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While toilets are a must-have household item (obviously), the wrong ones could leave you in a severe pickle! A toilet that’s constantly clogged or is leaking is not only tiring to fix, but it is also a pretty messy situation if you think about it. The smell and filth that comes with a fault toilet are best avoided!

But when moving into new houses and apartments or living in the same place for too long, you’re bound to encounter such mishaps. And you’re not alone! Luckily for you, toilets aren’t even that expensive. You can get a fantastic one for as low as $200.

In this article, we’ll discuss the cost of a new toilet and the associated charges with you.

How much does a toilet suit cost?

Remember that toilets come in various qualities and types, as every product does. There are wall hanging toilets, one-piece toilets, two-piece toilets, and more. But they’re all priced differently. Within the types, toilets have various features like auto-flushing and others.

The best loos are water sense certified and use lesser water, ultimately reducing your water utility bill. You should expect to pay $150- $1500 for a toilet. In addition to this, do consider plumbing charges that we will discuss later.

1. Two-Piece Toilets:

Are you on a tight budget and want to get a toilet that gets the job done without the bells and whistles that an expensive toilet has? Then a two-piece toilet is just the way to go! Economical and affordable, these toilets cost an average of $230-$300 and cost lesser to install.

A reason most of you will want to stick to this is that these are the toilets you’ve been seeing throughout your life and are a safe option. However, fancier and more advanced two-piece toilets will cost you more, around $600-$1000.

So if you’re looking for a familiar yet fancy toilet, go for the modern editions of the two-piece toilets.

2. One-Piece Toilets:

For modern houses looking for a sleek appearance and a toilet that blends in with the style they’re trying to achieve, the one-piece toilets can be a fantastic choice. On average, a basic one-piece toilet could cost up to $400-$500, while the more advanced versions cost about $500 and go all the way up to $1100.

One-piece toilets may be more costly, but they usually incorporate Water-saving technologies that help you save on your utility bills. So they’re a fantastic option in themselves. Also, they’re compact and pretty easy to clean!

Factors that will increase the Toilet Cost

Now we all love bells and whistles and all those extra features on every appliance. But we hate it when we have to pay a premium for it! So let’s see which characteristics contribute to an expensive toilet/

1. Self-Cleaning feature:

Modern toilets consist of a self-cleaning feature that spins a cleaning solution within the bowl to cleanse it thoroughly. Some more advanced toilets use U.V lights to do this, and this, of course, takes the price of toilets up to a range between $500-$3000.

If you want the true and proper self-cleaning feature, you should know that you must pay extra.

2. Heightened toilets:

Higher and tall toilets are more preferable and are favourable for disabled folks. They don’t add a lot to the cost and typically start at around $200.

3. Heated toilet seats:

A cosy, heated toilet seat on a cold winter day is a luxury. Well, be ready to pay a starting price of $800 for these luxurious toilet seats that will make your winter way more comfortable.

4. Remote controls:

Remote control toilets are owned by a few and are the most expensive kind because, with the toilet, you’ll be paying for the technology and remote control. These toilets have various features like odour control, temperature adjustment, heated seats, air drying, and much more, depending on the price.

So the more you want from a remote control toilet, the more you’ll have to pay!

5. Dual Flush Toilets:

You should look into a dual-flush loo if you’re keen on water conservation and also want to save some money by paying a shorter utility bill! These dual-flush systems have two flush options: a conventional flush for any solid waste and a water-saving flush for liquid wastes.

How does the flush know which flush to use? Well, there are two flush buttons where one is for solid waste and the other for liquid, and you can choose accordingly. This way, you won’t be wasting a gallon of water to flush a little urine. This style of toilet will set you back roughly $200 to install.

6. Macerating Toilets:

Your waste products will be chopped into tiny bits before being sent into the pipes by a macerating commode. This sort of toilet can be installed somewhere which uses tubing and not pipes. Macerating toilets will cost you roughly $600 on average.

Extra Toilet Costs

Apart from the toilet set, you’ll be incurring additional costs like installation and plumbing. Plumbing costs vary from region to region. You will need to pay around $200 for installation in the U.S or less based on the plumber’s per hour wage.

Plumbers will charge you more for installing wall hung toilets or one-piece toilets, or those with additional features. But a basic toilet takes around $250 to install. Of course, plumbers will charge more if your toilet model is a bit complex and takes effort to get going.

A complicated toilet will obviously take longer to install and so a higher charge. To avoid a lot of plumbing charges, try dismantling the toilet yourself. It is not rocket science and might save you $50 or so.


In essence, Buying and installing a basic toilet will cost an average of $250-$500 in our opinion, given that your choice is that of a standard toilet and not the fancy ones. Remember that toilet replacements don’t necessarily have to be costly, and you can make do get a pretty good toilet installed for under $500!

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