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Do you know the differences between a one-piece toilet and a two-piece toilet? If you don’t know then, we are here with a detailed discussion about the comparison guide of one-piece vs. two-piece toilets.

Are you feeling that not knowing about the one-piece and two-piece toilet is the cause of being puzzled to buy the right toilet? However, when you are going to purchase the right toilet, you need to be know all the types. Then you can buy the right one for yourself.

Our professionals in the toilet industry have a clear discussion on the one-piece toilet and two-piece toilet. So, stay with us till the end of the article to know about the different toilets.

Differences Between One-Piece & Two-Piece Toilet

1. Dimensions

You can get all kinds of toilets in different sizes and shapes. For the one-piece and two-piece toilet, you will get this facility. But in general, the one-piece toilet needs less space than the two-piece, cause of the design of the different toilets.

A two-piece toilet is the two different parts of the setting. One part is the main body of the bowl part. Another part is the flush tank or cistern. For installing the two different parts, the toilet needs more space than another one.

Most of the one-piece toilet is designed with 17 inches long. That is called the comfort height. On the other hand, you will find both the standard and comfort height of two-piece toilets in the market.

2. Installation Process

The installation process of one-piece and two-piece toilets is slightly different. One-piece toilet installation is easier than a two-piece. Cause the one-piece toilet has only one part of installing. As the one part, you have to move to say it needs only person to install.

A two-piece toilet needs a minimum of two people to install. The toilet part is two, so first, you need to install the cistern and the main part bowl. It would help if you much had much more time than the one-piece to install.

3. Maintenance

Do you want to purchase a less maintenance toilet for your bathroom? Then the one-piece toilet will race. A one-piece toilet has fewer parts and curves where the germs can grow.

Again the toilet has less surface, which is connected with the other dirty place.

In a two-piece toilet, you will find many curves and gaps. You will get many parts of the toilet as well. In all of these places, the germ can grow easily. So, for the two-piece toilet, you need to clean more than the one-piece.

4. Durability

A two-piece toilet needs many parts to connect when you install it. It is an old design. Moreover, as you install the toilet body and flush tank separately; so if one part gets damaged, you have to change the whole thing. The possibility to damage any part of the toilet is more than the one-piece.

The connection between two parts can be damaged or leak also. It cannot be predictable. That’s why for durability, we choose the one-piece toilet.

As the one-piece toilet is molded design, so it has less chance of being damaged. There is no separation between the bowl and the tank. So no leakage at all in the connection section between the bowl and cistern.

5. Flushing Efficiency

In the market, you will find different kinds of flushing systems. For example, tornado, gravity, G-max, E-max flushing systems. All the flushing systems are very important and important for you.

The different flushing systems are needed for the different people. So you have to buy the flushing system toilet that is important for you.

You will be amazed to know that both toilets, one-piece, and two-piece have all kinds of flushing systems. From different toilet brands, you will find all of the flushing systems. You have to find the best one for you.

6. Vale Of Resale

Both toilets have resale value. You can sell it if the toilet is good in condition. That’s why you need to use the toilet gently and maintain it after a couple of days. In this way, the toilets can last for many years. And you are also able to resale the toilet when you want to bring the new one.

7. Price

If you want to buy the less expensive and budget toilet, you go for the two-piece style. Our professionals analyzed the market of the toilet. They have found that from the same toilet brand, a two-piece toilet costs less than a one-piece.

With the same features and the flushing system, the two-piece toilet is cheaper. As we know that the one-piece toilet is a modern collection, so you need to pay more for the one-piece.

So, how big of a pricing difference do you think there is between them? Then we’ll offer you a specific example. Kohler Memoirs Stately Comfort Height toilet is a series from the Kohler toilet brand.

There are two types of toilets. One is a one-piece piece, while the other is a two-piece one. A one-piece Kohler Memoirs Stately Comfort Height toilet costs $900.

And the price of the two-piece Kohler same model is 400$.

So, a one-piece toilet is very expensive than a two-piece.

8. Outlook

You will find many types of toilet designs for both one-piece and two-piece toilets. And both have outstanding-looking toilet collections. If you want a good-looking toilet in your bathroom over other features, then we suggest choosing the best one you like.

But some professionals argue that a one-piece toilet is the best for contemporary bathrooms. Also, you can

Let’s Discuss The Pros & Cons Of Two Styles

One-Piece Toilet


  • Very sleek and slim looking.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compact height and smart.
  • More durable and doesn’t leak at all.
  • Easy and sound installation
  • Comfortable and simple looking.
  • Elegant looking.
  • Modern and easy to maintain.
  • Different flushing features.


  • Very expensive toilet.
  • Very heavy.
  • Not easy to ship.
  • Least options of rough-in.

Two-Piece Toilet


  • More options of different features.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to ship.
  • Lightweight and traditional.
  • With different types of flushing.
  • Many options of rough-in.
  • Mix-matching with tank & bowl.


  • Hard to install.
  • Hard to clean and maintain.
  • Less compact design.

Table Of One-piece VS Two-piece Toilets

One-piece Toilets
Two-piece Toilets
Construction Method
Seamless one solid unit.
Joined with the fittings for two different pieces.
Modern, stylish, and luxurious.
Traditional and old.
Easy and hassle-free.
Replacement facility
Yes possible.
Possible only the bowl and cistern.
Cheap and budget-friendly.
Heavy one.
Easy to carry for different two parts.
Better thana two-piece.
Easy and needs less time.
Hard and needs more time.
Overall Quality
Higher than the two-piece.
Lower or average.
Not so easy.
Easier than the one-piece.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, this report will outline the distinctions between a one-piece and a two-piece toilet. If you crave to pick one, you can distinguish between them.

According to our professional’s research, we have discussed the pros and cons of two style types. So, choose one type of style and enjoy your healthy life.

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