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Are you suffering from sanitation problems in your RV? Does your RV toilet smell bad all the time, even need to be clean regularly? Then, changed the toilet of your RV. Otherwise, you can face lots of trouble with your health and mind.

So, the asking arises, is RV toilets are reliable? The answer is simple and straight. Dometic 310 toilet is the ultimate choice. According to our market researchers, Dometic is the brand of trust in the RV toilet world. 

Below we are going to make Dometic 310 toilet review briefly. Stay tuned!

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What Is Dometic 310 RV Toilet

Dometic 310 toilet is a unique toilet for the RV only. You can use it at home also. 

But it would not that be appropriate for your home bathroom. Because you will find some extra features that prove the toilet is for the extreme environment. 

However, the cleaning process, dimensions and weight of the toiles, flushing system, installation, style, and many other features are different from regular toilets.

In this Dometic 310 toilet review, we will disclose all the features of the RV toilets and discuss them.

Is Dometic 310 RV Toilet Worth For You

Are you an RV traveler? Or do you live in the RV?

Then, you will understand the toilet differences and features between the regular one and the RV one. For the RV bathroom, you need a unique toilet. That provides the toilet brand Dometic. 

The Dometic has different models of RV toilets. Among them, you can choose any of them.

In addition, Dometic is the only brand that purely develops RV toilets. They perfectly understand the RV situation. For this reason, it is worth buying the Dometic RV toilets.

We can give some dots that bring you the reason for buying the Domestic toilets. First of all, they produce the RV toilets with high flushing power, so they don’t need to further clean toilets. 

Secondly, as the flushing has excellent power, you don’t need to maintain it for a certain period.

Thirdly, the dimensions of the Dometic 310 RV toilets are RV-friendly. They don’t need more prominent space. They are lightweight, so RV doesn’t need to spend more power to carry. But you don’t need to compromise with the standard height and size for the toilet bowl.

Finally, the Dometic toilets do not create any offensive smell.

The cleaning process of the bathrooms makes no poop come reverse to the pipe. So it remains smell-free.

So, all these specialties make the Dometic RV toilets valuable for RV. If you go through the Dometic 310 toilet review below, you will find more important points making Dometic toilets RV-friendly.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Dometic 310 RV Toilet

Size & Shape

When you buy the toilet for your RV, you should consider the size and shape seriously. According to your RV bathroom size, pick the right size one. 

If you feel that the toilet may be wrong in shape, then take professional advice. According to our professionals, in our Dometic 310 toilet review, we selected three universal-sized RV toilets.


It would be best if you were concern about the materials of the toilets. Ceramic-made toilets can be accessible to clean and durable.

The Ceramics make the surface of the toilet plain and slippery. So, dirt cannot cling to the surface.


Different people decorate the RV differently. It depends on the different philosophies and fondness. According to this, the different colors of the toilet can vary. So, choose the color as your demand or the bathroom decoration.


Though the Demotic toilets are very easy going to mount, you should be clear about it when you are buying. All of the toilets need only 30 to 35 minutes on average. But some models need some different steps and time-lapse.

So, ensure about the installation process.

Maintenance & Cleaning

For the hygienic toilet, maintenance and cleaning are important. Also, to avoid technical problems, those are important. In the case of Demotic toilets, it is straightforward to clean. Materials are the key element here.


You should be aware of the price. The expensive can be a disturbance. On the other side, cheap products can be useless after a specific time. So, you should choose the product according to its value and features.

Our Top Picks Table

Choice Type
Product Name
Best Overall
Best Lightweight
Best Power Flushing

In-Depth Review Of Dometic 310 RV Toilet

Dometic 310 Series Ultra Modern RV Toilet

Dometic 310 Series Ultra Modern RV Toilet

Key Specification

  • Product Dimensions: 25.8 x 20.3 x 25 inches.
  • Item Weight: 37.79 pounds.
  • Color: Bone.
  • Material: Ceramic.
  • Model number: 302310173.
  • Bowl Coverage: 100%.

Do you look for standard height toilet for your RV?

Then, the Dometic 310 Series Ultra Modern RV Toilet is the name for you. You will get a standard toilet height of 18 inches with this comfortable toilet.

