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The toilet is a household item used by all, but cleaning it is unappealing. If you are looking for how to clean a toilet properly? Then stay with us for all the details.

According to a study, it would be surprising that the toilet was considered cleaner than a toothbrush holder. But that doesn’t mean flushing alone will keep a toilet clean forever. The toilet seat, handle, and open spaces can be home to mold and bacteria if not disinfected properly.

People misuse toilet cleaners and disinfectants most of the time without realizing that. The disinfectants and toilet cleaners require an application for a certain amount of time to take effect and kill germs, bacteria, and mold. But most of the users apply it for seconds and wipe it off, rendering the toilet cleaner useless.

So proper toilet cleaning is necessary for good hygiene and better looks of your bathroom. Let’s find out more about “how to clean a toilet properly?”.

Toilet Cleaning Supplies

To properly clean a toilet, some items are required to do the job. Most of these items are readily available at home, and some might need to be sourced from the market. Following are those items required.

Toilet Brush

The toilet brush and toilet are concomitant in every home; that’s why we cannot imagine a clean toilet without it. Before using your trusty old toilet brush, make sure its bristles are straight and not bent or warped. If your toilet brush is deformed, it will not work effectively, and you should get a new one after all.

A toilet brush can scrub hard-to-reach areas under the bowl rim and inside the opening of the trap way. The grime is hidden inside the bowl rim, and the trap way can be removed this way to keep your toilet clean and hygienic.

Ensure to rinse your toilet brush properly and let it dry after use. But the better and quicker option is to apply disinfectant to the toilet brush after each use. It should also be noted that a toilet brush should be replaced every 5-6 months.

A Pair of Rubber Gloves

While cleaning a bathroom, you need some protection to keep your hands safe from chemicals and grime. Most toilet disinfectants and cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can burn your skin on contact. So you should wear a pair of thick rubber gloves that cover your hands and wrists.

A Water Bucket

To properly clean your toilet, the water level in the bowl needs to be reduced. This way, the toilet cleaner and disinfectant can provide better results. To minimize the bowl water level, pour a bucket of water inside to trigger a flush without the water tank filling it again. Once the bowl water level recedes, the cleaner should be undiluted and work better.

Bowl Cleaner

Toilet cleaners are specifically designed to remove grime, hard water buildup. It should be noted that harsh chemicals should be avoided, harming the toilet surface. Any recommended toilet cleaner will be enough to clean your toilet perfectly.

Surface Disinfectants

Just like we spend our time cleaning the inside of our toilet, the outside deserves a proper cleaning as well. The exteriors of the toilet bowl, seat, tank, and flush handle should be thoroughly disinfected to keep it hygienic.

Reusable Cloth, Sponge, or Paper Towel

To scrub the toilet from the outside, you need either a reusable sponge/cloth or paper towel/wipes. If you use a reusable item, thoroughly clean it afterward. And discard it if you are using disposable wipes or paper towels.

How to clean the toilet?

After all the toilet cleaning supplies are sorted, it’s time to start cleaning. First of all, you should get changed to keep your clothes clean. Then wear your rubber gloves and begin pouring toilet cleaner inside the bowl.

  • The toilet brushes you choose for cleaning should be designed for maximum performance. The brush head should be shaped to reach every part of the bowl rim, and the bristles should be firm to remove stubborn stains.
  • Once the toilet brush is sorted out, reduce the water inside the toilet bowl by pouring a bucket of water inside. It is essential to keep the cleaner undiluted for maximum results. Running the water inside the bowl will trigger a flushing effect without filling again and reducing the water level.
  • The cleaner should be poured in from the bowl rim, and make sure to cover every bit of the bowl. Once the cleaner is applied, take the toilet brush and work your way around the rim. This part is the most stained and should be adequately scrubbed all the way.
  • After scrubbing the entire bowl, leave it for a few minutes to take effect and flush it after 5 minutes. Any recommended toilet cleaner can be used for this purpose. But if you don’t have access to a toilet cleaner, pour a cup full of bleach inside the bowl and repeat the same process to clean the toilet.

After you are done cleaning the inside, it’s time to clean and disinfect the outside. Most homes have a two-piece toilet installed, a magnet for germs and grime. Following are the steps to be followed while disinfecting the outside of the toilet.

  • Start spraying the disinfectant on the exterior of your toilet from the base towards the top thoroughly. Ensure to spray the back of the toilet as well. If it’s a two-piece toilet, adjust the nozzle to a stream position to deliver the disinfectant inside the seams.
  • Lift up the lid and spray it entirely on both sides.
  • Spray both sides of the toilet seat thoroughly.
  • Scrub the flushing handle properly as it can be a birthplace for germs.
  • After leaving the spray on for 10 minutes, wipe the whole exterior with a sponge, wipes, or paper towel.
  • Once you are done, make sure to disinfect the toilet brush, brush holder and rinse the sponge to get rid of any germs. Make sure to flush one last time before you are done.

After cleaning the toilet inside out, it’s time to clean the water tank. The water tank doesn’t require frequent cleaning, but it’s better to take a peek inside once every few months after removing the tank lid. If you notice any hard water signs or other buildups, apply any cleaner for a few minutes. After leaving it for a few minutes, carefully scrub the insides with a sponge or a brush followed by a flush.

Avoid Doing This

Toilet cleaning might seem a simple task without any harm or dangers, but certain things need to be avoided. Following are some points you should avoid when cleaning a toilet.

  • Avoid cleaning your bathroom with closed windows. Ensure to clean your toilet with proper ventilation because the fumes from chemicals inside toilet cleaners can be harmful when inhaled.
  • Avoid cleaning your toilet with bare hands as the harsh chemicals can be dangerous if they come into contact with your skin, so always wear rubber gloves.
  • Avoid cleaner tablets used in water tanks that can damage the toilet surface if left there for longer. The chemicals could be dangerous for pets that love to poke their heads inside the toilet.
  • Avoid using harsh chemical-based toilet cleaners, which might damage the toilet surface.

How Long Does it Take to Clean the Toilet?

From beginning to end, cleaning a toilet will give you a decent workout. When you apply the cleaner to the bowl, you should at least wait for 5-10 minutes after giving it a thorough scrub for a minute or two. Additionally, the disinfection takes around 10 minutes.

So if we calculate all the toilet cleaning chores, it takes roughly 15-25 minutes from start to finish.

How Often Should You Clean the Toilet?

Cleaning your toilet not only reduces the risk of microbes and bacteria spread but also keeps your bathroom sparkling and hygienic. After each use, the insides are cleaned by each flush, but the outside remains a breeding spot for germs.

Although there is no fixed time schedule for when to clean your toilet. But to keep everything hygienic, it should be cleaned according to the usage. If the family is large and the toilet is used throughout the day, it should be cleaned every two to three days.

Just as the inside and the outside of the toilet also need cleaning and disinfecting. But it doesn’t require to be disinfected quite often. If the toilet is visibly clean from the outside, it should be disinfected once every week.

It should be noted that the toilet cleaning supplies should also be kept clean to prevent any spread of germs. The rubber gloves, toilet brush, and a sponge should be adequately disinfected and dried before putting in storage. The rubber gloves can be used for three months, while a toilet brush should be replaced every 5-6 months.


So to wrap it up, we hope this guide on “how to clean a toilet properly?” has answered it in great detail. By following these steps, your toilet will be clean of germs, and your bathroom will look splendid. After all, toilet cleaning only takes around half an hour to complete.

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