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If the bathroom makes the only place in the world where you can freely daydream, why not make it comfortable enough for such a luxury.

And what’s a better way of ensuring comfort than to start with reinforcing hygiene. But hey! Bidet toilets are more than just germ fighters. The best bidet toilet combo also ensures you get some more seconds to ponder about rescuing the world while it finishes your business!

Yay to convenience!

And if you are ready to let daydreaming rest for some time, you will still find other reasons to advocate for a bidet installation. Want to know them? Check out the FAQs section at the end of the article.

For now, let’s focus on which bidet will serve you best. Pick the best bidet toilet combo for yourself from this article of ten bidet toilet combo reviews.

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Toto Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400

Toto Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400

What most important thing would you want from a daydreaming cocoon if it’s not the promise that you wouldn’t have to put in your mental efforts in maintaining the environment? This best bidet toilet combo makes sure that you only do your business without thinking of the leftover or cleaning up. Easy, isn’t it?

Its use is like a breeze! Or maybe a breeze is more intervening than the process of this bidet.

It welcomes you with open arms – I meant, lid – making itself a perfect thing to be ignored. (I know you want to pretend that you are sitting on a throne while daydreaming rather than on a toilet seat, right?)

Oh, and it prepares itself to receive your gifts without getting dirty. The PreMist spray makes the glazed surface even stricter against dirt and debris. In other words, the toilet becomes more immune to stains and prevents waste from sticking to its surface. It enhances cleanliness and decreases the frequency of cleaning needed for the bowl.

It also keeps your throne warm for you – a blessing in winters.

And to prevent anything to distract you from living in your Wonderland, the best bidet combo releases an air deodorizer.

Once you are done, you can select the temperature, pressure, and wash settings and let it take care of the washing. You can also make it remember the settings so it knows how you assist you best on your next visits.

It also ensures that you can enjoy your dream until you reach the washbasin by taking care of your business after you have gone. The automatic flushing mechanism ensures that your visit remains hands-free from start to finish.

The seating height is universal. So, you can let it be used by all members of the family without worrying about their sizes. And 3D Tornado flush uses double nozzles to emphasize hygiene.

Make sure you are installing it correctly. After all, your throne deserves proper care!

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  • Hands-free experience
  • Various wash settings
  • Memory function
  • Easy to clean
  • Universal seat height
  • RC Operated washer
  • Deodorizer


  • Installation can get tricky

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KOHLER One-Piece Toilet with Bidet Function

KOHLER One-Piece Toilet with Bidet Function

When you are on your spree to save the world, do it after you have saved your environment from the harm of your actions. Keep your conscience clear with KOHLER One-Piece Toilet as it minimizes the water used for flushing. Down from 1.6 gallons of normal water use, this one consumes only 1.28 gpf.

And if you live in those municipalities where this amount can be rebated, love the extra cash! After all, you are saving up to 16,500 gallons a year with it.

This space-saving toilet bidet combo can easily double as your throne because of the automation it offers. For example, let’s start with its motion sensor. Let it open the lid for you to have a seat.

Remain seated without the fragrance of your business because of the installed carbon filter. This filter neutralizes air. Note that it will remain working for a year after purchase. But you can always replace it, no?

The touch screen remote allows you to set seat, dryer, and water temperatures. Using the remote, you can decide if you want to keep the flushing system automatic or manual.

When we talk about bathrooms and likes, cleanliness and hygiene make the first considerations. And KOHLER appreciates this need without fail. It designs the seat with adequate curves and completes the regular cleaning process with a power flush system. The wand self-cleanse after every use.

In the end, think about the LED night light that adds convenience when you need it most and about the warranty that covers repairs and maintenance for up to three years from purchase.


  • High-end functions include seat, dryer, and water temperatures
  • Self-cleaning wand with a seat perfect for easy cleaning
  • Efficient dryer
  • Motion sensing lid
  • Space efficient


  • Heavy seat to tackle before installation
  • Quality could be improved to justify the price

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TOTO Neorest 700H

TOTO Neorest 700H

With this bidet toilet, TOTO invites you to forget living in dreams and experience the luxury in real life. The idea of Neo-rest is obvious – combine your business with rest every-freaking-bathroom-visit.

Make no mistakes. You aren’t adding a burden to anyone only because you are enjoying a few moments of peace in your life. On the contrary, you are still being a savior – you are saving more than 0.6 gallons of water with every flush using this device.

You read it right! The flush only uses 1 gallon of water for every use.