With the powerful and revolutionary hand sprayer, you will get the Power-Flush system in it. Besides that, the design of the toilet is elegant ad relatable. The classic look makes you see the comfort of your eyes.

For the robust flushing system, the cleaning process of the toilet is straightforward and stress-free. 

Any person can love the features of the Dometic RV toilets. You will get complete knowledge about the Dometic 310 Series Ultra Modern RV Toilet in this Dometic RV review.


Power Flush Action

If you want to clean your toilet thoroughly, you should take Dometic 310 Series Ultra Modern RV Toilet now. With the 360 degrees pattern of the Vortex flush, the rim remains clean all the time.

You will get full cleaning coverage in one flush.

Ergonomic Design

Dometic 310 toilet has a pressure-sensitive foot pedal. It would help if you pressed the pedal half for partial water flow for a flush. And for pressing the full pedal, you will get a full flush. 

With the ergonomic design, you feel super comfortable on the toilet.


Dometic 310 Series Ultra Modern RV Toilet is very hygienic for its flushing system. 

No waste stand against the super-powerful flushing system. The design of replaceable enhanced ball seating design prefers the self-cleaning system. 

Other Features

You will get the best functioning hand-sprayer.

It is helpful to clean your butt.

The install process of the toilet is an effortless job. You don’t need to buy extra tools to set up this. The best convenient toilet for every RV.


  • PowerFlush flushing system.
  • Easy cleaning and hygienic.
  • Very easy to install.
  • With a useful hand sprayer.
  • With mounting hardware and user manual.
  • Simple and elegant looking
  • Ergonomic style and comfortable.


  • For a very big person, I would be problematic.
  • Strictly follow the user manuals.

Why Do We Recommend it?

We recommend the Dometic 310 Series Ultra Modern RV Toilet for the best quality materials made and very simple to install. For the RV bathroom, it would be the best solution. No wastage of water and no hazard for the cleaning.

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Dometic Bone 310 Series ‎302310033 RV Toilet

Dometic Bone 310 Series ‎302310033 RV Toilet

Key Specification

  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 20 inches.
  • Weight: 23.2 Pounds.
  • Material: Ceramic.
  • Color: Bone.
  • Model number: ‎302310033.
  • Country of Origin: USA.

Do you want an RV toilet that comforts Robust and has lightweight features?

Then the Dometic Bone 310 Series ‎302310033 RV Toilet is the right one for your RV. With the toilet, you will be the slow-close Enameled wood seat. It would help if you had low maintenance for this excellent toilet.

The prior asking what is the specialty of the Dometic Bone 310 Series ‎302310033 RV Toilet. Then, read carefully. You will get a powerful Gravity flushing system that clears the bowl equally and perfectly.

The material of the toilet is top-notch.

Below you will find all the features’ explanations of the RV toilet.


Smooth Surface

The material of the toilet is 100% Vitreous Ceramic. And this material ensures the best quality smooth surface of the toilet. So, your poop is not going to mess at the surface of the toilet. After that, the function goes to the strong flushing system.

Gravity Flushing System

All the expert of the toilet manufacturing knows that the Gravity Flushing system is the most useful in the toilet world. It uses little water to clear every corner of the bowl. You don’t need to clean the bowl regularly because the flushing system does your work at every flushing time.

Moreover, the Vortex flush pattern of 360 degrees is the primary worker to keep the flushing system.


The ergonomic design of the toilet ensures the comfort to use the toilet. When you are passing the most comfortable moment at the toilet then comfort is the most important feature for the toilet. The long, full-sized, and smooth rim surface make the comfortable feeling.

Water Saver

The Gravity flushing system does not wastewater.The flushing system needs only 0.13 gal/0.51 per flushing time. This is the least water user to flush effectively.


  • With the Gravit flushing system.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Only needs 0.13 gal/0.51 water.
  • With a close wood seat.
  • Smooth and attractive-looking surface.


  • Very expensive.

Why Do We Recommend it?

We recommend the Dometic Bone 310 Series ‎302310033 RV Toilet for the smooth surface material and water-saving flushing system. Besides that, the cleaning system is very effortless. Dometic 310 toilet is lightweight and the dimension of the toilet is the best for RV.

