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It caused trouble to buy a high-quality plunger because many cheap products can confuse you.

After understanding this issue, our team researched well and put together a list of Best Plunger for Toto Toilet top trending in the market.

Though toilet plumbers are available at good prices, you can save your time and budget by buying a good quality toilet plunger and it saves you from call to a plumber.

Besides this, a toilet is a unique place, giving you the sensation of safety to solve this problem in private. Have a look at the list of Plunger Toto toilets in 2022.

Top 10 Toilet Plungers For Toto Toilet Review

1. Korky 99-4A Powerful Toilet Plunger – Best Overall

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Do you want to buy a toilet plunger that can fit the old and new HET toilet bowls, we recommend Korky Powerful Toilet Plunger.

It comes with an at-handle that offers maximum grip a beehive shape that enables the best plunge to unclog toilets.

The best feature of this Heavy duty bathroom plunger is its special design that takes minimum effort, fits in toilet bowl outlets, and can plunge all toilet models and shapes.

Many people remain afraid of marking on the toilet bowl, but the rubber material of this universal Plunger protects the bowl.

Clogs in the toilet is an irritating issue, and an old-style plunger is not suitable for all type of toilets, but it can clear clogs in all Toilets such as American Standard, Kohler, and TOTO.

It Packs a Powerful Plunge to Seals All Bowl Shapes with minimum effort.


  • Powerful plunge
  • Best beehive shape
  • It perfectly fits in the toilet bowl
  • T-handle for best grip


  • Inadequate Suction

2. OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger with Holder – Runner Up

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If you want to buy the best Plunger that can close and fit easily every time you need it, then our recommendation is OXO Toilet Plunger.

This toilet plunger is high-quality plastic and provides hassle-free and clean plunging.

It features a flat-top handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip during work.

Whether you want to use it for low flush models or high models, it can do everything with its Plunger head.

If excess water is added to your toilet, its ventilated drip tray absorbs all water and evaporates it because it contains ventilation slots.

If you are not using a plunger, the tidy canister keeps it out of sight. The canister pops open and closes after replacing when you lift the Plunger.

All in all, it has a universal design with a versatile head to fit in all toilets.


  • Works on all toilets
  • Sanitary storage is
  • Drip tray with ventilation slots
  • Canister neatly conceals Plunger


  • Limited warranty

3. CLOG BOSS No-Splash Plunger for Toilets – Also Great

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Suppose you are tired of old toilets plunger and looking for an advanced toilet plunger.

In that case, our recommendation is CLOG BOSS Plunger for Toilets, which is a new and modern plunger, made especially for removing clogs with its best compression and tight seal.

This best toilet plunger for Toto will make your life easy with no mess plunging. It works with all plunger toilets for sinking and draining.

Same as other toilet plungers, the unique design of the Plunger fits easily in the trap of the toilet.

The best-fitting process ensures equal pressure at the cloning and removes it easily. The flawed system of old cup plungers could make a disgusting mess.

But, it is a modern toilet cleaner that will make your flush clean until all germs and bacteria will flush without disturbing the water.

The working process of this Plunger is quite easy. First, raise the seat, and then add the plunger tip.

Now, draw water with the pulling of the pump and push the Plunger into the toilet.

Keep movements of Plunger back and forth. It will put equal pressure on the clog and drain into a flush.


  • Modern plunger design
  • Submerging plunger tip
  • Very easy to clean
  • Premium quality materials


  • Design needs improvements

4. Korky BEEHIVE Max Toilet Plunger

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Do you want to buy a toilet plunger for HET toilets and old toilets, and then our recommendation is Korky Toilet Plunger, which contains high-end qualities.

The BEEHIVE Max Toilet Plunger has a special design to fit any toilet. The common toilet plunger contains a round shape, but it contains round to oblong-shaped outlets that provide an effective seal to your plunge and drain all water.  

The t-handle is flexible for fixing and made for optimum grip, while it has a beehive shape head design that provides an effective plunge for your toilet.

