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Do you feel that your toilet is not perfect? Do you have issues with your toilet? Then, for your bathroom, get the finest possible toilet. In this article, we will look at the best toilet brands in 2021.

A healthy and hygienic toilet is the best thing for the sanitation system of your home. However, you don’t want to accept your toilet remains unclean and stinky. 

As many unprofessional would say that you should clean the toilet regularly. But the case is not like that.

Many toilets are not designed right that is the cause of unhealthiness. A nasty toilet cannot remain healthy at all. So, you need the best toilet for your home. Now choose the best toilet to form our suggested best toilet brands in 2021 below.

Best Toilet Brands

Serial No.
Best Toilet Brands
America Standard
Wood Bridge


Toto is the most prevalent toilet brand in the world. With all the smart and unique features, the Toto ensures a comfortable toilet in the market. Many professionals declared that Toto is the best toilet brand in the world.

In 1917, Toto was founded in Japan. It is a Japanese brand that you will find in other 10 countries. Everyone knows that Japanese technology is the best technology for any gadget and device. For the toilet industry, the Japanese-made toilet brand Toto exactly did the same thing.

From the establishment of the Toto Company, they improved day by day with exceptional functionality and innovation. Anyone will love the brand very much.

All the models of the Toto toilet are Top notch. Toto invented the integrated seat warmer in 1993. You can say that Toto has innovated the modern toilet concept.

Toto’s Features

Sleek Appearance

All the Toto models have a sleek appearance. Anyone will love the appearance of the Toto toilets. With the elegant design of the toilet, the compact design catches all people’s eyes.

Best Flush Mechanism

If you know about the best quality flushes for the toilet, you will say Tornado, Gravity, G-max, E-max Flushing System. All these are found in the Toto toilet because Toto maintains the best quality flushing system.

For different toilets, they use different flushes because of the combinations and demands.

Shape & Size

You will get the universal shape and size with the Toto toilet. From ADA, the universal size has been declared as the comfortable toilet for physically challenged people.

Though they produce different sized and shaped toilets for different demands, as your demand, you will find the best toilet in Toto.

Water Consumption

Water consumption of the toilet depends on the flushing system. All the flushing systems we mentioned before are water-saving systems. Toto always looks for a water-saving solution for the flush.

Popular Models

Toto Eco Ultramax, Toto Ultramax II, Toto Entrada, and many more.

Why Do You Buy It?

It would help if you bought the Toto toilet because it is one of the top toilet brands in the market. Moreover, the Toto has valuable features and technology. In a word, you can say the Toto is the proper toilet for the right time.

For any place, you can use the Toto brand. For commercial or home, you can buy the Toto toilet. So, why do you miss the chance to get the best toilet in your home?


Niagara is one of the best toilet brands in the market. Niagara was established in 1977 to produce green and environmentally friendly products. And they succeed in producing the best quality toilets that are environmentally friendly.

They also produce caulks, showerheads, bulbs, sealants, and many more. But they are very much known for the toilets. Do you know when they became popular in the toilet industry? 

In 2009, they produced the Stealth toilet. It was an excellent toilet for the market. The Stealth toilet uses only 0.8gallon water per flush. 

As they declared them the producer of environment-friendly products, they have shown that they meant it. Saving water was the motto for the Niagara Stealth toilet.

All their innovation and production are related to eco-friendly. And you should always be eco-friendly. Because the environment has been destroyed every day, and we do not accept the reality.

They are aware of the environment, but they also think about the customers’ demands and comfort. And this factor makes the brand one of the best toilet brands.

Niagara’s Features

Unbelievable Water Consumption

You will be amazed by the technology of the less consumption of water. Niagara toilet uses 0.8 GPF water. Other flushing systems use at least 1.28 GPF for cleaning. Though it uses less water, the cleaning of the water is almost perfect.

You will be amazed to know that one flush is enough for getting the dirt-free toilet surface.

Dual Flushing System

You can choose the two kinds of flushing systems after using the toilet. This technology is maintained with the two chambers, primary and secondary. In an easy word, you can say that half and full buttons are the functionality for the different flush.

