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Are you searching for an article is about the functioning guide of RV toilets? Then, you are in the right place. From the beginning of the RV toilet industry, you will find the greatest revolution of the RV toilet.

From 1927, after the invention of the RV toilet, it goes through many experiments and research. Now you will find the smartest and best quality functioned RV toilet in the market.

But it was not an easy task for the manufacturer to invent the newest technology and provide it to the customers. In the 1940s and 1950s, the whole toilet concept got advanced and technology-friendly.

Now, if you know the functioning of the RV toilet, then you can appreciate the new invention and technology of that. Moreover, if you want to buy an RV toilet, knowing the RV toilet’s functioning will help you get the best quality RV toilet.

How Does It Work?

The gravity is used for functioning an RV toilet. That’s why the mechanical part of the toilet needs to be straight. You will find the water at the bottom of the toilet that rinses through the bowl. The water pressure is used with gravity to get enormous power.

After storing the water in a black water holding tank, you will find the best storage for the water. After that, you can empty the tank. In any dump station, you can dump the waste.

The best part of any toilet is the flushing system. You have to find the best quality flushing system always. And you will find most of the toilet for RV is with the foot pedal system. Also, the electric flushing system nowadays is getting popular for the RV.

The functionality of the RV toilet is depended on some sectors. These sectors are separate from each other. After reading the discussion about the different toilet sections, you can have a clear vision of the best quality RV toilet and its functionality.

Flushing System

One of the essential parts of the toilet is the flushing system. Without a flushing system, you cannot use the toilet. Also, you need the best quality flushing system in the RV toilet.

In the flushing system world, many types of flushing systems you will get. But most of the RV toilets have the Gravity flushing system or Tornado flushing system. Both are the top-notch flushing system in the market.

Flush washes away all the stools and waste on the toilet, and all the water goes at the bottom of the trailer water tank. The original feature toilets have 3 inches valve that makes the flush stronger and soundless.

It would help if you had the connection from the clean water for the flush because you know that only clean water can clean the toilet. Every toilet connects the clean water supply and the connection to store the dump water in the black water tank.


Pedals for allowing the flush water to clean the toilet surface. Nowadays, the foot pedal is very popular for RV toilets. But also, you will find the hand pedal or switch system flushing system.

Pedals are for controlling the flush. Foot pedals are convenient for the RV toilet. Because it doesn’t need much space, on the other hand, the hand pedal can be needed some spaces for the setup.


Bowl is the space where you can seat on. You will find many types of bowls for the RV toilet. Elongated shape bowl and round shape bowl are the popular shapes for the bowl.

The elongated bowl is more significant than the round bowl. If anyone needs the home bathroom, then an elongated toilet is the best. Elongated size has a larger shape for the bowl. That’s why every kind of person can sit comfortably.

In an RV toilet, you will get a small space for the toilet so that the round shape toilet would be the best. But for a big person, the toilet cannot be comfortable.

Toilet Chemicals Treatment

You will find odor after using the toilet several times. Moreover, the RV toilet has a smaller space for install. That’s why the odor can be deadly.

You can have the solution for that. Toilet chemicals are used to alleviate the odor. Deodorizing with the toilet chemicals is the most excellent job for the RV toilet.

The famous two chemicals are blue one and biological one. Blue chemical is a very effective one.

You will not find any odor in your bathroom after using this chemical. It is blue. But using blue chemicals can be harmful if you dump the black water into your home septic tank.

The chemical can destroy the whole septic system of your house. It kills all the good bacteria in your septic system.

On the other hand, the biological chemical is also an efficient solution with no harm. It is perfect for your health and the environment. The biological enzymes and the bacteria help to destroy the odor-making bacteria and don’t destroy the septic system.

Trailer Water Tank

In RV, you will get 3 types of tanks for 2 different output water, and one is the freshwater storage. Three types of water are clean, fresh water for drink and use, greywater that is used in the bathroom and kitchen, and last is black water that is used in the toilet.

You will find all the biological waste in the black water. From this tank, you have to empty the toilet wastage. The emptying pipe of this tank is 3 inches thick. All the water from the toilet comes and is a store here. After filling it up, you need to empty it in the dumping point.

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Bottom Line

You need the best quality RV toilet because human beings need a hygienic and healthy toilet system. Above, we discussed the toilet system functionality in detail.

Now you can have a clear vision of which type of RV toilet you will need. Also, you know now that how to maintain the RV toilet. So, go for your favorite kind of toilet. And enjoy the traveling.

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