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Are you feeling confused about selecting one of the Dometic toilets in series 310 and 320? Then, you are on the right way. 

All the Dometic toilets look like the same series. But they are different.

If you do not need to know anything to select one because you have to poop on it, then hold on. You are going to face a lot of troubles, starting from bad smells to sewage overflow.

So, understanding the differences between the toilets is essential. Below, experts have talked about the comparison between Dometic 310 VS 320. So, stay tuned.

Why Are Dometic Toilets Superior To Other Toilet Brands?

Dometic toilets are superior to all the toilets.

Why is Dometic the best? Because the toilets have top-notch materials.

They save money to prevent water costs. The toilets are hygienic and healthy. For the RV bathroom, the Dometic toilets are the best in shape and size.

Many toilets’ brand uses the unnecessary technological mumbo jumbo. But in the final product, they can not fulfill the user’s demands.

On the other hand, you will find the best quality RV toilets at a reasonable price if you choose Dometic.

Quick Comparison Table

Dometic 310 Toilets
Dometic 320 Toilets
Dimension Of Toilet
19 x 15 x 20 inches.
22 x 14.75 x 19.75 inches.
23.2 pounds.
36 pounds.
Ceramic, polypropylene
Ceramic, polypropylene
Bowl Shape
Rim Feature
Not available.
Flushing System
Foot-pedal flushing System.
Foot-pedal flushing system.
Per Flush Water Usage
One pint.
One pint.
Seat Size Of The Toilets
Small in size, best for RV bathroom.
Comfortable elongated size.
Depth Of Bowl
Small compatibility.
Large depth.
Materials Of Seat
Enameled wood.
Design Of Flush
Rimless 360° Vortex.
Low and pressurized full-rim flush design.
Overall Weight And Size
Lightweight & for small space.
Heavy & large.

Dometic 302310031, 310 Series Slow-Close Wood Seat White Toilet

Dometic 302310031, 310 Series Slow-Close Wood Seat White Toilet

Key Specification

  • Item Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 20 inches.
  • Item Weight: 23.2 pounds.
  • Material of toilet: Ceramic.
  • Color: White.
  • Model: ‎302310031.
  • Country of Origin: ‎USA.
  • Height: Standard.

How do you distinguish the Dometic 310 toilet from the others?

Don’t worry. All the best features of the toilets make these excellent toilets one of the best.

Compact design is the most crucial feature that you will notice first. The design is different from any other toilets. With the signature design, the 310 series toilets have a narrow space installment feature.

For saving the wastage of water, the Dometic brand has used the upgraded Flushing system. It is strong enough to clean and also spends less water.

With the ergonomic and intelligent flushing system, you can use the pedal system for flushing. You can add water for pressing a half pedal. And for a full flush, you need to press the full pedal.

You will find the standard height for the Dometic 310 series toilets. So, no hazard for comfortable sitting. Comfort is very much predictable when you are going poop in peace. At least at the toilet, you should grab the happiness in your life. And Dometic understands it perfectly.

With the toilet, you will get the best quality enameled slow-close wood seat. The toilets are hygienic. Though it takes less water, exactly a pint of water to clean, the toilet remains hygienic all time. Moreover, you don’t need to clean regularly.

You learned that the flushing is with the pedal system, so you do not need much power for flushing.

You need a small space to install the Dometic 310 toilet. If you need a Dometic RV toilet then, you can purchase the 310 series. And among the series, Dometic 302310031 is the right one.

The swirl-jet function is for easy cleaning. One feature that you will love the most is the convenient toilet experience. For a small space bathroom, you can easily install it in the toilet. The install process is very effortless.

For the RV or any recreational vehicle, the Dometic 310 series toilet can be a life savior. The manufacturer of the product produced the toilet especially for this kind of environment.


  • Compact and convenient design.
  • Elegant and simple looking.
  • Effortless cleaning.
  • A smooth surface of Ceramics.
  • Need less water for flush.
  • Easy to install.
  • With swirl-jet feature.
  • Standard toilet height.


  • Spill for no rim.
  • Not solid base part.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the Dometic 302310031, 310 Series Slow-Close Wood Seat White Toilet for the best convenient RV toilet. With the water-saving flushing system and standard height, it is one of the best Dometic RV toilets.

Moreover, Dometic toilet 310 needs small spaces and less effort to install. So, why do you miss the chance to grab it? 

