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You may install the Smart Bidet SB 1000 in your bathroom as an electronic toilet seat. With innovations like an automatic self-sprayer that assists keep your hands neat and clean, you’ll have everything you need. You can pick from distinct water flow ratios and three distinct water heat settings. In addition, you may choose between various nozzle configurations on this bidet. Let’s start our “smartbidet sb-1000 review” to understand in better way.

In addition, the SmartBidet SB 1000 has a power function that maintains constant heat in the toilet seats and the water. Excellent for when you wake up in the middle of a snowstorm at midnight. As it includes a remote command, a high-quality toilet seat such as this one will be a perfect complement to any home, particularly for persons with reduced movement.

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  1. Design
  2. Feature
  3. Why is the SmartBidet SB-1000 best for you?
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. Things to Consider Before Buying a Bidet
  7. Final Thoughts


We’ll start by looking at the SmartBidet SB-1000’s looks, measurements, and construction. With a sleek and straightforward appearance, the SB-1000 is a great choice. There is a bit of bulk towards the back, though. Most bidet seats have a back height ranging from 4 to 7 inches, and the SB-1000 is on the taller end. A wireless remote controls the SB-1000.

The top of the remote allows you to modify the water temperature and the seat, as well as water pressure and nozzle location. Stop, posterior, feminine, and turbo buttons are also available. These are the knobs that switch on the washing machine’s water supply. Other characteristics include an energy-saving control and a dryer. Toilet seat controllers typically take 2 AAA batteries. Some use 3 AAA batteries or 2 AA batteries.

Both the elongated and spherical SmartBidet SB-1000 is provided in a variety of colours and styles. By glancing at it, you must figure out what kind of toilet you are using. As a rule of thumb, extended bathrooms have a back-to-front length of around 18.5 inches, whereas round toilets have a distance of about 16.5 inches. You can use either one of these types with either a one or two-piece toilet.

Therefore, if you have got a toilet with a French curvature, the SB-1000 will not fit. If you’re not confident this item will fit your bathroom, we suggest verifying with the maker.


SmartBidet SB-1000 Review

The SmartBidet SB-1000 has a lot of functions for its price, including an air dryer, a self-cleaning spray, three residential washes with vibrations, and a Power Saving option, which we were pleasantly impressed by.

Washing Functions

Front, turbo and backwash functions are controlled by three keys on the Sb-1000. It offers a lot of other capabilities at a reasonable price, which makes it quite relevant with other goods on the marketplace that, have the same qualities.

The nozzle, on the other hand, has three essential parts in it. In addition, there are openings in the center of the nozzles for backside wash, as well as a hole at the end for turbo wash and a spot at the unit’s end for feminine wash.

Better Cleaning

Alternatively, you may utilize the oscillation key to alternate between spraying and moving the nozzle for a more thorough clean. Press the same key again to turn off this feature. With this feature, you can wash where and how you like. For men and women, it contains a spray that lasts for one minute after pushing a trigger.

Adjust Water Pressure

When using the bidet, you have the option of regulating water flow. Unlike other bidets, this bidet has five advanced settings for adjusting water pressure. This bidet’s slow adjustments result in a visible increase in tension with each set.

Heated Seat

The controller of the bidet seat engages when you are seated. So you can do it just while you are sitting. In addition, it enables you to control the heat. To minimize accidental seat and lid falls, SB-1000 offers smooth functionality. So it can be challenging for you to get hot sitting down bidet, but Sb-1000 comes with the heated seat for cold weather evenings.

Cleaning Nozzle Automatically

Smartbidet Sb-1000 includes a self-cleaning jet that eliminates the need for you to spend time cleaning the nozzle of your bidet. Instead, the jet is usually automatically cleaned during every usage.

Cleaning the Unit

There are times when it’s necessary to wash the unit’s interior. To clean the device, you’ll need to replace the bidet seat.

Hot Water

Hot water is only available if the bidet is connected to an electrical outlet. If the storage tank is heated, you’ll have warm water.

Air Dryer

If you are not using toilet tissue, you can utilize the SmartBidet SB 1000’s air dehumidifier.

Environment Friendly

A power-saving option reduces the water and chair temperatures. In addition, because of its air conditioner, it is also an environmentally beneficial device.

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Why is the SmartBidet SB-1000 best for you?

In the industry, there seem to be a lot of items, and it’s not always simple to figure out what characteristics come with each one. Why the SmartBidet SB-1000 may be right for you is outlined below to assist you in making your selection.

