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Do you know every toilet problem has an easy solution? If you are suffering from common toilet problems, then don’t worry. You will find lots of problems that you don’t need professionals to fix. 

We are here to give you the solutions to some common toilet problems.

You may notice that some modern toilets have now started to give user manuals that have solutions to some common issues. But the problem is many users don’t know the language of the plumbing. That’s why problems cannot be solved easily.

We are here to give you a discussion about the common toilet problems and their solution. We are trying to express ourselves in very easy language that everyone can understand. So stay with us.

1. Clogged Toilet

The most common problem for the toilet is clogged toilet. For this problem, water cannot pass through properly, and odor can appear from the bathroom. Besides that, the extreme situation can be the overflowing toilet. It can be a horror story.

Do you know why it happens? A simple thing is when something is stuck in the pipe like insoluble tissue paper, sanitary pads, cloths, wipes, paper towels, and many more not flushable things. In a word, the things that are not biodegradable can get stuck and cause the clogged toilet.

We know that tissue paper cannot be a problem in the toilet. But you should be aware to buy “flushable” toilet papers or tissue papers.


You can easily unclog the toilet with a plunger. You have to have a plunger and need to use the plunger until the pipe is unclogged. That’s it; you don’t need any plumbers or anything overpriced device to solve the problem.

If the siphon is clogged, then you can use the flange plunger to avoid the clog. You have to be so conscious about the plunger size when you are buying. The size of the plunger is important. The bigger plunger produces more water pressure.

2. Leaking Toilet

The water tank holds water for the flush. When you push the button or pedal for the flushing, the water comes from the toilet tank. Now, sometimes you will notice that your water usage has increased. This can happen for the leakage of the toilet tank.

However, the most significant thing about tank leakage is that you cannot easily find the problem the first time. Because the leakage can be hidden and water flow also is very little. Without noticing the fact, you can. So how do you find that your toilet tank is leaked? 

You can add some food color into the tank’s water. And wait for a while to come out that colored water on the bowl of the toilet. If you find the colored water, then you can be sure about the leakage.

Also, many reasons cause the leakage of the toilet. For one example is loosening up the flapper of the toilet is the reason. Another common cause is a broken valve seat.


The solution is straightforward if you can understand the problem of leakage. For example, tightening the flapper can be a solution to leakage. You also can replace the failed gasket.

The leakage also can be for the tube overflow. If it happened for the tube overflow, then check the valve that is screwed firmly.

3. Bowl Water Level Changing

For a well-functioning toilet, the water level of the bowl is determined by the outlet height of the p-type, which is the internal part. So when the bowl water rises, then you have to understand that there is a clogged inside. 

On the other hand, if the bowl water level goes too low, you have to understand there are some potential problems in the toilet.

The professionals say decreasing the bowl water level is a sign of four issues for the toilet. Below let’s discuss the problems serially.

Destroyed Fill Tube A fill tube is a plastic hose that sends water back into the water tank after every flush. 

It is connected with the overflow tube. The tube can be unclipped. That’s why the tank goes overflow. 

This incident causes the shut-off of the valve.

Damaged Toilet Bowl

If you discover that your toilet floor is often wet, but someone is not the reason for that, then it can cause a broken toilet bowl. For this reason, the bowl water can be decreased. 

Breaking the bowl is a very dangerous malfunction. So, understanding the malfunction, you should take the necessary steps quickly.

However, the broken bowl cannot be repairable. You have to buy a new one and replace it with the help of professionals.

Broken Fill Valve

Do you know what the fill valve is? The fill valve ensures to refill the water tank with water after every flush. Therefore, the water level of the bowl decreases when the fill valve gets broken or discharged from the alignment.

Problem Of Vent

The sewer vent is the line where the plumbing system is connected with it. The other side of this vent is the roof side to get sufficient airflow. 

This vent is used for the sufficient airflow that needs for the water flow of the toilet. Therefore, if any problems happen to the vent, then the water level of the bow can be decreased.


First, you need to check the fill tube. Inside the tank lid, you will find the fill tube. If you find the tube is broken that replace it and if it is shifted, reaffix it.

For the clogged toilet, you can use the snake to solve the problem. Then it would help if you inspected the fill valve. If the fill valve is broken, then replace it with a new one. You will find all of this in the home improvement store.

4. Whistling Flushing

When a fault occurs to the fill valve, then you will get the whistling sound from the toilet. You know that low-frequency sound is very much possible from the toilet when you flush. 

But when the sound of the flush and water passing breaks the silence, you have to understand some problems in the fill valve.

It can break the peace of your mind. Also, it isn’t enjoyable. Besides that, it can waste lots of water.


Our professionals have got lots of evidence that whistling sound for the toilet creates the faulty fill valve. That’s why you should check the fill valve and change the fill valve.

5. Shaky Toilet

If you feel shaky when sitting on the toilet, you have to understand that some problems happen. Sometimes in this scenario, you won’t find any leakage in the toilet. 

Instead, it can occur when the flange gets higher than the floor. That’s why the toilet may shake to and fro.

When a caulk hardens, then also the toilet can shake. So, you have to find the reason behind the problem first.


You have to check the flange bolts are tightened up enough to hold your toilet firmly. If they are not, then fix them. But you have to be cautious about excessive tightening. It would help if you did not do this for this. The damage can be more than the shaky situation.

Another solution can be shimming the toilet, which is under the base of the toilet. Insert the shim according to the gap between the toilet and the floor. 

Examine the gap accurately and insert the shim correctly. You must try the process several times until the shim is perfectly attached well.

For solving this, do you need the professional’s help? Not at all. You can do this without any hassle if you have a basic idea of DIY. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can fix it.

6. Sweating Toilet

In the region of high humidity, you may face the problem of sweating the toilet. If the aircon is not working, then it can happen. It is a problem of the toilet that can hazard the floor of the toilet. Besides that, the toilet turns messy. The sweaty floor can be dangerous for slipping on it.


For humidity, the main problem is about the area. You can buy a new insulated toilet tank. Make sure that your aircon is working perfectly.

7. Rusted Hinge Screws

You will find the hinge screws on the seat that get rusted easily. That can be very problematic. Moreover, the urine splashes the hinges and gets strongly rusted. And it happens you have children.


You can apply some caulk if the hinges get rusted already. And you also use some nail polish which is clear to prevent rust.

Bottom Line

In the last, we will say that you are fortunate that you have learned about the common toilet problems and their solutions. Now you can apply all these solutions if you face any of these problems in your toilet.

Also, you don’t need to spend much money, and also you don’t have any professional help to solve most of all these problems. So you have to know just basic DIY. We think all of you guys know basic DIY. 

If you don’t know, then also you don’t have to be tense. You also can solve all these problems if you spend some time and be brave.

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