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Domestic Sanitation 302310083, 310 RV Toilet

Domestic Sanitation 302310083, 310 RV Toilet

Key Specification

  • Item Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 20 inches.
  • Weight: ‎39 pounds.
  • Installation Type: Floor Mounted.
  • Material: Ceramic.
  • Model: ‎302310083.
  • Color: White.

The Domestic Sanitation RV Toilet is made out of Ceramics and, for some parts, plastic. If you have an RV lover, then this Dometic 310 RV toilet is essential for you. You will love to poop this mind-blowing sanitation toilet.

The central part of the toilet keeps your bathroom clean or doesn’t make a bad smell. Because the cleaning system of this toilet is unbelievable, you should purchase the toilet for your RV blindly. And, why should you buy it? We will tell you the story in the feature section.


The Flushing System

Now you know which is the best flushing system. The Gravity flushing system is the best one. The happy news is Domestic Sanitation 302310083, 310 RV Toilet uses the Gravity flushing system. Not only the flushing system has the power of all cleaning but it can also reduce the water cost.

360-Degree Flush Coverage

The flush can clean at 36 degrees for the bowl. That’s why you don’t need extra water and time to clean further. One flush is enough for a kind of poop. With the toilet you will get the swirl-jet, that cleans your butt comfortably.


The installation system is very quick and handy. In 30 to 35 minutes you can install the toilet in your RV. You do not need individual tools for installing or mounting the toilet.


  • 360 degrees powerful flushing coverage
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Full-sized seat.
  • Beautiful and stylish.
  • Perfect dimensions for the toilet.
  • Easy two-bolt installation.


  • A little bit heavier than others.
  • Very simple looking for the fashionable people.

Why Do We Recommend it?

We recommend the Domestic Sanitation 302310083, 310 RV Toilet because it is one of the best Dometic toilets for RV. It is very handy for the RV bathroom. Perfect dimensions for the small space.

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Major Benefits Of Dometic 310 RV Toilet

In this article, we discussed Dometic 310 toilet review. The major benefit of the Dometic toilet 310 is for the RV lover. Below let’s see some benefits of the Dometic RV toilets.

Healthy Sanitation

When you are traveling on RV, you need to be sure that your toilet is the best of all. Because in RV, you need a clean and healthy bathroom. But when you are using the regular toilet, it seems very hard to maintain a healthy environment in the bathroom.

And the Dometic 310 toilets are the best in the collection. They mainly make the toilet for an extreme situation of RV as it is straightforward to clean, so it remains healthy all time.

Saving The Water

A robust flushing system saves a lot of water. The Domenic toilets have been made with water-saving technology with a strong flush. 

You know that in RV, you will not get water infinitely. So, you need to be conscious of water-saving.

It Needs Small Space

The dimensions of the RV toilets are specially considering for small space. You will not get enough space in RV. So the Dometic 310 RV toilet is made for the small area. But you won’t feel uncomfortable about it. This is the fantastic technology that they ensure for RV owners.

Strong Materials

The RV toilets of Dometicaremade with solid material. Because you don’t know that, how much rough road may come on traveling. So, the materials of the toilets should last for every situation.


The Dometic RV toilet is straightforward to install. As you know, the dimensions are very compact, and the lightweight feature makes the installation process easy.

Effortless Cleaning

You have already known the compact size of the Dometic toilets for RV and the robust flushing system. That’s why cleaning is an effortless and rare job. Automatically you find the toilet clean and smell-free.


Q: Is sewer gas in RV dangerous?

Answer: Yes, sewer gas is not only so smelly but also it can be very dangerous. It can harm your health instantly. So, you should be concern about the sewer gas in RV.

Q: What is a Dometic toilet?

Answer: Dometic RV toilets are the best quality durable toilet for anybody. The China material and plastic are the main ingredients for the Dometic toilets.

Q: Should you keep water in the RV toilet?

Answer: Yes, you should keep water in the RV toilet. Always you need to check the seal of the toilet that keeps the water in our RV toilets.

Q: Do RV composting toilets smell?

Answer: Composting toilets in RV smells lesser than the regular bathroom. The potential sewage smells will not harm you at all.

Q: Which is the best RV toilet?

Answer: Dometic 310 Series Ultra Modern RV Toilet is the best RV toilet in the market.

