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The Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet 3810-0 and its companion toilets have taken the lead in the market. They have become a favorite among purchasers because of their luxurious, one-piece design and advanced technologies and features.

It’s also popular because of its water-saving functionality and durable construction.

The toilet is created with care and precision. It will blend in with a variety of washroom styles. It makes no difference whether the restroom is large or small. Because it arrives with a 12-inch rough-in, the compact elongated toilet bowl is simple to install.

Also, you can get these great toilets in a variety of color possibilities. The Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0 toilet is a one-piece, high-efficiency toilet with a flawless design. The easy-to-clean design is yet another plus for it.

One of the best aspects of this commode is that it has a comfortable seat, and that is something that many toilets need. It has a pleasant extended seat and a suitable height that makes seating more comfortable for most folks.

Thanks to the Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height, and functionalities, it’s one of Kohler’s more trustworthy products.

A skeptical buyer is always cautious before every purchase. But this Kohler Santa Rosa Review will walk you through the Kohler 3810-0’s technologies and types. We will also talk about the Kolher Santa rosa problems that exist in this model.

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Table of Contents

Technical Specifications

Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet
102 pounds
‎31 x 20.75 x 29 inches
One piece
Bowl Shape
Seat Height
17 inches
Installation Method
‎Floor Mounted
Water consumption
‎1.28 Gallons per Flush
Flush Type
Gravity Flush
12 inches
Model Number

Significant Features Of The Kohler 3810-0

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Toilet

In our Santa Rosa toilet reviews, we always make sure to make buyers aware of all the significant features and technologies each toilet has.

This Kohler Santa Rosa one-piece toilet has all the functionalities that you’d expect in a great toilet seat so let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Fantastic Flushing Technology

The AquaPiston flushing technology on this toilet allows the water to travel 360 degrees within the basin.

This leads to an increase in the flushing force and performance. It employs single-flush gravity, improving flush efficiency by directing the water into the bowl around with a perfectly built trap.

Per flush, the toilet utilizes only 1.28 liters of water! This leads to lower water wastage that makes you a more responsible citizen. You won’t be polluting perfectly good water for no reason.

The Santa Rosa EPA WaterSense is certified because of its low water usage and won’t lead to a burned pocket because of hefty bills!

Ultimately, this technology makes you eligible for considerable refunds on your water bills, depending on the region. Furthermore, the glazed trap way improves flushing performance.

2. Easy To Clean

The Kohler 3810-0 is a breeze to clean, thanks to the AquaPiston technology and the flushing motion that goes all the way to 360 degrees. Adequate water will run around all the corners of the toilet, leaving no filth to be seen.

The water will spew around the toilet, so it cleanses itself, and you won’t have to spend time cleaning it.

Another reason why the Santa rosa 3810-0 is cleaner-friendly is its smooth curve design. Unlike other toilets with lots of cuts and curves, this Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is smoothly constructed and has no hidden parts that would be a hassle to clean.

In our reviews of Kohler Santa Rosa toilets, we always appreciate a toiler that is easy to maintain and clean.

3. Comfortable Design

Most toilets only have a height of 15 inches. But this Kohler Santa Rosa toilet review will prove you wrong because Kohler’s toilets boast a height of 17 inches!

It’s consequently great for taller persons who are sick of bending their knees uncomfortably and just need some good leg space. It’s also a fantastic choice for individuals who have spinal difficulties.

Furthermore, the extended bowl is ergonomic and compact, allowing it to fit into limited washroom areas easily.

Furthermore, all the Kohler toilets in this line are ADA-compliant. All the toilets in our Kohler toilets Santa rose reviews can be used in homes, workplaces, and public spaces by individuals with disabilities.

4. Durability

A notable feature of this toilet is its long-lasting construction. It is made of solid porcelain and can handle everyday wear and tear without cracking or staining. It includes mounting holes that are anchored to the toilet and stop it from moving.

The Kohler Santa Rosa toilet has a sleek look and is composed of vitreous porcelain. A chrome flush handle is also included with this Kohler Santa Rosa toilet.

Furthermore, the toilet’s whole appeal is enhanced by the toilet’s tidy, well-rounded corners. The flushing lever on the side, which is finished in chrome, fits in with the rest of the bathroom fittings.