Because of its shape, this type can be used with either round or wide toilet seats. Bidet seats on round toilets, on the other hand, will give a modest expansion, but this will not affect the bidet’s general functioning.

I like that it has a number of advantages for the price. For the front, back, and jet wash features, the device comes with three cleansing knobs: front, rear, and turbo wash.

By pushing the oscillation key, you may rotate the jet back and forth for deeper cleaning. Push a button once more to terminate the operation.

The device also has a power-saving mode that keeps the seat and water at the same temp. This functionality is activated by pressing the key repeatedly. To turn it off, users must push the button again.


  • There is no doubt in its favor.
  • Each and every feature has been added
  • Self-cleaning When it comes down to it,
  • Diverse Washing Options
  • Bidet seat in a luxurious style
  • Silently shutting with a slow shutter speed


  • Water tank space is constrained

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Bidet

As a unique bathroom addition, a bidet is much more than a comfort bidet. A bidet promotes a better lifestyle, and you’ll spend funds in the long run by installing it. As an added benefit, bidets eliminate the need for coarse toilet tissue for those who are suffering from diarrhea or hemorrhoids.

There is no need to worry about the toilet overflowing when you have a bidet, and you will appreciate the additional layer of pampered sanitation that a bidet delivers—some things to think about when buying one.

Space and Type

Electrical and non-electric toilet seats are the two most prevalent kinds of bidets. In order to get the most out of your bidet, you’ll need an electrical device nearby your toilet (or be ready to have one installed). Water level powers non-electric toilets, which do not need an electrical device. They’re less expensive than electrical bidets, and they also have fewer functions.

It is possible to get seat bidets in two different types and shapes. Manufactured to complement and suit the modern toilet, one is elongated, while the other is spherical.

Heated or Not

Cold or hot water is available, although most people prefer hot water. Having hot water is as simple as heating and storing it in a tank or connecting it to the hot water supply in your bath. You won’t be waiting for the water to heat up if it’s linked to your warm water connection.

Fancy Features

Properties of bidets include heated seats and customizable water flow. Heating air dryers are very famous. They function like a hairdryer, but for your genitalia. Toilet tissue will never be needed again if you get this technology installed in your home.

Bicets can also include deodorizers to help eradicate toilet odours if desired. As an added bonus, you can check to see if the bidet you’re considering has self-cleaning jets.

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Final Thoughts

The SmartBidet SB-1000 electrical bidet seat is an outstanding choice at an affordable price point in terms of functionality. Even though certain goods with the same functionality cost hundreds of dollars more, this model provides the same functionality for a fraction of the price. In other words, if you don’t mind having a larger bidet seat since this bidet uses a tank to keep water, then this is a great choice.

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SmartBidet SB-1000 Review – SmartBidet SB-1000 installation short Guide