The black plastic makes it flexible, and the 6-1/2 Inches handle the grip easily.


  • Best for HET toilets
  • An optimum grip
  • Flexible t-handle
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Rubber is a bit sturdy

5. Simplehuman Stainless Steel Toilet Plunger and Caddy

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Toilet plungers are common but do you want to buy a toilet plunger with unique features?

Then our recommendation is a simple human Toilet Plunger that comes with a unique magnetic collar secures to make plunging easy.

This toilet plunger comes with excellent build material and solid design so that you can use it in your home for years in any tough environment.

The drip-free design with a magnetic collar secures the cover of the plunge and its stainless steel rod. With this strength, you can pick and carry anything.

The best feature is that it will not leave a drip behind. The cover has a larger opening to make easy detaching of the Plunger.

Besides this, you can put the Plunger safely in cover when not in use. The long and narrow profile of the flange works efficiently in any environment.

During the tough use of plunging, the stainless steel rod shows its durability and efficiency working.


  • A narrow profile
  • 5 years warranty
  • Stainless steel plunger
  • No messy drips


  • Design needs improvements

6. NEIKO 60166A Toilet Plunger

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After using this NEIKO 60166A Toilet Plunger, you will never go to any other model because it offers quality starting and ends with a clean, tight sealed toilet.

Even with the toughest clogs, the Plunger works perfectly and securely fits all types of openings and turns them into the best seal system.

The different feature is it’s a 4-step level suction cup makes every clogging easy. The bathroom plunger contains a rubber head attached to an aluminum handle to fits securely.

The special cup design easily unclogs toilet blockages. The cup will be stuck into toil and hardly flip back, like the traditional bowl plungers.

The high weight of the Plunger can make plunging difficult, but this one comes with a light and durable design that makes plunging easy with its aluminum handle.

A peg hole in the handle allows you to store the Plunger in the bathroom, and these features make it easy for commercial and personal uses.

All in all, the smooth edges, tough rubber, and suction plunger cup make the plunging easy.


  • Unique Plunger
  • Powerful Plunger
  • Heavy-Duty design
  • Very lightweight


  • A bit flimsy

7. K-Co Johny Jolter JJR-304 Plunger

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Most common Plunger uses air to put pressure, but K-Co Johnny Jolter Plunger comes with many unique features, such as using water to unclog the toilets.

It is designed with Engineering-grade plastic that makes it tough and last, and assembling and disassembling the machine is also quite easy and simple for log use.  

The power of this Best Plunger for Toto Toilet makes the plunging easy due to its high-end power.

With the one push, your toilet will be clear without any mess as it clears the toilet quickly. After finishing the plunging process, you can disassemble the Plunger.


  • Providing a powerful force
  • Makes plunging easy
  • Focused toward the clog
  • Breaks hardly


  • Few plastic parts

8. SurePlunge Automatic and Effective Toilet Plunger

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The common toilet plungers take time and need to remove the clog, but this Sure Plunge Automatic Toilet Plunger makes the plunging easy.

The difference of this machine is it works as an Automatic Toilet Plunger, which makes it much better than a common Plunger.

 The high-quality professional Plunger is empowered by CO2 gas that blasts and keeps away stubborn clogs. This Plunger is powerful and safe for toilets, making it a professional plumber’s tool.

The best of this machine is it contains a replaceable 8g co2 cylinder that provides extra that make it very fast and effective.

Many customers are satisfied with it because it works. The Plunger is best for low flow and older bathroom systems and beneficial for those looking for the best clogging system in slow-draining toilets.


  • Easy to use
  • Safe for home
  • Automatic toilet plunger
  • No more splashing mess


  • Limited warranty

9. CosyBlve 9 in 1 Air Pressure Toilet Plunger

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If you are tired of old plungers with hand pressure systems and want something best that works perfectly in any environment. Have a look at CosyBlve 9 in 1 Plunger.

The machines come with 5 Free Replaceable Heads. Flexible handles and one button drive handle the easy operating system.

