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Are you searching for How Much Should A Toilet Install Cost? Then your search is over because you will know all about toilet installation costs through this guide.

Installing a new toilet requires a few steps and some preparation. Many homeowners prefer to call in a professional plumber to remove the old toilet and install the new one.

So to know more about How Much Should A Toilet Install Cost? Here are all the details.

Cost of Toilet Installation

On average, homeowners worldwide spend 120-250 USD replacing their toilets. It should be noted that this cost doesn’t include the price of the toilet. So the total cost of a toilet installation depends on the labor cost for installation, type of toilet, and other repair work required.

Labor Cost

Labor costs can start from as low as 120 USD, but it really depends on the hours of work required. The labor cost includes toilet removal charges if you are looking at removing an old toilet. Toilet removal charges could cost up to 50-60 USD.

You can expect to be charged 75-120 USD per hour by your labor for any other work required. Such as drain pipe installation, drain pipe moving, installing the flange, repairing any leaks, and any other necessary repair required.

Types of Toilet

Different types of toilets are available on the market with a basic toilet ranging from 100-200 USD. A pressure-assisted toilet with modern features will cost you from 500-700 USD or more. While smart toilets range from 1000-5000 USD or more depending on features.

The most popular toilet types include single-piece and two-piece toilets, round and elongated shaped bowl toilets, gravity and pressure-assisted flushing toilets. Let’s have a look at different types of toilets and their prices.

Single Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilet

Toilets are available in two types that are single and two-piece units. The single-piece toilets are more modern, easy to clean, and have newer features such as water-saving. Although single-piece toilets have an advantage over two-piece toilets, they are slightly expensive, costing around 150-500 USD for basic models and 500-1000 USD for advanced models.

On the other hand, the two-piece toilets are more reasonably priced and easy to install. But despite that, two-piece toilets are harder to clean and might develop leaks in the long run. A basic two-piece toilet price range from 200-300 USD, while an advanced model can cost 300-1000 USD.

Round vs. Elongated Bowl Shape

The toilet bowls are either round or elongated shaped, and there is a price difference of around 100 USD. The round-shaped toilet bowls can fit smaller bathrooms and are ideal for children or people with a more petite build but uncomfortable for adults.

The elongated-shaped toilets are more comfortable than round-shaped toilets. They have more sitting space, due to which elongated bowl toilets are more significant than round-shaped toilets and can fit medium and large-sized toilets.

Flushing Systems

You will come across various types of flushing systems in toilets: gravity-fed, pressure-assisted, rimless flushing, and dual flush. Let’s take a closer look at different flushing toilets and their price range.

Gravity Fed Flushing System

Gravity-fed flushing toilets are the most common type used in almost every home. This type of flushing system is simple and effective. Water is introduced from the tank to the bowl using gravity alone, which flushes the contents effectively.

Due to their simplicity and efficiency, gravity flushing toilets are the first choice of homeowners. This type of toilet can cost from 100-600 USD or more depending on different models and extra features.

Pressure Assisted Flushing System

Pressure-assisted flushing toilets are the more modern type. They are more efficient in flushing than gravity-fed flushing. A pressure-assisted toilet functions by utilizing air pressure to flush the contents quickly.

Although this type of toilet is more efficient while flushing but is louder than gravity-fed toilets. If we look at the cost of buying pressure-assisted toilets, they range from 300-700 USD.

Dual Flushing Toilets

Dual flushing toilets are unique as they have two flushing options. A shorter flush can be utilized for liquid waste, and a larger flush is used for solid waste. Dual-flush functions by using gravity and pressure assistance to clean the bowl.

The dual flushing toilets are water-efficient and save a lot on water bills. The cost of installing this type of toilet ranges from 100-600 USD.

Rimless Flushing Toilets

Rimless toilets are also known as double cyclone flushing units. It lacks the conventional bowl rim; instead, there are two holes and a water channel to deliver water for flushing. The water channel then creates a vortex that clears the toilet and cleans and scrubs the bowl.

The price range of rimless flushing systems is 400-1000 USD or more.

Additional Installation Cost

Before beginning with the toilet installation, you should know that it would cost more if additional work is required. So it is better to assess the work needed to calculate the total cost of toilet installation.

The assessment should be made on the following factors:

  • Whether the new toilet requires plumbing, drainage pipe, or subflooring.
  • Does the old toilet need to be removed or not?
  • Does the toilet require to be moved to another spot in your bathroom?
  • Are the existing drainage and plumbing in perfect condition?
  • What type of toilet needs to be installed in the bathroom?

DIY Toilet Installation

If you like to get involved in home repairs and have good DIY skills, you can install your new toilet yourself. All it requires are tools, removing the old toilet, if any, and installing the new one.

Although it is better to go with DIY toilet installation, replacing an old toilet may require additional repair. So calling in professional help should be on your cards.


So to conclude the cost of installing a toilet in your bathroom, we discussed all the factors in detail. It includes labor costs 120-250 USD, Buying a new toilet 100-5000 USD or more, and the cost of additional repairs and installations. So we hope our guide has covered all the details required on “how much should a toilet install cost?”

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