The features of night light, motion-sensing seat-lid, seat warming, water temperature, and various washing options are all standard! Even memory function is not a new feature that appeared first in this device. What’s extraordinary in this device that keeps toilet bidet combined is its attention to cleanliness.

The bidet uses innovative EWATER+ technology. Using this technology, the bidet sprays electrolyzed water on every groove and corner of the seat. This water takes care of waste in the bowl. And you can rest assured that it will also not allow the bacteria to trouble you. In the end, the tornado flush system makes the bowl clean as new.

The attachments – including nozzles and the dryer – are self-cleaning. This self-cleaning function kicks in as the two attachments retract after use.

Before you cheer for the use of innovative technology, know that the seat incorporates more features than just electrolyzed water to regain its germs-free status. It also includes CEFIONTECT spray to cleaning routine to make it simple.

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  • Exceptionally clean with innovative EWATER+ technology
  • Tornado flush
  • Universal height
  • Filter for air neutralization


  • Auto flush function kicks in before auto open and close lid function

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Woodbridge B-0960S Toilet

Woodbridge B-0960S Toilet

If you are pursuing luxury on a budget, this bidet is for you.

Just like a superior spa, this bidet welcomes you by taking care of all your business. Forget about opening the lid when approaching or closing it afterward. And rely on the night light for convenience in the dark. Warm the seat before sitting using the RC panel.

Once you have satisfied your body, you can choose from three different wash options and various water pressures. You also get to warm the water for washing. The air dryer works perfectly well for foreseeable future.

Once you are done, it will also deodorize the air.

Its dual flush system is what ensures its environment friendliness. The two options include an economical 1 gpf and the standard 1.6 gpf. Giving you the option makes sure that you use the right volume and ensure the conservation of water.

The skirted design allows you to clean the outer seat with ease. As for the interior surface, the flush system uses the force of gravity to clean the toilet. For periodic cleaning, you have to use a brush and cleaner.


  • Value for money
  • Easy and intuitive use
  • Water conservation
  • Easy to install


  • Warranty details are a bit complicated as the warranty can be forfeited if the user doesn’t get the installation done by a plumber

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Ove Décors Tuva Bidet Toilet

Ove Décors Tuva Bidet Toilet

For those of you who love ease but aren’t interested in over-spending, this one makes the best bidet toilet combo.

It’s basic and mundane. Yet, it manages to include all the features that are mandatory for a heavenly bathroom visit. It also commits to your need for sustaining the environment. Let’s look closely at the modern, yet low-key toilet mechanism.

The seat warming function comes as a blessing in winters. And night light helps you to enjoy the warm light for your midnight bathroom trip.

With all the convenient features, this device easily competes against the high-end toilet systems even when it cost almost half of their price. We could say that price is its core strength.

But that would be a fat lie. There are other features to praise about. For example, the seat is easy to move and install. It is lighter but not cheaply made.

The remote control comes with a wall-mount and allows you numerous settings to make the experience customized to your preference. These settings include four different levels of temperature, five different nozzle positions, and different pressure settings.

The toilet also offers value for money in terms of water conservation. It uses 20% less water in flushing than conventional toilets. By the way, the flushing system is automatic. But if you choose, you can use the manual or remote control to flush the toilet after use.

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  • Value for money
  • ECO efficient
  • Air deodorizer
  • Different levels for temperature and pressure
  • Comfort height toilet


  • The flushing mechanism could be improved

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This is another dream-friendly toilet system from TOTO. Yet they insist to treat it like a spa. Strange, isn’t it?

One thing that makes TOTO’s toilets trump over bidet toilets is how they make the air pure even in the middle of business ‘being carried out’. The deodorizer is automatic and starts working while you are still seated. Life is simple!

It becomes even simpler with a concealed connection for the bidet. Let your bathroom users appreciate the sleek toilet you’ve got. Let them assume the working is magic with no pipes and cords in sight. This feature alone makes a significant part of your bathroom upgrade.

Water conservation is a thing and you don’t have to ignore its importance when you are using WASHLET+. It ensures that every flush is using a maximum of 1.28 gpf of water. It’s significantly lower than the standard 1.6gpf water consumption! Do I have to mention that this system also uses TOTO’s signature tornado flushing technology?

Just like deodorizing function, the cleaning function starts way before it starts in other toilets. To be precise, WASHLET+ sprays PreMist even before you use the seat. This spray combines with the CEFIONTECT glaze to protect Vitreous China from getting stained.