5. One-Piece System

Another noteworthy specification of this Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is its single-piece nature. This toilet isn’t built with unnecessary bells and whistles. Nope, just a fantastic one-piece toilet. 

Furthermore, they are relatively simple to set up. You don’t have to be a professional plumber to install this one! Additionally, there are no concealed corners or nooks where dirt can collect. This model can be adequately maintained with a simple wipe-off.

In addition, the tank and bowl are bonded together, reducing the risk of a seal leak or breaking. These are the advantages of single-piece toilets!

The fusion of the tank and bowl increases the unit’s longevity and prevents you from doing numerous repairs and replacements.

6. Surface Area

Owing to the immense Surface area of the toilet mentioned in this Kohler Santa rosa review, the human waste in the toilet will not cling to the basin or bowl. Nobody wants a toilet with waste stuck to the surface.

That just ruins the entire beauty of the washroom (especially if you’ve spent a fortune building it.

The Kohler 3810-0 says no to sticky waste, and a large surface area will make sure the bowl is clean and tidy at all times.

Another advantage of the bowl having a large surface area is that the water level remains high in the toilet, so your toilet won’t be haunted by the horrid odor of waste. Your washroom will be odorless and presentable at all times!

7. Quite- Close

An annoying thing about most toilets is that when you close the lids, there’s an audible thump or loud sound that may wake up the people living with you. And why would you want to disturb anyone if you just have to go to the toilet!

Luckily for you, the Kohler 3810-0 is equipped with the Quiet-close feature that enables you to shut the toilet seat without waking even the cat quietly! You’ll be as quiet as a feather!

8. Trapway

A glazed trap way with a diameter of 2 18 inches is featured on the Santa Rosa 3910-0 toilet. As an outcome, water flow is streamlined and can provide ample pressure to allow the waste to circulate more flowingly.

Furthermore, the glazed trap way leads to a substantial reduction in friction, allowing water to travel through freely. As the water flows freely, there will be lower chances that water gets incorporated into the bowl’s surface.

9. Color Variety

Lastly, everybody wants a toilet that blends into the aesthetic of their washroom. Luckily, the Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0 comes in a stunning array of colors.

You have the freedom to pick one that best suits the overall theme of your washroom instead of being restricted to a boring shade.

Needless to say, this Kohler Santa rosa review of the essential features would have made it clear that the toilet is packed with unique and excellent features to make your life more comfortable.

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Unique Technologies

Kohler has been in the toilet-making game for quite some time, so it is obvious they know what makes a good toilet. Obviously, they’ve come up with some mind-blowing technologies that would make toilets so much more convenient.

So let’s talk in-depth about a few of the technologies they’ve incorporated in the Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0.

1. Water-Sense Technology

If rising bills are giving you anxiety, be anxious no more because the Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0 is the solution to all your problems!

The Kohler Santa Rosa range will be like an angel in your life. Evidently, we can see that Conventional toilets use a large amount of water (approximately up to 4 gallons every flush) on certain types.

Kohler, on the other hand, concentrates on developing water-conserving toilet designs.

The Santa Rosa toilet is part of a class of high-efficiency toilets that uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush! So fret no more. This water-sense technology makes you eligible for refunds in your bills since you’re using water lower than the amount that conventional toilets do.

But don’t think that a lower water amount per flush means that there will be waste sticking to your toilet bowl. That is not the case at all!

This Kohler Santa rosa toilet makes sure that the toilet bowl is clean and free of any waste. The large surface area ensures this cleanliness and good quality glazed trap way in use.

2. AquaPiston Flushing Technology

This toilet is incredibly beneficial in emptying the waste in the bowl, thanks to the forceful Aquapiston flushing system that generates 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

The fully glazed trap passage aids the AquaPiston technology in emptying the bowl of the toilet completely. This toilet flushes with less than 1.6 gallons of water almost all of the time it is used.

The AquaPiston Canister Flushing technology offers several advantages to the user. Whenever you activate the flush, it permits more liquid to move into the bowl than a standard flapper, resulting in a stronger flush.

Because a smaller portion of the seal is in touch with the liquid, there is a lower risk of leakage, and less repair is a necessary overage.

In fact, the AquaPiston flushing technology is what makes the Santa Rosa 3810-0 stand out from the toilets mentioned in the previous Kohler Santa Rosa reviews.

