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Have you ever thought about why Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW is so prevalent in the market? The only reason behind this is the powerful features it has. It is highly able to turn any solid waste’s inside the toilet into wastewater. 

For people who do not want to take any risk cleaning the toilet, the Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW is a perfect choice because it can quickly clean all solid waste. 

Today, we will introduce you to all the features, advantages, and disadvantages it has in this Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW review. So, let’s enjoy it carefully to know if it is best for you.

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Why Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW?

Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW Macerating Toilet

When people decide to buy a toilet then, first of all, he thinks about the cleaning system. The cleaning system is the most important thing about a bathroom. Sometimes the flush cleans the toilet bowl properly but can not help the solid human wastes and used tissue papers to pass through the pipe.

In this case, if your washroom is far away from the drain, then there is no alternative to using Macerating Toilet. Because this toilet can send solid waste away for about 150 feet horizontally and 25 feet vertically through a 1-inch size pipe.

In Macerating Toilet, the Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW is the best choice. Do you know why? Because it is made with the best materials, which ensure longevity and works powerfully and efficiently. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW

Size & Shape

This is an essential thing that needs to consider before buying a toilet for your washroom. If the bathroom is for children, you should choose a comfortable size for them, or if it is going to be used by everyone in your family, you should buy a size that will suit everyone in your family.


A toilet is not a thing to buy every month or year; it’s a permanent solution for your washroom. So it would help if you chose a bathroom which is made with the best quality materials. Only good material can ensure longevity.

It will help if you read our Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW review to understand the material of the Liberty pumps toilet.

Installation Process

When people buy a toilet, they should keep in mind the installation cost. If you believe a very complex designed bathroom, it will take more time to install, which costs more.

Flushing System

Proper cleaning ensures proper hygiene. Try to choose a robust flushing system that can clean the by one flush after heavy use. Also, ensure the flushing system uses less water than other traditional toilets.

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Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW Review

Key Specification

● Manufacturer: Liberty Pumps

● Dimensions: 29.75 x 20 x 32.25 inches

● Brand: Liberty Pumps

● Installation method: ‎Floor Mounted

● Item model number: ‎ASCENTII-ESW

Do you want a comfortable toilet that has a robust cleaning system? If yes, then This Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW is the best toilet for you. It has a flushing system and a Macerator pump system, sending all the waste materials to the drain.

You may have a question about how does this toilet clean waste materials? First of all, there is a pump named Macerator pump; it has Razor-Cut Blades inside the pump. This pump collects all the solid waste of a toilet then grinds the scraps using the blade. It cuts so smoothly and converts the solid wastes into wastewater. 

If the drain is far away from your toilet, there is no alternative to using this toilet because this pump can send the waste to a long-distance using 1 inches size pump. 

Let’s talk about water usage. 1.28 GPF is used by this flush which is similar to any top-rated flushing system. It can save more than 20% of water which is so much eco-friendly.


Comfortable Bowl

Ascent II ESW Macerating-Toilet Features

The comfort depends on the bowl size. It has an elongated bowl. When it is an elongated bowl, then you have no worries about convenience. Because it is well known that long seat builds in well shape and size.

Pumping Distance

It has a powerful pump that can pass waste through 150 feet horizontally and 25 feet vertically. 

Motor Power

If the motor is weak, it cannot provide the force to grind the waste materials. This toilet has a Razorcut blade which runs using a powerful engine that ensures proper grinding.

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● Traditionally designed toilet.

● Elongated bowl included

● Razorcut blade

● Powerful motor

● Removable service panel


● There is no battery included with the toilet.

● Motor make some noise while working.

Why do we recommend it?

Advanced Razorcut technology is super powerful to clean all the waste inside the toilet. This process uses a low amount of water which saves lots of water and will reduce your monthly water bill. Moreover, it has an elongated bowl which is another name of comfort.


Q: What is the meaning of the Macerator pump?

Answer: This is a pump that can grind all kinds of solid waste we create while using our toilets; after that, it can send that wastewater to the drain using a 1inch pipe.

Q: What does a Macerator exactly can do?

Answer: A macerator is set behind a toilet. It helps the bathroom clean the waste material inside a bathroom, such as human waste and used tissue papers. Razor Cut Blades turn these waste materials into wastewater and send them to the drain using a pipe.

Q: If I put the wrong waste inside the toilet, then what will happen inside the Macerator?

Answer: If you put the wrong waste inside the toilet, like baby diapers, then it will make a blockage inside the Macerator, which will cause a flood inside your bathroom because the pipe will become jam.

Q: Does Macerator make every noise?

Answer: Yes, it makes some noise similar to the washing machine. But it’s not much disturbing.

Q: Does Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW can flush waste thoroughly?

Answer: As Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW has a macerator pump so it is sure that it can clean all the waste materials inside the toilet using a minimal amount of water.

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Wrapping Up

Macerating Toilets are much famous nowadays. This Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW is one of the best macerating toilets in the market. 

 This Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW review is the outcome of the research of our experts. We discussed the features and key specifications of the pretty good toilet. You can buy this one to make your washroom more beautiful without any hesitation.

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Liberty Pumps Ascent II Overview

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some people may think a toilet is just a toilet nothing to get too excited about right not great at liberty pumps we know better we believe in the right toy ‘let for the right job we believe in performance functionality serviceability and appearance introducing the ascent to macerating toilet system macerating toilets serve a distinct purpose and home and office remodeling projects and additions when cutting into the floor for waste pipe installation is just not an option by sitting flush on the floor and sitting quite attractively we might add the toilet and its macerating unit slices and dices its way through waste paper and other flushable products while allowing you to separate out the occasional action-figure waste is then pumped up and out to an existing sewer line up to 25 feet vertically or 150 feet horizontally the ascent to macerating toilet system can be installed wherever it needs to go a finished basement the laundry room a kitchen garage storage closet under the stairs or any room where a toilet is needed whether it’s new or existing construction the ascent to from Liberty pumps allows for the complete and convenient installation of a bathroom in any building or home and since Liberty pumps is an American company located on Appletree Avenue in the town of virgin in upstate New York you know the ascent to is assembled with American pride in workmanship but why buy the ascent to macerating toilet from Liberty pumps why not buy from the other guy he sells macerating toilets also because the ascent to only available from Liberty pumps is the most powerful the most functional the most efficient and the most advanced macerating toilet on the market and we know we looked the ascent to not only surpasses any other toilet out there in form and function it is also incredibly easy to service if you want power combined Beauty look no further than the ascent to macerating toilet from Liberty pumps

Liberty Pumps Ascent II Features

Liberty Pumps Ascent II Macerating Toilet System

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