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Dometic 320 Series, 302320081 Amazing RV Toilet

Dometic 320 Series, 302320081 Amazing RV Toilet

Key Specification

  • Item Dimensions: 22 x 14.75 x 19.75 inches.
  • Item Weight: 36 pounds.
  • Material: Other.
  • Item model number: ‎302320081
  • Country of Origin: USA.
  • Color: White.
  • Height: Standard.

Do you want to buy the elongated model toilet for your bathroom?

Then, you should buy Dometic 320 Series, 302320081 Amazing RV Toilet. Why is it the best one? Because you will find all the best quality features in one toilet.

You will find the best quality bowl shape for the Dometic 320 toilet. The rim and changed bowl shape give you the best comfort when you are pooping. With the elongated shape, the toilet has the standard shape for any person.

The elongated model gives the toilet shape of the oblong and deeper bowl. It is convenient. Rationally, the weight and size of the Dometic 320 toilet prove that it needs bigger space for installation.

So, is Dometic 320 Series, 302320081 for the RV or recreational vehicles? Yes, of course. You can use the toilet for your RV or recreational vehicles. You will get the standard height for cozy seating.

The additional intelligent feature of this series is the rim feature. That you won’t find in the 310 series, so you can think of the toilet as Dometic 320 RV toilet. 

In any recreation vehicle, this feature is absolutely important. The spills problems will go with the rim. Now, how much does the Dometic 320 toilet spend on the water? 

The answer is very small. With the foot pedal, you can flush a pint of water. So, is this water enough for cleaning? Yeap, you will get perfectly cleaning toilets after every flush.

The manufacturer maintains the ergonomic design. A hand spray is for cleaning your butt. 

And the spray is enough for that. For the Ceramic built, the toilet is very easy to clean and wash. Also, the maintenance is effortless and nonproblematic.

The slippery texture of the surface makes the cleaning easy. No dirt stays long on this surface. That’s why it needs less water. Besides that, the flushing system is strong and smart.  After every flush, it remains shiny and healthy.


  • Compact in design.
  • Built with smart technology.
  • No spills for the rim.
  • Strong and smart flushing system.
  • Easy to install.
  • Safe and comfortable.
  • Water-saving feature.
  • Effective bowl shape.


  • A little bit expensive.
  • Hard cleaning for rim part.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the Dometic 320 Series, 302320081 Amazing RV Toilet, for the best quality toilet experience. With a water-saving feature, the toilet has a rim that prevents slips.

Also, you can use it in the RV though it needs bigger space. But it is one of a kind. With the ergonomic and compact design, the toilet is best for everyone.

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Features Comparison Dometic 310 Toilets VS Dometic 320 Toilets

When nature calls, you need to respond immediately. No shame of that. But if you do not feel comfortable on your toilet, you are very unlucky because it is the best moment to feel unbridled.

In the world of Dometic toilets, 310 series and 320 series are the best among all. The war between Dometic 310 VS 320 is widespread in the market. 

The main difference between Dometic 310 and 320 is tough to find. But we are here, the expertise in this field will give you the best features differences.

Seat & Bowl

Dometic 320 toilets are elongated in the shape of the seat. You will find the more considerable bowl depth. The feel and look of the toilet you will find as the residential toilet. 

It is more significant than Dometic 310 toilet. For big people the size of the toilets is perfect.

On the other hand, the Dometic 310 toilets have smaller seats and fewer deep bowls. That’s why it is lightweight and takes smaller space. For the RV or any recreation vehicle, the toilet has a compact effect. An average person can happily do potty on it.


As the manufacturer produces the Dometic 320 for giving residential feeling in the RV, you will find home feeling on the Dometic 320 series. Being oversized and elongated, the toilet is comfortable for big people. It is also durable and robust. Also, the toilet has an enameled wooden seat.

As opposed to the Dometic 310 is a thin and lightweight toilet. To install the Dometic 310, you will not find any trouble at all. But the poorest part of the toilet is the wooden seat. The seat is not good at all. The hope is you can buy the wooden seat separately.

Flushing system

Both Dometic 310 and 320 have the Gravity flushing system. And the professionals declare that it is the best flushing system. 

The flushing system uses very little water to clean. But the amount of water is effective for every full flush. Flexible pedal system for flush using by both Dometic 310 and 320.

So, what is the difference in the flushing system? Dometic 320 uses a full-rim flushing system. That means the toilet has a rim that prevents spills. Also, the pressurization helps to clean the rim side and whole bowl effectively. But for the rim side, you will find dirt every time.