Video Transcript

hello today we are installing a smart bidet SB 1008 but a buck on Amazon for our approximately two hundred and fifty dollars this is kind of just going to be a insulation guy and some problems we ran into I’m doing it on both bathrooms in my home I finished the first and I’m about to do the second and I can tell you it takes about thirty minutes there aren’t any really major problems but I did have to make a trip to Home Depot there’s not many tools that you actually need for the job you just need one or two pliers a screwdriver and some teflon tape this is used to put on the threading to prevent any leaks the first thing you have to do is turn off the main water line to your bathroom just turn that knob there and put something at the bottom some sort of tray to capture the water that’s going to fall out and then also disconnect the toilet on the other end the cable effectively looks like this this is the piece that was connected to the line this is the piece that was connected to the toilet so the only issue we had installing this is that they provide you a 1/2 to 3/8 converter but it’s for fine threading it’s hard to tell it’s hard to see it but that’s fine threading unfortunately my input line is coarse threading so I had to make a trip down to Home Depot to buy this item you can get this in the plumbing idle and this is coarse threading and on the other end here’s how it comes it’s supposed to be for a compression light so you can just take off the top and then this part is a one-to-one replacement for this removing your toilet seat is very easy you just kind of unscrew go underneath there using some sort of nut and just screw you can also just do it from the bottom by pulling off the nut and then repeat it for the other side which I already did and the seat will just pop off I’m not gonna do it quite yet because I’m using it as a desk the next thing you got to do is take your coupler and wrap it in teflon tape which is you don’t have to be very neat about it just kind of run it a couple times just make sure it’s tight and then I you just pull it off right there at the end do the same thing for the other side the other thing to be careful is this thing has a washer inside here and it kept popping off okay so both sides have it same thing with this thing that’s going to go on the mainline it’s also important not to assemble this before attaching it you can but I prefer to attach this guy first to the mainline we’re all good there pama so it was very hard to get the teflon tape in that area they do have some gels or paste that you can use instead it just makes it a lot harder on the other end when you plan to remove it so first also wear gloves although this is clean water coming out of here I always prefer to just wear gloves for most of my plumbing jobs just in case so just hand tighten this first and then you want to grab your clamps I have to get a quarter-turn it’s really hard here so I’m using the smaller clamps it’s hard to see I’m doing about a quarter turn you know we do it too much so once that’s in x1 is your tea again and hand screw the bottom it’s a swivel top which is really nice so you can tighten the base and the top will freely move around so you can reposition it later so again with the claps a quarter turn might do a full turn on this one because I couldn’t get it with my fingers as tight as I wanted to okay so we do a check that’s pretty tight and it’s pretty tight it’s repositioning it to where I want okay my next comes the cables so so in the manual it says that the one on the top is for the bath for the toilet and the one on the side is for the pate so I’m going to start with the one on the side so in the manual it says that the cable on the side is for the bidet so that’s what I’ve installed here on the side hand tighten it on the 3/8 side and on the top side is the inlet or the for the toilet so before you do the top one again make sure to tighten it with some tool sorry this is all very tight space so it’s hard to get my tool in there okay a couple turns in there now you hand tighten top and then come in with the tool again and finish it off and that’s it for this section then this goes you’ll be very hard to see this this end goes right underneath your toilet here there’s an intake for it and then that’s it you just so the next part to install is the base plate comes in three parts comes in this screw this great piece that both snap together and then you can adjust it however so the side and then that that goes on these little gritted groups so it’s adjustable you just do the same thing make sure they line up both sides then with the arrows pointed backwards this next part is the trickiest and it’s the sliding of the actual bidet unit into so it takes two people or one Jesse just slide it in so you got to hear a snap okay now we have to attach the toilet seat to the toilet or the potato to the toilet so you kind of just have to put this in like this this is the this is the threaded end does the threaded end it’s rubber and they’re just kind of find a hole underneath until it is hand tight there’s no tool needed for this just get it hand tight so I finish tightening the nuts underneath it’s it’s all hand tighten if the toilet seat feels loose to you then you might have to use a tool it’s a very hard area to get to so like I said the last thread I have to do is Teflon tape this up very quickly you know it doesn’t have to start off smooth it tends to bunch up for things to get it on there a couple times this is a very hard spot to try see this this bathroom is probably as hard as it gets it’s all very small spaces the other one is actually a lot easier to install because I had a lot more space between the sink and the toilet but you get it enough times around cover the threads I’m just gonna pull it off and pinch it off and you grab your your connection that we hooked up and again I’m gonna hand tighten this everything is plastic here this connections plastic which I wish it was metal so I’m a bit afraid to use the tool on it so I’m not going to unless there’s a leak so if I did everything right I am now going to turn on that water ah this time no leaks no leaks no problems I think we are all good this time so all that remains is plugging bin so I just plugged it in light came on and I think we’re good to go so why go with a bidet I think we were on vacation in the hotel had a bidet and after jokingly using it a couple times we ended up liking it and so we actually have some plumbing problems at home where we have our pipe has a lip and so toilet paper toilet paper tends to catch on it over time and eventually we get a clog and have to bring out the plumber to snake it for about a hundred bucks so the smart bidet is about two hundred and fifty dollars and I calculated that we use about $20 worth of toilet paper a month so if we manage to use this within a year or I mean for a year we come out even in terms of cost and then afterwards we might be saving $20 a month so that the day is actually a lot larger than the regular toilet seat people see how much bigger it is from the side relative to a regular toilet seat so here’s the remote you can change the nozzle position you can change the temperature of the water and the dryer you can change how much water shot out you can change the seat temperature you can go for the feminine mode you can go for the posterior you can turn on the dryer I’m looking forward to trying turbo mode and you can change the pulse pattern to oscillate instead of being kind of a shooting powder out of the gun and energy safe one last feature that I appreciate is the lid doesn’t slam at least the top does now same with the seat

SmartBidet SB-1000 Review – Better Than A TOTO For Half The Price?

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