For half flush, the primary chamber is used, and it spends only 0.5 GPF water. On the other hand, both the secondary and primary chambers are used for a full flush. However, the two chambers system reduces water wasting.

Noise-Free Feature

Who doesn’t want the noise-free flush for their toilet? Niagara ensures that their toilets are the quietest among all. They use a separate tank to cancel the noise. Moreover, they use a valve that is never exposed to little water.

Popular Models

NiagaraSide Handle, Niagara Stealth Phantom, and many more.

Why Do You Buy It?

Niagara is the best brand of toilet for its eco-friendly and smart technology. You will get the best water consumption toilet for your home. 

A toilet can be the best part of your home if you buy the right one. And the name of Niagara is one of the correct toilet brands.

All these features make the toilet brand the best in the market.


Kohler brand is one of the names that make thebest toilet. Kohler is the name of the modern toilet. It is an ancient brand that saw its success in 1973. 

That year they also started to produce the bathtub.

After that, they didn’t need to see behind. They produced top-notch toilets for the customer. They always compete hard to remain 1st toilet brand in the toilet industry.

They produced a dual flush system and trip lever, and the customers hugely accepted that. The innovation just made the Kohler one of the plumber-recommended toilets.

When searching for the best toilet brands, you always see some features that must have in the best toilet brands. The material of the Kohler is solid and long-lasting. The compact design of the Kohler makes it a more accessible cleaning feature.

Kohler’s Features

Best Flushing System

You will be amazed to know that the toilet’s flushing system is maintained with the best quality flushes. Gravity, G-max, Tornado, and other popular and effective flushing systems are used by Kohler.

Nobody has a complaint about the flushing system of the Kohler toilet. You have just to understand the condition of you and choose the suitable flushing system toilet.

Easy Cleaning     

Don’t you want a toilet brand that has an easy cleaning feature? Toilet cleaning becomes a stressful job when you buy a complex design toilet. 

That’s why Kohler makes the compact design toilet.

For this reason, you will find the comfort of cleaning the Kohler toilet. Most of the toilets of Kohler are rounded in shape. And this shape makes the most effortless corners to clean up.

Easy Installation

Kohler toilet is straightforward to install. Who knows the simple DIY skills can install the Kohler toilet. With minimal tools and instruments, you can easily install the toilet.

Flush Saves Water

You will be amazed to know most of Kohler’s models use only 1.28 GPF water. Isn’t it amazing! We always recommend the 1.28 GPF flushing system. So, always use the toilet that has minimal GPF (Gallon Per Flush).

Popular Models

Kohler Highline, Kohler Santa Rosa, Kohler Memoirs Stately, and many more.

Why Do You Buy It?

Kohler is the best brand toilet. And who doesn’t want the best thing for their home? So, don’t miss the chance to grab the Kohler toilet. With the right combination of shape and size, the toilet has an easy cleaning feature.

Moreover, the installation system is straightforward, that you don’t need to spend money on that purpose.

American Standard

American Standard is one of the most demandable brands for the toilet. It is a heavy-duty toilet brand that helps you to get a clean toilet every day. With self-cleaning technology, the American Standard Toilet is one of the best toilet brands in the USA.

In all the best toilet brands, you will get the best quality of the features of flushing system, material, cleaning system, and many more. American Standard is the only brand that has a self-cleaning feature.

Who doesn’t want a healthy bathroom? The American Standard brand toilet has the feature of self-cleaning that helps you to keep the hygienic toilet all time. You can say the American Standard toilet is a hands-free toilet.

How could it be the self-cleaning toilet? We are explaining now. One powerful jet uses a strong water flow to scrub the toilet surface. It is the American Standard’s patented technology. 

The flushing system they use is VorMax. It cleans the bowl top to bottom with the influential jet’s water flow. The CleanCurve rim design gives a unique rim shape that doesn’t allow dirt under it.

You will notice that many toilets have a thick layer of dirt under the rim section after using some days. But for American Standard toilets, it is not going to happen at all.