Wrapping Up

At last, after reading the Dometic 310 toilet review, you should have chosen the perfect toilet for you. If any of you still cannot determine the one then, we are here to help. 

According to professionals, Dometic 310 Series Ultra Modern RV Toilet is the best overall among all Demotic creations. So, don’t be late. Grab the toilet for your RV and be happy at the pooping time.

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Replacing Our RV Toilet | Dometic 310 Toilet Review

Video Transcript

what’s up guys thanks for tuning in um today we’re back in our bathroom and uh i’m not super excited about what what i’ve got to do today you know for the most part we really enjoy making these videos i have fun making them even if it’s doing a repair or maintenance or something like that it’s it’s fun we enjoy it learn something you know i learned something i try to share what i learned with you guys so but today is probably going to be the least fun video that we’ve had to do so far because today we’re changing out our toilet do so the reason we have to change out our toilet this is the thetford aquamagic style 2 toilet it comes in the grand design 28bh grand design uses this toilet and many models a lot of manufacturers use this toilet in a lot of different models but a few days ago our foot pedal fell off so the pedal fell off i didn’t think it was a big deal i said well that’s weird so i looked at the pedal i saw some grooves i saw the valves here on the side so um i figured it just popped off so i can see that it’s not held on by anything other than this little ridge there’s a little ridge right there that snaps in and holds the pedal on so i popped the pedal back in place and a couple days later it popped off again so i did a little more investigating start doing a little research and what i found is that not only does this plastic shaft start to wear out but the actual hole that the shaft snaps into starts to wear out um and when i stuck my hand in there there is a ton of white powder dust stuff that i can only uh imagine is from just this plastic piece wearing and this this hole wearing um so through a lot of research we were going to get a new pedal but almost every post that we saw people ordered a new pedal it worked for a few months and then it fell off again because it’s actually the piece on the toilet that is is worn out and won’t allow this pedal to stay attached all the time so again they’re doing some more research i never thought i’d be researching toilets so much but we decided to go with the dometic 310 we’re debating between 310 and 320. the 310 is a little closer to the dimensions of what we’ve got here with the thetford the 320 i was afraid would be to come back too close to the wall and maybe not fit at all we need 11 inches from the middle of our drain to the wall for the 320 to fit and i just kind of eyeballing it with a tape measure based off what we have here it would have been really really close so that the uh the dometic 310 had excellent reviews also but we definitely want to get away from this style pedal because we don’t want to have to do this again so show you guys first of all what to do if your pedal falls off when you flush the toilet because depending on at what point in the flush the pedal pops off you could be left with one two things either you could have your flush valve open and the water running or you could have the flush valve it could close and then the pedal pop off but then your water is still on with the valve closed so when that happened to us i i ran outside and turned the water off real quick but here’s what happens so this front lever operates the flush valve so if the pedal falls off all you have to do if the valve is open and the water’s running you just push that all the way up that’s going to close your flush valve and then this is your water valve in the back it turns your water on and off make sure it’s all the way down so flush valve up water valve down and everything’s off you can actually also flush the toilet this way if you’re in a jam like we were and the pedal will not stay on um it’s a little more manual labor or flush but you can flush the toilet there you can close it and then refill it with the water there so kind of a two-step process but uh that’s what you’re gonna do if your pedal falls off and you know you wanna still be able to use your toilet i think it’s terrible terrible design that you have to replace an entire toilet that works perfectly because the pedal falls off but like i said we did a tremendous amount of research on on forums not just grand design forms but on other forms and pretty much everything we found said that replace the toilet because just getting the pedal and replacing it doesn’t last so all that being said we’re about to get started replacing our theft for toilet with a dometic 310 show you guys that process so here we go all right so all we need to take the toilet off is a half inch socket so i’m going to unhook the water line from the back i’m going to take the half inch nuts off each side and we should be able to remove this i’m going to put a towel down underneath in the back so we don’t have any any water that might be left in this hose won’t leak over the floor so so now we’re going to just cover that hole up so nothing accidentally drops down there or we go outside take this out and unbox the new dometic toilet get ready to come back inside all right so we’re gonna get this dometic 310 out of the box the 310 and the 320 are available on amazon kind of crazy you can buy a toilet on amazon which you can we’ll