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Is your existing toilet tough to keep clear, or does this not complement your modern bathroom? Therefore, it is time to build a good quality toilet first from Kohler Brand, which is simple to wash and dependable.

Kohler toilet review has a reputation for generating the customer’s appreciation of elevated residential toilets. Here is a quick comparison between Kohler cavata vs cimarron through my expertise; choose your best one.

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Comparison Table

Kohler Cavata
Kohler Cimarron
Collection Name
Vitreous china
Ice gray
2-piece toilet
2-piece toilet

KOHLER Cavata High Efficiency Elongated Two-piece Toilet

KOHLER Cavata Elongated 2-Piece Toilet

Key specifications

  • Type: 2-piece toilet
  • Collection Name: Cavata
  • Bowl Height: Standard height
  • Bowl Height with Seat: 17-inches
  • Bowl Height without Seat: 15-inches
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Size: 12-inches
  • Color/Finish Family: White
  • Certification: WaterSense      
  • Manufacturer Color: White

Because of all the assembly hardware essential for additional convenience, this highly efficient toilet was developed for water conservation, and this is Cavata Complete Solution. The seat or lid is provided softly to avoid slurry.

The 2-piece toilet Kohler Cavata 12698 is a distinctive design that makes your bathroom more elegant. The toilet has an extensive lifespan, and the single flush weight needs to clear all materials effortlessly, thanks to Vitreous China materials.

It only needs 1.28 GPF, and so at least 20 percent of water is saved. The seat shuts calmly and fast, making cleaning or removal simple. The buildup will not be encountered much with a 2-1/8-inch trap way. In addition, the flushing system of class five delivers a leak-free functioning and keeps the bowl smoother after each flush.

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  • It includes an extended bowl for more convenience.
  • It contains a default left chrome lever
  • The gravity is very high, readily clearing the materials
  • The toilet bowl is cleaned after each flush due to the class 5 flushing technique.
  • The installation with only three bolts is extremely easy.
  • It includes a toilet, a paraffin ring, plus hardware for the floor.


  • Setting up is straightforward and fast.
  • Excellent for tiny toilets and pulverized rooms.
  • It is equipped with strong pressured flushing systems. 
  • The extended bowl shape and normal height offer comfort.
  • Easily cleaned and sustained.


  • There is no supply line available.

Why do we recommend it?

KOHLER Cavata White High-Efficiency WaterSense elongated 2-piece toilet 12698-0 is a suggestion since it is enduring and adaptable in manufacture. In addition, you cannot overlook its distinctive style to fit your newly built bathroom’s ideal. So, purchase this toilet immediately and enjoy the moment without any concerns.

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KOHLER Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated Two-piece Toilet

KOHLER K-3609-95 Cimarron Comfort Height Toilet

Key specifications

  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Pieces: Two-Piece
  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Certification: Watersense
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Handle/Lever Placement: Left
  • Size: 8-inches
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Warranty: One-year warranty
  • Color: Ice Gray

The toilet of Kohler Cimarron is nowadays another of the cheapest options. It fulfills both EPA WaterSense and also ADA standards due to its outstanding design, its easy installation.

This toilet offers the necessary luxury, including its elongated bowl form and also its normal Height makes it perfect for older adults. It features a left-hand chrome lever and even a full canister that assures leak-free functioning.

Therefore consider getting the greatest Kohler toilet if you want AquaPiston flush technology! The strong flushing system of the Aqua piston allows a person to remove waste inside a single flush. Because the toilet is two-piece, this won’t become a difficulty to install and manage.

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  • This WaterSense toilet integrates water saving with a high-efficiency certification.
  • The Cimarron line features a unique style.
  • Modern AquaPiston technology is available in this toilet.
  • It is a unique flush motor with a quick, powerful, and plug-in-free flush.
  • An extended bowl is placed in a regular chair, provides comfort and convenience of usage.
  • Comfortable Height gives chair-high seating that facilitates sitting down and standing.
  • A compact elongated bowl provides more comfort in a room similar to that of a ring bowl.
  • AquaPiston canister allows water to flow from across all sides into the tank, producing a more productive and forceful flush.
  • 90% less accessible than a three-inch flapper is available for enduring container structure for leak-free function.
  • The long bowl provides additional space and ease.


  • Including its uniform Height and large bowl shape, the toilet is quite relaxing.
  • It is simpler to keep because it is a double toilet.
  • This toilet has a simple set-up.
  • Cimarron is a toilet with water efficiency that uses 1.28GPF for water savings.
  • It includes a chrome lever polished.
  • It features a lightweight and long-lasting canister handle.


  • After just a few months of use leaks, few consumers reported.
  • No seat or supply lies in the purchase is included.

Why do we recommend it?

KOHLER K-3609-95 Cimarron Comfort is a two-piece toilet that does not enable anyone else toilet to go forward in this current day. Including its 1.28 GPF water usage and compact size, this can rapidly fit in many sorts of places, and you do not have to pay a lot of money for this wonderful and creative product.

So, don’t be concerned about washing toilets; instead, read this analysis of KOHLER Cavata White vs KOHLER K-3609-95 Cimarron Comfort before purchasing any toilet, and then you must pick the finest toilet that matches your needs.

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Final Words

Man Standing By Toilet Seat In Bathroom

We try to do our best research to include all of the important characteristics of the two great toilets in our Kohler cavata vs cimarron comfort comparison. No one falls behind each other in terms of both quality and beauty. It is now your time to select the best one for your bathroom by closely examining each aspect of such two toilets and selecting which is ideal for your family.

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