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Are you suffering from the problem of washing after using the toilet? Do you feel that only toilet tissue is not enough for your cleaning process? Then it would help if you went for a bidet toilet.

Though the bidet toilet will be new for you, you may have some problems understanding the functionalities of this device. But after using this, you will feel comfortable and fresh all time. So it would help if you understood that you need a bidet toilet.

Our professionals are quite an expertise on bidet toilet’s functionalities. And they are the best guide for helping you how to use a bidet toilet. Our article is about the detailed discussion of the bidet toilet and how you can use it. So, stay with us.

What Is A Bidet Toilet?

What do you think of the bidet toilet? If you hear the name of the toilet the first time, then you should learn about it. A bidet is simply a basin where you can wash after using the toilet. It is now very popular in South America, Europe, and Asia.

You must have seen the bidet toilet if you traveled the country in those areas.

In our article, you are going to learn how to use the bidet toilet. Before that, you have to know about the types of bidet. This knowledge will help you to understand the types and which will be the best for you.

Types Of Bidets

Many types of bidet you will find all over the world. When you understand the types, then you can know why it is becoming popular. 

Bidet Of Freestanding 

A free-standing bidet is a traditional-style toilet. It is installed beside the main toilet. The free-standing toilet is large. With a low sink, the freestyle bidet toilet has jets and a small bowl.

Handheld Bidets

Bidet sprayer is also called handheld bidets. Also, it is called a bidet sprayer. When you buy the handheld bidet, just use all of these names to recognize them if anyone cannot understand.

However, the bidet is a nozzle that is attached to the toilet. 

The bidet is located near your genitals and anus. So that the water flow can reach your body part, you can control the water flow and the warm water circulation of the handheld bidet.

Bidet Of Warm Water

You will be amazed to know that the bidet of warm water can be free-standing or sprayer attachment. The bidet is attached with the warm water connection, and you can mix the water flows.

So, you can change the water temperature when you are using it. You don’t need to be hurt by the cold water at your butt.

Bidet Of Built-In

This kind of bidet you will see with the main toilet. It is attached to the main toilet, which means built-in. You will get a free service from it. 

A powerful but controllable water stream is used for washing the body part. You can choose a comfortable water flow as well.

Electric Bidet

An electric bidet has the unique features of the nonelectric bidet toilet. The main feature of the electric bidet is you can warm the usable water. You can control the temperature of your water flow.

Not only that, but many bidets also have the feature of seat hitting. Do you know what it is? When you sit on the bidet, it can be very cold, and that can be uncomfortable. So, you can heat the seat for the warm facility.

You also can have a dryer that can produce hot air. So, in the cold, you don’t need to be afraid to catch a cold. Also, you can get the oscillation jets and remote controls for controlling all the sections of the bidet.

Portable Bidet

One of the best bidet types is the portable bidet. If you are a bidet user, you don’t want to miss any chance to use it. So, you can port the bidet as you go. You will find some types of functionalities in the portable bidet.

One type is with the bottle for the water supply for washing. You can store the water in the bottle and then use it outside of the home. 

Another portable bidet has multiple holes. With the retractable heads of the nozzle, you will get a smooth cleaning.

Bidet Usage Guide

You will think that the process can be hard to wash on the bidet. But the process is divided into 3 major parts.

  1. Sitting on the bidet toilet.
  2. Doing your job.
  3. Wash with the wash feature of the bidet seat and the attachment.

The last thing is washing your hands! Let’s discuss a detailed usage guide of the bidet.

Knowing Your Bidet Toilet Well

We have already discussed the different types of bidet before. The first thing is choosing the right bidet for you. After that, you have to understand the user manual of choosing the bidet.

In the manual, you will find all the information clearly about the bidet toilet. Moreover, there will be a demonstration of how to use the bidet. You will also find a detailed discussion about the functionalities and features in the user manuals.

Now you can have all the information about the bidet. You can now apply how the functionalities work. This process can help you from all kinds of accidents. For example, you can know how much water flow can produce from the bidet, so you can adjust it before using it.

Sitting On Bidet

Unlike the other toilet, you don’t need to sit backward on the bidet. Generally, you have to sit down, do your job, and then flush the toilet. You can use tissue paper for sitting on the bidet. After that, you need to use the water or flush well to clean.

Start To Wash

When you are gently sited on the bidet, now time for the washing; you are ready to use the water flow with the remote control or the bidet switch.

Adjust the water flow that you are comfortable with the switches and wash the body part. For the electric bidet, you can use the controls for the different water temperatures.

Adjusting The Nozzle

Some of the bidet toilets have the nozzle as a controlling feature. You can adjust the nozzle angle. Now you can think what the importance of adjusting the nozzle is?

Then you have to understand that different persons have different postures and angles of sitting on the bidet.

And that would be a problem to get the water flow accurately.

So in this bidet, you will have that support to adjust the angle of the bidet nozzle according to your demand.

Shutting Off The Valve Of Handheld Models

You need to shut off the valve of the toilet when you are using the handheld models. So, when you are opening the toilet, then the valve gets shut off. You will get the water flowing into the bidet hoes. The clockwise turn is opening for that. Also, you will find the buttons and triggers that help to modulate water flow.

Using Spray Of Bidet

You can use the spray until you can feel that you’re clean. The water flow will run over 30 seconds. You can wash your body part with water in that time. But if you feel o need more, then you can wash until you fill fresh.

Drying Method

Many bidet toilets have the feature of drying. If your bidet does not have the drying feature, just dry your body parts with the toilet tissue. And, of course, flush the toilet after using the tissue.

Benefits Of Bidet

Hygienic & Healthy

Using the bidet is very healthy and hygienic than using the toilet tissue. When you are using the bidet after urinating, the decrease of the bacteria is more than the using tissue. 

And it is proved in the study. And also, it is a general thing that using water and soap is more hygienic than using tissue paper.

Stops Germ Growing

When you are using the bidet, you don’t need to use your hand. That means germ cannot contact your hands. So, your hands can be safe from germs as well.

Lower Risk For The Hemorrhoids

As you are not using any pressure on your anus, that means it is a very low probability of having hemorrhoids. If you use the gentle water flow to wash the bidet, then it has a very low risk of hemorrhoids.


Using a bidet is eco-friendly. You are not going to use tissue paper as before when you are using the bidet. So it helps to impact the environment positively.


Using the bidet is a comfortable experience. Most of the bidet users suggest using the bidet than using tissue paper. You will feel fresh after using the bidet. So, go for the bidet now.

Bottom Line

Finally, you can have the right information about the bidet. Do you understand now how to use a bidet toilet? We have given all the guides on using the bidet toilet. 

So, you are now tension-free. Go and get the bidet to live a healthy and hygienic life.

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