leave a link down below to this toilet and we’ll also leave a link to the 320 in case you’re interested in that one but the amazon descriptions were very helpful it had all the measurements so pretty nice toilet i mean you know again i’ve done way too much research on toilets over the last few days but um they have nice seats they have the slow closed lid so it won’t slam down on you so all in all um all in all a good job got our new hardware new caps still a foot flush so we’ll get this thing in looks like the hose hooks up a little bit further over not dead in the center like it is on that one so but it is lower so the other one on the thetford is up higher and more to the center so hopefully i’ve got enough for it to reach over i feel like i do so when we were looking at them online we were concerned that this would be a little more round not the same shape but looking now with them side by side definitely about the same size physically so i’m pretty confident the 320 probably would not have fit because it is quite a bit large it’s a much larger bowl sticks back quite a bit more it’s about three inches total in length longer so and you can see how high the hookup is here so we’re more in the center but over here we’re over more to the to the side but it’s uh it’s a lot lower so i should be able to swing that right down and that should hook up just fine what you’re gonna see is inside the dometic it’s got the water jets all the way around so it’s going to clean the whole bowl when you flush and get this bad boy inside get a boulder bag down i just looked down through the center just to make sure we were centered up over the hole so we’re off to one side at all so we don’t have a chance of anything hanging up on the way down don’t know if that’s an issue or not but i like to have it as centered as we could so i’m gonna go ahead and uh bolt this down and get the water line hooked up so we’re going to try to tighten these up nice and even on both sides so it pulls it down nice and flat so don’t want to over tighten those nuts because it’s just a plastic base this is bolted to i definitely don’t want to over tighten and crack that whole another set of issues so we just snug them down over there nice and snug i’m going to call it good on that the water line is very close to reaching you can see over here um like that far from being able to reach not quite it’s very close so i’m gonna take the screws out over here on that base and see if maybe they’ve got this tied up somewhere or see how it’s routed see if i can get just a little bit extra so i showed you how close that hose was to hooking up so you can see back here where it comes up through the floor um they kind of drilled this big hole on an angle so if i can there’s a beam on the trailer that runs right along where this vent is so i’ve got like an inch between the beam and where they drilled this hole so i’m going to try to elongate this hole a little bit i can pull this really really tight and get it to hook up but then we’re going to have a super we’re going to have that thing just super super tight and i’m afraid with those pex fittings and those uh pressure type clamps they use it it’s just going to cause a leak over time with that thing being pulled so extremely tight so i don’t need much i mean i need like half an inch to give me just enough to get together to reach so see if i can elongate that hole and get what i need out of it that’s in there not super tight all right so i chiseled out that hole just a little more chiseled it with a screwdriver i don’t really keep wood chisels with us living in an rv anymore but i just needed to the the hole they drilled was on an angle if i can describe it the holy drill was on an angle going this direction so all i had to do was chisel out kind of the bottom of that hole so i could pull that hose over just a half an inch to have enough room to hook up so i pulled it over chips out enough to where that hose isn’t stretched just as tight as it’ll go um i went underneath in the uh basement and i made sure that you know we didn’t have there’s still some play there so it’s not pulled you know super super tight like it was going to be if i tried to force it over without trying to knock that hole out a little more but um got it all hooked up we got the water on so let’s see uh see what the deal is here all right so we’re going to fill it up with water just give it a little push wow that sounds really funny i’m guessing there’s some air in the line i’m thinking it probably won’t make that noise all the time um and then we just go all the way down and flush it yeah maybe it doesn’t make that noise all the time who knows so fill it up you can see how it swirls around so it does have a swirling action which is a little more typical of like a like a house like a house toilet would have when you flush it so hopefully you know it works nice and efficient maybe it won’t take as much water to flush i don’t know we’ll see but uh looks like it’s gonna be a good setup wasn’t a difficult job to do so you know don’t be scared of replacing your toilet uh the biggest thing is just make sure that you know your measurement from the center of your drain hole to the back wall because that’s what you’re gonna need to know if you’re putting a different toilet from what came with it uh from the factory all right that’s gonna do it for now one toilet successfully installed we appreciate you guys watching and catch you guys down

Dometic 310 RV Toilet

Dometic 310 Toilet | The Inner Workings of the Toilet

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