3. Quite-Close Feature

Another unique technology in use is the Quite-Close feature. The toilet ensures that it is quiet as a cat at all times so as not to disturb the sleep of others. The lid doesn’t create a racket as conventional/traditional toilets do.

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Pros and Cons of Kohler Santa Rosa


  • AquaPiston Technology.
  • Water-sense technology.
  • Closes quietly.
  • Glazed trap way.
  • Ideal height.
  • ADA compliant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Saves water.


  • Thin lid.

Why We Chose This Project?

In this Kohler Santa Rosa review, we’ve discussed all the vital features that you’d need in an excellent and convenient toilet. This toilet is made of fine quality ceramic material that makes it sturdy, strong, and worth every penny.

Don’t fret about unnecessary repairs and maintenance because these sturdy and durable toilets will make your life a breeze. The broad bowl with the large surface area of the Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa toilet is a terrific complement to bathrooms with any kind of interior.

This toilet, which is made of cotton white and has chair-height seating, ensures that customers have the luxury they deserve when visiting the restroom.

The spacious trap passage and Aquapiston flush engine guarantee that all of the waste in the extended bowl is readily cleaned. It is WaterSense certified since each flush uses only 1.28 gallons or 1.60 gallons of water.

Because it comes with a conventional 12-inch rough-in, the elongated bowl toilet is incredibly simple to install.

Unless you’re a do-it-yourselfer, all you’ll need is a new wax seal, screws, and bolts to secure the commode. The procedure is straightforward and similar to that of using a regular toilet. The toilet’s fully glazed trap way aids in removing the contents of the bowl with just one flush.

It’s not hard to clean this toilet. Because it has no corners or holes, unlike two-piece toilets, the one-piece construction prevents mold, germs, and filth from clinging or growing.

So, all in all, we chose the Kohler 3810-0 because of all the convenience it gives us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this Toilet Noisy?

Not at all! In this Kohler Santa rosa review, we already discussed that the Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0 is equipped with the Quite-Close feature, which means that the lid can be closed without making a racket.

You can quietly and quickly close the lid without disturbing those nearby.

Q. Is this toilet easy to install?

Yes, the Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0 is a one-piece toilet meaning it is super easy to install. The toilet includes a 12-inch rough-in and some holes for mounting it and keeping it fixated on the floor.

Another advantage of the mounting hole is that it prevents the toilet from wobbling. It is not necessary to hire a plumber to setup it. You can easily install the Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet by following the user manual installation instructions.

Q. Does this toilet waste a lot of water?

The Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0 is WaterSense certified, meaning that it uses lesser water than other traditional toilets do. This means that you can even get refunds on your bills if you fall into a specific region.

But even though it uses lesser water, the Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0 still cleans the toilet efficiently and thoroughly.

Q. Is this toilet durable?

Thanks to the vitreous china construction of this toilet, this toilet is very durable. It won’t crack and succumb to everyday wear and tear.

This one will hang around for ages, and you won’t need to spend thousands every now and then on repairs and maintenance.

Q. Does this toilet have any particular technologies in place?

The Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0 uses lesser water than traditional toilets thanks to the Water sense technology it encompasses.

Since the water consumption is far lower than conventional toilets, you are also eligible for rebates on your bills. Apart from this, it also has the AquaPiston flush technology and the Quite Close system intact.

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Kohler Santa Rosa for Modern Bathroom

Final Verdict

This Kohler Santa rosa review has made it clear that the Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0 is a fantastic candidate when it comes to high-technology appliances. Whether it’s a house or an office, you require only the best systems for every place.

The Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-0 is a fantastic and stylish toilet that will fit into almost any washroom design. Apart from the excellent technologies in place and the ADA compliance, this toilet seat also offers supreme comfort.

With the 17-inch seat height, the Kohler Santa Rosa provides a considerably pleasant life. This is an excellent choice for anybody over 6 feet tall or anybody else who feels uncomfortable using a regular toilet. The price point is always a significant issue to consider, irrespective of the goods.

The inclusion of luxury features can have a significant effect on the amount. Color can have an impact on the cost of a new toilet.

The Santa Rosa could be an excellent choice for anyone looking to spend a reasonable amount of money on a vehicle with a lot of features. However, keep your costs under control and attempt to discover a suitable toilet within your budget.

Our Review of Santa rosa toilets would have made it very clear that this Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is an excellent choice for any home or office.

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