Features of American Standard

Powerful Jet Spray

The American Standard toilets have a jet spray that supplies strong water flow. For flush, you don’t need more than one flush. You will get the perfect cleaning toilet surface for every flush.

Don’t Need To Clean

The powerful jet of the flush makes the toilet always cleaned and germ-free. This is the hands-free technology to maintain an always cleaned toilet. 

Any dirt cannot stick with the surface of the toilet.

You know that constantly cleaning the toilet is a hazard. Every week it can be an irritating procedure to keep the toilet clean. So, you can buy an American Standard toilet for your bathroom and stay tension-free.

Smart Rim Shape

Most of the toilets with the rim section get very dirty after a couple of days of usage. The design can make the problem. The flushing water cannot go to the rim section, or the strong water flow cannot reach the section. 

That’s why this section gets dirty quickly.

The American Standard toilet is made with the CleanCurve rim design. You will be happy to know that no dirt can stick under the rim section in this technology. So, you do not need to clean regularly the rim section.

Popular Models

American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet, American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle, American Standard One-Piece Boulevard FloWise, American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet, and many more.

Why Do You Buy It?

The toilets manufacturers of the American Standard always think about the comfort zone and the customers’ demand. When they understand the new demands, they invent new technology and features to add to the new toilet concepts.

This tendency makes the toilet brand a successful one. That’s why you should go for the American Standard Toilet for your home or business.

Wood Bridge

Wood Bridge is one of the best toilet brands in history. They are the most prominent name for distributing the whole USA. At an affordable price, they offer excellent toilets for you. 

If you want to buy an upgraded toilet for your home or business, Wood Bridge is a reliable brand.

What things are they producing for you? They produce remodeling, bathroom, and flooring products. The most important part of the producing toilet of Woodbridge is its uniqueness.

Wood Bridge produces luxury-looking toilets at a budget price. Moreover, you will find the best features in it. The brand has a name that you can rely on.

Features of Wood Bridge

Water Consumption

Wood Bridge made their toilet with the water-saving feature. You will be happy to know they use two chambers for the flush water. The two chambers are related to the two kinds of flushing systems. One is half flush, and another is full flush.

Half flush use only 1 GPF water, and the full flush use only 1.6 GPF water. You can say that 1.6 GPF water is enormous. But you reduce water costing by the half flush. If you do not need much water, then use the half flush.

Easy Cleaning

The design of the Woodbridge is unique to have an easy cleaning feature. Cleaning the toilet can be an irritating job. That’s why Wood Bridge is easy to design to get an accessible cleaning facility.

Furthermore, the surface of the Wood bridge toilet is very smooth. That’s why it rarely gets dirty. Also, the robust flushing system is the reason that dirt cannot stick to the surface.

Comfortable Height

Professional said that the universal height of the toilet is the most comfortable. Wood Bridge maintains a universal and comfortable height for the people. 

That’s why it is a trendy brand. You know that without comfort toilet cannot be acceptable. Because pooping is a very private moment and you need a comfortable and relaxing moment. So it would help if you had a comfortable toilet.

You will also get a soft closing seat with the Wood Bridge toilet. Isn’t it exciting!

Popular Models 

Wood Bridge T-0019 Cotton White Toilet, Wood Bridge T-0032 Elongated Toilet, Wood Bridge B-0500 High One-Piece Toilet, Wood Bridge T-0001 One Piece Toilet, Wood Bridge B0970S Smart Bidet Toilet and many more.

Why Do You Buy It?

Woodbridge has all kinds of toilets that different kinds of people can buy. Besides that, you will love the design, the surface, and the technology. So, it would be scarce that anyone will hate the Woodbridge toilet.

At a reasonable price, the Wood bridge brings the best quality toilet for everyone. As one of the best toilet brands, you should go for Woodbridge.

Bottom Line

In the end, after reading this whole toilet brand, it is your call to choose the right one among all the best toilet brands. You will be blessed if any of the toilets you have for your bathroom. So it would be best if you did not go for the other toilet brand.

All the models of all the discussed best toilet brands above you have to choose consciously. Cause all the models are different from each other for some reasons and features. You have to choose according to your needs. And then you will get the best toilet.

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