have it cocked it’s sideways a little crooked it you can cross thread the the thing on there and it won’t make good seal so make sure it goes on nice and easy and and tighten up by hand and the same thing with the bottom one just just be careful you don’t cross thread these things okay now we’re ready to take off the old toilet seat now a lot of toilet seats will have a plastic cap here that you pry up a little screwdriver and then you unscrew screws that go down now this toilet seat doesn’t have that it has things on the bottom so you look on the bottom you can see how there’s these little wing nuts right here and we unscrew the two wing nuts and then take off the tools now when i received this it was already adjusted correctly they suggest one and one-eighth from the the front of the bracket to to the screw but i mean that that’s just the way it came i got this in here i so uh put a little soapy water on the rubber things and push it down they’re running very easy and i’m not going to tighten up these screws yet first i’m going to do a test fit okay busy track and this thing just will not mount i think the bracket’s moving back and forth i’m going to have to tighten the screws as the directions tell you to do and then try to attach it okay i tighten the the screws let’s look underneath here you can see how that black rubber is kind of expanded now one of the problems i had was it was the rubber was slipping around so i had to grab the rubber and as i was screwing i had to hold the rubber boot to keep it from spinning so anyway it’s all mounted down there let’s just see if we can attach a seat now so push this thing back and it doesn’t click you see how it’s see how my toilet is kind of bowed out here and it’s hitting and seeing the back of this thing it’s not not working i can’t get on far enough so i’m gonna have to do is i’m gonna have to loosen these screws and then slide this thing down a couple notches in order to get it to fit okay i adjusted it to about 1 3 8. we’ll see how this works okay well this baby is just plain not going on and i notice that the the release button is kind of pushed in so it’s right on the edge it’s almost ready to hook so i think i need a maybe an extra 16th or maybe an eighth of an inch so i’ll try one more click and see what happens okay i clicked it up two more notches you can see i’m just about two notches from the end and i’m pretty sure it’s going to fit here okay we’re ready to push it on now and you hear that nice solid click yeah that’s on there really nice and solid now so the this rust is hitting the toilet just fine here so you can kind of see that we’re not too far out of the way here so that’s looking pretty good uh i i guess i had to adjust it uh forward quite a bit but it’s still working fine okay we did the step number seven made sure everything’s all nice and straight now we got to do step number eight and then step number nine remove the the blue uh tape then we’ll be all we’re ready to already attach the hose to the t-valve you can see how there’s an o-ring in here so that’ll make a nice water-tight uh seal now we peel off the blue wow tape step 10 is to plug in the plug to a power source the final step which is to turn on the water valve and make sure it’s not leaking and then they uh have a helps have what they call is the trial run and they have some stuff that they want you to to do for that let’s let’s wait for a minute before we get to this the biggest problem you’re likely to encounter with this toilet step 10 plug it into the wall well hey there there’s no wall plug here there’s no wall plugs here you know luckily i do actually have a wall plug up here but uh um it would be nicer if it’s down the bottom so i’m going to work on that but here’s what you have to do this is a the toughest part of it you need they call it a gfci outlet so uh bathrooms by code already have gfci so if i use this one or if i put another plug-in down further which is my plan uh i’ve got what they call an old work box so it’s all i have to do is drill a hole right here screw in this electrical box down here add a little outlet down there and just fish fish uh the electrical wire down down there and hook it up and then i’ll be all set so if i didn’t have that is what i’d have to do so i have to go up into the attic and i have to drill through the the header boards into this cavity boy that sounds solid i might not even be able to get an exact cavity yeah i might even have to go into this wall but uh you know because this window is here and they got the jack studs and there might not be any room along here but uh let’s just say the window was over and yellow more room you’d uh go up in the attic drill through here fish a wire down here and they have these uh fiberglass fishes that you know like they’re like big big long rods you can screw them together make them like 20-30 feet long so you cut a hole just the right size to fit the box you tighten these screws and then as you tighten them the swing comes out and it goes up against the drywall and then the drywall gets kind of caught between this tab and the wing and that holds it in place and then the real tricky part is of course fishing the wire in it’s on and i’m looking at these instructions and you see how that says like hold down for a minute is what’s going on here is on the the right side of the seat there’s a micro switch hear it hear that switch so this thing only works when somebody’s sitting on it so that’s what they’re talking about here so let’s plug it in and see what happens okay okay it’s plugged in seems to be going through a initial checkout sequence looking good so sit down here for seconds for a minute so it says we got power we got water we got seat and uh well i guess that’s close enough for uh a minute let me uh turn the oscillator on i don’t know what’s happening well the wands come out okay and you’ll there’s probably a lot of air in the line so it’s going to take a little bit before the the water comes out so let me just press on the rear button oh well we’re back in well that was oscillating on off well i guess it’s maybe a double press so i’m going to press rear well there’s oscillating so if you press this twice so you press it once it’s not oscillating now it’s [Music] you know i guess i gotta press the stop button [Music] well i i guess it’s working okay i held the box up and i traced around there and i’m going to take my uh multi-function oscillating saw and cut out a hole okay we got our hole cut we got our box and i wired the box and got the wire coming off and then you can see right here i got a this yellow fiberglass fish and the yellow fiberglass fish goes up here i’m just going to tape on the wires and pull them up and get them out of this hole and hook them up to the existing box well there we go we got the electric outlet all installed on the bottom there plugged in everything is looking uh nice and normal now it’s all that’s left is the cleanup and hopefully this will give many years of use in the future it looks a lot better once i took the the wire out of the way everything looks a lot neater and nicer

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Toto A100 bidet (Toto A100 Review)

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