The Dometic 310 uses the pattern of 360 degrees Vortex flushing system. The flushing system is powerful. But the shortage is you won’t get any rim with the toilet. So, the spill is an obvious phenomenon for Dometic 310.

Installation Process

According to size and weight, the installation process differs. As we know, the Dometic 310 toilet is lightweight and small in size, so the installation process of the toilet is easy and hassle-free.

Though both of the series are the same to install, installing the Dometic 320 series needs more effort. Because of its elongated size and heave weight.

Other Accessories

For Dometic 320 toilet, you can find all the necessary accessories all together. The wooden seat, hand sprayer, or the tools for the installation are all you will get together in one purchase. No need to upgrade any accessories.

On the other hand, also with Dometic 310, you will get all the accessories together. But we suggest you upgrade the standard seat with extra money. That will help you to feel comfortable.

Dometic 310 Toilets And Dometic 320 Toilets VS Other Toilet Models

We are not bound only in the discussion of Dometic 310 VS 320 comparison. But also comparing with other toilets with these two will help you to recognize the best toilets.

The materials of the Dometicare very quality and durable. You can use the toilet through the decades. The maintenance of the toilets of the Domenic is very rarely a job.

The toilets are well built and ergonomic. You will not find any defect in the design of the Dometic toilets. No wrong or harmful materials are not used to make great toilets.

One of the best parts of the Dometic 310 and 320 series is a water-saving feature. Most of the brands of the toilet ignore the quality. But it is crucial. The feature saves the environment and money at the same time.

The thing happens with the flushing system. The Dometic 310 and 320 both use the Gravity flushing system. The robust flushing system cleans all your dirt within one moment with a flush.

All of these reasons take the Dometic toilets top of the pyramid of the toilets world.

Which One Is The Best – Dometic 310 Toilets Or Dometic 320 Toilets?

Comparison is very tough between Dometic 310 VS 320 in the naked eyes. That’s why our experts compared all the factors and functionalities of the two series. At last, they can see the best one according to their knowledge.

Dometic 310 series is the choice of our experts. They find some key factors that bring the 310 series top of the list.

In RV or camper toilets, you will not find much space for installation. You know the area of the bathroom in any vehicle is very limited. In this limited space, an extra-sized toilet can be a problem.

Moreover, the weight is also a headache for the RV. More importance needs more power to port one place to another. The RV would need more boost to carry the heavy bathroom.

Furthermore, it would be best if you did not go for the expensive one. Almost same features with different prices and choosing the expensive one will be folly.

And all of the specifications are told about Dometic 320 toilets. These toilets are heavy, more prominent in size and shape, and elongated bowls. That’s why it needs more space to mount. 

For heaviness, the RV needs more power. If you are an average-sized person, why do you purchase an elongated toilet with the extra money? 

But if you are a bigger person or the toilet will use an overweight person, you should go for the Dometic 320 series toilet with the extra money.

Besides that, using the rim in the Dometic 320 toilets gets dirty quickly under the edge. We think the part is disgusting. When you are staying or traveling on RV, you will get less time to concentrate on cleaning the toilet regularly.

Thinking about all of these factors, we suggest you buy the Dometic 310 series for your RV and bring happiness.



Q: What is a Dometic toilet?

Answer: Dometic toilet is a durable toilet for RV or any camper toilet. All the features of the Dometic toilets fill with advantages for RV.

Q: What is the best toilet for an RV?

Answer: For RV, you should purchase the Dometic toilets. Any of its models and series you can choose according to your demand.

Q: How does a Dometic toilet work?

Answer: For dumping, the toilet has a tank for all the contents. This is called a holding tank. Moreover, you will find the pedal flushing system to clean the bowl. 

Q: Are all toilets in RVs the same size and shape?

Answer: No, it’s not true. You may find RV toilets in a variety of sizes and types on the market. For example, the Dometic brand produces two different RV toilets, series 310 and 320. They are slightly different than each other.

Q: Do RV composting toilets smell?

Answer: They are smalls but significantly lesser than the regular toilets. You can rid of from smell of the potential sewage.

Wrapping Up

At last, you should be clear about which is the best one for you. In a comparison of Dometic 310 VS 320, we discussed details with the various information and reviews. 

You are now in your own choice. Buying any of these series would be profitable. If you still confuse about purchasing them, then according to our choice, buy Dometic 310 series. And stay happy.

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