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Dometic RV toilet is the best option when you are on outdoor trips or camping trips. In this post, we will discuss the Dometic 320 toilet review in detail. Keep in mind that RV stands for Recreational Vehicle, and RV toilet means the portable toilet we can use when we are outside.

Dometic 320 RV toilet is equipped with all the features which you want in the particular toilet. Here we will discuss all the features of this toilet through RV toilet review, which is ultimately best for your family. 

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Table of Contents

  1. What Is an RV Toilet, and How Does It Work?
  2. Features of Dometic 320 RV Toilet
  3. Pros and Cons of Dometic 320 RV Toilet
  4. Buying Guide Dometic 320 RV Toilet
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Conclusion

What Is an RV Toilet, and How Does It Work?

Glamorous RV Bathrooms

RVs toilets are the special toilets that usually work with the RV’s water supply and black tank. So we can say that they are specially designed for recreational vehicles.

Now, you do not have to hide in the jungle and peeing in fear of a wild animal.

So this is the best option where you feel the environment of your home. The good thing about the RV toilet is that they use significantly less water and are very efficient. They usually require more routine maintenance than a house toilet.  

RV Toilet Works Differently

Different RV toilets work differently. It usually depends on the various methods for flushing and handling wastes. It would be best to dispose of the wastes outside of the RV in a residential or commercial toilet

If we talk about the design of an RV toilet, then it is almost similar to a house toilet. However, some modifications such as height are different, the difference in bowl depth and foot paddles.

Benefits of an RV Toilet

Comfort and convenience are the main benefits of using an RV toilet. Although you can use the traditional bathroom toilet RV toilet is usually appreciated when you are on a long journey. They are also a good option when you are at dangerous places such as camping or hiking.

Features of Dometic 320 RV Toilet

In this Dometic 320 toilet review, you can find various incredible and outstanding features.

Simple Hands-free Flushing

dometic 320 toilet review

The latest feature of the Dometic 320 toilet is its simple hands-free flushing. There is also an ergonomic One Direction foot pedal.

It gives you new, easy, and hands-free flushing. All you have to do is just half-press the foot pedal when pressing that fully to flush.

Real Ceramic Bowl

Dometic 320 Series standard height toilet comes with a natural ceramic bowl. The bowl’s material is made up of 100% vitreous China ceramic that gives you the same feeling and performance as your household toilet.

Keep in mind that some RV toilets do not provide you with the same comfort level and feel that you will discover using a Dometic 320 RV toilet. Fortunately, the ceramic bowl is longer in size so that you can easily sit on it. After opening, you will get a scratch-free and sparkling RV toilet that shows its longevity. 

Simple Installation

The modern 320 series toilet gives you a simple installation. You just have to assemble it with its two-bolt installation that offers you a Swift entry water connection. Keep in mind that this RV toilet comes with a 2-year protection warranty.

Toilet Seat

The toilet seat of this Dometic 320 RV toilet is very comfortable. It is a new elongated pot seat enamelled with timber to give you a soft feel while sitting.

Strong Flesh

It is a grade RV toilet that features a simple but powerful flush. It means that it has the capability of removing large waste into a single flush. The reason is that the flush is very powerful each time and gives you quick movement of the waste.

With proper pressure flushing, there is complete rinsing to provide you with a spot-free bathroom bowl. It is a 360-degree rim wash act to provide you with the full rinse.

Full Comfort

Whenever you sit on this RV toilet, it gives you full comfort. Keep in mind that the seat’s height is 18 inches which are equal to your normal home chair height. At this appropriate height, sitting and standing becomes easy for you. This height is also suitable for disabled or vulnerable persons.

Also, the toilet pot is elongated that increases its comfort. The elongated toilet pot is also ideal for fat people who feel uncomfortable while sitting on a short-sized pot. So we can say that it is similar to the residential toilet bowl to provide you with extra space for any type of person.

Water Saver

Even if the toilet is giving you pressurized flushing, still it uses a small amount of water. So we can say that it is beneficial in preserving the water, which is necessary while travelling long distances. It is equipped with a low flush technology that uses only 0.5-litre water in each flush. Through this technology, we are saving a considerable amount of water.

In addition, the toilet bowl gives you exceptional progress in its flushing action. It is done by a spinning flushing procedure with which the water revolves in the whole bowl. Now, the washing performance of the Dometic 320 RV toilet has been increased through the powerful flush.

Hand Spray Ancillary

You can easily judge the importance of hand spray while reading Dometic 320 review. The hand spray gives you an extra advantage aside from self-washing. Now, you can easily spot clean aside from self-washing. Usually, it requires less effort when you do not have to use a toilet brush every time.

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Pros and Cons of Dometic 320 RV Toilet


  • It comes with an optional hand sprayer.
  • Easy to install.
  • Pedal placement.
  • High quality ceramic toilet with wooden seat.
  • Affordable RV toilet.
  • Elongated bowl.


  • Flushing could become more powerful.
  • You have to require the use of a foot pedal for pressurization of a hand spray.

Buying Guide Dometic 320 RV Toilet

In Dometic 320 review, the buying guide will help you a lot before purchasing 320 RV toilets.


Keep in mind that RV toilets are not the healthiest places. Different RV toilets offer different hygienic levels. Consider using hands-free flushing for RV toilets to keep them clean. You can make it hygienic by using different sprays. These sprays are very useful in cleaning the bowl.

Installation Process

You can also do the installation by yourself with a wrench. The RV toilet gives you a professional installation with quality materials used in its construction.


If we talk about the comfort of an RV toilet, then we have to consider two things, seat size and height. It is good when the RV toilet height and seat size are according to a domestic toilet.


It is a foolish idea to spend hundreds of dollars on an RV toilet when we will only use it occasionally. In the market, you can find many portable toilets that are affordable, so these should be kept in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for removing the Dometic RV toilet?

First of all, we have to turn off the water supply. When the water supply is off, then carefully remove and drain the water line to the toilet. After that, you have to loosen the screws and bolts with which the toilet is connected to the floor.

Then you can easily lift the toilet off the floor. Make sure that you have discarded the bolts and screws, and in the future, you have to purchase the new ones with a new installation.

Is it possible to replace an RV toilet with a regular toilet?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to replace an RV toilet with a regular residential toilet. The reason is that these toilets are specially made by keeping in mind the portability and travel criteria.

Obviously, residential toilets are not suitable for this type of environment.

What is the best RV toilet?

The best RV toilet is the one that fits best in your space. It should be comfortable and must have the appropriate size and height. Through the Dometic 320 toilet review, we can quickly assess its quality and convenience for use in RVs.

Ensure that you are keeping in mind the particular space where you have to install the Dometic 320 RV toilet.

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You can easily judge the excellent performance and quality of the toilet through the best RV toilet review. The toilet gives you the best flushing power by using only a little water. According to different reviews, people are pretty much happy with the spray, which is helpful for washing and point cleanliness.

Dometic 320 RV Toilet Side View

Dematic 320 series is a standard height toilet that is similar to the regular chair height. So you will feel great comfort while sitting on it. Moreover, it is also helpful for old persons who have different knee issues.

Along with the fantastic features, the installation of the toilet is also very easy.

The natural ceramic bowl gives you a long-lasting appearance for several years.

It is very simple to not feel sitting on an RV toilet but your toilet in your home.

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