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In this era, every day, we are introduced to the new and modern brands of a toilet flushing. Markets have been flooded with lots and lots of new products. Out of hundreds of options available, choosing one of the most reliable products is not very easy.

Luckily, there are some old brands that have been providing fantastic quality products with continuous improvement every day. Nothing is comparable with those brands as their reliability and longevity make them ideal in their field.

One of those best brands is Kohler Devonshire, whose excellent reputation as a manufacturer allows us to trust it. It is a highly efficient, comfortable, modern, and user-friendly brand. You won’t find any of its customers complaining about this brand.

Now, if you have planned to choose Kohler, the next step is to end up buying the right Kohler. In this Kohler Devonshire toilet review, we are going to put some light on two of the best Kohler products. We have selected them after ultimately trying and testing them.

Now you no longer have to search for the right product from the Kohler Devonshire series! Why? Because this article is for you! So, let’s move on!

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Our Top Picks?

Here are our two of the top favorite products:

  1. KOHLER K-3837-96 Devonshire
  2. KOHLER K-3837-RA-47 Devonshire

We will dive into both of them now!

1. KOHLER K-3837-96 Devonshire Elongated Toilet

KOHLER K-3837-96 Devonshire

Key Specifications

  • Style Of Toilets: Two-piece
  • Type Of Bowl: Elongated
  • Color: Biscuit
  • Material Of Toilet: China
  • Item Weight: 98 pounds
  • Certification: Watersense
  • Flush Rating: ‎1.28 Gallons per Flush
  • System For Flushing: Gravity Flush
  • Installation System: 3-bolt Installation
  • Dimension Of Toilet: 30.5 x 17.25 x 31 inches

This is one of the most incredible products of Kohler. We find out all the Kohler Devonshire toilet reviews, and to our expectation, we found all of them highly positive. It stands out from other products because of its unique features. What are they? Keep reading to know!

Durable Construction

Constructed with high-quality, superior material, this product promises to last for many years. Unlike regular toilet flushes, it will ensure to maintain consistent performance throughout its lifespan.

It is made with vitreous china enamel that does not hold dirt, so cleaning it is not a huge task; no germs, dirt, or other particles will stick with the surface.  

Luxurious Design

Among all the Devonshire toilets, this one features an antique and modern look. Its luxurious design will completely change the look of your bathroom. Your guests will love its traditional yet stylish and lovely look. Attention to minor details is one of the core features of this toilet.  

Flushing System

It’s not only beautiful from its looks, but rather it has excellent practical performance also. This Kohler product ensures to delivers you perfect flushing experience as it can quickly move heavy solids. It comes with a class five flushing system that is very efficient and powerful.

Furthermore, its flushing system will also clean the bowl properly; this saves your time and effort of cleaning the bowl frequently. You just have to press a single button, and its powerful gravity flush will drain all the waste within minutes.

WaterSense Certified

Buying a toilet that consumes more water will not only cost you an extra water bill but will also have a negative impact on the environment. Fortunately, all of the Kohler’s products are water-efficient as it saves a lot of water.

By using this toilet, you will save at least 16500 gallons of water at the end of the year; that’s a considerable amount! Isn’t it?  

Large Trapway

Clogging is one of the most common issues in toilets. Having a large trapway is the easiest solution to prevent this problem. This Kohler Devonshire has a 2-1/8 inch trap way that helps pass all the wastes effortlessly, no matter how large it is.

Other than passing large wastes, it also makes sure that no residue sticks on the sides of the toilet. This happens when flushing power is strong enough to deal with this.


This Kohler two-piece toilet comes with an elongated bowl design that is more comfortable and spacious than a round-bowl design. If you have people of different sizes at home, always look for the elongated bowl design as it suits everyone.

The only downside of this type of bowl is that it occupies more space, so if your washroom has less space, you need to be careful before installing it.


This two-piece toilet comes with a bowl and tank separately, so fusing it together won’t be a big issue. Start by adjusting the bowl and then installing the tank later on.

This toilet is not as heavy as Kohler’s one-piece toilets. So, all you have to do is purchase mounting hardware and then install it yourself by following the instructions or hiring a professional.  


The warranty helps us in building trust in the brand. Kohler is a brand with years of experience, and its users know about the quality it delivers. But still, it offers a one-year warranty; within this time interval, customers can return or replace any defective or damaged product.


  • Elegant and practical design.
  • Robust construction.
  • Simple set up.
  • Very comfortable.
  • The highly efficient flushing system.
  • ADA complaint.


  • Does not comes with mounting hardware.

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2. KOHLER K-3837-RA-47 Devonshire Elongated Toilet

KOHLER K-3837-RA-47 Devonshire

Key Specifications

  • Style Of Toilets: Two-piece
  • Type Of Bowl: Elongated
  • Color: Almond
  • Material Of Toilet: China
  • Item Weight: 98 pounds
  • Certification: Watersense
  • Flush Rating: ‎1.28 Gallons per Flush
  • System For Flushing: Aquapiston Flush
  • Dimension Of Toilet: 29.25 x 17.25 x 30.75 inches

In our list of Kohler toilets Devonshire, our runner-up product is this Kohler K-3837-RA . Let’s quickly go through its main features!