  • Different pressure and temperature settings
  • Water conservation
  • Protection against stains using PreMist spray
  • Automatic deodorizer


  • Difficult installation

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VOVO Stylement TCB-090SA Smart Toilet

VOVO Stylement TCB-090SA Smart Toilet

Okay, this is stylish. But style is not its biggest strength. That could be its price. Still, we have a more pronounced feature that dims the advantage we get from the affordability of this bidet toilet.

The best feature that you would like to appreciate in this toilet is that of its seat’s width. The manufacturer ensures the comfort of this toilet system by keeping the surface wide. Now, it has truly become a cocoon for people of heavier frames.

Before you get caught up in the recent piece of information I have just shared with you, let me introduce another remarkable feature that accompanies it.

The toilet’s motion sensor helps with more than just opening the lid of the seat as you approach. It also determines to time you spend on the seat. Sneaky, isn’t it? But this detection calculates the flush volume for small and large flushes. Now, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right volume or manually flushing the toilet. Depending on the time the user has spent on the seat, it will choose between 1 gpf and 1.6 gpf flushes.

Select between three wash settings of posterior, feminine, and turbo. Warm the water as per your liking. Also, enjoy a warm seat as well as warm air after washing. Other standard features that accompany this bidet combo include remote-controlled functions, environment-friendly design, and air neutralizing abilities.

You can also avail the power-saving mode to conserve energy.


  • Strictly budget-friendly
  • Automatic dual flushing
  • Wide, comfortable seat
  • Easy to install


  • Air dryer could be stronger

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No one loves to go to the toilet every other hour of the day – not when the best bidet toilet combo is not within your reach. But when that becomes available, you feel like you struck a lottery.

But then you remember that it’s only TOTO WASHLET + Drake II toilet. And you feel like going every hour!

What’s so special about this bidet combo? It’s not any other toilet with bidet built in that is manufactured with the only goal of containing costs. The luxury is complete with a perfectly comfortable seat and hidden pipes and cords.

Treat it like a throne, my mate!

Just like other toilets with bidets all in one solutions from TOTO, this one also prioritizes hygiene. Three different technologies – PreMist spray, CEFIONTECT glaze, and tornado flush – come together to give a bowl that is difficult to stain.  

Despite its extravagant processes, the combo serves the environment rather than harming it. It saves 20% water with every flush by reducing the usage of water from 1.6 gpf to 1.28 gpf.

Note that unlike most other combos on this list, this one comes in two pieces: toilet and WASHLET. The clean, skirted design helps in easy cleaning.

You get a variety of washing options. These include soft rear spray, front cleanse, and rear cleansing. You also get oscillating water spray. As a user, you get three options for pressure and temperature of the water. Don’t forget that TOTO’s unique specialty of deodorizing air when the toilet remains in use is available in this combo as well.


  • Trusted brand
  • Clean feeling and stain-resistant seat
  • Auto air deodorizing
  • Water conservation
  • Hidden cords


  • TOTO should improve installation manuals for its toilet combos

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Woodbridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet

Woodbridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet

This is another one-piece toilet with a bidet. When Woodbridge calls its toilet bidet combo a luxury, believe it.

The first point of luxury is its sleek design. The bidet seat fixes perfectly with the toilet giving a seamless look. The skirted design ensures a clean look as well as the freshness of the seat exterior.

The comfort starts even before you take your seat. As you approach the combo, the seat welcomes you with an open lid. Thanks to its motion sensor, you get a hands-free experience.

Treat yourself to a combination of various options for temperature, pressure, and wash. Follow up the washing step with warm air drying. Once you have finished, you can rely on an automatic flush for a hands-free departure.

Cleanliness is guaranteed with this built-in bidet toilet not only because of the glazed bowl but also because of self-cleaning nozzles and quick-release seats.

You can choose the energy-saving mode for your environment-friendly choices.

The manufacturer integrates the standard feature of night light as well in this combo for night-time convenience.

The best bidet toilet combo arrives complete with an instruction manual and installation accessories. And the company takes pride in its after-sale services with a 2-year limited warranty and friendly and supportive customer support.


  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Hands-free operations
  • Sleek design


  • Air dryer could be stronger

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Trone Nobelet Electronic Toilet

Trone Nobelet Electronic Toilet

The first thing you will notice about it will be the sleek design. Immediately after that, you will be looking at the price tag. Ouch!

