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Let’s face it: No one likes spending the one weekend they get cleaning toilets! While cleaning might be therapy for some, almost no one enjoys cleaning the toilets and washrooms with all the wetness and mess that’s there.

One issue in particular that most homeowners face is a toilet bowl ring. You might have noticed a ring formation in toilets, particularly in areas where hard water is more common. Minerals from hard water may accumulate together to form these pesky rings.

Apart from hard water, the formation of these rings may also be attributed to germs and bacteria accumulation in the wastewater that enters the toilet bowl. Wet surfaces are the favorite spots for bacteria to accumulate and make your life a drag!

Luckily, we have got a cure for all your toilet cleaning problems. We have simple remedies for the rings too! If the toilet ring is pink, it is probably because of bacteria and germs.

However, if the toilet ring is black, then it is due to hard water mineral deposits. The black rings are going to be a hurdle to clean. Follow our techniques, but since the hard water rings are stubborn, you might need professional cleaning help to get rid of them.

Toilet Cleaners, dishwasher pods, and denture tablets:

The most obvious cleaning solution would be to get a toilet cleaning product. There are tons of options available in the market, and these can prove to be fast and effective means of getting rid of pesky toilet bowl rings.

If you don’t have a toilet cleaner and it’s urgent to get rid of the ring, then you can also use denture tablets and dishwasher pods.

For the denture tablet, the method is pretty simple. In the porcelain bowl, drop a denture pill. Leave it to work for at least half an hour, if not longer. Clean difficult stains with a toilet brush, flush and say hello to a crystal clear toilet.

The toilet cleaner’s bleach and cleansers will help kill and erase the oink stains. As for dishwashing pods, the method is, again, very simple. Let a few minutes for an automated dishwashing pod (any brand) to remain in the toilet bowl. With a toilet scrub or bush, just scrub the spots out as fiercely as you can.

Baking Soda and Vinegar:

You’d be surprised with the benefits that baking soda has in nearly every household issue. Be in getting rid of odor or cleaning a toilet, and baking soda come in handy every single time. And then a combination of vinegar and soda works even better! Let’s see how.

1. First, find the best-distilled vinegar you can find. Then take one cup of it and pour it straight into the toilet bowl. To make it work better, use a toilet brush to rub it onto the toilet to have a better effect on it.

2. Next, pour a heaped cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl as well. Make sure you have enough to cover the entire toilet bowl.

3. Then, add another cup of vinegar to it and witness a sizzling effect. The baking soda and vinegar will collaborate together to give a cleansing reaction that works to eliminate germs, bacteria, and fungi.

4. Let the mixture remain fizzing there for about 20 minutes, and then start brushing it thoroughly. Take the solution to the ringside of the toilet bowl so it’s fully covered in vinegar and baking soda as you brush it.

5. Let the mixture remain there for an hour. Just keep brushing until the ring is gone.

6. Flush the toilet.

7. An additional step is to use a pumice stone if the above steps don’t work. Just after you have used vinegar and baking soda on the toilet, start rubbing the rough pumice stone on the toilet ring until it is gone.

Vinegar and borax:

Another item you’ll find much useful during cleaning is borax. It has more or less the same cleansing properties as vinegar, but it’s stronger and might more if the vinegar remedy does not.

  1. So just throw in a quarter of a cup of borax straight into the toilet bowl.
  2. Using your toilet brush, dissolve the borax into the water and brush it against the rings gently.
  3. Pour a quarter of a bottle of vinegar into the toilet bowl and do the same thing that you did with the toilet brush in the previous step. Mix and dissolve!
  4. Leave the two components on for half an hour, and then scrub it fiercely with your toilet bowl to get rid of the annoying toilet bowl ring.
  5. Flush it away, and you’re done!

Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover (CLR):

Calcium, lime, and rust remover, abbreviated as CLR, is yet another fantastic and heavy-duty cleaner.

You could say that CLR hates hard water. So it is obvious that it does a pretty good job of keeping hard water stains at bay. You will find that a lot of people rely on CLR.

There is not a specific technique. Just pour the CLR into the toilet bowl and let it remain there for half an hour. Scrub it onto the ring for a better cleanse. Then simply wash it away.

Preventing Toilet Rings:

Prevention is better than cure. Even when it comes to toilet cleaning, remember that a toilet bowl ring is formed through the accumulation of hard water deposits and germs. If you clean it regularly, the possibility of the formation may be eliminated entirely. Just a few minutes a week can save you from all the above remedies.

So instead of spending an entire day scrubbing and brushing the toilet bowl ring, you can just pour borax into the toilet bowl every day, scrub it a little, and then flush.

It’s preferable to leave the borax on overnight because then, in the mornings, the stains will be less tough. Doing this regularly won’t allow stubborn toilet bowl rings to form.

You could also make use of toilet cleaners to regularly clean the toilet and prevent the stubborn rings from forming altogether. Stay clean!

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