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Is your toilet squeaky clean, and bright? I doubt many people would say yes to that question, especially if those are people living in areas where hard water is abundant! Sometimes, you’ll notice brownish stains inside your toilet bowl that are super annoying to clean! But what is it?

The brownish deposit on the base of your toilet bowl is caused by hard water accumulation. Mineral accumulation occurs due to hard water, which is difficult to remove from electrical appliances, faucets, and lavatories.

Cleaning the Brown Stains:

Residues in the base of your toilet are, without question, among the most revolting tasks you may undertake when having those routine cleans. Of course, who would want to spend ages cleaning a toilet bowl anyways?

Because water usage in the restroom is more common than you might think, these tenacious hard water stains can resurface even after you clean them. So these are stains you’ll be dealing with regularly. Follow these sure-to-work methods for an easy fix to your toilet staining problems.

Method 1: Borax and Vinegar:

One of our favorite remedies to get a stain-free toilet is this one that uses borax and vinegar. Two simple ingredients that can help you say bye-bye to the brown-toilet problem. Here’s how you can pull it off:

  1. First of all, you’ll need to get a clear image of the bowl and wipe down the toilet to reach the stain.
  2. Then, mix some of the borax with a little water to make a thick paste. The consistency should be thick enough so that the paste doesn’t pour into the drain but sticks to the stains. Make sure there’s enough paste to cover the entire affected area.
  3. Put on some gloves and rub the mixture gently against the stains to get the paste to effect.
  4. Using a toilet brush, rub the stains and get them off with it. Keep scrubbing until all the brown residue is gone.
  5. Flush the toilet and have a shower!

Method 2: Vinegar Magic:

Vinegar is a useful tool in many cleaning remedies. Whether it’s cleaning the yellowish stains off a toilet seat or cleaning brown buildups, it’s a useful item. Let’s see how we can harness the power of vinegar and get a brown-free toilet bowl. Remember that we will be using undiluted white vinegar in this method.

  1. Take a bottle of vinegar and heat it. Heating activates the acidity and makes it more effective against stains. You’d want to heat it to up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Pour the heated vinegar over all the brown stains slowly so that the liquid flows through it slowly and doesn’t just pour into the bowl.
  3. Leave the vinegar on for several hours or overnight if you have another washroom you can use.
  4. Then scrub the brownish stains with a brush or hard loofah. You’ll find that the stains are much softer and easy to remove.

Method 3: Coca-Cola!

You’ve probably come across those videos on the web where people pour coca-cola into toilets to clean it to prove its acidity. Well, there might be some degree of truth in that, but we’ve found that coca-cola is not a very good toilet cleaner.

However, when you pair coca-cola with a little baking soda, it can help get rid of brown stains. Here’s what you need to do!

  1. Mix Coca-cola with baking soda to create a paste.
  2. Pour the paste over the brown stains. You’ll notice foam forming in the toilet bowl. This is a sign that it’s working!
  3. Leave the mixture on for several hours in the toilet bowl to let the coca-cola do its job.
  4. Then you can scrub the toilet bowl the same way you did in the last few remedies and then flush your toilet to see it spot-free!

Method 4: Use Sandpaper for stubborn stains:

Sometimes, the stains won’t budge with just the solutions and pastes you’ve been applying. This happens when you do not clean the brown stains regularly. When more and more minerals from hard water deposit over the years, the stains become tougher and tougher to clean.

So you’ll find that the remedies might fail for stubborn stains. Worry not, we have another solution for the stubborn stains! You can use sandpaper to get rid of those pesky brownish stains!

Instead of using a brush to scrub the stains, you can switch to sandpaper.

  1. Wipe out the toilet bowl to make sure it’s empty.
  2. Rub the sandpaper in a fixed motion over the brown sediments and gently remove the sediments. But make sure you’re moving the sandpaper gently. Rubbing it too fast and hard can damage the porcelain and lead to cracks.
  3. Once the brown stains are gone, wipe the whole area, so no leftovers remain. Apply oil to the area as well. Wait for an hour (preferably more), and then you can use your toilet again!

Prevent Brownish Stains:

You know how it is: Prevention is better than cure! And it holds for toilets too. Regular cleaning is much better than an entire day of cleaning and scraping off brown residue. It would be good to prevent it because consistently not cleaning it leads to stubborn stains.

The easiest approach to maintain your toilet bowl clean is to avoid allowing it to become too stained and brown. Once or twice a week, after every few uses, spin the sides of the bowl with a toilet brush. At minimum once every couple of weeks, give the interior of your toilet a good wash and scrub.

Add a few drops of liquid toilet cleanser to the tank after regular cleaning. You can also use cleaners in tablet forms.  Even after numerous uses, the cleaner will flow into the basin with each flushing, eradicating germs and removing residue.

When cleaning day approaches again, you’ll discover that you have very little to fret about. You won’t need to spend a decade scrubbing your toilet seat if you just invest in a good cleaner!

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