For those who get past this phase, the toilet offers a much-awaited addition to their bathrooms. It offers everything that a high-end KOHLER or TOTO toilet combo offers and adds even more value to it with an LCD and different options for the seat opening.

If you search the market for toilet and bidet in one unit, you will notice that most of them offer automatic lid opening based on motion sensing. This seat does the same with a little twist: you can select whether you want the seat to open upon your arrival or you want it to sense feet before opening the lid. Ultimately, it eliminates those instances where your toilet lid springs open unnecessarily.

Apart from ease of operation and a guarantee of hands-free bathroom visits, the best bidet toilet combo promises the cleanest experience. The Siphonjet flushing confirms that the bowl remains as clean as it was before use. The skirted design makes exterior cleaning easier.

The experience is made complete with the superior after-sale service offered by Trone. Shipping is hassle-free and installation is easy for relatively savvier homeowners. And be assured about their customer care. They really care!


  • Easy installation
  • LCD
  • Different motion sensing options for automatic lid opening
  • Air deodorizer


  • Difficult-to-obtain replacement parts

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Buyer Guide

Bidets instill a sense of hygiene and freshness in the person using the toilet. That said their biggest quality is cleanliness. The best toilet with bidet is the one that not only efficiently cleans the user but is also self-cleaning.

A few considerations that ensure if a bidet can clean effectively include its hands-free capacity, how much stain it attracts periodically, nozzles’ self-cleaning ability, and flushing system. In most cases, the gravity flush system is the most basic and least reliable of all flushing mechanisms.

You may also want to analyze the color of the toilet as well as its design within cleanliness considerations. Although the cotton white color is the sleekest, it can get dirty easily. If you can go awry a little, other colors include colonial white, bone, linen, grey, and black. Plus, a skirted design is easier to clean than a regular one.

Ease of use and comfort are other factors that make or break buying decisions for the best toilet bidet combo. The remote control should be easy to understand. It’s better if it’s intuitive. Memory function makes a luxurious addition to make toilet trips easier.

Variable nature of temperature and pressure of water and air dryer should be present in most bidet combos as they make essential parts. Automation of opening and closing of the lid ensures hands-free mode and makes bidet use easier.

You should also check the programmability of the potential toilets. Can you choose to turn on or off certain automatic functions? For example, the automated lid open and close function could be turned off to prevent the lid from opening every time someone washes one’s hands.

Comfort comes from the size of the seat. Universal-sized seats are most prevalent. But you can choose a smaller size if the intended user has short stature.

Likewise, seat width ensures comfortable seating and wider seat are more comfortable. Yet, the seat width can have a tie with the space available in the washroom leading to you making a compromise.

Night light and seat warming functions may also come in handy at some visits. If


Q: Do you wipe after using a bidet?

The answer depends on the type of toilet bidet combo you are using. Most combos offer an air dryer function built within the bidet seat except the cheaper ones.

If your best bidet toilet combo has an air dryer, you are allowed to daydream a couple of minutes more. And don’t forget, you can also strike off another task from your bathroom trip to-do list – wiping yourself!

Q: Are bidet toilets worth it?

Okay, let’s skip the daydreaming part and attend to actual business. We want cleanliness and that’s what is offered by bidets. On top of that, we have other financial and environmental benefits of this device as well.

A bidet combo is a great tool to save space. You don’t have to make room for a toilet seat and a bidet seat separately.

These combos allow you to save on toilet paper immensely. Statistically, we are talking about a saving of almost 75% of toilet paper.

And its cleanliness is guaranteed. You can feel the difference while using the toilet and afterward.

Q: What is proper bidet etiquette?

Bidet is a foreign device for most Americans as well as Asians. It was invented in France and remained a European device throughout its life history. Considering this, it’s just understandable that not many people are familiar with its use.

Contrary to what appears, the use of a bidet is quite simple. And it’s even simpler when you use a toilet bidet combo.

Once you have finished your business, you have to wash yourself using the remote control that will activate wands to fire water at your chosen temperature and pressure.

After this step, you choose an air dryer temperature and get your rear dried. In the most modern cases, now, you are free to leave and the bidet will take care of flushing and air deodorizing itself. If not, you have to follow up with adequate flushing and running the exhaust fan.

Final Verdict

If you are careful enough to do your homework and search best bidet toilet combo, you would be amazed with the space-saving and eco-friendliness it will offer. These combos, unsurprisingly, are priced higher than an ordinary toilet but the added value can’t be ignored.

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