This model of Kohler is becoming famous day by day because of its stylish design. It is a beautiful combination of elegance and tradition that keeps on inspiring its users.

The elongated basin on the unique and sleek profile makes it different from others. It will add an extraordinary, distinctive impact on powder and bathrooms.

Comfortable Height

This Kohler product comes with chair-height seating. This kind of seating is super comfortable for everyone. Whether your family members have small or big heights, the standard height of the toilet will not disappoint you.

The best thing about this is that adults can easily stand from this.

Flushing System

The Flushing system of this Kohler is very straightforward and efficient. You don’t have to worry at all about its results. It will give you quick and eco-friendly results without causing any clogging issues. Usually, toilets that flush easily more often suffer from clogging problems.

For flushing the waste, this toilet takes all of its power from gravity. Moreover, while flushing it uses minimum water, you can trust it as it is WaterSense certified. Save the environment, reduce your water bill, and get your bathroom cleaned with this product.

Easy to clean

Proper maintenance of the toilet flush is essential if you want it to stay with you for an extended period. If you take care of your product, it will deliver you consistent results and be your partner for a long time. The best way of cleaning this toilet is to use a mild cleanser with water.

Luckily, this toilet is much more accessible to clean than other fancy toilets. This is because its design is seamless and is without any prominent curves, so the chancing of germs sticking inside reduces.

No dirt or particles will stick with the outer surface; even if it does, you can easily clean it with water.


A toilet doing all its functions properly but consuming extra water will put you at a loss. This toilet utilizes water carefully and helps in saving your water bill. Compared to other toilet models, this product is much better in terms of doing best in limited resources.

It comes with an Aquapiston canister that helps in flowing water throughout the bowl at 360 degrees. This even flow of water helps in increasing the power and ensuring the effectiveness of the flush.

Ease of Installation

As discussed earlier, the installation process of a two-pieces toilet is much easier than a one-piece toilet. This two-piece toilet is also super easy to install, similar to our Kohler mentioned above Devonshire product.

You can do the installation in less than an hour, but make sure to have an additional hand with you while doing the building. It helps in making the process easier and quicker.

Leak-Free Performance

Leaking of the toilet is a widespread problem among cheap toilets. This Kohler Devonshire round toilet comes with a durable canister design whose 90% part is concealed, which gives it a better look and ensures good performance.

The durability of the canister also helps in providing you with leak-free performance.


  • Great flushing.
  • Saves water.
  • Leak-free results.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Requires a lot of maintenance.
  • Some users have clogging issues.

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How We Selected These Products?

In our Kohler Devonshire collection, we have chosen the products mentioned above based on some criteria. While selecting the right Kohler, we consider some essential features that are as follows:

Bowl Height

Usually, Kohler toilets come in both right height and standard height versions. Suitable height bowls are almost 17 to 19 inches in height and are most ideal for elderly persons and the disabled. However, the standard bowl of the toilet is nearly about 15 inches in height.

The products that we have shared with you come in both versions; now, the choice is yours.

Flush Operation

Different models of Kohler offer you various flushing operations, and again selection depends on your choice. When looking for the best toilet, we consider the toilet that comes with the most powerful flushing operation.

Whether the toilet has a typical handle, push-button system, or trip lever option for its function, the most important thing is to ensure the efficiency and performance of the system.

Our selected products have an excellent flushing system, and you won’t feel any downside in it.


A product having all the exceptional and innovative features but is not comfortable is useless. While selecting our products, we make sure to choose only those products that are very comfortable and easy to use.

After proper trial and testing, we ensure that the product is comfortable enough to use by everyone.


Budget is another one of the most important considerations that we cannot neglect. We usually prefer selecting products that are neither too expensive nor too cheap.

You surely don’t want to break your bank for buying a toilet flush, so a super costly product is not a good option. Similarly, a cheaper product would not stay with you for a longer time.

Both our models of Kohler Devonshire are budget-friendly. You only have to pay for the features that you will get.

devonshire kohler toilet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the Kohler Devonshire toilets comes with a seat?

No, this toilet does not come with a seat; you have to buy it separately. We recommend you buy a high-quality, soft closing seat as it will prevent slamming and will stay with you for an extended period.

Q: Does the package includes all the mounting hardware?

The package of Kohler Devonshire comes without a wax ring, supply line, and other hardware. This is an additional cost that you have to bear as you will buy all these things separately.

Q: Are Kohler Devonshire budget-friendly?

Kohler Devonshire products do not have high prices than other high-end toilet brands. You will get what you will pay, so you have to invest a bit to get your desired product. Durability and efficiency never come at a low price.

Q: Do these products come with a warranty?

Yes, the product comes with a one-year warranty. Although its regular customers know about the quality very well, but it still offers a warranty to the users. This warranty helps in developing more trust in the customers.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this complete guide on the Devonshire Kohler toilet review was helpful for you in giving you a clearer idea about this product. Some of the major positives of this brand are its seamless style, curved tanks, powerful flushing, WaterSense certification, water conservation, and efficient process.

We’ll wrap up our Kohler Devonshire toilet reviews with the conclusion that this reliable brand will make you happy and satisfied with its excellent performance. You don’t even have to think again before ordering it.

Out of our top picks, choose the one that you feel is more appropriate, and don’t forget to give us feedback in the comments.

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