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The article reviews the key features of Kohler Santa Rosa vs Cimarron, including pros and cons, buyer’s guide, and related (FAQs) so you can have a better option for your bathroom from the Kohler comprehensive collection.

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Feature Comparison Table

Kohler Santa Rosa
Kohler Cimarron
Toilet Type
One piece
Two piece
Item Weight
102 pounds
65.3 pounds
31 x 20.75 x 29 inches
28.75 x 17.62 x 30.75 inches
Bowl Shape
Bowl Height
Comfort Height
Comfort Height
Water Consumption
1.28 GPF
1.28 GPF
Flush System
Gravity Flush
Gravity Flush
Installation Method
Floor Mounted
Floor Mounted
1 year limited
1 year limited

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Toilet

Kohler Santa Rosa is one of the elegant toilets from the collection of Kohler. It has a stylish elongated toilet bowl occupied with a comfortable chair.

The comfort of the sitting piece has a height that is best for adults. In addition, the elongated toilet complements the luxury of your bathroom.

The compact-sized elongated toilet bowl has a high-efficiency flush with high performance, providing 1.28 gallons per flush for a complete scrub of the toilet bowl from disposals and skid marks.

Features Review

Kohler Santa Rosa has some very classy features that provide both comfort and an easy-to-clean facility. Let’s review the following important features:

Compact Toilet Bowl

Kohler Santa Rosa is one piece toilet. This comes in a single set which has a tank and Compact toilet bowl.

The elongated toilet is spacious and aesthetically designed for easy cleaning.

Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet review has remarkably satisfied the customer needs for a rounded compact toilet bowl integrated with a tank.

This seamless assembly is easy to understand for joining the parts together and later for cleaning.

Comfort Height and Sitting Piece

Kohler Santa Rosa’s review is incomplete without this beautiful, stylish white seat that gives you a comfy, spacious area where you can quickly be seated with the comfort of your legs.

The sitting piece is easy to clean and does not leave patches when used several times. In addition, an easily washable toilet seat provides a perfect comfortable height for adults.

High-efficiency Flush Power Clean-up

Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet high-performance flushing is based on state-of-the-art aqua piston technology that offers high-efficiency power-cleanup flushing.

The 1.28 gallons per flush of water is pressurized to move through the toilet bowl’s holes, which forms the passage for water coming from all around the elongated toilet seat to dispose of all in one flush.


  • Provides a comfortable, great height for easy sit and get-up.
  • Flush is easy by just pulling the standard left-hand trip lever.
  • It offers only 1.28 gallons per flush to wash out the disposal.
  • Easy-to-understand for self-installation.
  • A comfortable, big-sized toilet seat does not take too much space.
  • Power-flush action is highly effective for heavy disposal in one-go.


  • Kohler Santa Rosa seat is not a soft model chair.
  • The bolts do not come with the Santa Rosa Toilet set.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can we replace the plastic seat of the toilet?

If you feel uncomfortable, you can easily replace the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet seat with any other standard heart from any hardware store. Likewise, you can affix your seat with the original bolts of the toilet.

Q: Is the opening of the toilet bowl is very short or very big?

The size of the toilet bowl is of the standard size. The opening of the Kohler Santa Rosa is elongated and compact with a width of 12.9 inches, and the depth is 19.5 inches long.

Q: Does it make a whooshing sound on flush?

Kohler Santa Rosa is quite fantastic when it comes to sound. It is as quiet when flushing. However, the whooshing sound only comes when the water level in your tank is partially filled.

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Buyer’s Guide

Kohler Santa Rosa is an easy installation because of the massive plus of the lightweight toilet seat. You can easily carry it without a plumber’s help.

Before ordering the Kohler Santa Rosa, you must check the length of your water line connection as the height is excellent, which can cause an issue for your water valve line.

You have to re-adjust it or install a new one in the other case.

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KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

Kohler Cimarron is a very delicate design from the articles of the Cimarron collection.

The vitreous China material of the Kohler Cimarron Toilet review rates best for its water-saving feature, with a powerful flush and high-efficiency performance.

The elongated Kohler Cimarron toilets are very comfy for sitting for long hours of constipation. Huh!

Nevertheless, this toilet is Aqua Piston technology-based that provides a fast one-go wipe off for all heavy and light disposals without plugging the flush.

Features Review

Kohler collections for home and bath have different color combinations of toilets to style with your bathroom walls. Let’s do Kohler Cimarron review:

Two Piece Toilet

Kohler Cimarron Toilet is a versatile two-piece toilet with an elongated toilet bowl that offers a comfortable area for the placement of your hips.

Kohler Cimarron is an all-rounder for easy installation, high efficiency working, excellent performance, flexible and comfy sitting piece, and power-rushing flush flow.

It is functional and goes for many years without replacements, adding luxury to your bath. The seat is compact and soft, providing room for you to sit with ease. It also has a closing lid over the toilet.

Standard Height and Comfy Chair

Kohler Cimarron has a standard-height chair positioned over the elongated toilet bowl. Therefore, the height is not as great as compared to Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet.

The height is perfect for the average adult, and the water line valve can easily reach.

The comfy chair piece of the ice gray Kohler Cimarron is very durable and does not broke.

The connection line does not need to be replaced or re-adjusted if you have ordered Kohler Cimarron Toilet for your bathroom.

Aqua Piston Canister (1.28 gallons per flush):

Kohler Cimarron Review rates are very high and are recommended for its Aqua Piston Technology.

The Aqua Piston Canister pressurizes water from the chamber, which comes out in heavy bulks from all around the toilet bowl to give a clean, bold scrub to the disposal from the below water level and removing skid marks from the walls of the elongated bowl.

Each tap offers 1.28 gallons per flush for effective clean and flush in one speedy flow.


  • Aqua Piston Canister design is specially made to prevent leakage.
  • Elongated toilet bowl with comfortable level and spacious for sitting.
  • Water sense-labeled, high efficiency, and unique performance.
  • The toilet seat is a soft close stylish model, with an upper closing lid.
  • The height of the toilet is impressive and relative to the chair size.
  • Fast, power-flow, 1.28 gpf for heavy flushes and skid marks.


  • Need to buy a wax ring kit for installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How loud does it noise when flushing?

Kohler Cimarron is not noisy at all. You can quickly go and use the flush even at night. Its good quiet flushing won’t wake anyone.

Q: Can we buy any other model of the Cimarron toilet seat?

Kohler Cimarron is flexible to replace any of the following models of toilet seats as per your comfort: K-4664-0, K-4660-0, or K-7637-0.

Q: Does the box contain a wax ring and a toilet seat in the package?

Kohler Cimarron does not provide a wax ring. Although, it is a two-piece toilet that comes with a comfortable height chair model for easy installation.

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Buyer’s Guide

Kohler Cimarron is highly recommended in the Amazon product reviews.

Before buying the Cimarron commode, you need to check the following things in your bathroom: the rug size for the toilet piece and the water connection line.

However, other than that, the Kohler Cimarron Toilet has a comfortable height chair for all. It is slightly taller than a standard toilet.

The Aqua Piston power flush washes out all significant flushes with complete removal of skid marks. Cimarron elongated toilet is high in efficiency and works well than an old-school rounded toilet.

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All in all, the article has well said about the Kohler Toilet Comparison. The Kohler Santa Rosa and Kohler Cimarron toilets have incredible features with high efficiency and high-quality performance, high-power flush action, comfortable height, and seat model.

You can go with the white or ice gray, anyone that best suits your comfort and bathroom as both are versatile and luxurious and less spacious, perfect for the bath environment.

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