The machine uses no harsh chemicals, so you will never need to call a plumber to adjust the machine. The Abs Plastic Handle provides a proper grip for easy and smooth cleaning.

It comes with 9 in 1 air pressure plunger Kit that makes plunging easy with a full breath and avoids repeated inflation.

The professional pneumatic activity and operating force provide the best system to seal plugging and make this an accurate instrument panel.

Air Drain Blaster Gun contains a pressure display that shows every requirement and avoids splashing and damage.


  • Abs Plastic Handle
  • 5 Free Replaceable Heads
  • 9 in 1 air pressure plunger
  • Air Drain Blaster Gun


  • Very few side effects

10. Luigi’s Heavy Duty Toilet Plunger with Caddy

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Do you want a large and heavy-duty plunger for your home? Then our last choice Luigi’s Toilet Plunger will never disappoint you. Have a look.

The Plunger comes with an easy-grip due to its Sturdy handle, and you can work without slipping through plenty of leverage. The long handle ensures that debris is away from you and your work becomes mess-free.

The Plunger is flexible enough to move 1.5-liter water per move because it reaches the depth of the bowl. Besides this, dual-action bellow chamber design blasts on the deep of blockage.

The best feature is its 8X more force than common plungers that dislodges the toughest debris and reaches the low flow bottom.

Even a simple plunger comes in high budgets, but this one provides high-end qualities and saves your budget.


  • Sanitary storage
  • Budget-friendly
  • Removes 1.5-liter water
  • Heavy-duty Plunger


  • Plastic made

Buying Guide: Best Plunger For Toto Toilet

Before buying a Toto plunger, focus on the following features:

1. Design

The design of the machine matter while cleaning because it is important. A sturdy plunger is difficult to carry, and lifting the clogs becomes difficult.

The too lightweight Plunger is also not trustable because it can break easily. In this situation, you need to buy a plunger between weight and sturdiness to make your work easy.

2. Pressure system

Though, many types of plungers are available in the market. Some use auto suction, and some use pressure, while some contain other features.

If you want a plunger for home, then a plunger with hand pressure is good. If you have a good budget, buy an auto pressure plunger that is too quick and best.

3. Price

The price of Plunger ranges from 15$ to 30$ for good plungers.

The branded plungers are available for more than 100$, but we recommend you choose a plunger between 20$ to 50$ because they are too good for removing clogs and last for years.

4. Warranty

A Plunger is a machine frequently used in the home, so its warranty matters. Cheap plungers last between 6 months to 1 year.

Many decent Plungers last from 1 year to 3 years, while high-quality plungers last more than 5 years, so focus on the item’s quality.

best toilet plunger for toto


Q: Which is the best Plunger in 2022?

A best 2002 plunger comes with an optimum grip, Flexible t-handle, Easy to use and clean, Powerful plunge, best beehive shape, perfectly fits in the toilet bowl, t-handle for best grip, and much more.

The item with these features is Korky Powerful Toilet Plunger.

Q: What are the best features of a toilet plunger for choosing the first time?

If you buy a plunger the first time, ensure that it offers a flexible grip because no one wants to strain himself during cleaning.

Besides this, ensure that it can unclog all types of toilets easily. The other feature that demands care is budget and warranty of Plunger.

Q: What should I do if my Plunger is not working?

The best thing that can correct your toilet clean is liquid dish soaps. Pour one cup of liquid soap into the toilet and wait for 30 minutes.

The soap will lubricate the jam debris and works slowly to remove the clog. After lowering the water level, flush the toilet; the clog is removed.


We have described the Best Plunger for Toto Toilet in detail. These toilet plungers are made of high-quality material, provide an easy feature to make clogging easy, and are equipped with all facilities that prevent you from calling a plumber and save your budget.

Though all toilet plungers can fit in every type of toilet, the best above all is Korky Powerful Toilet Plunger while second-best choice is CLOG BOSS Plunger for Toilets.

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